While you move your office, what are the things you are generally concerned about? You might worry about your equipment being mishandled, your data being leaked, staying within the budget allotted by your supervisors, and whatnot! However, the biggest concern of all is choosing the right company for your office relocation project. Once you do that, everything else will be taken care of by them and you will have a seamless moving experience.

Luckily for you, we have listed down some of the top companies in the business that will assist you with your big office move. All you have to do now is to choose on the basis of certain aspects that are important to you. So here is a list of the best office moving companies that you can choose from.

Top 5 Office Moving Companies

Moving CompanyUnited Van Lines North American Van Lines Bekins Van Lines American Van Lines 1-800-Pack-Rat
LogoUnited Van Lines logoNorth American Van Lines logoBekins Van Lines logoAmerican Van Lines logo1-800-PACK-RAT logo
DoT Number77949
MC Number67234107012
ProsInstallation of electronics.

Full-service coverage included in the quote

Offers junk removal services.

Offers transition planning services.

Unique packing methods.

Instant online estimates.

Offers flat-rate pricing with binding estimates.

Top-notch customer service.

Secure Storage Facilities

User-friendly websites and guaranteed delivery dates
Break down of prices is vague.
Customer service has received mixed reviews.Does not deal with the reinstallation of electronic appliances.Online quotes are not available.Limited availability of locations.
Phone800-299-1700800-228-3092 866-815-9701954-318-1246800-722-5728 ·

5 Top Rated Office Moving Companies

  1. United Van Lines
  2. North American Van Lines
  3. Bekins Van Lines
  4. American Van Lines
  5. 1-800-PACK-RAT

1. United Van Lines

This company isn’t our first choice for no reason at all. The fact that it has been in the moving industry since 1928 and has expanded its business across the country speaks volumes about its achievements. United Van Lines has accumulated a lot of experience which is beneficial for you because it knows exactly what makes its customers happy.

Through decades of working with commercial moves, they have mastered the craft of customizing their services to serve each and every company’s unique needs. They ensure that their relocation plan fits within your organization’s budget. The best part about them is that they will carry out all the administrative tasks and manage the move while your employees can concentrate on settling into the new office.

Reasons to choose United Van Lines

Full Value Protection:

United Van Lines is one of the only companies that includes Full Value Protection in its quoted prices. Why is it better than other companies’ insurance plans? It is because other moving companies include a basic coverage package which is of no use if you own valuable objects. On the other hand, United Van Lines understands that all your belongings are valuable. A corporate relocation especially involves moving some pretty expensive equipment.
In this coverage plan, you can expect to get $6 of coverage per pound of an item that is damaged. This means that even if the actual value of the item is less, you will be in profit here. They will also offer to repair or replace the item if possible. In addition to this, if you own items that aren’t heavy but are super valuable, you can avail of extra protection. Every $1,000 of extra coverage is available at a low cost of $5.50. Isn’t this a steal deal?

Tech Services:

You know what makes this company stand out from its competitors? While it will disassemble all your furniture and equipment, and transport it to your new location like any other company, United Van Lines also specializes in disconnecting and reinstalling electronic appliances. All their employees are quite tech-savvy and all your PC networks, phones, computers, etc., are reinstalled and set up for work after the move.

This makes your life super easy because you can simply go to your office the day after the move is over and start working. There is no hassle of hiring additional help to reinstall the electronics and no extra funds are spent on this work. Their tech assistance is the one thing that rightly sets them apart and that’s why you should definitely consider hiring them.

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Did You Know? United Van Lines will offer you a transparent pricing system. You don’t have to shell out any extra money after you agree to the initial quote.

2. North American Van Lines

From being established in 1933 to being one of the industry leaders and working with more than 500 local moving companies, North American Van Lines has come a long way. They are known to offer customized office moving packages to organizations, be it corporate organizations, hospitals, industrial facilities, and so on. It employs a huge workforce who will ensure that you get everything from moving supplies to actual moving services that include packing, disassembling, loading, etc., at your doorstep.

Reasons to Choose North American Van Lines

Junk Removal Services:

If you are moving your office, you will notice that there are a lot of junk items that you need to do away with. There might be stacks of papers that need to be shredded, old furniture or equipment that needs to be given away, and so on. Reducing the bulk of your move will eventually lower the prices of your move. You will be happy to know that you don’t need to hire additional help for clearing up junk when you hire North American Van Lines.
This is one of the very few companies that provides its customers with services like disposal, shredding, donation, refurbishment, etc. They take a comprehensive approach towards your moving project. Moving doesn’t happen in a vacuum. A lot of other things need to be taken care of and North American Van Lines ensures that you are provided with those extra services.

Transition Planning Services:

You cannot pick up all your stuff from one place, dump it into another space and then expect that it will fit properly into the new space. Each office space is different and you need to plan the arrangement of your stuff in your new office before moving into it. This will reduce the chaos resulting from an unplanned move and your employees will adjust to the new space better.

North American Van Lines will provide you with transition planning services in which they will first study your current and new office space and then plan the rearrangement of your furniture and equipment. They will then unpack and arrange your things accordingly. This leads to an efficient moving process and saves a lot of time as well. If your new office isn’t ready, they also provide you with short-term and long-term storage services.

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Good to Know: North American Van Lines tries to keep up with the advanced technology and provides its clients with shipment tracking services. So in that way, you can keep tabs on your stuff while it’s in transit.

3. Bekins Van Lines

129 years and counting, Bekins Van Lines has been working tirelessly to make moving simple and efficient for all its customers. They have been assisting hospitals, heavy machinery industries, IT offices, and other commercial organizations with their moves for more than a century now. Bekins tries to find innovative solutions for your office moving projects because they have gained expertise in it over the years.

Reasons to Choose Bekins Van Lines

Unique Packing Methods:

Bekins has devised its own unique way of packing your office equipment. It doesn’t stick to the standard way of doing stuff. It doesn’t pack computers and other equipment in separate boxes. They take a metal cart and place all your stuff in rows. After this, they shrink-wrap the entire thing to safeguard it from damage in the transit trucks.
In this way, a lot of space in the moving trucks gets saved and you can cut costs by not having to rent additional rental trucks. But that’s not all, they also offer moving supplies at a discounted rate. You might have a lot of stuff in your office and you will have to spend a crazy amount of money on supplies. But Bekins helps you to cut your costs and move your office at affordable rates.

Instant Online Estimates:

Bekins is one of those moving companies that offers you an instant online ballpark estimate along with the price ranges for each service and a service-wise breakdown of prices. Once you put in your details, you will be provided with both high-end and low-end estimates from which you get an idea about the price range of your move. From that, you can deduce and plan your budget accordingly. You should also know that their customers love the variety of seasonal discounts offered by them throughout the year.

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Did You Know? Bekins offers a lot of discounts to all their long-distance move customers so don’t forget to enquire and take advantage of these discounts.

4. American Van Lines

The journey of American Van Lines in this industry started in 1995 with only two trucks and a head full of aspirations. Since then, there has been no stopping them. They have kept the standards of their services high throughout the years. They cater to all types of moves, especially commercial moves.

What is the sign of a successful commercial move, you might ask? They will tell you that the fact that your business kept operating without any disturbances throughout the move is a sign of a successful commercial move. AVL will adjust their timings according to your hours and leave your business uninterrupted, and that’s why you should choose them.

Reasons to Choose American Van Lines

Flat-Rate Pricing:

In the world of instant online estimates, American Van Line chooses to give their customers an accurate prediction of their prices through their flat-rate pricing. This means that once you let the company know about all the details of your move, they will calculate a price that will basically be a binding estimate.

What it basically means is that you won’t be charged with hourly rates or additional fees for your move later on. Although you don’t get an estimate online, it is better to get an accurate binding estimate later on because it will help you to plan your budget well. This also motivates their employees to work efficiently because they know that they aren’t getting paid more by prolonging the work.

Top-Notch Customer Service:

Even if a company might offer a plethora of services, all of that is of no use if the quality of their customer service is bad. This is because no one would want to deal with a company that isn’t willing to provide you with the necessary support during your move. You must know that American Van Lines has been ranked for the best customer service by Newsweek this year.

American Van Lines has received a lot of positive reviews from all its customers especially when it comes to customer service. They are known to resolve all queries promptly and are punctual with all their commitments. All their reps are super friendly, professional, and polite and they ensure that you get all the information that you need.

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Did you Know? American Van Lines conducts background checks for all of its employees. As a result of this, you can rest assured that your staff is safe with their employees as they are extremely trustworthy.

5. 1-800-PACK-RAT

PackRat is a constant in our list of best moving companies because they offer the finest moving services for a variety of purposes like residential moves, commercial moves, storage services, and so on. It was formed in 2003 and currently has locations in most of the states of the USA. The big fat discounts offered by them ensure that all their customers consistently pay a lower price for all their services. Although they provide full-service moves to their clients, they specialize in the area of portable containers. This is super beneficial for office moves, let us find out why.

Reasons to Choose 1-800-Pack-Rat

Secure Storage Services:

The company specializes in commercial moving and provides cost-effective moving and storage solutions to businesses. Your office might be all set to move to a new location, but what if the new space isn’t ready by then? Well, you can stop worrying because 1-800-Pack Rat will let you keep your stuff in portable containers and take it to a secure storage facility.

These storage facilities are equipped with automated sprinklers and surveillance systems that monitor the facility 24/7. If this wasn’t enough, their facilities are climate-controlled in nature. You wouldn’t want your metal-body equipment pieces to rust and your documents to grow mold right? You don’t have to worry about your stuff if your move gets delayed. You can store your stuff for as long as you want and move to your new space once it is ready.

User-Friendly Websites:

You don’t have to spend long hours on phone calls trying to make and modify your reservations. Their online management tool has made their website extremely easy and convenient to navigate. You can modify your booking, add details, cancel bookings, make payments, etc., with a click of the mouse.

In addition to this, once you hire them, they work around your schedule. Their shipment deliveries are guaranteed. This means that you don’t have to wait for days to get your stuff delivered. You know exactly when your stuff is going to arrive and it does end up arriving on time.

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Good to Know: This company has made across-the-border office moves easy. If you want to move your office from Canada to the USA and vice versa, you can rest assured because they will take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a professional moving company?

The cost of hiring a professional moving company actually depends on many factors. These factors include the distance of the move, the bulk of the move, time of the year (season), discount offers available at that time, etc.
You can expect to pay anywhere between $300 – $1,500 for a local move. For a long-distance move, the costs will increase drastically. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 – $7,000 for a cross-country move with a professional moving company. The cost can actually be much higher too depending on the distance, the kind of services you choose and the bulk of items to be relocated

Is hiring a moving company worth it?

Let’s be honest, why do you exactly hire a moving company? It is because you might not have the time to organize a move, you might feel that you cannot undertake a mammoth task such as moving all by yourself, or simply because organizing something this big stresses you out.


You should know that hiring a moving company will mean that you will have to shell out some money. If hiring a moving company solves any of these problems, then you shouldn’t regret spending money on the services offered by the company. Hiring the moving company will be worth it.

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