Whether you’ve got a promotion at work or are looking for a quaint place to settle after retirement, moving could very well be an event that you plan at least once in your life. While the reason behind your move could be an exciting one, the process may not be just a piece of cake for many. That’s when finding a reliable moving company could be an ideal solution to lift the stress off your shoulders.

Amongst the many known companies, Atlas Van Lines is a popular name you may come across in your research. So, if you’re wondering whether this company is going to be worth your while or not, just read along our article Atlas Van Lines review. Along with the services that they offer, we’ve also given a glimpse of how their pricing is like and the benefits of moving with Atlas Van Lines.

TL;DR – Here’s a Quick Summary of Our Atlas Van Lines Review

  • Reputation: ProMover Certified, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana.
  • Services:
    • Types of Moves: Local, long-distance, international, small moves, corporate relocations, military, and government moves.
    • Packing: Offers full service and partial packing solutions.
    • Storage: Provides both short-term and long-term storage options.
    • Moving Supplies: Available for pickup or delivery.
    • Auto Transportation: Transports cars, boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles.
    • Special Item Moves: Expertise in moving items like pianos and pool tables.
  • Process: Online and in-person estimates, scheduling, moving day services, and post-move assistance.
  • Pricing: Costs vary based on distance, timing, services chosen, weight, and valuation plans. Average costs range between $500 – $4,800.
  • Coverage Plans: Offers standard Minimal Protection Plan and a comprehensive Full Value Protection (FVP) plan.

What Services Are Offered By Atlas Van Lines?

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Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Atlas Van Lines has earned a well enough reputation for itself in the moving industry. One of the biggest factors that can help you trust the company is the fact that they are ProMover Certified as well as hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Let us have a closer look at the variety of services offered by Atlas Van Lines.

Moving Services: Atlas Van Lines caters to many different kinds of moves with the same expertise, no matter the size or distance. These include:

  • Local Moves: For all your local or short distance moves, Atlas Van Lines connects you with agents who are well aware of the metro areas and can easily help you navigate your way through the local roads. All these local agents are certified by the American Moving & Storage association (AMSA).
  • Long Distance Moves: Understanding the planning and expertise needed for an interstate or a cross country move, Atlas Van Lines has agents who can efficiently assist you with a long distance move. They are available in almost all parts of the US as well as Canada.
  • International Moves: With over 300 Atlas preferred global partners, Atlas Van Lines is known for specializing in international moves. Whether you’re moving individually or for corporate purposes, Atlas Van Lines can cater to all your international relocation needs.
  • Small Moves: For all apartment and condo moves, Atlas Van Lines has a special program called SimpliCity. Through this program, you can have a fixed moving schedule and have complete control over your move. Specifically designed for your convenience, SimpliCity strives to make all small moves with Atlas Van Lines, a stress free process.
  • Corporate Moves: Many corporate offices have chosen the relocation services of Atlas Van Lines to efficiently plan their corporate move. With detailed tracking abilities and workflow and asset management, corporate relocation is made an easy process by Atlas Van Lines.
  • Military Moves: Atlas Van Lines is known to help more than 9,000 military families move each year in the US. They are well aware of the Personally Procured Move (PPM) or the Do-It-Yourself (DITY) move and have all the right equipment to efficiently plan your military move.
  • Government Moves: Along with providing special military moves, Atlas Van Lines is also an approved service provider for GSA’s Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP). It is known to assist with around 1,600 federal relocation moves each year.

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Packing Services: Agents associated with Atlas Van Lines provide customizable packing solutions to all. Whether you need to get your packing done at the earliest or are only looking for help with some special items, you have the option of either choosing full service packing or partial packing. Their staff would help you pack all kinds of items in the ideal boxes.

Storage Options: Atlas Van Lines offers both short term and long term storage in transit options to its customers. This can come handy when your new location isn’t ready or you are still trying to make space for your items and furniture. You can keep them in secured containers at their warehouses. However, you may just need to check with your local agent for the availability of these storage services at your location.

Moving Supplies: Even when you’re only opting for partial services with Atlas Van Lines and have planned on doing the packing by yourself, you need not break your head around finding the essential packing supplies. Most agents associated with Atlas Van Lines have a variety of moving supplies that you could either pick-up from their store or get it delivered to your doorstep.

Auto Transportation: If you’re looking for a company that can help you move your vehicle from one location to the other, Atlas Van Lines could be the one for you. Along with moving your household belongings, Atlas can also transport your car, boats, motorcycles or other vehicles.

Special Item Moves: Moving special items like a piano or a pool table can be a challenging job. But Atlas Van Lines wants to make that job easier for you with all the right expertise and equipment to handle such items.

Atlas Van Lines: How Does It Work?

Moving as a whole is generally a tedious process. As soon as you’ve decided to move, the planning process begins. Researching companies, getting estimates, figuring out services and finalizing the dates are just some of many things that have to be done even before you actually begin with your move. Having someone to guide you in this long process becomes a blessing in disguise.

So, when you choose Atlas Van Lines, you can be assured of getting tips and updates with every step of your move. Along with having a video outlying the various steps in the moving process, you can also have access to an Atlas Van Lines representative who will be there to notify you about updates and answer all your queries along the way. Here is a quick overview of how your move with Atlas Van Lines would be like.

  • Getting an estimate: Your first step for any move would be to get an estimate for your move. You can get your free online estimate from Atlas Van Lines or if you prefer an in-person estimate, then you can also book an appointment on their website and get the quote as per your convenience.
  • Scheduling a moving survey: As soon as you reach out to Atlas Van Lines for a quote, you would be connected with one of their agents. To get a more accurate or binding estimate, you will have to schedule an in-house estimate with your agent. You also have an option of scheduling a video survey through which you can receive a virtual estimate without an actual on-site visit.
  • Finalizing the dates: After you’ve chosen your preferred services and have received an estimate for your move, the next step for you would be to finalize the moving dates and schedule with your agent.
  • Moving day: If you’ve chosen packing services from Atlas Van Lines, a team of packers would be arriving at your house a day prior to your move. They will pack all the things as decided and be prepared for moving the next day. On your moving day, the Atlas crew would load all your belongings and get it transported to your new destination. You can keep a tab on your shipment and move through the Atlas Customer Portal and their representative will also keep you updated with the moving process.
  • After move: An Atlas crew would unload all your belongings upon arrival at your destination, and if you’ve asked for further assistance, they would also help you unpack and settle all things in your house.

These are all the common steps involved when you’re moving with Atlas Van Lines. There may be a few changes or additions to these steps as every move is unique and has its own requirements. When you’re opting for a standard move with Atlas Van Lines, these are the services that you would usually find included:

  • In-home or Virtual Moving Estimate
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Shipment Tracking through Atlas Customer Portal
  • Access to their Online Moving Resources

Services like packing and unpacking, storage and auto transport, would be available at an additional cost.

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Atlas Van Lines Costs And Pricing

For a local move with Atlas Van Lines, your moving rates will mostly be charged by the hour, whereas for a long distance or interstate move, you may be given a binding estimate based on the combined weight of your items as well as the total distance travelled. However, do note that these are just the common factors on which your costs are based. There are also a few underlying factors that determine the total cost of your move. These could be categorized as:

  • Total Distance Travelled: Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, the total number of miles that you travel would actually be an important factor in determining your moving costs.
  • Timing Of Your Move: With the majority of people preferring the summer and spring breaks to move, the rates during that time are naturally higher. If you want to save on your moving costs, planning your move in the off season would be a better idea. Additionally, many companies have higher rates for the weekends as compared to the week days.
  • Services You Choose: Your total moving costs would definitely be dependent on the services that you choose. Full service moves will cost you more than partial packing or only labor services.
  • Weight Of Your Move: The total number of items that you move and the weight of your shipment may be important factors in determining your moving costs.
  • Valuation Plans Chosen: You will have to pay an additional cost for a Full Value Protection plan, whereas the minimal protection plan will be included in your move without any charge.

Since every move is unique, giving a generalized price estimate isn’t possible. Additionally, prices may vary with different agents associated with Atlas Van Lines. But to give you a price perspective, you can expect to pay between $500 – $4,800 on an average, when moving with Atlas Van Lines. For an accurate estimate of your move, get in touch with an Atlas agent or representative. Atlas Van Lines accepts cash, check and major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

What Are The Coverage Plans Offered By Atlas Van Lines?

Before we get into the details of the coverage plans, it is important to note that Atlas Van Lines provides valuation options and not insurances that are governed by the state insurance laws. Instead, the valuation plans offered by Atlas Van Lines are authorized by the US Department of Transportation.

There are two main valuation plans offered by Atlas Van Lines. One is your standard Minimal Protection Plan that is available for all your moves with no extra costs. Under this plan you would be liable to get 60 cents or $0.60 per pound of your item weight. For instance, if your TV weights around 50 pounds and is damaged during the move, then you would only be getting $30 as compensation, irrespective of the TV’s actual value.

If you’re looking for secure protection of your belongings, Atlas Van Lines recommends opting for their Full Value Protection (FVP) plan. Through FVP, you can get a minimum compensation of $10,000 or your item’s weight would be multiplied to $6 per pound. Basically, for your 50 pounds TV, you can get a compensation of up to $300, if you’ve opted for the FVP plan. You can get in touch with your Atlas agent to get further information on these valuation plans, so you can decide which suits you and your budget the best.

Good To Know: Atlas Van Lines adds the Full Value Protection Plan available at an additional cost, to all moves by default. So, if you do not want that extra cost in your bill, you will have to inform your Atlas agent or representative of your choice.

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Advantages Of Choosing Atlas Van Lines

Widespread Availability: In business since 1948, Atlas Van Lines today, has grown to become one of the biggest names in the moving industry. With over 70 years of experience, Atlas Van Lines has formed a network of around 430 Agents who are spread across different parts of the country. There are chances that you may find one of their agents even if you’re located in some remote parts. And to add to this, Atlas Van Lines has built a network not just in the United States, but also in Canada and a few other parts of the world as well. This widespread availability is one of the main reasons why Atlas Van Lines would often be a recommended moving company by many.

Wide Range Of Services: Whether you’re looking for a full service move, or some customizable packing packages, Atlas Van Lines has a variety of services to accommodate all your moving needs. Vehicle moving and specialty items moving are also options available with Atlas. You’ve already seen a whole list of services offered by the company in our section above, but just know that the availability of these services could be subjective to your local agent.

Convenient Customer Portal: Atlas Van Lines has come up with a simple solution to directly connect you with your local agent. Through their customer portal, you can make changes to your profile, meet your Professional Van Operator (PVO), keep a check on your moving documents, make payment or file a claim. Basically, it is like a one window application through which you can easily monitor your move with Atlas Van Lines.

International Relocation Network: You may find innumerable moving companies when you’re moving local or interstate, but find good moving companies that facilitate international moves could be a little difficult. Atlas Van Lines is known for having a reliable international moving network. Whether you’re an individual or a corporate, in the military or the government, Atlas Van Lines can help you with all things associated with international moving. Along with helping you with your visa and immigration services, they also have other resources to make your international move a seamless process.

Shipment Tracking: You can always keep a tab on your shipment during your move with Atlas Van Lines. Yes, one of the other benefits of their customer portal is being able to track your shipment. Irrespective of whether you’re moving local, intrastate or interstate, you can easily check the status of your order and know the approximate delivery date of your shipment.

AAA Discounts: Perks of being a member of the American Automobile Association (AAA) are many and adding to that list of benefits is Atlas Van Lines offering special discounts to these members. Yes, as an AAA member you would be getting full value protection on your household goods at no additional costs from Atlas Van Lines. This means that you could end up saving around $600 on average, which helps you allocate that part of your moving budget to some additional services.

Background Checked Employees: With all your belongings being special to you, it becomes difficult to trust a stranger who is going to handle them for you. But Atlas Van Lines want to help you put that worry at ease with their No Stranger In Your Home initiative. Basically, all the employees, agents and movers have to undergo a background check before being associated with Atlas Van Lines.

Informative Blog Guides: Atlas Van Lines provides a whole lot of useful moving tips and guides on their website. From answering all the common moving FAQs (Frequently asked Questions) to helping you out with a moving dictionary and checklist, you can find a lot of relevant and helpful guides on their website. To add to this, they even have a video survey in place to help you get a virtual estimate and to provide a step by step guidance for the entire moving process.

Contactless Services: Keeping in mind the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, Atlas Van Lines is following all the guidelines and recommendations given by the CDC as well as WHO. To ensure the safety of their clients, agents and employees alike, Atlas Van Lines is trying to offer contactless services in areas where it is feasible.
For instance, to get a thorough estimate of your move, you can ask your agent for a virtual estimate through their mobile app. Additionally, some of the agents are also trying to maximize the use of technology by using e-methods for documents, signatures and payments. You could get in touch with your local Atlas Van Lines agent to know more about the contactless services that they are offering.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Atlas Van Lines

Services Vary By Agents: Like we’ve mentioned before, Atlas Van Lines has an extensive network of agents spread across the nation. And while there are a host of services offered by Atlas Van Lines, the availability of these services would depend on your location as well as your local agent. So, it is best that you check with your agent as to which services are available for your move and then make an informed choice.

Mixed Reviews: Along with the types of services, the quality of the service would also be dependent on your local agent. Because there are so many varied agents associated with Atlas Van Lines, it is difficult to generalize their reviews. While some of their agents have excellent reviews, you may also find a handful of complaints about a few of them. For instance, some of the reviews on popular online portals have mentioned that their items were damaged when they received their shipment.

Now, do keep in mind that this may not be common to all agents. Reading up the reviews of your local agent would probably give you a better idea about their service. But on a positive note, Atlas Van Lines does provide special training to all of its agents in moving practices and customer service tactics. And only after the training is complete, will the agent be associated with the company.

Tedious Quote Process At Times: While Atlas Van Lines mentions giving an instant quote on their website, some reviews have stated that you may not get one, especially for local moves. According to them, after you’ve filled your details on the quote request form, you will be receiving a message and be contacted by an Atlas Van Lines representative. They will be able to give you a rough estimate on call but will only be giving you a binding estimate after an in-house or currently, a video estimate.

What If You Cancel Your Service With Atlas Van Lines?

If you plan on cancelling your service with Atlas Van Lines after you’ve received a copy of your Order for Service as a part of your contract, you are expected to do so at the earliest. But if you cancel your shipment more than 3 days after signing the Order for Service, you may be charged a penalty by your mover. Since Atlas Van Lines is associated with different Agents that facilitate your move, the penalty may differ with each of them. So, we suggest that you get clarity from your local agent about their cancellation policy and the penalty that they charge.

Atlas Van Lines Contact Details

Phone: 800–638–9797

Email: moving@atlasvanlines.com

Address: 1212 Saint George Road Evansville, Indiana 47711-2364

Website: https://www.atlasvanlines.com/

Working Hours: Monday – Friday (8 am – 5 pm)


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Is Allied Van Lines A Good Company?

While most moving companies have something to offer that makes them stand out from the rest, whether or not it is an ideal choice for you would depend on your specific requirements. Similarly, as per popular reviews, Allied Van Lines is said to have earned a good reputation for itself in the industry. If you’re looking for more details about their services and pricing, just read our Allied Van Lines Review article and you’ll get to know everything that’s needed.

Is Atlas Moving Company a broker?

At first glance, it would seem like Atlas Moving Company is just another van line. However, this company has its own warehouses and provides services across US and Canada with Atlas certified Moving Companies.

Is Atlas Moving expensive?

If you’re looking to move long distances with Atlas Van Lines, the average cost will be around $4,000 to $6,000. Usually, their quotes are higher than competitors because they add full value protection as default, which raises rates more than other companies since they offer only standard protection. However, there’s still an option for those who want less coverage or don’t need it at all – just ask them when requesting a quote!

Who is the CEO of Atlas Van Lines?

Jack Griffin is the Chairman and CEO of Atlas® World Group.

How many employees does Atlas Van Lines have?

As per the most recent data, Atlas Van Lines employ nearly 700 people throughout North America.

Who is the parent company of Atlas?

Atlas World Group, Founded in 1948, is the parent and holding company of Atlas Van Lines, Inc.

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With the addition of a new company time and again, the moving industry is growing steadily in the United States. So naturally, you may be spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting your best fit. But Atlas Van Lines stands out from the rest because of its extensive network of agents not just in the country but also in parts abroad.

Additionally, the wide variety of services that they offer make Atlas Van Lines a one stop shop for almost all of your moving needs. But the only thing to take note of is that the availability of these services as well as their quality, may differ based on the agents. So, we suggest that you do look up the reviews of your local agent before finalizing your choice.

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