Are you tired of dealing with moving companies that end up damaging your stuff? Do you feel that you will never trust any other moving company ever again? Enter JK Moving Service! If you want to hand over the responsibility of your long-distance and international moves to a trustworthy company, JK Moving is surely a company worth checking out. Not only do they guarantee the safest and timely moves, but they also customize their services according to your needs.

From working out of a basement 40 years ago to completing more than 500,000 moves, JK Moving has come a long way. They have also received multiple awards from reputable associations like AMSA for their outstanding services. One thing you should know about them is that they are more of a broker than a carrier. This means that they have partnered up with several local moving companies to provide you with services in the area of your preference. IS JK Moving Services the right choice for you? Read our elaborate JK Moving Services Review and find out!

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What Services are Offered by JK Moving Services?

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Like any other company, JK Moving Services also offers plenty of services to all its customers. But you should know that they have their physical locations and staff only in Washington, D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. This is because they don’t carry out the moving work by themselves even though they are registered as a carrier company. They mainly connect you to other movers who will do the work for you.

To ensure that you are not mistreated by a third-party mover, JK Moving Services appoints a moving coordinator for all its customers. This coordinator guides you step by step through the entire experience and simultaneously ensures that you are receiving high-quality services from your mover. Wondering about what all services you can get from JK Moving Services? Read on to get your answers!

1. Local Moves:

Because JK Moving Services have locations only in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, they cater to local moves limited to only these areas. They will essentially assign you a moving coordinator who will help you to plan out your entire move. The best part about the company is that you can get in touch with their customer service 24/7.

2. Long-Distance Moves:

All moves offered by them can be tailored according to your needs, especially the long-distance ones. A pre-vetted, professional crew will provide you with a smooth long-distance move. On top of that, all their trucks are equipped with GPS which means that you can track your shipment at all points in time. If this wasn’t enough, many trucks also have dash cams that are used to monitor the behavior of the drivers.

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3. International Moves:

JK Moving services recognizes that moving internationally involves a lot of planning. They provide their customers with international moving services that are managed by a team of certified professionals. To provide you with a perfect move, they have partnered up with some international moving companies that include Overseas Moving Network International (OMNI), International Federation of International Movers (FIDI), and International Association of Movers (IAM).

4. Employee Relocation Services:

They customize their moving packages to fit both the employee’s and the employer’s needs. They send a professional crew to pack up the belongings of the employee and ship them to the new location. Not only this, but they also provide their customers with their Mobile App services and their virtual AI-driven survey services.

5. Government Moves:

It is a known fact that many famous US presidents have used JK Moving services to satisfy their moving needs. They have helped ambassadors, diplomats, presidents, government employees, and their families to plan and carry out their moves efficiently.

In fact, the company provides specialized and customized services for employees working in different departments of the government. Within this, they also make military-related moves easier for the members of the military.

6. Storage Services:

If in case your moves are delayed due to any reason whatsoever, JK Moving Services will provide you with short-term and long-term storage services irrespective of where you are located. All their facilities are climate-controlled and under surveillance 24/7 for security purposes. They are also equipped with fire suppression systems to keep your belongings secure.

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7. Commercial Moving Services:

JK Moving services trains the moving crews to assist business and office relocation projects. The company plans out your entire move, disposes of all the junk items, and offers shredding services. They will then pack your stuff and move it to your new location. If this wasn’t enough, they also provide you with tech services that include disconnecting and reinstalling electronics and moving IT equipment safely.

8. Archive Services:

JK Moving services will take the responsibility of managing the following things for your company: data, company records, inventory, document imaging, and destruction of data as well as documents.

How Much does it Cost to Hire JK Moving Services?

JK Moving Services takes into account several factors and then forms a budget for your move. A combination of different factors ultimately decides what you will have to pay for your move. What are these factors, you ask? Let’s have a look at them!

  1. The distance of your move: It is obvious that the longer the distance of your move, the more it will cost you and vice versa.
  2. The bulk of your move: As the weight of your move increases, the prices also increase simultaneously.
  3. The difficulty of your move: if you own oddly shaped objects, very heavy items like pianos, or if your move is complex (for instance, you stay on the 10th floor), you can expect to be charged more.
  4. Season: If you are moving during the peak season (April-September), you can expect the moving prices to take a hike during that time.
  5. The number of crew members and trucks: If you require a larger set of helping hands and more trucks, be prepared to pay more for that.
  6. Add-on services: You will have to pay a specific amount for each add-on service that you avail of.

Like any full-service moving company, JK Moving Services does not reveal its prices on its website. If you want to get an estimate from them, you will have to submit a request for it. In this, you have to submit the details of your move that include your current address, your new address, the size of the current house, the size of the new house, and your contact information.

Once you do this, JK Moving Services will get in touch with you and try to gauge how much stuff you need to move. For this, they will either set a date for an in-house estimate or ask you to use their AI-driven app to conduct a virtual survey of your home. Based on this, you will be given an estimate. Although this might seem like a tedious process to obtain a simple estimate, it ensures that the estimate you get is accurate.

THE SMART WAY TO BUDGETHow much will my move cost?

Get instant free moving quotes for your upcoming relocation with our moving cost calculator!

Does JK Moving Services Offer Coverage Options?

JK Moving services encourages all its customers to get in touch with their insurance agents to examine whether their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance covers their moves. If they do, all the customers are supposed to provide evidence for that in writing. Apart from this, JK Moving Services assures the customers that they can avail of two kinds of coverage options from their service providers.

1. Standard Liability Coverage Package:

All movers that work in partnership with JK Moving Services offer a standard liability coverage package to all its customers. In this, customers get a reimbursement of $0.60 per pound of an item that is damaged. This coverage option is generally included in your quote. However, remember that this option won’t be enough if you are shipping some valuable items.

2. Full Replacement Option:

Each and every one of their movers will provide you with a full coverage option in which they will either repair your damaged object, replace it with a similar object or give you the full compensation for the damaged item. However, you will have to purchase this protection at an additional cost.

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Reasons to Choose JK Moving Services

1. Reliability is Guaranteed:

You know that this company is a reliable company when big companies like Fortune 500 and famous celebrities that include the presidents of the country are using their services. If this wasn’t enough, the American Moving and Storage Association has awarded JK Moving Services with the Safety Fleet Award numerous times over the years. This means that this company has had fewer accidents than its competitors. As a result of this, you can rest assured that your shipment will be safe with them.

2. Eco-Friendly Practices:

JK Moving Services has upped its sustainability game because they realize that the moving industry does contribute towards the rising levels of pollution and waste generation.

It’s obvious that trucks require fuel, and using so much fuel isn’t healthy for the environment. Because of this, they have started using Tesla’s electric trucks to transport your stuff during your moves. These trucks do not use any fuel, so thanks to that, there are hardly any harmful emissions coming out of them.

Not only this, but JK Moving Services use moving supplies that are either recycled or recyclable and reusable in nature. In these ways, JK has taken a step towards the sustainable usage of resources.

3. Background Checks for All Employees:

You can trust all their employees to take care of your stuff and keep it safe because the company conducts background checks and drug tests for all its employees. To add to that, they are also given onsite training in which they are taught to professionally handle different types of items.

4. Tech Savvy Crew and Services:

For the office moving projects, some employees are trained to be PC technicians. This means that they are well equipped with the tools and knowledge to move IT and data equipment along with other workstations. What’s more is they use GPS-enabled trucks which give you real-time updates on the whereabouts of your shipments too. Their trucks also have dash cams so that the drivers behave appropriately at all times.

5. User-Friendly Mobile App and Website:

Their mobile app and website are super easy to use. You can find all the information that you are searching for and get answers to all the queries you have regarding your move. The mobile app allows you to make bookings, get estimates, and keeps you in touch with your moving coordinator. The best part about this app is that it can be used to create an inventory for your move by conducting a virtual survey of your house. Isn’t that so convenient?

Things to Consider before Hiring JK Moving Services

1. Customer Reviews:

If you go through their customer reviews, you will realize that they are rather polarized. This means that while they have received some glowing reviews, there are some negative ones as well. The reviews speak of things like pricing, care taken while shipping stuff, customer service, etc. However, it is also important to note that although there exist both types of reviews on the internet, the positive ones outnumber the negative ones by leaps and bounds.

2. Local Moves aren’t Available:

Don’t get us wrong here. The company does offer local moves, but they are available only in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you don’t stay in these cities, you most probably won’t be able to hire them for your local moves. As a result of this, you may have to consider other local moving companies when you are planning a local move.

3. No Online Estimates:

If you are looking for companies to give you instant online estimates so that you can form a budget for your move, JK Moving Services won’t be of any help to you. You have to go through a tedious process of getting an in-home estimate, conducting virtual surveys, and submitting a request for estimates along with providing your personal information to them in order to finally get an estimate.

In the long run, it is better to get estimates in this way because they tend to be more accurate. However, if you are looking for quick online quotes, you won’t get any from JK Moving Services.

Is JK Moving Services Right for you?

To be honest, there are a lot of advantages and very limited downsides to hiring JK Moving Services. You get in-home free estimates that are accurate, you get a company that has been in the game for a long time and the services are tech-savvy as well. That’s all that you can ask for from a moving company, isn’t it?
What is the one thing you ultimately need when you move? You need your stuff to be in trustworthy and reliable hands and you want it to reach your new location safely. One thing we tell you is that JK Moving Services is surely a company worth considering for your relocation needs if budget is not on your mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions about JK Moving Services

Is JK moving good?

If you’re in the market for a mover, then look no further than this company. They offer competitive prices and great customer service! They’ve been named ‘Most Customizable Full-Service Mover’ with an excellent rating of 91 out of 100 by their clients, who have trusted them throughout years of successful moves.

Is JK Moving a real company?

JK Moving is a company that started 40 years ago. It has become a world leader in moving and logistics, focusing on customers, employees, and communities.

Who owns JK Moving?

Charles Kuhn owns JK Moving.

How do I know if a moving company is legit?

First, a legit moving company will have a website. Most of these sites include liability and insurance details and a list of available services. Secondly, they should have professional business cards with their contact information printed on them. These two factors can help you confirm whether or not they are legit and committed to their trade as is appropriate for your peace of mind as the consumer.

When was JK Moving founded?

JK Moving was founded in 1982 by Charles Kuhn.