Moving your belongings is one thing, but figuring out a way to transport your vehicle is another task for many. If you have more than one vehicle or are traveling a longer distance, driving your car up to the new location, may not always be a feasible option.

Fortunately though, you have many auto shipping companies out there who can easily help move your vehicle. Amongst others, Guardian Auto Transport is a steadily growing name with excellent ratings in the car shipping industry. To give you a fair idea, we’ve got here a comprehensive review covering all the details you need to know about Guardian Auto Transport. Let’s dive right in!

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What Is Guardian Auto Transport?

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Established around the year 2014, Guardian Auto Transport is a relatively new name in the auto transport industry. But they are quickly gaining popularity and are becoming tough competitors with their high quality customer service and ratings. Their goal is to build and maintain personal trust with each of their clients and offer them the services that they truly deserve. From helping individuals to partnering with auto dealers, Guardian Auto Transport has a lot to offer to everyone looking to ship a vehicle.

What Services Are Offered By Guardian Auto Transport?

Like many other auto transport companies, Guardian Auto Transport also offers a range of similar services to safely transport your vehicle. Let us have a closer look on some of the top services that they offer.

Open Auto Transport: Probably the most popular way of shipping a vehicle is through open transport. That’s because it is also one of the most cost effective ways of transporting your vehicle from one location to the other. Usually, around 8 to 10 vehicles are transported together on an open trailer, making it a cost effective solution for all those planning to move their vehicle on a budget. Guardian Auto Transport will only charge you after a driver has been scheduled for your order.

Enclosed Auto Transport: To protect your vehicle from extreme weather conditions and other outside elements, Guardian Auto Transport offers enclosed transport services. Basically, your vehicle would be transported safely in a carrier that is enclosed on all sides. Since enclosed transport services are available only with a few shipping companies, they are usually more expensive than open transport. So, if you’re moving a high end vehicle or cannot afford to get it damaged in any way, you should probably consider using an enclosed auto transport company.

Expedited Auto Transport: If you’re looking for a guaranteed pick-up date or need your car to be transported at the earliest, you can make use of the expedited auto transport services provided by Guardian Auto Transport. With this service, you can reduce the wait time to secure a driver and also get a shipping window between 24 to 48 hours. Just keep your vehicle and keys ready because that’s all you would be needing when using these services from Guardian Auto Transport.

Classic Cars Transportation: Holding a strong passion for cars, Guardian Auto Transport specializes in shipping exotic, luxury and high end classic cars. They understand the value of your car and promise to provide white glove services when dealing with your valuables. You can trust Guardian Auto Transport to safely pick-up as well as deliver your classic car to your preferred location.

Auto Transport For Auto Dealers: Whether you’re an individual or a professional auto dealer, Guardian Auto Transport has services for all. They understand that auto transport for dealerships isn’t a piece of cake and so have professional agents to build customized solutions for all auto dealers.

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How Does Guardian Auto Transport Work?

Now that you’ve got an idea about the services that they offer, let us quickly take you through the process that Guardian Auto Transport follows.

  • Step 1 – Getting In Touch: To get a quote from Guardian Auto Transport and to book your services, you could either fill out a quote request form on their website or reach out to any of their agents through call. We’ve shared the relevant contact details of the company in our article below.
  • Step 2 – Confirm Your Booking: After you’ve sent them an online quote request, you will most probably be asked to give a confirmation of the same through a link sent on your email. And once your order is confirmed, Guardian Auto Transport will assign a personal shipping agent who would discuss the process further.
  • Step 3 – Schedule Your Pick-up: Once you’ve discussed the details of your service, the next step would be to schedule a pick-up date with your Guardian Auto Transport driver. You can discuss and decide an easily accessible location for the pick-up and you’ll directly be put in contact with your driver. On the day of your pick-up, the driver will be conducting a 22 point inspection on your vehicle before loading it onto the carrier. All details of the inspection would be recorded on the Bill of Lading by your driver.
  • Step 4 – Shipping Process: Throughout the process of shipping, their customer service will be in touch with you to give timely updates about your vehicle in transit.
  • Step 5 – Upon Delivery: Your driver will be reaching out to you prior to your scheduled shipment delivery. On arrival, your vehicle will again undergo a 22 point inspection to ensure that your vehicle has been delivered safely. The final step in this process would be to sign off the inspection sheet on the Bill of Lading and clear all the balance payment.

Things to keep in mind while handing your vehicle over:

It is better if you thoroughly check all your vehicle systems before handing them over to your carrier. Make sure that all the essentials like the steering wheel, the engine and the doors are in proper working condition so it’s easier for your carrier to load and unload your vehicle.

If you have any additional accessories attached to your vehicle, we suggest that you remove and keep them separately till your car is in transit.

Fill a quarter of your vehicle tank with gas so you can access it while dropping off and picking up your vehicle from the decided location.

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How Much Does Guardian Auto Transport Cost?

Before we get to the costs, let us give you a heads-up that you may find above average prices for most services offered by Guardian Auto Transport. But most customers seem to find it worth it for the customer service that they offer.

To give you a price perspective, moving your vehicle for a distance of 100 miles would cost you around $130 with Guardian Auto Transport. To elaborate further, moving a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado will cost you around $890 in an open transport carrier and around $1,600 in an enclosed transport carrier, on average.

But, do keep in mind that these prices are only general estimates. Calculating your total car shipping cost isn’t as straightforward, as it is highly dependent on industry fluctuations as well as a number of other factors. Some of these factors that you would need to take into account for estimating your total costs are:

  • The type of transport you choose (open or enclosed).
  • The size, weight and condition of your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle modifications, if any.
  • The route taken by the carrier.
  • The distance or miles covered.
  • The time of the year or the seasonality.
  • Your location (urban, metro or rural area).
  • Additional insurance coverage.
  • Services that you choose.

It is best that you get in touch with a Guardian Auto Transport representative, who will be able to give you an accurate estimate for shipping your vehicle.

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Guardian Auto Transport Coverage Plans

All carriers associated with Guardian Auto Transport are fully vetted and insured. From the loading to the unloading of your vehicle, your carrier will cover up to $100,000 as their insurance policy. However, they have also specified that the carrier insurance will not cover damage to any personal items kept inside the vehicle. Also, do keep in mind that your personal car insurance will be responsible for damages not caused by the driver’s negligence. You can confirm the details of the insurance from a Guardian Auto Transport agent or representative.

Customer Service And Customer Experience

It’s a known fact that reliability and efficiency are two important attributes forming the backbone of a reputable company. And these are not just displayed by the different services that they offer but also the customer service that they deliver. Fortunately, Guardian Auto Transport has entered the industry with a motive to provide top notch customer service to all their clients, and we can safely say that they don’t disappoint.

To give you an idea, the company has a near perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5, from an average of over 900 reviews on Google Reviews. On Yelp as well, Guardian Auto Transport holds a perfect rating of 5 out of 5. Clear communication, fast shipping and professional service were some of the common positive qualities mentioned in most reviews. Even though Guardian Auto Transport has recently stepped into the industry, they are already moving with their best foot forward through an excellent customer oriented approach.

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Why Choose Guardian Auto Transport?

Fast Shipping: Whether you’re moving a short distance of less than 200 miles or a longer one of more than 2,000 miles, Guardian Auto Transport ensures quick and safe delivery of your vehicle. The company promises to transport your shipment as per your schedule and is known to be consistent with their delivery window. Reviews have suggested that Guardian Auto Transport can ship your vehicle around 2 days faster than many of its competitors. So, if you ever need your car transported from one point to the other, at the earliest, Guardian Auto Transport will probably be your best bet.

Wide Availability in the US: From Alabama to Wyoming, Guardian Auto Transport provides services in around 48 states in the US. Even if you’re located in some rural parts, you will most likely be able to access the services provided by Guardian Auto Transport. Just get in touch with their customer service and they’ll help you in every way they can.

No Hidden Fees: Even though they are priced a little higher than their competitors, you can be assured that Guardian Auto Transport is going to be upfront and clear about their pricing. They won’t have any hidden costs to shock you at the end. This is especially helpful for people looking to ship their vehicle on a fixed budget.
Customer Oriented Approach: Calling themselves customer-obsessed, Guardian Auto Transport prioritizes customer experience and satisfaction over everything else. Their mission is to provide quality service to all their customers, right from the first inquiry call to the final delivery of their shipment. And as a majority of reviews have suggested, Guardian Auto Transport is trying every bit to keep up to its promise.

Well Trained Staff: From your initial interaction with their customer service to the carrier driver who is going to deliver your shipment, the staff at Guardian Auto Transport is well trained to give the best at their job. You will realize that your car is in safe hands as soon as you interact with the employees at Guardian Auto Transport. Many of their reviews have consistently termed their staff as amicable, responsive and professional.

Excellent Customer Reviews: Like we’ve mentioned before, the company holds high ratings as well as a majority of positive reviews on all major online review platforms. In fact, they’re not only accredited by Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, they also boast of a 4.9/5 customer rating on the platform. Their reviews showcase the experience that customers have when moving with Guardian Auto Transport is generally positive.

Things To Keep In Mind About Guardian Auto Transport

Above Average Costs: Compared to its competitors and many other companies in the industry, you may find Guardian Auto Transport to be more on the higher end of expenses. While a shorter distance or an open air carrier may comparatively have lower costs, enclosed carriers and long distance shipping with Guardian Auto Transport does have relatively above average costs.

No GPS Tracking: While you can call up their customer service to get updates about your shipment, Guardian Auto Transport does not provide live GPS tracking of your shipment. And though their customer service is highly rated, it may not always be feasible for you to constantly call up for tracking your shipment. So, if that’s an important aspect for you, unfortunately, Guardian Auto Transport does not provide that service as of yet.

No Instant Quotes: You will find the option of getting instant quotes mentioned on Guardian Auto Transport’s website, but you may still be required to give a confirmation of your request via email, after you’ve entered your required details. While this may not be such an elaborate process, it may still take some of your time for getting a quote from Guardian Auto Transport.

No International Shipping: As of now, Guardian Auto Transport provides US continental service across 48 states, but cannot ship your vehicle abroad. If that’s something you were looking for, then you would probably have to approach another auto shipping company.

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Guardian Auto Transport Contact Details

Phone: 877 – 924 – 1452


Address: 275 12th St. Wheeling, IL 60090


Working Hours: Monday to Sunday (9 am – 7 pm)


What Is The Best Auto Transport Company To Use?

With some offering affordable prices and some offering best availability and discounts, there are a number of good auto transport companies in the industry today. Amongst others, Bargain Auto Transport, AmeriFreight and Sherpa Auto Transport are some of the best auto transport companies out there. Check out our article on the Best Car Shipping Companies to get further details about the same.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Transport A Car?

Shipping your car by train or using an open air carrier, are the cheapest ways to transport a car from one location to the other. If you’re moving a shorter distance, you could also drive your car to save on those shipping costs.

Is Guardian Auto transport a broker?

Guardian Auto Transport is a highly-rated auto broker. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois. Guardian’s mission statement has always been simple: To help you get your car where it needs to be with exceptional customer service that sets them apart from others but at better prices than most competitors out there!

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Along with a good variety of services, Guardian Auto Transport also has great reviews and top notch customer service to offer. Even though they’re just setting their foot in the industry, they are already considered a strong competition to many other auto transport companies out there. If budget is a concern for you, then you may want to check out some other companies as well, but Guardian Auto Transport is definitely a good choice for auto shipping services.

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