The size of the United States of America is no joke, which is why cross country moves in this great nation are even more daunting than they would be anywhere else in the world. You want a moving company that can safely pack up your belongings to withstand the long and often bumpy transit journey, make the journey with everything still in one piece, and not arrive late. The stresses of a cross country move are many, but with our list of the best cross country movers, you can pick a reliable company that gets you and your furniture from one end of America to the other.

Top 5 Trusted Cross Country Moving Companies in the U.S.

Moving CompanyArpin Van LinesU-PackBekins Van LinesAll My Sons MovingGentle Giant Moving Company
LogoArpin Van Lines logoU-Pack logoBekins Van Lines logoAll My Sons Moving logoGentle Giant Moving Company logo
DoT Number7071926320862256609Varies by Location373544
MC Number8711391401177031Varies by Location218762
ProsCharity Involvements

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BBB A+ Rank
Long Distance Specializer

Exceptionally Informative Website

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Moving Discounts
Same and Next-Day ServicesCrane and Piano Moving Services

Familiarity with Cross Country Routes
Cons25% Upfront Deposit to Book a Date

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25% Upfront Deposit to Book a Date

3rd Party Services in Some States (MT, UT, WA, OR)
Complex Quote ProcessNot an Informative Website

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5 Top-Rated Cross Country Movers

  1. Arpin Van Lines
  2. U-Pack
  3. Bekins Van Lines
  4. All My Sons Moving
  5. Gentle Giant Moving Company

1. Arpin Van Lines

Arpin Van Lines logo

Arpin Van Lines started out in 1900 as a family-owned company. They provide services for local moves, long distance moves, military moves and corporate moves in the USA and internationally. They also provide storage, packing and decluttering services. Having seen immense success in the moving industry for 120 years, AVL was absorbed by multinational Wheaton Group in 2020 to perform for them as an agent. As a client of AVL, this gives you the benefit of a stronger agency network, ideal for a cross country move.

Reasons To Choose Arpin Van Lines:

Cross Country Specialists: Arpin Van Lines has a vast network of agents across the USA, with even better availability and services since being absorbed by the Wheaton Group. They have previously assisted in military and corporate cross country moves, which denotes reliability and trustworthiness. AVL staff are well-versed in federal laws and regulations that come with crossing state borders, and their professionals receive special training in how to handle cross country moves. Plus, subject to certain limitations, your 5,000 lbs shipment is guaranteed to be delivered on the scheduled dates. If not, you get reimbursed up to $125 per day for delay-related expenses. A company that makes an offer like that is confident in its abilities, which makes us confident in them.

Moving Discounts: A slightly terrifying aspect of any move is the expenditure that comes with it, especially with cross country moves. Thankfully, AVL has certain discounts that you can avail of to make things easier on your wallet. What caught our eye is the Moving Performance program: moving between September 1st and April 30th can help you save $150 on your move. You also stand to get 15% off full replacement value protection (FRVP), and $25 for every day the claims resolution letter isn’t delivered post 30 days. One of the qualifying requirements is that you must be an interstate mover – no problem whatsoever for cross country movers. Apart from this, AVL offers discounts to veterans, seniors and realtors.

Packing Tips when Moving Across America: Moving across the country means your belongings have to endure a long distance transit journey. Ensure you invest in quality packing materials, and use enough buffer material (bubble wrap, packing/foam peanuts) so that your belongings don’t bump against each other. As much as possible, try to make your precious items water-proof with plastic sheets or saran wrap.

2. U-Pack

U-Pack logo

This non-traditional moving and storage service has been around since 1997. Don’t let the term ‘non-traditional’ deter you; U-Pack has loads to offer. U-Pack caters to long distance movers, offering moving containers called ReloCubes or renting a moving trailer. They drop it off, and pick it up after 3 days to deliver it to your new location. With service available in all 50 states, it makes it to our list of the best cross country movers, especially for DIY moves or those looking for an alternative to full-service moves.

Reasons To Choose U-Pack:

Dependable Cross Country Movers: U-Pack doesn’t do local moves, offering services only for long distance, cross country moves. Every service is catered to be a solution to a long distance move, so you know you’re in good hands. U-Pack is thus named because you do the packing yourself. They don’t offer packing or labor services, but contact them for help and they will inform you of quality professional packers in your area. Their transit times average just 2 – 5 business days, nulling the worry of your shipment taking weeks on end to arrive. The ReloCubes, around 305 cubic feet, fit into single parking spaces. They are made of steel and aluminum to properly weather the weather, and long distances. U-Pack certainly ticks all our boxes when it comes to reliable cross country movers.

Tech Tools: UPack’s website has their Space Estimator, which helps you decide between a ReloCube and a trailer. You can reserve as many ReloCubes as you think you may need, but you only pay for what you use. The same applies for the moving trailer, as your cost is determined by the linear feet your things take up. You can compare the space of your house (sq.ft), a truck rental (truck size in feet) and a storage unit (in feet) to determine how many ReloCubes you’ll need, or how much space in the trailer you’ll occupy. Unsure? You can always contact them for any help. Simply add in your moving locations on their website and get a free instant quote inclusive of taxes, fuel and a free ramp.

Lastly, cross country moves involve lots of distance and time, which also brings along anxiety about your shipment and where it’s at. UPack has a convenient tracking system on their website that shows you the latest update on your shipment; you can check this any time of the day or night.

Good To Know: You don’t have to pay any cancellation fees if you cancel your move more than 7 days from the reserved move date. Cancellations within 7 days cost $50, while cancelling on the same day makes you incur a $150 cancellation fee.

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3. Bekins Van Lines

Bekins Van Lines logo

One of the oldest moving companies in the USA, Bekins Van Lines was founded way back in 1891. With over 125 years of experience in the moving industry, Bekins has remained loyal to its commitments of expertise and hassle-free moves. BVL provides services for local moves, inter-state moves, national moves, corporate moves, government and military moves. They also work internationally. They also offer services for packing, storage, moving supplies and packing and transporting of specialized items and equipment.

Reasons To Choose Bekins Van Lines:

Specialized Moving: Finding a moving company that deals in specialized moves is so important for a cross country move, it may as well be essential. When you hire movers, you want as many things to be taken care of as possible. Bekins understands this, but wait. They don’t just specialize in moving items like grand pianos and lawn mowers – they can also handle medical equipment, office equipment, appliance transport, heavy machinery, store fixtures as well as unique furniture items. They also provide a great range of packing materials, from specialised boxes to sturdy packing tape, they cover it all. No matter how bulky or antique, BVL can look after it for you. Plus, their website has adequate information about valuation protection that you can opt for.

No Local Agents: BVL provides services across the USA through their local agents. While it says on their website that they aren’t brokers, and that all agents qualify as Bekins agents, interacting with local agents is always a bit of a worry. Several moving companies have agents, and several consumer reviews reflect the biggest fear: that experiences differ depending on how good or bad your local agent is. However, Bekins itself services all inter-state moves. This means you communicate and interact with Bekins professionals throughout.

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Good to know: Bekins Van Lines provides moving discounts to members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), National Active Retired Federal Employees (NARFE), and to those moving in the off season.

4. All My Sons Moving

All My Sons Moving logo

At All My Sons Moving, family is the name of the game. This moving company is family-owned and operated, and has been in the moving business for over four generations. They have multiple locations across the country, and will treat your cross country move with their old-time ‘courtesy and respect’. At every location, All My Sons provides local, long-distance, auto, residential, commercial, and corporate moving services. They also offer additional services like full service packing, packing supplies and storage services.

Reasons To Choose All My Sons Moving:

Convenience: Perhaps it is the care that comes with being a family-owned business, or just the way they work. All My Sons has an air of assurance and convenience to the clients. Amusingly, this is seen in the fact that they include full dresser hauling with their long distance moves, saving you the headache of having to separately pack and store all the tid-bits that lie inside. Along with this comes furniture assembly and disassembly, furniture placement and setup, and quilt wrapping. All of this, no extra charge. Plus, as typical family does, they reach out a helping hand for last minute moves under 500 miles with same day and next day services. This won’t work as well for a cross country move as much as for an interstate move, but it gains them brownie points from us nonetheless.

Storage Services: Sure, every other moving company offers storage services. But All My Sons lists out all the storage-related services they offer. All your belongings will be tagged and inventoried before storage, with padding for extra protection. They get stored in warehouse facilities that are climate-controlled, with alarmed facilities, an on-site manager, and a built-in sprinkler system to ensure your belongings are as safe as possible. Plus, short-term or long-term, they can look after it. There’s free loading and unloading at the storage facility, so you don’t have to break a sweat doing it yourself. The best part? All warehouses are owned by All My Sons, so at no point will anything go into the hands of agents or third parties.

Cheapest Packing Tips: Looking to save money on packing supplies? You can always buy cheap or free moving boxes, but use them sparingly and only after you fortify them with tape. Better still, ask family, neighbors and friends for any supplies they may have around their homes. You can also approach your local stores to ask them for any boxes they may have; most of them have them lying around in fairly good, minimally used condition.

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5. Gentle Giant Moving Company

Gentle Giant Moving Company logo

Gentle Giants came about in 1980, when founder Larry O’Toole decided to make a difference to the moving industry by focusing on making clients so happy, they’d never turn elsewhere for a move. Gentle Giants provides services for local moves, long distance moves and corporate moves. They also provide special piano moving services, packing and furniture placement, and storage services. With 20 locations across the United States, Gentle Giants is sure to help you out with that cross country move.

Reasons To Choose Gentle Giant Movers:

Unique Services: Gentle Giants may not offer as much as other big moving companies, but they certainly tick all our boxes for cross country moves. They do so by offering unique services. They’re the only cross country moving company on our list to offer crane moving services, for those odd pieces of furniture that won’t go up narrow stairs, or fit through doorways. They associate with Allston Piano Moving company, the only one of its kind specializing in perfectly moving pianos. There’s free delivery of moving supplies should you want to pack yourself, and they have pre-set packing supply sets for different homes in case you’re unsure about your packing needs.

Ordered for one box too many? You get refunds for every unused box. Done with the move? You get $25 for 20 used Gentle Giants boxes that you return. Lastly, they have a section on their website detailing popular cross country routes. With a clear familiarity of long distance and cross country routes stretching across America, they make it to our reckoning of the best cross country movers.

100% Crew Guarantee: Gentle Giants makes an offer that, if proved otherwise, can cost them. Literally. They have what they call the ‘100% Crew Guarantee’: it promises exceptional service from their Giants a.k.a. moving crew. As their clients, you are entitled to a money-back performance guarantee for each member of their moving crew. But with superior training in service and execution, it is highly unlikely that such an occasion will arise. Plus, they have an A+ from the Better Business Bureau!

Interstate Moving vs Cross Country Moving: Interstate moving is when you cross over state borders, from one into another. Cross country moves are interstate moves by default. However, interstate moves aren’t always cross country. You could simply be moving into your neighboring state.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Move Cross Country?

There are several ways to make your move the cheapest possible move when moving cross country. Instead of a full-service packing deal, choose to pack everything yourself. Buy cheap moving supplies and look out for free boxes, and instead of hiring labor to help, rope in your friends and family. Negotiate a job relocation package with your company if you are moving for a promotion or a new job. Downsize and sell as much of your things as you can: fewer things to move means more money saved. You can rent a moving container (PODS, U-Pack). Lastly, move in the off-season for lower prices and possible discounts.

What Is The Average Cost To Move Cross Country?

Your moving costs are determined by a slew of factors, including how much you’re transporting, how far you’re moving, and when you’re moving. It also depends on the services you’ve hired. However, on average, a cross country move can cost anywhere between $2,500 and $6,500, averaging at around $4,500. The higher end can go as high as $10,000. Shipping your vehicle cross country can cost between $1,000 to $2,000, depending on how far you have to ship it and the type of vehicle.

How Do I Find The Best Movers?

Finding the best movers starts with research, and avoiding the rookie move that is going with one of the first movers you come across. Try to get recommendations from family and friends as personal experiences make for an important comparison. Ensure that your movers are licensed, especially when choosing a cross country mover, since they are required to have the legal permission to transport goods across state borders. Once you’ve finalized 3 to 4 movers, contact them for in-house estimates and ask them about their quote process. You ideally want a binding estimate for long distance and cross country moves. We also recommend looking up our other blogs to explore your options, and contacting us so we can get you in touch with movers to fit all your needs.


We do recommend doing your own research to finalize on the best cross country movers for your move. But compare them to those we’ve mentioned, and keep in mind all the parameters to make sure you get your money’s worth. Still confused? Just contact us so we can help you with our list of concise recommendations of the best cross country movers near you.