‘Moving’ as an exercise can test even the calmest of nerves. There is so much to plan and do and bring everything together at the same time. You don’t need us to say it, but that is almost one of the most daunting and nerve wrecking things to do. Hence, the help and experience of a moving company can quite literally save your day.

Two Men and a Truck vs. Other Popular Moving Companies

Two Men and a Truck
  • Best for Full-Service Move
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Variety of Moving Services
All My Sons Moving
  • Best Overall
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Variety of Moving Services
Allied Van Lines
  • Best for Customized Moves
  • Favorable Cancellation Policy
  • Auto Transport Services

A full service moving company like Two Men and A Truck sure can help you in the entire process and you can be rest assured that you will have a memorable moving day. So if you’re wondering whether their services are worth your while, read our article Two Men And A Truck Review to help you with your decision making.

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Two Men And A Truck Overview

Two Men and a Truck logo

Two Men and a Truck is an American Franchise Moving Company, headquartered in Michigan. Oh and let’s not forget, they have their presence in our Northern neighbors Canada too. What’s interesting is that they are the largest franchised moving company in the United States. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise considering they are present in 44 US states and above 350 worldwide locations. But that’s not all, they have 320 local franchises too!

Two Men and Truck is widely available and often has lower prices than competitors. They are known for having helpful and considerate movers. They are known for their national presence, friendly reputation and affordable rates. As a moving service provider, all their moves include loading and unloading, online tracking, and basic liability coverage, which pays 60 cents per pound for lost or damaged goods.

It’s been 35 years now (at the time of writing this article) since they first started, an indicator of their vast experience. If you ask us, that also sheds some light on the reputation they have for being quick, professional, very friendly and a considerate moving company. As a package, they offer full service moves, storage options and hourly labor as an assortment of their work. They are known for their customer service and their accessibility and availability. But, because they are a franchise based business, the experiences may vary.

Service Offerings By Two Men And A Truck

1. Local, Long-Distance And Cross Country Moves

Two Men And A Truck offer all kinds of moves. Because of their franchisee based model, they are easy to find everywhere. It is true that they are known for their local moves which is what makes them so popular. You should know that they charge by the hour, and often with a minimum time length. But Local moves aren’t all they do. Moving coast to coast is also something they can help with. Although, in the case of long distance moves, they may sometimes have restrictions in terms of distances that they can travel. So it would always be good to verify before you start.

2. Packing Supplies

You might want to handle the move by yourself. Maybe, it’s a small move and using an expert’s help wouldn’t make sense. Whatever your reason, packing supplies are not always handy. So worry not, as Two Men And A Truck also sells packing supplies, including everything from packing boxes, tapes, protective wrapping to packing paper and specialty boxes too.

3. Piano Moving

Yes, they are pros at moving pianos too, so you can breathe easy for that Broadwood Grand Piano in your living room.

4. Value Flex

If you are okay to wait, then this is a great economical option. In this option, they will pack your household belongings into a crate and put it in a trailer with crates from other people’s homes.

5. Full Valuation Coverage

This is definitely one of the better options to go for. To make things even more enticing, Two Men and A Truck offer their Full Valuation Coverage with the sole purpose of ensuring your goods are all safe and sound. Best part, claiming for your lost or damaged goods is a process they focus on making easier for their customers.

6. Temporary storage

Yes, yes, we know that move in and move out dates don’t always line up. In cases such as these, temporary storage options by Two Men And A Truck is a boon. The average price for storage costs would be anywhere around $100 to $200 per month, approximately. This is pretty much the same rate as any other storage unit of any other movers in the industry. What’s good is that they offer three different kinds of storage: on-site storage, self-storage and portable storage too

In some places, their facilities do allow for space for self-storage. The self-storage facilities are good in the sense that they are all fireproof and storm-proof. In places where they cannot have self-storage facilities, they partner with local storage facilities to give their customers access to storage benefits. And the third is a portable storage, in which case, they can drop off a 16 foot container near the customer’s home to help storing things for a short period of time that can be moved later.

7. Junk Removal

Say, you are not just moving, but also need help removing all the weird things in your home that have piled up over the years and you do not know what to do with them. Two Men And A Truck can help you with junk disposal, adhering to strict guidelines of disposal and safety and environmental guidelines. It could be anything from gasoline to asbestos or paint or anything like that.


How Do They Work?

Two Men And A Truck will first start with the estimation. For small to medium size moves, they will do it online, over a call, or through a webcam. But for bigger homes, they will conduct an in-house visit and on the basis of your belongings, the distance, the weight of the belongings, they will then give you the estimate.

Once you have booked them, the local movers will come to your place with their 26 foot trucks on the said date and start loading your goods. They will then take it to your new home or the temporary storage if you have opted for one. Two Men And A Truck usually charge for the long distance moves based on total weight and gas mileage, whereas the local moves are charged by the hour.

The only thing that is probably not as clear as other movers is that since they work in the franchise model, their prices may vary depending on the distance they operate in. Even if you give the most exhaustive house tours and have a detailed discussion about what all you will carry, the estimate still is not usually binding. It depends finally on the time taken to do the actual move. So that’s why it is best that you invite a local representative of the company to come over and do an in-house estimation. It will also help them give you a near to accurate estimation.

Cost to Hire Two Men And A Truck

Prices may vary by location since TMAAT are a franchise and some of them may set their own rates, but usually the factors that are taken into consideration are the same:

Distance is crucial to how your move may get priced

  • Do remember to ask your local Two Men franchisee owner about the distance, as some of them have a restriction on how far they can go.

Your location can be one of the deciding factors

Seasonality is a big factor in the moving business

  • You could be doing yourself a big favor if you were moving in the off season.
  • Try and avoid summer time to move, which is the peak moving season.
  • Avoid weekends for moves too. Take that odd day off work and do your moves on those days.

Other factors that determine the cost of your move are:

  • Distance
  • Time needed to load and unload your belongings
  • Number of flights of stairs

Full service costs

  • You could be paying more if you were requesting full service packing, unpacking and supplies for packing too. Keep in mind that packing is charged by the hour too. You could ask if they would bundle up the packing and moving costs at a discounted rate. A typical Two Men truck charges anywhere between $80 to $100 for an hour.

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Get an in-house quote to be precise

  • It is always good to get an in-house quote. Always purge before you get your in-house estimate. It is important as it will save you the hassle of explaining what stays and what goes. It will also help you get an exact quote of what to expect from the move. Sort, purge, donate, sell and then once you have a final idea of what is actually going with you to your new destination, you can then get an accurate estimate. The agent will take a home tour and do an inventory. The price will largely depend on the weight of the move. Now that’s just because North American is good at customizing the service for you, basis what you need, this would be a good time to talk about the services.
  • Sometimes they also allow virtual walk-through, where they can provide you with a quote after a webcam tour of your house.

The Budget Friendly Option – Value Flex

  • This is great for small distance moves, albeit available only in select cities.
  • It is good, if you have time and can wait for your goods to arrive.
  • In this case, they will load up your basic house belongings in crates or containers, along with household items from other homes in a truck, which will then be transported to your destination.
  • There is also the option of the expedited long distance services which are available throughout the country, wherever there is no value flex.
  • Since they are franchise based, there are no standardized rates published for Two Men And A Truck.

When you get your quote, you need to remember that some things are added or included in their package while for some you may have to pay extra.

  • Loading and unloading, shipment tracking and basic liability coverage are all included in the cost or basic quote. But packing and unpacking, moving supplies, storage and full valuation coverage are things that you may have to choose if you want, at an added cost.

There are ways by which you can minimize your costs:

  • Try and see if you can pack some things in advance
  • Keep your front driveway clear for the movers to drive in
  • Since they work and charge by the hour, the more you do and keep before-hand, the less they charge and more you save.

Two Men And A Truck Pros And Cons


  • With more than 380 locations all over the country, they are practically available everywhere
  • They use the biggest of trucks, ones which are 26 foot long. It’s what helps to move even six to seven rooms worth belongings.
  • All their movers are background checked, even if they are franchise model workers.
  • They are renowned for their friendly nature.
  • They can help in home staging services, junk removal, bulky moves, storage options and packing supplies only too.
  • They have economical cost options like value flex and expedited shipping


  • Cost estimation is difficult as it is a franchise based model and there are no set guidelines. So this means that franchises do get to set their own prices.
  • Some franchise partners do not even do long distance moves. So check with your local franchise beforehand.
  • This might be a bummer, but they have no price matching policy either.

The Moving Company With A Big Heart

Two Men And A Truck are known for their charitable work and also for being extremely community conscious. They have been engaged in community and society driven activities for a very long time, and it is not even knee jerk or a flash in the pan activity. In fact, they cater to some of the weakest members of society, such as homeless shelters, military veterans and women staying in shelters.

THE SMART WAY TO BUDGETHow much will my move cost?

Get instant free moving quotes for your upcoming relocation with our moving cost calculator!

Summarizing Two Men And A Truck

All said and done, Two Men And A Truck sure is synonymous with large moves. Even if you were to not get them to move, but just buy packing supplies from them, you would be getting packing supplies of premium quality for sure. So your belongings will definitely be safe inside them. Although, they are not known for being cheap or economical. With that being said, the fact that they aren’t cheap also highlights the efforts they put to ensure that the moving day is a breeze for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Two Men and a Truck

How do I file a claim with Two Men and a Truck?

Typically, you need to call the company and speak to an agent. You would start by providing your information; name, order number or phone number, account type (property or commercial), etc. Then the agent will usually ask for some basic information about what went wrong with your move, like whether anything was damaged, any additions to your final count (pieces of furniture that weren’t accounted for in the pre-move estimate), and so on. Finally, they might have you send them a letter giving permission either verbally or in writing to inspect the damage so they can create an estimate based on how much it should cost to replace all of those items. This varies greatly depending on what ended up being broken during the move.

Is Two Men and a Truck worth it?

Two Men and a Truck is a great company that provides quality moving services. They are well-known for their exceptional customer service, and they always go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy. Overall, they are worth every penny.

How is Two Men and a Truck rated?

Two Men and a Truck is a reliable, affordable moving company. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, they’ll get the job done right. Plus, their customer service is excellent, so you can rest assured that your move will go smoothly.

What days are Two Men and a Truck open?

Two Men and a Truck are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. They are available from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.

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