We rate North American Van Lines 4.8 out of 5.0 and name it Best for Long Distance Moves for its customized service, reasonable pricing and Live GPS tracking.

North American Van Lines vs. Other Popular Moving Companies

North American Van Lines
  • Best for Complicated Moves
  • Highly Customized Services
  • Live GPS Tracking
International Van Lines
  • Best for State to State Moves
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Estimate Breakdowns
All My Sons Moving
  • Best Overall
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Variety of Moving Services

The moving industry is a big industry, and it’ll take more than a pandemic to stop people from making changes to their lives! With a mammoth industry like this, you’re spoilt for choice when choosing a moving company for your move.

The worry is that you may just land up paying more than you should, or land up with movers who can look and talk the part but mess up on moving day. North American Van Lines is one name which many consider when it comes to moving service providers.

We’ve chalked up a thorough review of North American Van Lines so you can narrow down on your list of potential movers.

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North American Van Lines logo

North American Van Lines is one of the bigger players in the moving business.

They offer a plethora of add-on services like custom crating and auto transport that can help you customize your long distance move. North American Van Lines have been in the business since 1933 and they are full service movers.

They have partnered up and work with over 500 local moving companies across the country in order to serve Americans from every corner of the United States.

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Services Offered by North American Van Lines

Like all moving companies, North American Van Lines offers a wide range of services that go way beyond just hauling your luggage from point A to point B.

Their services include:

1. Local, National And International Moving Services: If you are looking to move anywhere locally, across state borders or even internationally for that matter, North American Van Lines can help you with that. Their excellent service and professionalism follows, no matter the move.

2. Corporate Relocation: If you are a business looking to relocate to a new office, wondering about how to navigate the move isn’t something that should be on your mind. There can always be a lot to think about when it comes to corporate moving, but North American Van Lines can manage it all.

3. Appliance-Related Services: There’s appliances all around the house, some bigger and more cumbersome than the other. In cases such as these, you do not need another handyman. You can easily get all the help you need with appliance disconnection and reconnection from North American Van Lines.

Apart from these, North American helps with packing services, boxes and moving supplies, furniture disassembly and reassembly, custom crating, loading and unloading, crane vans to help move large and bulky items, storage services and auto transport.

North American Van Lines also provides online tracking which is definitely handy if you are moving long distances. This service lets you look up the location of your driver and shipment.

The convenience goes further, as the driver will contact you 24 hours before delivery. The customer service representative that will be assigned to you will also be able to track your shipment in transit and will give you updates on your delivery.

Not all these services are included when you pick the full service packing option; some services come at an additional cost. But this is the beauty of it all – North American can customize the way you want to move, thereby tailoring it to suit your needs.

Gone are the days of being forced to hire full service movers or doing it all yourself.

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Specialty Services

In an industry this saturated, anything that makes you stand out is something that sets you apart. North American understands this, and has a special service in case of international moves.

North American Van Lines offers help in terms of not just unpacking boxes, but also setting up language and driving lessons. These can be exceptionally helpful for anyone moving internationally.


Professionals who have a working experience since the days of The Great Depression, that’s how long North American has been in business.

Since they partner up with local agents, a few reviews mentioned experiences that were not ideal. However, remember to look up local reviews and you will find what works best for you.

Thankfully, North American Van Lines hold certain accreditations that give weight to their reputation.

They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are certified ProMovers with the American Moving and Storage Association.

They also get above average ratings among independent customer reviews.

North American Van Lines Prices

Your final cost when hiring North American Van Lines will be calculated based on the services you opt for, the size and distance of your move, your location and even the season during which you decide to move.

If your move is small and you won’t be needing additional services like appliance connecting and crane vans, you could be spending around $550.

You could be easily set back by a few thousand dollars if your move covers a little larger distance and you need help with packing.

If you have a two bedroom home and are going to travel say 1,000 miles for the move, then you could be shelling out anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000.

And of course it comes as no surprise that a larger home covering a long distance will result in you spending several thousands of dollars. You could pay around $15,000 to move a five bedroom house over a long distance.

The best way to get as accurate a quote as you can is to get an in-house estimate. This helps the movers to see all your belongings up front, gauge the inventory and size of your move, calculate the volume, account for fragile and bulky items.

When added up with the cost to cover the distance, time to load and unload, and the time of year, you get an upfront price with no danger of “additional costs” being sprung up on you later.

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Moving With North American Van Lines

You’ve finally decided to go with North American for your move. Now what?

You’ve only crossed one of the many hurdles lined up ahead, so we’ve given you a rundown of the initial steps of hiring this moving company, and a few things for you to keep in mind along the way.

Get a Quote

Book And Schedule An Appointment

Booking an appointment with a representative involves filling in a few basic things like your email, number of bedrooms, moving date and the distance of your move on their website.

Post this, they will send you an email and give you a call to take things further.

Over the call, the representative will verify your contact information, confirm your destination and moving date, and schedule an estimate with a North American Van Lines agent.

Before getting an appointment with North American Van Lines, understand that they work with local moving companies to broaden their reach.

These companies act as agents, working on behalf of North American. It is always advisable to look up reviews of the local agents, and ask them which services are available; some of them may not be able to provide all the services as listed on the website.

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Getting an Estimate

Once your representative calls you to fix an appointment, you can choose between the type of estimate you want.

This estimate can be conducted locally and in-person, and also virtually through your mobile device. The option to go virtual gives customers a sense of convenience, and is also beneficial to stay safe from the coronavirus.

Alongside the website, you can also call 800-228-3092 to request a quote.

Always purge your house of all things unwanted before you get your in-house estimate. This will save you the hassle of explaining what stays and what goes.

It will also help you get an exact quote of what to expect from the move. Sort, purge, donate, sell, and then once you have a final idea of what is actually going with you to your new destination, you can then call for an accurate estimate.

Since North American is good at customizing the move for you according to what you need, this would also be a good time to talk about the services they provide and what will suit your move.

THE SMART WAY TO BUDGETHow much will my move cost?

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Packing Assistance

North American Van Lines will provide you with three different packing options that include full service packing, fragile-only-packing and helping with moving supplies.

This kind of categorization helps you decide exactly what it is you are looking for. You could be someone who likes to get right to it by doing everything yourself.

You are the perfect DIYer, organized and meticulous, and you only need the boxes and the packing supplies for your move. North American will help you with procuring all kinds of boxes and additional moving supplies. However, this lasts as long as the supplies last.

You’re packing it all yourself, but your house has tons of fragile things and artefacts, art and china, and everything else that comes under the ‘handle with care’ banner. Opt for the fragile-only option, that leaves the antiques and fragiles to the experts. They are extremely professional and take the utmost care to ensure everything is packed well.

You could also be someone who prefers to outsource all moving duties so that you have time to take care of other things. You trust North American’s expertise and you want to leave it to the experts.

Full service packing is really beneficial for someone with larger homes with lots of things to move, someone who is simply too caught up with a job or a family to dedicate time to packing, or even someone who would rather relax while the professionals look after it all!

Moving Coverage

North American Van Lines do offer moving coverage, much like the entire industry. But unlike those who only offer basic coverage, North American offers two types of coverage: Basic Liability Coverage and Full Maximum Value Protection.

1. Basic Liability Coverage: This is included in the move and comes at no additional cost. It is economical, but not very comprehensive. If the bulk of your belongings are not fragile and you don’t own several high-quality antiques, then you can opt for basic liability coverage. The rates for basic coverage is an industry rate of $0.60 per pound per item on anything that is damaged or lost.

2. Full Maximum Value Protection: This is a comprehensive offering by North American Van Lines. If you have anything that is valued at $100 and more, you can inform your agent and they will jot it down in the High-Value Inventory Form to ensure you receive more than the minimal coverage for your priceless belongings in case of damage or loss.

North American Van Lines also provides 100% property damage for your home, unlike many players in the industry. That means that if they happen to damage any walls while moving, they will come back and repair it.

Should You Choose North American Van Lines?

When it comes to experience and professionalism, North American Van Lines are pretty much up there. But since they work with local agents, not every experience is stellar.

Researching your local agent is the best way to go, since this quite truly is a very efficient moving company that can be effortless and breezy.

Their website is exhaustive, their representatives are helpful, and their services are plenty. All these reasons and more are why we feel like North American Van Lines makes the cut of being one of the best movers in America.

Frequently Asked Questions about North American Van Lines

Is North American Van Lines expensive?

North American Van Lines offers affordable and flexible rates, making them an excellent choice for long summer moves. They provide instant quote estimates on their website, so you can be confident that your move is going to cost what they promise it will before any work starts.

Is North American Van Lines still in business?

North American Van Lines is a trusted, full-service mover since 1933. They work with over 500 different companies in the nation to help move people wherever they need them!

Is American Van Lines the same as North American Van Lines?

American Van Lines is a well-known and reputable moving company, but it has several competitors with names that can easily be mixed up. One example of this confusion is North American Van Lines, the same name as the competitor Nationwide van lines.

How do I file a claim with North American Van Lines?

If your moving company doesn’t seem to be taking care of business, file a claim. North American Van Lines’ phone is 1-800-348-.3746 and/or Corporate Claims at 1 800 926 1463

Does North American Van Lines ship cars?

North American Van Lines has been in the business of transporting cars and other vehicles for over half a century. They offer both domestic and international auto shipping options, as well as door-to-door car transportation.

Is North American Van Lines a good mover?

North American Van Lines is a stellar company. Their professional packers make sure everything gets to their destination safely with no problems! They are flexible about arrival times, accommodate most needs with respect to packing materials and boxes, and their estimates are lower than others.

Does North American Van Lines require a deposit?

Yes, North American Van Lines does require a deposit in order to start the booking process.

Who is the president of North American Van Lines?

Gust Nelson is currently the president of North American Van Lines.

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