When you are planning to move to a new place, you would want it to feel like home. There are some things that make you nostalgic like your pictures and art which add color and sentimental value to your home. Your family pictures and pieces of art will make your new house a home and so they need to be moved in a safe manner.

Moving all of your precious pictures and art pieces can get risky when you load them in your moving trucks. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of some really great moving boxes for your pictures and art. So keep reading to figure out which box will accommodate your precious pictures and art.

Top 4 Picture and Art Moving Boxes

1. Bankers Box SmoothMove TV/Picture/Mirror Moving Box

Whether it’s your art pieces, mirrors, pictures or wall hangings, you can use Bankers SmoothMove TV/Picture/Mirror Moving Box to move them safely. The box has a dimension of 4 x 27 x 37 inches where you can place at least 40’’ paintings or art pieces. Also, the safety of your precious items is assured as the box is made of fine quality strong corrugated cardboard. For extra safety, you can use packing paper or bubble wrap to make some additional cushioning for your items. One of the best things about this box is that it’s reusable and recyclable and so every penny of yours is definitely worth it.

Bankers Box SmoothMove TV/Picture/Mirror Moving Box Specifics: These boxes are easy to fold and assemble items. They come in a set of 4.

Storage Capacity: You can accommodate a 40’’ painting or TV in a box as the dimension of the box is 4 x 27 x 37.

Cons: The boxes come already folded when you order so you’ll have problems if you try to put too many heavy items inside.

Price on Amazon: $32.62 (excluding shipping costs).

2. Uboxes 3 Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes

This Ubox comes with three picture and mirror moving boxes where you can even store your other delicate items like mirrors, paintings or artwork. The box has a dimension of 35 x 4 x 27” whereas the mirror boxes have a size of 40 x 60” where you can accommodate at least three items in each box. You will get bifold mirror boxes which you can adjust and build on your item. Also, the box is made of corrugated cardboard which will ensure you that all of your items can be moved in a safe manner. In spite of being this strong, the box is quite light and so you won’t have trouble lifting and moving the box.

Uboxes 3 Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes Specifics: These boxes are easy to build and can be bundled into a 3 pack for your move.

Storage Capacity: The mirror boxes have a dimension of 40 x 60” where you can store almost 3 paintings.

Cons: You will get pieces of cardboard with directions and you yourself have to build the box.

Price on Amazon: $42.50 (excluding shipping costs).

Price on Walmart website: $42.50 (excluding shipping costs).

3. Uboxes Mirror and Picture Boxes for Moving 5 Sets

These Uboxes Mirror and Picture Boxes come in five sets where you can store your paintings, art pieces or pictures. The box has a dimension of 30 x 40 x 4” to accommodate your picture frames, canvas or paintings. You can be assured that your items will be secure after loading into your moving truck, container or storage area as the box is made up of corrugated cardboard. If you want to purchase this Ubox of five moving sets, you can visit a Walmart store near you or check their official website and order it online. In any case you find the box defective, you can return it back within 90 days of delivery if you’ve ordered it from the Walmart online store.

Uboxes Mirror and Picture Boxes for Moving 5 Sets Specifics: You get 5 sets of boxes with a dimension of 30 x 40 x 4”.

Storage Capacity: You can store your paintings, canvas, picture frames or mirrors. But note that after sealing the size comes to 30 x 22 x 4”.

Cons: The original measurement of the box is 30 x 40 x 4” which gets reduced to 30 x 22 x 4” after closing the box.

Price on Walmart website: $32.96 (excluding shipping costs).

4. Uboxes Picture and Moving Boxes 8 Sets

If you have a lot of art pieces, paintings or picture frames, Uboxes Picture and Moving Boxes is the perfect thing for your move as you get eight sets of boxes. They can be adjusted and constructed to assemble different kinds of frames. So you can accommodate all your paintings or picture frames depending on their size.

Uboxes Picture and Moving Boxes 8 Sets Specifics: You get 6 boxes with a size of 30 x 40” and 2 boxes with a size of 40 x 60”.

Storage Capacity: You can store a variety of frames, mirrors or paintings as you get 8 boxes with different sizes that can be constructed together.

Cons: These Uboxes seem a little expensive so better to use them only if you have a lot of items and especially for long distance moves.

Price on Walmart website: $74.25 (excluding shipping costs).

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Why Should You Use Picture Moving Boxes?

Your pictures, paintings or art pieces are very delicate and fragile items. Regardless of your move being small or distant, these items are more prone to breaking while relocation. In order to avoid that, picture moving boxes will come to your rescue.

1. Strong Protection For Your Pictures

Most of the picture moving boxes are made out of corrugated cardboard. Now this strong cardboard box will ensure that your frames and paintings stay intact and reduce the risk of any kind of damage.

2. Accommodate Picture Frames of Different Sizes

Doesn’t matter from where you get your box, most art boxes can accommodate your different kinds of art pieces and pictures. For that you have to first check the sizes of your items and then order a suitable box that can hold all your pictures.

3. Adjustable To Assemble Your Items

You needn’t worry about your special paintings and their different lengths and sizes. One of the best things about picture moving boxes is that you can adjust their size according to your items. Most picture moving boxes that you order allow you to adjust the box by assembling and folding the cardboard pieces all together. So if you like taking charge of your precious items, this is a must for you.

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How To Pack Pictures and Art Pieces For Move?

Now that you have an idea of the best picture packing boxes and their importance, let’s get started with their packing process. Your pictures are very precious and at the same time very delicate and fragile. So keep reading to learn how to pack them safely for a move.

1. Make a Checklist Of Your Paintings

The first thing you need to do is check every room of your house and note down all kinds of pictures, frames, paintings, canvas that you own. Make sure that you check every nook and corner of your house so that you don’t miss out anything. Once you’ve noted every painting, discard what all paintings you don’t want to take along with you. This will give you a rough estimate of how much supplies you’ll need.

2. Gather Your Packing Materials

Now that you know how many items you’ll be taking along with you, you can make a note of their sizes on your checklist and then get an estimate of how many packing materials you’ll need. Right from your picture moving box to other essential supplies like packing paper, bubble wrap, scissors and packing tape, you need to get all the necessary supplies for packing.

3. Choose a Comfortable Place for Packing

We want to remind you that your delicate picture frames and paintings are always at risk to be damaged. So it’s better if you clear a room that’s spacious enough to carry out your entire packing process. You can use an old bed sheet or cloth where you can assemble all your packing materials and picture moving boxes. It’s good if you do this task on the floor to avoid any breaking, but you can also clear a table and do your packing there.

4. Pack All Your Pictures Individually

Before you place your precious picture frames in your box, you need to give them some extra protection. For that you need to wrap them individually with foam sheets, packing paper or bubble wrap. After you wrap them make sure that each painting is sealed with a packing tape to avoid any damage.

5. Prepare Your Picture Box

Although your picture moving box is strong enough, you need to take extra precautions for your valuable pictures. So make sure that you seal the bottom and sides of the box with a packing tape. After that you can make a soft cushioning for your pictures by stuffing some packing paper at the bottom of the box to protect your items.

6. Seal The Box

Once you prepare your box, place each picture and painting in a vertical position and don’t hurry to place them all at once. Place your paintings individually and stuff some packing paper in the box if there are any gaps somewhere. Before you seal the box, stuff some packing paper at the top of your items and then seal the box with a packing tape. Your paintings are now ready for a move.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the best place to get free moving boxes?

There’s always the option of looking for discounts or getting moving boxes for free especially if you’re on a tight budget. You can get free moving boxes at the following places:

  1. Local shops and grocery stores
  2. Grocery stores
  3. Liquor stores
  4. Bookstores
  5. U-Haul Box Exchange
  6. Hardware shops

Who sells the best moving boxes?

There are many places where you can get moving boxes at affordable rates. You can check the local shops and see if they’re offering you any discounts. Other than that you can also check the following:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. U-Haul
  4. Home Depot
  5. Professional Moving Companies


Now that you’ve read all about the best picture and art moving boxes, you can be at ease and not worry about relocating them. Whether your move is a small or a big one, your precious pictures, paintings and art pieces need to be handled with care as they are very delicate and fragile. So if you’ve read the above list of best boxes and the guide to pack your pictures, you’re good to go to carry the task on your own.

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