Combining a road trip with moving is more often than not a mere fantasy. Just because you have a car doesn’t mean you drive it all the way down to the new life that awaits you miles and miles away. Of course, leaving behind your four-wheeled friend is not an option either. Situations like these are where car transport companies in the US come in handy.

Surely, choosing the right auto transport company is extremely vital and there are no margins for error here. One wrong decision can lead to mounting expenses in repairing the damages that your vehicle succumbed to during the shipping process. Luckily, we have just the list for you, so read about the best classic car transport companies you can choose from.

Moving CompanyMontway Auto TransportSherpa Auto TransportShip a Car Inc.UShipShip A Car Direct
LogoMontway Auto Transport logoSherpa Auto Transport logoShip a Car Inc logouShip logoShip a Car Direct logo
DoT Number223981630534762303542NA2241272
MC NumberNA51106643956NA632461
ProsNo Upfront Payment

Expedited Auto Transport
Price Lock Promise

Clean Car Guarantee
No Upfront Deposit

Dedicated Transport Coordinator
No-Damage Promise

Set Your Own Price Option
Damage-Free Guarantee
ConsGPS Tracking Not ProvidedNo GPS Tracking

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Top 5 Trusted Classic Car Transport Companies in the U.S.

  1. Montway Auto Transport
  2. Sherpa Auto Transport
  3. Ship A Car Inc.
  4. UShip
  5. Ship a Car Direct

1. Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport logo


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Think auto transport, think Montway. There’s very little room for debate here because most people consider Montway Auto Transport as the finest in the industry. 15 years into their business, and the milestones they’ve achieved is exemplary. One of those milestones was the Patriot Award they received in 2017 for being recognized as a Military Support Employer. Then roll back the years a little more, they were a part of the fastest growing companies list of 2015 by Inc.500 at number 429.

We know what you’re thinking, awards and all is cool, but how competent are they? Well, they’ve handled 582k shipments till date, so their competence is unquestionable. Be it door to door, open transportation or enclosed shipping of your car, Montway does it all with ease. Doesn’t matter if you’re a student or need assistance with military transport, these industry leaders have just what it takes to get it all done. In fact, you can also get your vehicle shipped across international borders with Montway Auto Transport.

Reasons To Choose Montway Auto Transport:

Accessibility: As good as a company can be, it won’t really matter if they don’t really serve your area. Or for that matter if they aren’t available when you are truly in dire need of a particular service. Luckily, our fellow Americans don’t have to bother themselves in this regard. Montway Auto Transport has their presence in all 50 states of our country. In fact, Montway even services Hawaii, while also offering both port-to-port and port-to-door shipping. The reason their accessibility is so strong is all thanks to their massive cavalry of more than 38,000 truckers!

On top of that, Montway also provides 24/7 customer service. Because what’s the point of service accessibility if you can’t check with the support staff at any given time on the whereabouts of your shipment? If you ask us, we really believe that accessibility and availability of services should always go hand in hand with customer service. All the same, Montway also offers guaranteed pickups, so you can wrap up that niggling worry of yours and toss it out. What’s great is the date won’t change even if you’re stuck at work.

Pricing & Insurance Coverage: Knowing the carriers who are holding your precious car are insured can definitely alleviate a great deal of stress. But it’s even more amazing when you know that at least $100,000 is covered with the fully insured carrier. All the same, the pricing and discounts offered by Montway is also delightful to say the least. First responders, seniors and college students all get the benefit of a special discount with these guys. Just so you know, you only have to pay about $870 for an open car shipment covering a distance of 1500 miles. Keep in mind that enclosed shipments are always more expensive.


Google Reviews – 4.4/5
Consumer Affairs – 4.9/5
BirdEye – 4.9/5
Better Business Bureau – 4.3/5

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2. Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport logo

Ever had an unsavoury experience with an auto transport company, one which ended with your car getting damaged or the company not showing up at all? The founders of Sherpa Auto Transport sure can relate. If anything, it’s what inspired them to get into the industry. To make sure they always hold themselves to higher standards, Sherpa makes sure that the staff they employ are all well-trained and professional in their conduct.

There’s no denying that great customer service goes a long way, isn’t it? Just the company representatives being available, attentive and caring can be a major upliftment for the customer. No wonder Sherpa has a round the clock customer service. You’d love to know that the company’s people have quite the reputation of being super affable, efficient and just helpful in every sense of the word.

Reasons To Choose Sherpa Auto Transport:

Price Lock Promise: Once the quote is shared, the price is set in stone. Hidden costs, subjective additions or any kind of last minute changes are things you wouldn’t have to worry about with Sherpa Auto Transport. The good work they’ve done over the years puts them on the map, but it’s this key feature of a Price Lock Promise that gives Sherpa Auto Transport an added edge over other companies in the industry.

Clean Car Guarantee: One niggling question that seems to keep racking quite a few customers is – why is cleanliness not considered a part of safety? No damages and things not getting lost or stolen is one thing, but during the transit, our cars can still be exposed to a lot of dust and dirt. This is where Sherpa Auto Transport found an opportunity to go above and beyond their call of duty and set themselves apart from the rest. Basically, before your car is safely delivered to you, they also go through the effort of thoroughly cleaning it for you! What makes this service great is that you eventually get reimbursed for it. Pretty neat, isn’t it?


Google Reviews – 4.7/5
Consumer Affairs – 5/5
Transport Reviews – 4.9/5

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3. Ship A Car Inc.

Ship a Car Inc logo

With around a decade of experience in the industry to show for, Ship A Car Inc. manages to make its way in our list of the best classic car transport companies in the US. Over 50,000 shipments in about 10 years goes to show why they can be considered as a genuine option to ship your car.

But don’t let their name fool you, Ship A Car Inc. practically deals with automotor shipments of almost all kinds. The company even transports RVs and mobile homes. Interestingly though, you can also put your faith in them to ship boats, yachts, cargos, trailers and even tractors for farmers.

Ship A Car Inc. unlike the name suggests, handle transportation of an unfathomable variety of vehicles. What’s great though is that irrespective of you being in the military or a college student, you can count on them. Top that off with the company also servicing corporates and what more do you need?

Reasons To Choose Ship A Car Inc.:

No Upfront Deposit: Matters of money can at times meddle with your move and maul it miserably. Although, it isn’t something you would have to worry about with Ship A Car Inc. thanks to their No Upfront Deposit policy. So unless the final quotes are shared, the formalities are completed (including the documentation) and the contract is agreed upon and signed, you won’t have to pay a single penny beforehand.

Dedicated Transport Coordinator: It’s the little things that often make a world of difference. Between getting a quote and agreeing a contract to coordinating during transport and post delivery formalities, much can go wrong. Especially if you have been coordinating with various company representatives. It’s just one of those things that gives invitations to confusion to go all open season on your move and customer experience. Ship A Car Inc. likes staying ahead of the curve by ensuring you get a dedicated transport coordinator for the entire process of shipping your car.


Google Reviews – 4.3/5
Consumer Lobby – 5/5
Transport Reviews – 4.9/5
MyMovingReviews – 4.8/5

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4. UShip

uShip logo

Want to choose a company that has a fine rep for creating a healthy workplace environment? Look no further than UShip. For three years in a row (2010, 2011, 2012), the company made its way into Austin American Statesman’s list of Top Workplaces. Quite a laudable feat for a company born only in 2003. On top of that, you can literally get all kinds of services related to automotor transportation with UShip. We’re talking about door-to-door, open car transport or literally anything else under the sun.

UShip is unlike other players mentioned in this list of ours, in the sense that it isn’t really a carrier or an auto transport company. No, they aren’t a broker either. Simply put, Uship is a marketplace for auto transport companies across the country. Naturally, it makes sense that you can get all kinds of services since they won’t really be the one providing it. A clear standout feature is the UShip mobile app that enables you to communicate with your driver.

Reasons To Choose UShip:

Availability: A network of 788,000 companies on UShip is arguably the best indicator of their unrivalled availability. As if that wasn’t enough, UShip takes this aspect further by ensuring the rural parts of the country aren’t alienated. There’s no denying that companies won’t always provide the same kinds of services such as door-to-door transport when the delivery location is a rural town. Not Uship though.

Plus, expedited shipping services only further reinforces that their availability is supremely reliable. After all, they transcend their marquee feature into a service designed for people needing things as soon as possible.

GPS Tracking: Want an update on the whereabouts of your car? Don’t want to dial a customer service representative and have an entire conversation to get the information? Need the update to be real-time so you know if things are on track? Or just want to be informed for your own peace of mind? The GPS Tracking feature offered by UShip sure does take care of all those questions we mentioned.


Consumer Affairs – 4.8/5
Trustpilot – 4.6/5

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5. Ship A Car Direct

Ship a Car Direct logo

One of the youngest companies in the list, Ship A Car Direct was only formed in 2008. But that doesn’t stop them from providing an exceptional quality of service to their customers. With Ship A Car Direct, you get a company that is licensed, bonded and 100% insured, as clearly stated on their website. Another thing that works in their favour is that these guys purely focus on shipping cars, which is quite evident by their name.

The importance of convenience can never be understated. Having one point of contact throughout the entire shipping process eases quite too many challenges. Like every other company in this list, you can get a wide range of services, not limited to open car shipping, enclosed transport, door-to-door shipping and even an expedited shipping service. What’s more is that distance isn’t a problem for Ship A Car Direct, so they cover both long distance and short distance car shipping.

Reasons To Choose Ship A Car Direct:

Affordability: When a company is good and affordable, it makes a really strong case for us to give them a harder look of consideration. In case you were wondering what the difference is, it’s about 10% to 20% below the industry average rates. Oh and this is without any possible discounts you may or may not get. If you have to put a number to it, the cost would be roundabout $120 for shipping your to a distance of about 100 miles in an open car transport. So if you’re moving during peak season, we totally understand how you might be compelled to choose Ship A Car Direct.

Damage Free Guarantee: Auto transport companies are not always careful in the way they handle things. It’s what motivates Ship A Car Direct to do better, the reason why they offer a damage-free guarantee. You must be wondering, some other companies do this too, so how are these guys different? Well, here’s the thing alright, Ship A Direct pays $500 towards your deductible in a situation where a claim is rejected by the carrier’s insurance. What’s worth remembering here is that this is a service which comes at a price, although not too hefty. To be precise, the damage free guarantee costs $250.


Google Reviews – 4.6/5
Consumer Affairs – 5/5
Trustpilot – 4.9/5

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FAQs related to Classic Car Transport

What is the cheapest car transport service?

Ship A Car Direct is definitely one of them, although, naming just one company as the cheapest won’t really be right to do. With that being said, Auto Star and Auto Shipping could be considered as two other companies befitting the title.

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What is the best auto transport company to use?

While the list we shared includes some of the best in the business, Montway Auto Transport could very well be considered the best company to use. We say so after factoring everything including price point, quality of service, reach, customer reviews and even availability.

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How much does it cost to transport a classic car?

You might be surprised to learn that the cost of transporting your car can vary significantly depending on how far you need it taken and when. The average price per mile ranges from $3.38 for a vehicle less than 100 miles away, up towards about $1.14 per mile if they’re traveling 1000. The type of transportation service also affects these rates–as does location!

How do you transport a classic car across the country?

This can be done in two ways. One method is using the transporter. If you don’t have access to this, you will need to ship it by trailer or truck, which requires planning for longer than just moving across town. Be advised that driving on highways with a classic car often has its risks.

How do you haul a classic car?

The process of shipping a classic car is complicated. There are many steps and details to consider, at least the fact that you’ll need insurance coverage in case anything happens on the route. You might also want to get enclosed truck quotes from several different companies before deciding which one works best for your needs; this way, if there’s something about their service or rates, that turns out not-so-perfect! Once everything has been finalized, prepare your vehicle to meet minimum safety requirements.

How do you ship a classic car that doesn’t run?

You might be wondering how to ship a car that doesn’t run. Rest assured, enclosed shipping is an option for most vehicles and can start by loading your classic onto the carrier via liftgate!