We all have that phase in our lives when we move, or rather looking for a moving company. Be it for our own moving needs, or just to transport something that we can’t manage ourselves, moving professionals have been the go-to for the job. But with so many companies in the market with competitive services and prices, it all becomes a big muddle! Not to worry though, since we’ve given you all the details you’ll need to know about a very unique transport company in the United States – uShip.

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What is uShip?

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You must think uShip is like every other shipping company in the United States, but it’s quite far from what they actually do. uShip is unlike any other car transport company, it’s not a carrier nor is it a freight broker. You’ll find that the difference is very simple – they don’t do the shipping for you. Instead, they connect you to shipping companies online that bid on the job that needs to be done.

Think of it as an online marketplace like eBay, you’re looking for, say a carrier or truck that can transport your piano or car, and those that do have space will bid to secure a contract with you! In short, uShip puts you in touch with third-party carriers for your car transportation needs, but isn’t responsible for the transporting itself.

Services Offered By uShip

Now that you’re aware of what uShip is, you might be wondering about the services that they actually offer on their website. Since they’re a marketplace where the method is quite different as opposed to other transport companies, the services they offer are:

Open and Enclosed Transport

Carriers and transporters on uShip provide both open and closed transport. While open transport rates will be lower, they aren’t recommended if you’re transporting something expensive. When it comes to cars, if you have a classic or an expensive car, it’s best to go with enclosed transport.

The reasons are simple – enclosed transport protects the vehicle and other commodities from extreme weather and other forms of damage. At the same time, too many cars aren’t loaded in an enclosed container, which isn’t the case with open carriers.

Transports Anything and Everything

The best part about uShip is that you can find a carrier that will transport whatever you want it to. Be it a large SUV or even some animals, once you put your listing up, something or the other will come up!

Door to Door Shipping

uShip offers door-to-door shipping which is the most convenient way to get anything transported. The price, while higher, is worth it because you have the convenience of the process being taken care of from the start. But, since uShip does not do the transporting itself, be sure to check with the carriers you come across if it’s a service they offer.

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How Does uShip Work?

Like we mentioned before, uShip is completely different from a standard car transport company. So it goes without saying that the way they function will be different too. But, here’s the catch – it’s easy, extremely easy. uShip’s booking system is one of the most straightforward ones you’ll find online. So, you can relax because we’ve explained what you have to do to book them and the process after.

  1. Your first step will involve creating a listing on their website for the item you want to be shipped. We suggest you be as detailed here as possible, include the dimensions, the weight, upload pictures and give any other details asked.
  2. Once that’s done, there are two ways to move forward – either you put up a price and wait for carriers to reach out to you, or you wait for carriers to bid on their own accord.
  3. Now, you start receiving bids and results, so it’s time to choose. uShip gives you a list of ratings and customer reviews for the results to help you make an informed decision. At the same time, you can contact these service providers yourself if you have questions to ask and details to confirm.
  4. After you make a decision and make a deal, both you and the service provider will have to sign a contract in case of unlikely disputes in the future.

Things to keep in mind as you book on uShip

  • Carefully go through the service providers who you put in your final list. While uShip has its own terms and conditions, a few carriers on the website might not have all the essential documentation in place. So, look for insurance, verify their driver’s license and look at their permits.
  • Be as precise as possible. Get copies of all documentation like if a note has been made of your car before transportation. Also, check if the carrier makes you sign a Bill of Lading.
  • You can cancel after you’ve booked, but it has to happen before the service has taken place.
  • When it comes to refunds after cancellation, if you’ve made a payment via the booking deposit system on their website, the initial deposit and service fee will not be returned to you. But, you can use it to ship anything else via uShip for the next 365 days.
  • If you’ve made a payment via uShip payment, you’re in luck because you’ll receive a full refund if you cancel within 120 days of booking. This refund will also include the service fee you paid.

How fast is uShip auto transport delivery?

uShip’s carriers might just take longer than the average auto shipping companies usually take to ship automobiles. On average, uShip takes 6 days to transport vehicles.

How Much Does uShip Usually Cost?

uShip is unlike any other website, we already know that. So you must be wondering what’s their pricing like? Before we get into that, you need to remember that prices in the shipping market are also very different from any other industry for a very simple reason – fluctuations. Estimates for the same services go up and down constantly, and you can’t expect to pay the same price your friend paid for the same shipment.

The reasons for these fluctuations are numerous. If you’re looking at uShip, here are some factors that affect the pricing:

  • Transit service type – open or enclosed
  • Distance of the transit
  • Route taken
  • Size, condition, and weight of the vehicle in case of auto transport
  • Time of the year
  • Additional insurance coverage
  • Location
  • Extra services

When it comes to uShip, if we’re looking at shipping vehicles, keep in mind that their costs might poke a hole through your wallet. Why? Because you’ll realize that their prices are 40% higher than industry rates! Yes, you read that right. Even though you have a wide range of carriers to choose from, they’re all pricey.

To give you an example, it would cost you an average of $180 for an auto transport of 100 miles, and that’s a good $40 higher than the industry average. When it comes to other items, uShip usually gives you a list of what customers paid for similar items in the past which involves the lowest, highest, and mid-range prices.

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Note: Even though uShip doesn’t charge you to create a listning on their website, they will include it as a service charge later on in the process. This fee can fall anywhere between $25 to $160, depending on what you’re looking to ship.

Customer Service And Customer Experience

Customer service and user experience play a major role in establishing a company’s reputation and giving them a reliable standing in the industry. The only way to find out information about the same is to look at reviews and ratings online. Not only will they tell you all the bad bits you need to know, but you might also attain some good tips in the process.

uShip has average ratings when compared to other giants in the industry. It’s because they are middlemen that the reviews are usually centered around the carriers that people end up using rather than uShip itself. After all, you wouldn’t rate eBay for a dresser that arrived in good condition, would you? The reviews of these carriers are available on their website itself. But, all in all, uShip is registered on Better Business Bureau and has considerably positive reviews.

Why uShip?

While there are numerous auto shipping companies in the industry, they all have their own quirks. To help you put everything you’ve read into perspective, we’ve listed down a few reasons why uShip might just be the company for your vehicle shipping needs.

You can ship anything!

From motorcycles and cars to pianos and even animals, you can ship anything via uShip! Sounds absurd? Well, it isn’t. Since it’s an online marketplace, you will be able to find a truck or carrier that might agree to ship what you have, unless it ain’t legal. So, no matter what your items, list them on the website and start the process.


Availability is always a matter of concern when it comes to finding the right auto transport company, especially during peak months. Not only is it difficult to get desired dates, but many auto transporters do not offer their door-to-door services for those in rural areas. So, it goes without saying that if you are in need of such services, you might have to pay a hefty amount for them.

That’s one plus point of booking through uShip – they claim to have a network of around 7,88,000 auto shipping providers, drivers, and moving companies. So, you have a large pond of service providers available, and you won’t have to worry about booking months in advance! At the same time, you’ll always find someone who will come forward to ship your items for you, be it an SUV or a piano.


While everyone tells us to go through a million different providers before choosing “the one”, with transporting expensive items like automobiles and pianos, the task is hardly easy. A simple Google search gives a million different reasons, most of them offering the same services. And add to that the hassle of calling each of them to get quotes, it’s never-ending!

Here’s where uShip’s services become a big help by cutting back the work. Once you’ve posted your listing, all you have to do is go through the results that the website generates. Once you find something that suits you, just check them out and you’re good to go!

GPS tracking available

You will realize that most providers that help ship items in the industry give updates of the transit via call. Rarely will you find providers that actually offer GPS tracking for the items in transit. uShip, on the other hand, is one place where you’ll find a number of carriers and truckers that will get you to track your shipment in real-time. Just make sure to look for the same when you’re going through the results.

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Did you know? uShip also has an app where you can communicate with your driver from the time you book to the time to receive your delivery!

Something To Keep In Mind About uShip

Now that you know all the good bits of booking with uShip, let’s also talk about the things they don’t offer and might become a deal-breaker for you.

Providers are not vetted

One of the biggest downsides to booking a shipping company via uShip is that you’ll have to do the research on them yourself. uShip does not take the responsibility of vetting the providers they partner with, so there will likely be a few of them with below average ratings and other problems.

At the same time, uShip won’t check if the carriers on the website have liability or cargo insurance coverage either. So, if you do decide to go with uShip, don’t forget to do a thorough background check on the carrier that you choose to take your shipment to the desired location.

Not meant for large moves

While you can find carriers and movers who might move a piano and a jacuzzi or two for you, if you’re looking for a company that helps you move a four-bedroom house, uShip is not for you. You will hardly find trucks that are big enough to take care of such a large job exclusively for you. Since you’re technically looking for space in carriers and trucks that have other items, you won’t be able to move an entire house. So, don’t take the chance and book a truck from a moving company instead!

Prices are tricky

From what we’ve explained of the process, you know by now that it’s essential you actually create a listing to get the price. Without a listing, the prices that uShip generates will be way lower than what you might end up paying. Another frustrating aspect is that the quotes they give are never meant for enclosed transport unless your listening has been up for a minimum of 24 hours. So, if you’re not careful enough, you might end up booking an open carrier when you want an enclosed one.

You work on another’s terms

While carriers bid or you select based on the results which uShip generates, most times you’ll have to work around the carriers and their schedule. For example, you won’t always find carriers that will be ready to ship at the time you want. The routes they decide to take might also not be what you were looking to go with.

No Damage Guarantee

Also called the “ship with confidence” guarantee on their website, uShip gives an assurance that your items, no matter the size or quantity, will not be damaged during the transit. So, in rare circumstances, if your vehicle is damaged, uShip offers $500 as compensation for the same. You must note that this does not count as insurance.


uShip is a very unique way to get your goods transported, no matter what they might be. While it may seem intimidating because it’s so different from the way other shipping companies function, it lets you have control over which carrier you choose, and saves money in many instances. We suggest you keep the points we’ve mentioned in mind and read everything thoroughly before you make a booking on uShip.

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