Done with everything on your checklist but don’t know how to get your RV transported to your new place? Or do you just have more than one family vehicle and would like some help transporting them? Whatever the reason might be for your auto shipping needs, taking the help of professionals will reduce the burden considerably. One of the best professionals in the industry is AmeriFreight with some of the highest ratings. So, we’ve given you all the details you’ll need to know about them!

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What is AmeriFreight?

Known for their insurance, discounts, and a wide variety of services that are both national and international, AmeriFreight has been a broker for auto transport for more than 15 years. They are also the preferred auto transport company for both the military and seniors. You’ll be happy to know that every year, they ship more than 30k vehicles, a number that increases as the years go by. Based in Georgia, we assure you that that range of services will leave you baffled!

Services Offered By AmeriFreight

We’ve already implied that AmeriFreight has a wide range of services. But, apart from the usual services that all motor transport companies offer, AmeriFreight does much more. We’ll still take a look at their top services.

1. Open and Closed Transport

Like all auto transport companies, AmeriFreight offers both open and closed transport. You might have already heard of these terms, but, for those of you who haven’t, we’ll explain it briefly. Open transport involves transporting 3 to 8 cars at a time via a carrier that’s open. On the other hand, enclosed transport won’t have so many cars and is completely enclosed to protect the vehicle from weather and other forms of damage.

It goes without saying that open transport is more cost-effective as compared to enclosed transport. So, if you’re looking to save some money, that’s what you should go with. Enclosed transport is recommended for those of you who consider your car an investment and would like to avoid any form of damage.

2. All Forms of Auto Transport

Looking for an auto moving company that also ships something as small as a motorcycle or something as large as a boat? AmeriFreight has got you covered here and you can trust them to efficiently handle the transport job for you. Not only do they ship boats and motorcycles, but they also ship trailers, golf carts, ATVs, and RVs!

3. Door to Door Shipping

AmeriFreight also offers door-to-door shipping if you’d rather not go to a terminal to pick it up. Once you’ve booked them and the addresses are in place, the vehicle will be picked up at the allotted time. It’ll also be delivered to your doorstep at the time provided, so you can relax, concentrate on other work and let their employees handle it for you. It’s obvious that this service costs more than if you were to drop off and pick your vehicle up at a terminal. But, we believe that the price is well worth it.

4. Long-distance and international auto shipping

Moving interstate or want a vehicle shipped out of the United States? Your search can end here because that’s another service to add to AmeriFreight’s long list of services! Not only does AmeriFreight ship interstate, but it also offers international shipping. Since they’re auto brokers, they act as middlemen and have tie-ups with reliable international carriers. So, you can relax and contact them for help.

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How AmeriFreight Works?

Now you must have decided to give AmeriFreight a change and enquire about their costs. But before you do, you might want to know how they actually function once you’ve given them a call. While the process is simple and efficient, knowing this will give you a chance to form the right questions to ask when you do get on the call.

  • Let’s start with the first step – getting in touch. For this purpose, you call AmeriFreight at 877-719-0916 services if you prefer calling. You can also chat with them in a live chat box on the website.
  • For those of you who prefer getting things done online, AmeriFreight has a unique calculator that will give you an estimate of how much you might have to pay based on factors like car model, distance etc. Once you get the quote, you will also receive a mail from them with a proper break up of the costs.
  • Using one of the three methods, you can decide if you want to book AmeriFreight for your vehicle transport needs. You can also schedule a date for the pickup and close on the estimate given. Note that you will be asked to pay a deposit when you book which will be refunded if you cancel way before the pickup date.
  • On the day of the pickup, your vehicle will be inspected with you around and you will have to sign a Bill of Lading. At the same time, your vehicle’s odometer reading will also be noted. Once that’s done, you’re good to do and the vehicle will be loaded onto the carrier.
  • Throughout the shipping process, AmeriFreight’s agents will be ready to give you updates about your vehicle among other questions on the call. So you can relax while the vehicle reaches you safely.
  • On arrival, you can inspect the car again and sign off the delivery sheet. In case there’s any damage to the car which doesn’t happen often, the same will be noted on the Bill of Lading.

Things to keep in mind while handing your vehicle over:

  1. Carefully check that all the essential systems in your car are in working condition. These include the steering wheel, the engine, the driver’s side of the window, and the doors. Why, you ask? For the simple reason that the trucker must be able to access these systems to load and unload your vehicle.
  2. Remember to take out personal belongings and accessories in your car that you purchased after buying the vehicle.
  3. Fill a quarter of the tank of your vehicle with gas.

How Much Does AmeriFreight Usually Cost?

The estimate you get can be a dealbreaker when you want to choose which vehicle transport company to go with. Vehicle transport companies usually undergo a very unique trend when it comes to cost throughout the year, and that’s their fluctuating prices. Estimates go up and down for the same services constantly, and the reasons for the same are numerous.

At the same time, a few common factors always play a role, and some of those are:

  • Distance from pickup to drop off
  • Route followed by the carrier
  • Size and condition of your vehicle
  • Type of transport – open or enclosed
  • Time of the year chosen
  • Location
  • Economic conditions at the time of your booking
  • Additional insurance coverage
  • Extra services

If we had to look at AmeriFreight specifically, you must keep in mind that their costs are usually above average industry rates. But, as we mentioned before, industry rates fluctuate all the time, and with AmeriFreight’s price-matching options, you might get quite a good deal. Also, don’t forget their services that are some of the best in the industry, after all that counts for something doesn’t it?

Let us give you a rough idea of what the costs might look like. To give you an example, for a distance of 100 miles, you might have to pay around $141 to transport your vehicle in an open carrier. This estimate increases when you go for enclosed transport where you might have to pay $252 for 100 miles.

Keep in mind though that these costs might go up and down depending on the factors we’ve mentioned above. And don’t forget – AmeriFreight offers a number of discounts which we will talk about below, so look into them too!

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Customer Service And Customer Experience

We don’t have to explain why customer service is important, after all it can play a huge role in establishing a company’s reliability. Even the experience that clients have with the company through the process acts as a good reference for you to look into. What you can do to find these out is look at ratings online. Ratings by past clients will usually give you a fair idea of the good and bad points that you can look out for.

When it comes to AmeriFreight, we can assure you that their customer service ratings and their customer experience is the best in the industry. It’s all thanks to their efficiency and wide range of services that they have a 4.8 rating from around 3000 customers on Google Reviews. On the website Consumer Affairs, AmeriFreight has a 4.6 review. We suggest you go through these reviews, but you’ll see for yourself that they are some of the best in the industry.

Why AmeriFreight?

While there are numerous auto shipping companies in the industry, they all have their own quirks. To help you put everything you’ve read into perspective, we’ve listed down a few reasons why Sherpa Auto Transport might just be the company for your vehicle shipping needs.

1. Damage Gap Coverage

One of the top reasons why AmeriFreight has a good name in the industry is their AFta or AF total insurance. Let’s break this down for you. Auto shipping brokers do not offer insurance coverage for instances like chipping due to weather damage or stolen keys. These are referred to as gaps since they fall in a bracket that exists between what a carrier’s insurance won’t cover and what you’ll have to end up paying.

Still confused? When incidents happen that insurance won’t cover, AmeriFreight’s AFta steps in and covers the same for you. If your car is new or expensive, this gap coverage can save you the worry of incurring losses later. There are three plans to choose from:

  1. Basic which costs $48 and involves coverage worth $600 for damage that’s of minor intensity like rock chips.
  2. Standard which costs $78 and involves coverage worth $2,000 for damage that’s of major intensity, $800 for damage of minor intensity and $300 if your vehicle keys are lost or stolen.
  3. Comprehensive which costs $98 and involves everything in the standard plan plus a cancellation coverage.

Do I need car insurance even though I have the AFta?

Yes. You cannot enter into a contract with AmeriFreight until you have your own vehicle insurance.

2. Best Discounts in the Industry

Finally the part about discounts! Like you read before, AmeriFreight has above average industry prices, but the discounts it offers make it very well-liked. You might not know this, but their list of discounts is long and covers everything you might imagine! To start with the standard discounts that any other shipping company will offer – AmeriFreight has discounts for students, seniors, and those in the military.

But let’s look at the other discounts that you might not find everywhere. AmeriFreight has special discounts for early birds which can save you at least $35. It plainly implies that you have to book them within 48 hours of receiving an estimate. Other unique discounts include those for first responders and return customers. There’s more – if you’re shipping multiple vehicles at once, there’s a discount for that too!

3. Availability

Not only does AmeriFreight offer long-distance and international transport, but you’ll be pleased to know that their services extend to all American States. At the same time, even if you stay in an area that’s rural, AmeriFreight will try to accommodate your request, but it might cost more. We’ve already spoken about their customer service which is top-notch, so that’s another thing you can cross off your checklist.

4. Well-trained Staff

Because of their time in the industry and the multitude of services they offer, AmeriFreight has staff that knows the job well. Be it helping you figure out the best service you can avail of, or taking care that your vehicle reaches you in top shape, their employees have it handled. You’ll be pleased to know that due to their work ethic, they’re partners with more than 10,000 carrier brands!

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Something To Keep In Mind About AmeriFreight

Now that you know all the good bits of booking AmeriFreight, let’s also talk about the things they don’t offer and might become a deal-breaker for you.

1. No GPS tracking

AmeriFreight has great customer service, but that’s not the same as live GPS tracking. While calling their agents can give you an update on your vehicle that’s being shipped, you cannot deny the fact that it’s not possible to keep calling and asking for updates constantly. So, for those of you who consider GPS tracking a must, unfortunately, AmeriFreight does not offer that service yet.

2. Calls necessary for accurate quotes

While AmeriFreight has a live chat box on their website and a calculator to estimate your total cost, it’s not always reliable. Several reviews online have stated that the estimate you receive via the online calculator might differ largely from the final quote you receive when you get on call or via the mail. So, keep that in mind when you’re booking AmeriFreight and don’t depend on the calculator. We suggest you also get in touch with them via call or email to get an accurate quote.

FAQs About AmeriFreight

Is AmeriFreight reputable?

AmeriFreight has a great reputation and offers excellent customer service. They ensure that you get what it costs, plus more than just getting an awesome price for their services. For those looking into shipping vehicles from one place to another, though – they have some great options to check out! Amerifreigh is a highly rated company on multiple online sites, and it also has an A+ rating on BBB.

How long has AmeriFreight been in business?

AmeriFreight has been in the car shipping business for more than 15 years.

Is AmeriFreight door to door?

Yes, AmeriFreight offers door-to-door shipping to those who are willing to pay that extra price for comfort and convenience.

How do I know if a car transport company is reliable?

With some thorough research, you can ascertain if a car transport company is reliable or not. Start by asking for recommendations and reviews from family and friends. You can also look them up online and see what current customers have to say about them.


AmeriFreight has a lot to offer that puts them among the best in the industry, specifically their discounts and customer reviews. There are numerous other companies that offer very similar services but don’t forget that online reviews and industry knowledge does matter, which AmeriFreight has. We still suggest you give them a call well in advance and read up on the various services they have to offer!

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