Originally named as the Clipper Van Lines, today, the moving company is better known in the industry as Wheaton World Wide Moving. It has been around since 1945 and has gathered around 75 years of experience serving the residents of the US. If you’re planning an interstate or a long distance move, there are high chances of you coming across Wheaton as a recommended company.

So, if you’re wondering whether the services offered by Wheaton are something that you’ve been looking for, we have something to help you make an informed decision. Yes, our Wheaton World Wide Moving review article here, covers all the important information about the services offered, the costs and how you can expect your moving process to be like with Wheaton. Just read along to know all about it.

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What Services Are Offered By Wheaton World Wide?


Reliability is an important attribute of a reputed company. Wheaton World Wide Moving, which is headquartered in Indianapolis, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating with them. Let us now have a closer look at the variety of services offered by Wheaton World Wide.

Moving Services: Offering a plethora of services, Wheaton World Wide caters to a variety of different moves – big and small. Some of the broad category of moves they can assist you with, are:

  • Local Moves: While the distance for a local move may not be such a big of a concern, the stress levels may still be high for some of us. Wheaton World Wide aims to take that stress off your shoulders with their household moving services. You can find a local agent for your move who can help you right from planning your move to downsizing your belongings, transporting and even organizing your home.
  • Long Distance Moves: Specializing in cross country and interstate moves, Wheaton World Wide has a strong network of agents to facilitate all long distance moves. You will be assigned two agents by Wheaton. One would be at your current location and the other at the new location you’re moving to. Your move manager would be coordinating with both these agents to ensure that you have an efficient and stress free move.
  • International Moves: Wheaton World Wide has partnered with Crown Relocations to facilitate all international moves. From moving with pets to completing formalities of an international move, they can help you at every step of your moving process. Additionally, you may also have some short term and long term storage options, as well as some post move service options available with your international move.
  • Corporate And Commercial Relocations: Whether you’re a corporate employee moving for work purposes or are planning to move your entire commercial office to a new base, Wheaton World Wide Moving can assist you with your move. You could use partial services or also look out for Wheaton Logistics Services for moving all your heavy office equipment. They could even dispose of your outdated electronic equipment for you.
  • Government And Military Moves: Whether you’re a member of the military or the government, Wheaton World Wide Moving caters to all military moves and government relocations. It is an approved service provider for GSA’s Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP) and is dedicated to provide services to those serving the country.

Packing And Unpacking Services: This is one task that is associated with every move, no matter the type, size or distance. Agents associated with Wheaton World Wide Moving can help you with full packing, partial packing or unpacking services as per your needs. Basically, you can get customizable packing packages from your Wheaton agent. They have all the necessary packing supplies and can easily assist you with packing your belongings in the right boxes.

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Storage Options: If you aren’t ready to unpack all your belongings together at your new house, you could choose the storage in transit services provided by Wheaton. Your belongings will be kept in safe and secure Wheaton facilities for up to 180 days. You could even ask for short term and long term storage services from your Wheaton agent, if that’s what you need with your move. Just discuss and check with your local agent for the availability of these storage services at your location.

Moving Supplies: While the corporate website of Wheaton does not sell moving supplies separately, you can surely ask your local agent, for they may be selling them individually. From carton boxes of all sizes of your belongings to the cushioning materials like bubble wrap and newspaper, your local agent may be able to give you the packing supplies that you need, if you’ve chosen to do the packing by yourself. This way, you don’t have to be running around to arrange for supplies from elsewhere.

Auto Transportation: You can also easily transport your car or vehicle when you’re moving with Wheaton. You may either be offered an in-van service where your vehicle will be transported on the same moving truck as your belongings, or you could also be connected with a third party carrier. Get in touch with your local agent, or move manager, who would be able to discuss the relevant options of auto transportation.

Special Item Moves: Items like piano, pool tables and large appliances need special expertise to move. Along with being heavy, they are also delicate objects that cannot just be jolted while moving. Wheaton World Wide can help you move these special items with the right technique and equipment.

Wheaton World Wide Moving: How Does It Work?

Irrespective of the agent that you choose, your move with Wheaton will more or less follow a similar pattern. You may start with planning the move and getting an estimate from your agent. As soon as your move with Wheaton is finalized, you may be put in touch with your Move Manager, who is going to be your primary source of contact for the entire process of your move. You would be receiving timely updates from your move manager, as well as your queries shall all be answered by them.

The next steps that follow would primarily be dependent on the services that you choose from your agent. For instance, if you’ve opted for packing and unpacking services, then you will have movers to assist you with these tasks before loading and transporting your shipment. Or if you’ve done the packing by yourself, then your agent will only provide you with the inventory and load your shipment for delivery.

As stated by Wheaton World Wide, you would be informed 48 hours in advance before the delivery of your shipment. And once you’ve cleared your payment, your agent will unload all the belongings at your new location. They can help you with unpacking if you’ve opted for that service. These are just the common steps involved when you’re moving with Wheaton. Basically, the services that are usually included in a standard Wheaton move would be getting a ballpark and in-home or virtual moving estimate, loading and unloading of your shipment and the basic liability coverage. Services like packing and unpacking, storage and auto transport, would be available at an additional cost.

Wheaton World Wide Moving Costs And Pricing

You can easily get a ballpark estimate from Wheaton World Wide Moving that can give you a rough idea about the price range in which your move falls. But as is known that all moves have a unique aspect, you can only be getting an accurate quote from Wheaton after an in house estimate by their agent. To give you a price perspective, an interstate move within 1,000 miles could cost you between $2,100 – $3,600 on average with Wheaton. For a larger move covering a longer distance, you can expect your moving costs to be between $7,000 – $15,000 with Wheaton. However, do keep in mind that these are just general estimates. The total cost of your move could vary depending on a number of factors like:

  • Total Distance Travelled: Whether you’re moving intrastate or interstate, the total number of miles that you travel would actually be an important factor in determining your moving costs.
  • Timing Of Your Move: Summer breaks are usually a popular time for many families to move as all schools and colleges are generally closed. So, your moving costs can definitely be higher during those times. Moving during the off season or on weekdays, could be a better option to save on those costs. You may also get hold of some special off season discounts offered by Wheaton (read ahead to know more about the discounts).
  • Weight Of Your Move: The type and the total number of items that you move, as well as the weight of your shipment may be important factors in determining your moving costs.
  • Services You Choose: Your total moving costs would definitely be dependent on the services that you choose. Full service moves will cost you more than partial packing or only labor services.
  • Valuation Plans Chosen: You will have to pay an additional cost for a Full Replacement Value Protection plan, whereas the minimal protection plan will be included in your move without any charge.

While these are some common factors affecting the cost of your move, you should also know that the prices may vary with different Wheaton agents. You could either be receiving a non- binding, firm binding or a not to exceed estimate from your agent. That’s why it’s important that you get in touch with your local agent who would be better able to discuss and give you an accurate estimate for your move.

Wheaton World Wide Moving Valuation Plans

There are two main valuation plans offered by Wheaton World Wide – Minimum Protection Plan and Full Replacement Value Protection. The Minimal Protection plan is available for all your moves with no extra costs. But you will only be liable to get 60 cents or $0.60 per pound of your item weight. For instance, if your TV weights around 40 pounds and is damaged during the move, then you would only be getting $24 as compensation, irrespective of the TV’s actual value.

The Full Replacement Value Protection (FRVP) plan, is the one that you could choose to maximize the protection of your belongings. Available at an additional cost, the FRVP basically would allow you to get a compensation of $6 per pound of your item weight. So, for your 40 pounds TV, you can get a compensation of up to $240, if you’ve opted for the FRVP plan. If you’re moving some exotic items or belongings that are valued over $100 per pound, then you may also be required to fill out the Items of Extraordinary Value Inventory Form. To decide on which plan is needed for your move, as well as to get further information about them, we suggest that you get in touch with your Wheaton agent.

Advantages Of Choosing Wheaton World Wide

Extensive Agents Network: With a network of over 350 agents spread across the country, Wheaton World Wide Moving provides services in all the 50 states of the US. While most of the agents also have their own independent moving companies, the reason for their tie up with Wheaton is to extend their services to interstate moves. Wheaton World Wide is an authorized interstate mover, and through the agents associated with them, they can easily provide services that suit your moving needs.

Priority Relocation Services: The moving process isn’t an easy one for most of us, and ideally you would need a good amount of time to plan it properly. But having that time in hand may not always be an option, especially when the circumstances demand it. To deal with all such last minute situations, Wheaton World Wide offers priority relocation services. Basically, this premium service ensures that you have a special moving van dedicated only for your belongings, and you have a guaranteed delivery date.

If by chance there is delay in delivery from their end, you could receive a compensation of up to $150 for every late day. And the best part about this service is that it is available to you throughout the year. Though it may be a little more expensive than a normal move, it can surely help you alleviate some of the last minute moving stress. However, there may be a few conditions that your move may need to fulfill for this service. We suggest that you get in touch with your local agent to enquire further about these services.

Wide Range Of Services: At times when you don’t want to handle the stress of your move alone, full service moving packages could come to your rescue. And at times when you’re planning a budget move but would like some help with delicate packing, you would want a customizable package to suit your needs. Wheaton World Wide Moving strives to take care of all your moving needs with a variety of services that they offer. If you’re looking only for some special or specific item moving, chances are that you may be linked with a Wheaton Agent who can easily assist you with your needs. However, it is best that you inquire about the services offered by your local agent, as the availability of these services could be subjective to all Wheaton agents.

Free Ballpark Estimate: Today, the majority of the moving companies are offering free ballpark estimates to their clients. And while Wheaton World Wide is also doing the same, the reason why they stand out is that they have a very convenient process in place, and at the same time, let you consider a lot of factors for your estimate. Most companies will let you request for a quote online, but will then call you to talk about the price range. But with Wheaton’s Ballpark Estimate Tool, you can easily get an instant quote or price range for your move.

Another interesting feature of their tool is that it lets you take into account all the different services like full or partial packing, valuation options, as well as the size and time of your move. To get an accurate quote for your move, you would probably have to get in touch with their agent. And you could do so at your pace and convenience, because some reviews have also suggested that Wheaton will not bombard you with calls or emails as soon as you request a quote.

Good To Know: While Wheaton World Wide does offer a convenient online quote, it may only be available for interstate moves. For local, intrastate or international moves, you may have to probably get in touch with one of their agents to know about the costs and pricing of your move.

Discounts: With the moving costs adding up quickly than you may have estimated, who wouldn’t want to grab hold of a few interesting discounts? Wheaton World Wide Moving knows exactly how to lure its customers by offering special discounts from time to time. While everyone moving with Wheaton could be eligible for their off-season discounts, if you’re a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASSM) or the National Active Retired Federal Employees (NARFE), you could also get hold of some special discounts. Not just these two, but Wheaton also provides interesting discounts to members of a few other organizations.

As their off season discount, if you’re moving with Wheaton between September 1 and April 30, you can get a discount of $150 on your move, as well as 15% off on Full Replacement Value Protection (FRVP). Just check out their website or get in touch with your Wheaton Agent to get all details about these discounts.

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Vetted Agents: Before associating an agent with the company, Wheaton has a strong vetting process in place for all of them. They conduct a thorough background research on the moving company and if it meets the standards set by Wheaton, only then are they approved as an Agent. Additionally, Wheaton signs a five or ten year agreement with the agent, during which the moving company can provide services for all the interstate moves as per federal laws.

Informative Online Resources: You can find a handful of helpful moving tips and guides on Wheaton World Wide’s website. Along with answering all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), they also have checklists and relevant packing and moving guides to assist you with your moving tasks. Additionally, Wheaton World Wide has a user friendly website that’s easy to navigate for most of us.

Community Involvement: Wheaton World Wide Moving believes in uplifting and giving back to the community in as many ways as is possible. For the same purpose, it is associated with organizations like Give Kids The World Village and Move For Hunger. Additionally, Wheaton also tries to recycle its moving supplies like the cardboard boxes and other collated materials, to contribute towards environmental sustainability. When you move with Wheaton, you know you’ll be associating with a company that knows how to give back to the community.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing Wheaton World Wide

Services Vary By Agents: With an extensive network of agents spread across the country, it is possible that you may keep moving with a different set of people associated with Wheaton World Wide Moving at your location. This could also mean that though there are a host of services offered by the company, the availability of these services could vary with your agent. The prices for your services may also be varied. We suggest that you confirm with your local agent about the services and additionally, also research about a few more agents nearby. So, even if you may not find your desired service with one agent, you may have the chances of finding them with the other.

Mixed Reviews: Again, because there are different agents catering to residents all across, it is difficult to have a general view about the quality of service and the customer experience. Online reviews about Wheaton World Wide are a mix bag of both positives and negatives. While some of their agents have excellent reviews, you may also find complaints of damaged items or poor customer service with a few others. But on a positive note, Wheaton World Wide Moving does lay emphasis on customer oriented service as a whole. And it even trains its agents for the same purpose. At the end, reading up the reviews of your local agent would give you a fair idea of what you could be expecting for your service.

Availability Of Local Agents: While Wheaton World Wide Moving does claim to provide worldwide moving services, you may find it difficult to get hold of a local agent in a few metropolitan areas like Denver, Buffalo and Jacksonville. But on the plus side, Wheaton World Wide is a steadily growing company and there are high chances that they may be able to arrange some other agent for you at most times. Just get in touch with their representative, and they’ll try and assist you with a solution.

What If You Cancel Your Service With Wheaton World Wide?

Since Wheaton World Wide Moving is associated with different agents that facilitate your move, you may or may not be charged a penalty upon cancelling your services. Whether you’re cancelling your service at the last minute or are informing them in advance, that could also make a difference to the penalty charged. So, we suggest that you get clarity from your local agent about their cancellation policy and the penalty that they might charge.

Wheaton World Wide Moving Contact Details

Phone: 866 – 601 – 2783

Email: wheatoncustomercare@wvlcorp.com

Address: 8010 Castleton Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Website: https://www.wheatonworldwide.com/

Working Hours: Monday – Friday (8 am – 5 pm)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If A Moving Company Is Reputable?

While many moving companies might lure you with great deals and discounts, whether they are equally reputable could be a tricky aspect to judge. But if you notice a good majority of green flags during your company research, then chances are that you’ve found a moving company that’s reputable. These green flags that you could look out for are:

  • The company is licensed and insured by the FMCSA. Check their USDOT number.
  • Hold a business certification from associations like the AMSA or the Better Business Bureau.
  • Have a good online presence and decent customer reviews.
  • The company is thorough and professional with their approach.

What Is The Largest Moving Company?

With over 340 agents spread across the United States and around 7,500 trucks under its fleet, United Van Lines takes the spot of the largest moving company in the US. Atlas Van Lines, Mayflower Transit and Allied Van Lines are some of the other large moving companies in the country.


With a good variety of services to offer to all residents across the United States, Wheaton World Wide Moving is considered highly for long distance moves. To add to this, they also have some discounts and offer priority relocation to tackle all your last minute moving plans. But the only thing that could be worth noting is the fact that the services provided by Wheaton World Wide could vary across its agents. So, before you pin down on your choice, reading up the reviews of your local agent would be a good task to consider.

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