We reviewed more than 20 long-distance moving companies and analyzed over 50 quotes to find the most reliable and trusted movers in the United States. After thorough research and careful comparison, here’s our list of top-rated long-distance movers.

  1. United Van Lines – Free Full Value Protection
  2. Atlas Van Lines – Trustworthy Agents
  3. Mayflower Transit – Customized Moving Packages
  4. North American Van Lines – Personal Assistance
  5. Wheaton World Wide Moving – Priority Relocation Services

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Our Top 5 Picks for Long-Distance Moving Services in the U.S.

United Van Lines
  • Free Full Value Protection
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Customized Packing Plans
Atlas Van Lines
  • App-based Control Over Move
  • Highly-Trained Staff
  • AAA Discounts
Mayflower Transit
  • Package Customization Design with Add-ons
  • Nationwide Availability
North American Van Lines
  • Real-time Satellite Shipment Tracking
  • Comprehensive Estimation Tool on Website
Wheaton World Wide Moving
  • Emphasis on Customer-oriented Service
  • Free Virtual Ballpark Estimate

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Compare Top 5 Professional Long-Distance Movers in the U.S.

Moving CompanyUnited Van LinesAtlas Van LinesMayflower TransitNorth American Van LinesWheaton World Wide Moving
LogoUnited Van Lines logoAtlas Van Lines logoMayflower Transit logoNorth American Van Lines logoWheaton World Wide Moving logo
DoT NumberDOT No. 077949DOT No. 125550DOT No. 125563DOT No. 070851DOT No. 70719
MC NumberTxDMV No. 5253NATxDMV No. 36711TxDMV No. 0000009188Motor Carrier (MC) No. 87113
Company TypeBoth Carrier and BrokerCarrierBoth Carrier and BrokerCarrierCarrier
Offers Auto ShippingYesYesYesYesYes
States CoveredAll States Covered except AK and HIAll States Covered except AK and HIAll States Except Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and West VirginiaAll States CoveredAll States Covered
Nationwide AvailabilityExcellentGoodGreatGreatGood
Storage AvailableYesYesYesAvailable LocallyYes
Customer Experience and HappinessExcellentExcellentExcellentGreatGood
ProsFree Full Value Protection

Transparent Pricing

Customized Packing Plans
App-based Control over the Move

Thorough Recruitment System for Agents & Employees

AAA Discounts
Package Customization Design with Add-ons

Nationwide Availability
Real-time Satellite Shipment Tracking

Comprehensive Estimation Tool on Website

Emphasis on Customer Oriented Service

Free Virtual Ballpark Estimate
ConsNo Specialized Packing/Transporting of Antiques, Pianos etc.

Experiences Differ from Agent to Agent
Customer Reviews Mention Damaged Items

Reviews Vary by Location
No Estimate Quote Without Speaking to a Mayflower RepresentativeWide Range of Positive and Negative Customer ReviewsNot Available in all Metropolitan Areas

Mixed Reviews
UVL vs Atlas vs Mayflower vs North American vs Wheaton – Comparison Chart

1. United Van Lines

United Van Lines logo

Founded in 1928, United Van Lines has been in the moving business for over 90 years. Even so, they’ve kept pace with the changing times and offer some of the most comprehensive moving services in the industry.

For one, they don’t just specialize in long-distance moves – they also cover storage services, international moves, corporate relocations, moving containers and picking up packing material.

Why We Recommend United Van Lines:

Free FVP (Full Value Protection): Moving insurance is a big part of any move, and this is one of those things to factor in when deciding which movers to go with.

Full value protection means that all your household goods are covered if they get lost or damaged on the move. Most moving companies charge for Full Value Protection.

However, United has its own FVP that it offers its clients free of charge. Subject to certain limits and conditions, United can repair items damaged in transit, or replace lost items upto a certain monetary amount. Plus, they also have other protection options and programs.

Customized Packing Plan: The last thing you need when trying to coordinate a long distance move is rigidity. United understands this perfectly, offering customized packing plans.

You can choose to either do a full-service move and leave everything to them, or DIY it to a certain extent and leave the rest to them. Whatever it is, you can work it out with your moving coordinator.

One Stop Shop: United has certainly put those 90 years of experience to use by becoming a company that answers not just one, but several of the clients’ problems.

While they are expert movers, they also offer car shipping, storage services, and house cleaning & debris removal services as well.


  • Full Value Protection at Zero Additional Cost
  • Transparency in Pricing
  • Customized Packages


  • Specialized Moving and Packing of Antiques, Pianos etc. not available
  • Quality of Service Varies from Agent to Agent

Types of Moves and Services Offered

  • Long Distance Moving
  • Local Moving
  • International Moving
  • Car Shipping
  • Small Moves
  • Military Moves

Estimated Cost of Moving with Allied Van Lines

A full-service long-distance move with United Van Lines will set you back anywhere from $4,000 to upwards of $5,000 depending on the size of your home and how far away your destination is.

For example, Moving a two-bedroom house from Miami, FL all the way to New York City would be at the upper end of that price range.

Moving Coverage 101: All moving companies have to provide free basic coverage a.k.a. Released Value Protection, where your items are insured at $0.60 per pound for interstate moves. Full Value Protection is mostly to be paid for. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy before all else to ensure you aren’t already insured.

2. Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines logo

Atlas Van Lines began with a group of over 30 entrepreneurs who joined forces with the collective aim of providing comprehensive moving services across America. This was way back in 1948, and today Atlas Van Lines has over 400 agents across the USA.

They also have agents in Canada, and along with international partners, offers moving services across the world! Their experience is enriched not just by years of longevity but also by these many connections, and they are definitely one of the top long distance moving companies in the USA.

Why We Recommend Atlas Van Lines:

Convenience: Getting started with Atlas is a breezy process, and when the initial contact with a mover is this effortless, it automatically gains them plus points.

For one, you can get a free, online estimate for your move that has no attached obligations or conditions. If you’d like to go ahead, you can contact them yourself, or leave in a message for them to contact you.

Since Atlas operates with Agents who each aim to provide ideal services wherever they are located, you can also look up your nearest agent.

And if you want to skip all of the rigmarole and head right to getting an in-person estimate, you can just get an appointment from their website. Atlas recognizes the value of your time and efficiency, and acts on it.

Using The Tools Of Technology: Not all movers give you the ability to track your shipments. But with Atlas, that’s not even all you can do, their Atlas® Customer Portal enables you to take control of your move, whether it is tracking a shipment, making payments or accessing moving documents.

Trustworthy Agents: A company as large as Atlas requires micro management, but it can seem like a bone of contention. After all, it is a bit worrying when the reputation of a company is all you have to rely on when interacting with its local Agents, who may or may not uphold those standards while being in charge of your move.

But Atlas has a stringent certification process comprising 12 critical customer areas for its Agents. This, coupled with extensive background checks on all of its employees, makes Atlas a trustworthy moving company.

AAA Discounts: Atlas offers members of the American Automobile Association exclusive discounts. If you have an AAA membership card, you can get Full Value Protection at no additional charge for your interstate move. This saves you an average of $600, making a big difference to your moving budget.


  • Mobile App monitoring of the Move
  • Recruitment Process of Agents and Employees is very Stringent
  • Discounts available for AAA Members


  • Instances of Damaged Items during Moves
  • Reviews can Vary from Location to Location

Types of Moves and Services Offered

  • Residential Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Military Moves
  • Government Moves
  • International Moves
  • Logistics

Estimated Cost of Moving with Allied Van Lines

We received a quote from Atlas Van Lines for a 2-bedroom house from Miami, FL, to New Jersey of around $3,900–$5,278.

Good to Know: The AAA also offers discounts for its members availing of the services of companies like 1-800-GOT-JUNK, The UPS Store and Hertz Car Rental, among others. We recommend checking their website for more information.

3. Mayflower Transit

Mayflower Transit logo

Mayflower Transit first ‘bloomed’, so to speak, in 1927 which was the year it was founded. Ever since then it has been one of the foremost moving companies in America.

It offers a range of moves, from local to long distance, commercial to international. It now boasts of over 271 Agents all within the United States itself.

Why We Recommend Mayflower Transit:

The Ultimate Package Designing: Of course, Mayflower gives you the liberty to pick whatever services you deem necessary for your move, but we highly recommend giving their full package designing a look. You start off with a choice of one out of three plans – the Essential plan worth $195, the Plus 1 worth $395 and the Plus 2 worth $595. These are your respective base prices, to which you will add the shipping costs.

The essential plan has $5,000 Additional Valuation Protection, Mayflower’s Gold Standard Protection, Claim Assistance and Identity Theft Protection. The Plus 1 plan has all these plus a few more boons, while the Plus 2 package has all of the Plus 1 deals alongside an Additional Delay Payment. What makes it even better is the concept of add-ons.

The Essential package doesn’t have any add-ons, while the Plus 1 and Plus 2 packages come with 1 and 2 add-ons respectively. You can choose from services like home theater or computer setup, debris removal and home cleaning.

Specialized Moving: When it comes to moves, you’re often left clueless about valuable yet oddly shaped items you own. They’re harder to pack due to their shape and value, and require special attention especially on a long distance move.

From taxidermies to suits of armor to pianos, Mayflower has specialized packaging so you are saved the hassle of arranging to transport such items separately yet safely. They also transport boats and cars, as well as lawn mowers.

Mayflower has the required special equipment, knowledge of necessary permissions, and special crating services. With FVP included in their base quotations, their specialized moving gains them a spot on our list of the best long distance movers.


  • Customized Packages with Add-ons are available
  • Available across the Nation


  • Estimated Moving Quotes available only over the Phone or in-person

Types of Moves and Services Offered

  • Long Distance Moving
  • Small Moves
  • Local Moves
  • International Moves
  • Corporate Moves
  • Car Transportation
  • Military Moves
  • Full Service Packing
  • Storage

Estimated Cost of Moving with Mayflower Transit

We called Mayflower Transit to get a quote for our long-distance move from Miami, FL to NYC. They quoted us a price range of $3,500 to $4,700 for a full-service move, which also includes full-value coverage for our move.

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Good to Know: Not all moving companies have specialized packing and moving for special items. In addition, all moving companies have a list of items they will not move, like live animals, certain types of chemicals or paints, etc. We recommend checking this with your moving company to make necessary adjustments.

4. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines logo

Founded in 1933, North American Van Lines is now a sister company to Allied Van Lines. This means more connections and better service. It has a whopping 500+ Agents within the United States itself, and also has international moving services.

They perform background checks on all their agents and employees, and provide seamless cross-country moving. Custom crating and specialized packing are part of their options on offer, alongside a number of other services like debris and room cleaning, loading and unloading, and storage options.

Why We Recommend North American Van Lines:

Personal Assistance: North American offers personal consultants, who when assigned to you, can help with much of the hand-holding that you need when planning a long distance move. You can contact them for any questions or doubts, and they will also give you tips and recommendations that can help you cut costs and save up on money during your move.

Packing Assistance: Similar to United Van Lines, North American Van Lines also offers various packing options. However, it takes this a step further by providing assistance every step of the way.

If you choose to do the packing yourself, they have services to help you plan for and arrange for the boxes and packing materials you may need. This saves you the hassle of getting a hold of the moving supplies; a bigger challenge than most people anticipate.

They also offer Fragile Only packing, where their professionals will handle properly and securely packing up all your fragile items. They can create a custom plan where you can still do all your packing yourself, and leave the fragile items to them.

Industry Leaders: North American Van Lines take pride in their business, and it’s clear to see that it serves them well from their positive reviews. They have the equipment required for all types of moves, and are the first to use crane vans that let you load large items without needing a loading dock.

Their drivers are trained with interactive driving simulators, another first. And lastly, they are also the first to use WorldTrac®, a satellite system to connect you to your shipment driver at any point of time.


  • Real-time Shipment Tracking
  • Moving Estimate Tool available on Website


  • Mixed Customer Reviews

Types of Moves and Services Offered

  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Full Service Packing
  • Fragile Only Packing
  • Packing Supplies
  • Loading & Unloading Services
  • Moving Storage

Estimated Cost of Moving with North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines quoted us $3,350 to $4,200 for our long-distance move from Miami, FL to New York City.

Moving Quotes 101: An easy way for moving companies to scam you is by giving you a random low figure as an estimate. But this is increased to a high amount by way of ‘additional charges’ that crop up on moving day. You ideally want a binding quote, or a not-to-exceed estimate. A binding estimate, inclusive of all add-ons and services, guarantees that the final cost of your move will not exceed the estimate. Absence of a binding estimate is not necessarily a sign of suspicious activity, but must be taken into consideration with all the other factors when finalizing your moving company.

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5. Wheaton World Wide Moving


With 350 agents providing excellent service across all 50 states of America, Wheaton World Wide is one of America’s best long distance movers. With a focus on their customers’ experience, Wheaton functions with the help of their wide network of agents.

Industry leaders have endorsed them as a moving company, like the American Moving & Storage Association, the National Association of Senior Move Managers and the Better Business Bureau. With things like optional Full Value Protection and virtual quotes, Wheaton certainly knows the ropes.

Why We Recommend Wheaton World Wide Moving:

Free Ballpark Estimate: Yes, practically every moving company gives you a free online estimate of how much your move may cost. Wheaton stands out because their estimate allows you to factor in things like the size of your home, how much your belongings weigh and how far they are to be transported.

You have an option to see how much services like special packing, full or partial packing plans and appliance services can impact this figure. All of this can be done with their Ballpark Estimate Calculator on their website.

Getting this is not only free, but also without any obligation to follow up by moving with them. You will get upto 2 emails, through which you can choose to go ahead with a local agent.

Priority Relocation Services: The worst thing about a move is when it has to happen in a hurry. But Wheaton offers a premium service called the Priority Relocation Service that is sure to take away 90% of the stress from your shoulders.

As part of the expedited service, you are guaranteed on-time delivery with a delivery date, and fulfilling certain conditions, you will get paid upto $150 per day for every delayed day. You get a van that is dedicated to your move, fitted only with your belongings, as well as packing and unpacking options. With year-round availability, this service certainly ticks all our boxes.

Discounts: Moving never comes cheap, and you’re bound to be looking for ways to save up on money. Wheaton offers several discounts to help lower your costs.

For one, moving in the off-season saves you $150. The dates for the coming season are from September 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024. Members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and National Active Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) are entitled to special discounts and services. These also spill over to several more organizations, the list of which you can find on their website.


  • Customer-Centric Service
  • Free Online Estimate


  • Not Available across the Nation
  • Mixed Customer Reviews

Types of Moves and Services Offered

  • Household Moves
  • Corporate Moves
  • Commercial Moves
  • Specialized Moves
  • Senior Moving Assistance
  • Full-Service Moves
  • Packing Services

Estimated Cost of Moving with Wheaton World Wide Moving

The average cost of a long distance move with Wheaton World Wide Moving is about $4,000. This estimate is based on an average weight of 7,000 pounds and a distance of 1,000 miles.

These numbers are just estimates and your actual cost may be more or less depending on the actual weight of your belongings and the distance of your move.

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Cross Country Relocation Tips: Ensure you make arrangements to transport your vehicle, and look up storage arrangements just in case. Long distance moves have a much higher chance of things going awry, but sufficient preparation is enough to manage any sort of obstacle that comes your way.

Compare Moving Quotes in 30 Seconds

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Recap Summary: Long-Distance Moving Company Ratings

CompanyOur RatingNationwide AvailabilityStorage AvailableAuto ShippingCompare Pricing
United Van Lines
Atlas Van Lines
Mayflower Transit
North American Van Lines
GreatAvailable LocallyYes
Wheaton World Wide Moving

Compare Long-Distance Moving Company Quotes

CompanySample PriceSample Scenario
United Van Lines$5000+2-Bedroom – From Miami to NYC
Atlas Van Lines$3,900 – $5,2782-Bedroom – From Miami to New Jersey
Mayflower Transit$3,500 – $4,700Long-distance Full-service move from Miami to NYC
North American Van Lines$3,350 – $4,200Long-distance move from Miami to NYC
Wheaton World Wide Moving$4,0007,000 lbs. – 1,000 miles

How Do I Choose A Long-Distance Mover?

One of the basic steps in choosing a right mover is by getting referrals from family and friends, as word of mouth goes a long way in forming opinions.

Apart from that, there are certain red flags to look out for when choosing a mover. For one, not having an in-house estimate, whether virtual or in-person, is a big red flag.

Your in-house estimate lets the movers get a good glimpse of how much there is to move, and not insisting on one on the part of the movers spells trouble.

Another red flag is being vague about or refusing to show you their proof of insurance. Any legitimate moving company will have their own insurance and should have no problem showing it to you to confirm their authenticity.

Check region-based reviews to get an understanding of how the local agents are, irrespective of how much the company waxes eloquently about them. Lastly, look for an ‘Authorized’ operating status on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) database.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Move Long Distance?

There are several ways to cut down on moving costs without having to compromise on quality. For one, you can choose to DIY your move, only hiring a truck to move your furniture. But keep in mind that the logistics of packing and organizing everything are time-consuming and demanding.

Instead of hiring labor to help, rope in your friends and family, provided they have the time to dedicate. If you are moving for a promotion or a new job, you should be able to negotiate a job relocation package with your employers.

Most importantly, always do your research on the moving companies for the move. Ask for quotes, ideally binding estimates, from at least 3 to 4 of your top preferences. Comparing moving companies is the best way to finalize on one that meets your needs and budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Long-Distance Movers?

DistanceStudio Apartment1 Bedroom2 Bedroom3 Bedroom4 Bedroom5 Bedroom5+ Bedroom
100 miles$240 – $675$425 – $750$820 – $1,325$1,110 – $1,475$1,500 – $2,100$2,100 – $3,200$3,000+
500 miles$800 – $1,500$1,200 – $2,100$2,000 – $3,650$2,500 – $3,950$3,450 – $4,900$4,450 – $6,800$7,000+
1000 miles$1,500 – $2,500$2,550 – $3,400$3,725 – $5,400$4,450 – $7,300$6,000 – $8,800$7,300 – $11,200$11,000+
2000 miles$2,500 – $4,000$3,950 – $5,300$5,500 – $8,400$7,500 – $11,000$9,150 – $13,500$11,500 – $15,500$16,000+
3000+ miles$3,500 – $5,500$5,550 – $7,500$7,500 – $10,850$9,000 – $14,000$12,000 – $18,000$15,000 – $21,500$22,000+
Table Displaying Cost to Hire Long-Distance Movers

If there’s one thing we can say for certain, it’s that there’s never a fixed price when it comes to hiring long distance movers. There are several factors to keep in mind, such as distance, the pricing structure of the moving company, the weight and volume of things to be moved and the nature of service you’re seeking, among other things.

To put things in perspective, for a distance of approximately 600 miles, the cost of moving a large 4-bedroom apartment could very well cost as much as $8,000 to $10,000.

These costs would normally include packing fee, loading & unloading fee, cost of 2-3 professional movers and fuel for the vehicle.

This cost may or may not include value added services such as packing materials, fragile packing, moving a piano or assembly and disassembly of furniture.

What are the specific criteria used to rank these moving companies?

The ranking of the moving companies is based on a combination of factors including service quality, customer satisfaction, pricing transparency, range of services offered, and the company’s track record for handling long-distance moves. These criteria help ensure that the companies listed are reliable and capable of meeting various moving needs.

How do these companies handle moves during peak seasons or holidays?

During peak seasons or holidays, moving companies often adjust their operations to accommodate the increased demand. This can include hiring additional staff, extending working hours, and optimizing scheduling to ensure timely service. Some companies may also offer special packages or discounts during these times to attract customers.

Are there any customer testimonials or case studies available for these companies?

For insights into real-world experiences with moving companies, customer testimonials and case studies are invaluable. Many moving companies showcase reviews and testimonials on their websites, providing potential customers with a glimpse into the experiences of previous clients. Additionally, independent review sites and online forums can offer a wealth of customer feedback and personal experiences with these services, offering a broader perspective on their performance and reliability.

Methodology: How We Rank Our Long-Distance Moving Companies

To evaluate and identify the best long-distance moving companies, Moving Astute’s editorial and research team analyzed more than 20 movers operating in the United States.

Here are a few factors that we look for in a professional long-distance mover:

  • Nationwide Availability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Pricing
  • Storage Availability
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Packing Services
  • Tracking Facility

In order to ensure accurate and reliable information for our users, we research several moving companies using the following research method:

Transparent Pricing: To ensure that each moving company’s pricing is reliable, we collect moving quotes, verify binding estimates, and read users’ reviews on price.

Authentication: We verify the registrations of each moving company in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s database to ensure that they are validly licensed to carry and relocate household items.

Review and Feedback: We analyze every moving company’s website, impersonate customers during conversations with them, and read client reviews to evaluate each moving services provider, transit protection, and customer service. We also talk to actual customers about how their moves went from beginning to end.

Periodic Reviews and Updates: Every year, we repeat this procedure to keep our recommendations up-to-date with current information. We also make modifications throughout the year to our periodic reviews.


Ensure when choosing the best long distance movers to go with, that you do all your research. We highly recommend getting estimates and quotes from your top 3 choices to best compare prices and services.

Whatever you do, never jump the gun and finalize the move with the first mover you come across. With so many choices at hand, you deserve to get the best for your long distance move.

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