From movers familiar with the lay of the land for local moves to moving companies that reach far and wide across America, the moving industry is inundated.

There are several moving companies that offer services for all kinds of moves, but you want a company that can effortlessly handle your national move.

With so many choices, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Read up on our take of the best national moving companies so your long distance move can be in safe hands.

Top 5 Trusted Nationwide Movers in the U.S.

Moving CompanyInternational Van LinesArpin Van LinesAmerican Van LinesUnited Van LinesAllied Van Lines
LogoInternational Van Lines logoArpin Van Lines logoAmerican Van Lines logoUnited Van Lines logoAllied Van Lines logo
DoT Number22477897071961450607794976235
MC Number729978871132947986723415735
ProsPrice Estimates on Website

Special Item Transportation

Change Inventory List and Moving Date for Free
Transparent Pricing

Virtual Ballpark Estimate
Last Minute Moves at No Extra Charge

Price Estimates on Website

No Brokerage
Free Full Value ProtectionExemplary Customer Service

A la carte Services

Instant Online Quote via InstaQuote
ConsNo Instant Quote without filling Detailed Inventory Form25% Upfront Deposit to Book a Date

3rd Party Services in Some States (MT, UT, WA, OR)
Complex Quote ProcessNo Instant Quote

Phone Call Required
Too Many Phone Calls

5 Top-Rated National Moving Companies

  1. International Van Lines
  2. Arpin Van Lines
  3. American Van Lines
  4. United Van Lines
  5. Allied Van Lines

1. International Van Lines

International Van Lines logo

International Van Lines was established in 2000, which in comparison to many other big moving companies is fairly recent. However, they now handle an average of 10,000 relocations every year, as mentioned on their website. Of these, 80% are long distance moves; their growth certainly seems to be a testament to their success. They started out as an international moving company serving over 180 nations. And today, they also provide services in the US including local, long distance, auto transport, debris removal, junk cleanup, full service packing and storage options. Apart from the in-home survey, they also offer a virtual survey.

Reasons To Choose International Van Lines:

Quote Transparency: The biggest worry with moving companies is their ability to be vague or misleading about the moving quote. IVL is very clear about several things on their website, and has an entire section dedicated to explaining just what goes into their moving quote estimates. There’s a list of things that are included in the estimate, which include tolls, mileage, taxes, disassembly and reassembly of basic furniture pieces, one flight of stairs (7 steps) and Basic Liability Coverage up to $10,000, at $0.60/lb per article. Below that is a list of everything excluded, along with the prices that you will be charged. Knowing where and what your money is going into is definitely reassuring, especially when already dealing with so much stress from the move. After all, transparency is a trademark of reliability.

Specialty Moving Services: Not all movers offer specialty moving services, leaving you to handle the stress of figuring out how to transport your grand piano, canoe or hot tub. However, IVL handles all of it for you. Not only do they have the equipment and expertise to handle all sorts of specialized equipment, they also offer custom crate services to make sure antiques and expensive artworks reach your destination safely and in one piece. This comes over and above their full service packing, which leaves the mammoth task of packing to them. So much being left in the hands of professionals sounds like music to our ears.

Good to know: IVL requires a minimum of 2 weeks notice when planning a move in the off-season (September – March) and 4 weeks in peak season (March – September). However, they also make provisions for last minute moves.

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2. Arpin Van Lines

Founded in 1900 by the Arpin family, Arpin Van Lines has been in the industry servicing people for 120 years. Arpin is headquartered in Rhode Island, USA, but provides local, interstate, military and national services across the United States, and in several countries across the globe. Apart from moving and moving-related services, Arpin is making a positive difference by associating with organizations like Move For Hunger, Arpin Green and Arpin Strong.

Arpin Van Lines was initially part of the Arpin Group of companies. However, in April 2020, Arpin Van Lines was acquired by the Wheaton Group, performing as an agent for them. This means that as their clients, you have the benefit of a stronger agency network, better services and higher availability of movers throughout the USA.

Reasons To Choose Arpin Van Lines:

A Moving Company With A Conscience: Whether it is the values that come with being a family-owned and operated company, or the responsibility to the world that over 100 years of service brings, Arpin is one of the few moving companies that have ‘green’ moves. Part of this initiative includes reduced paperwork and a conversion to IT to save paper, purchasing packing materials from suppliers who support sustainable forestry and recycling all moving waste. They also offer tips to their clients on how they can make their move greener and save some money as well. Every single year, approximately 8.4 million tons i.e. 16.8 billion pounds of waste and junk are thrown out due to moving. Seeing an industry-leader moving company taking responsibility is a great change.

Moving Discounts: For a moving company this big, Arpin makes sure its clients are well looked after. They recognize the monetary pressure that a move can bring, especially for senior citizens and veterans. In light of that, Arpin offers discounts to seniors and veterans. Apart from that, clients moving between September 1st and April 30th (off-season) may be eligible for a $150 discount or 15% off the Full Replacement Value Protection moving coverage. Plus, they have a link to their Commercial Relocation Tariff 2020 on their website, so you can see just what goes into their calculations for your move. Two big green flags, in our opinion.

Nationwide Moving 101: Any company that offers nationwide coverage needs to tick a few boxes. For one, it must be licensed with the Department of Transportation to cross state borders. For another, it must show up as ‘authorized’ on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) database. Plus, there has to be some way of tracking your shipment as it is a long distance move.

3. American Van Lines

American Van Lines logo

Founded in 1995, this family-owned business has gone on to become one of America’s most trusted and best national moving companies. American Van Lines does local moves, long distance moves, corporate moves, international moves and military moves. It also has storage facilities and special moving for specialized items like pianos and antiques. With a website detailing out all their services, ProMover accreditation, and three different distances listed out to understand cost estimations, it’s easy to see why they’re one of the best at what they do.

Reasons To Choose American Van Lines:

Binding Estimates: American Van Lines offers what they call ‘flat-rate pricing’, which is also known more commonly as a binding estimate. You will be required to inventory all of your items, after which AVL will calculate how much they weigh and the cost to transport them and give you a price. This price will be fixed and binding, which means no additional costs or surprise fees will be added. Binding estimates are almost always preferred, as it saves you the hassle of getting scammed by companies when they increase your price with additional costs.

Binding estimates may seem costly, since the price is inclusive of the approximate time it will take to deliver your items (with a small buffer for delays), the mileage and fuel costs, etc. But look on the flip side: binding estimates encourage companies to work faster and better in order to turn a profit, which means you won’t likely have to worry about any delays.

No local agents: Almost all big moving companies work either with agents, partnerships or affiliate companies when coordinating national moves. This makes it easier to provide services as it widens their reach. This brokerage service means third party involvement, which leads to mixed reviews that depend solely on the local agent and how good or bad they are. However, AVL is a carrier company that doesn’t use agents. Everything happens through them and their well-trained staff. Phone calls and communication are with an AVL professional, and the labor and trucks will be AVL too. Their accountability has led to great customer reviews, ranking them as one of the top moving companies to go with.

Long distance moving v/s interstate moving v/s cross country moving: Interstate moving is defined as a move that crosses state borders. Long distance moving on the other hand is a move that covers a long distance. Not all long distance moves are interstate moves, as moving within larger states like Texas and California can still cover long distances. Cross country moving is an interstate move and a national move by default – stretching from one end of the country to the other, these are some of the longest moves.

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4. United Van Lines

United Van Lines logo

United Van Lines was founded in 1928, and after years of growth and expansion, became the #1 van line in market share and volume in 1992. What stands out is the fact that this is a position it maintains till today. It provides services for moves that are local, international, long distance and military, with car shipping services too. This is alongside the commonly found additional services like storage, full service packaging, packing and unpacking services, and cleaning services. They are one of the few moving companies that provide free Full Value Protection on every move, making them stand out from the crowd.

Reasons To Choose United Van Lines:

Tech Support: Once the unloading of moving day is done, then begins the mammoth task of unpacking and setting everything up. But United offers technology installations as part of their many services. They offer assistance in two areas: home theaters and PC networks. These services are particularly useful for those who aren’t that tech savvy, who don’t have the time to painstakingly set everything up in their new homes or even for those of us who are intimidated by the complexity of wall mounts and PCs.

Small Move Solutions: Long distance moves don’t always have to mean that you’re moving a truckload of stuff. However, you probably feel disadvantaged considering how much you’re paying to haul your few items across. United has something just for this: Snap Moves, designed for people who are making smaller moves. You can qualify as a smaller move if you have a one-bedroom house, 1/3 – bedroom apartment, studio apartment, storage unit or a dorm room.

Plus, if you have an interstate move that involves an assisted living facility, a youngster moving out, or moving your small shop, you could qualify as a Snapmove. The assistance includes free FVP, a personal move coordinator, standard transport of items and furniture setup, and a few more perks as listed on their website. A big moving company that pays as much attention to detail for the small moves is something we approve of.

How do I choose a long distance mover? Some of the green flags to look out for are insistence on a virtual/in-person in-home estimate, an ‘Authorized’ operating status on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) database, shipment tracking, proof of insurance, transparency and prompt answers to questions.

5. Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines logo

In the business since 1928, Allied Van Lines has one of the largest mover networks in the world. They provide local, national and international services, along with corporate and military moves. Storage options, debris removal, custom crates, full service packing and fragile-only packing are some of the other services they offer. With over 85 years of experience and a familiarity with the routes across America, Allied Van Lines makes it to our list of the best national moving companies in America.

Reasons To Choose Allied Van Lines:

Freedom To Choose: With a lot of companies, you have fixed packages to choose from, with fixed prices and services. However, Allied gives you the option to customize your package according to your needs. Their full service packing takes care of everything, and your price will vary depending on the number and types of boxes you’ll need. Your personal assistant will help you figure this out with their recommendations.

If you’re doing the packing yourself, you can opt for fragile-only packing, so your precious belongings are left to the sturdy hands of the professionals. You get to choose what needs to be packed and Allied will take care of the rest. And if you’re doing it all yourself, a complete DIY move, Allied can help with packing supplies and helpful tips. It gives you the freedom of customization so your move goes as smooth as you want it to.

Convenient Online Tracking: Almost all moving companies have some form of tracking your shipment, especially those that offer long distance moves. These can range from having to download an app, submitting login credentials, or dialing a customer service representative. But Allied has a much more convenient, accurate way to track your shipment: it gives you the current location, as well as the load date and delivery date. This is certainly reassuring, and knowing that you have the ability to check in on the shipment at any time will dissuade the drivers from causing any unnecessary delays.

Fragile Items 101: Fragile items are special, and thus have specialized packing options. If you’re packing them yourself, look into purchasing boxes specially built to transport fragile items. Jewelry boxes work well for jewelry, while dish barrel boxes with add-on compartments are great for glass and crystal transportation.

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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Moving Company Move You?

As much as we wish we could, we can’t provide an accurate estimate as to how much it typically costs to hire movers. It certainly is more expensive than doing the move yourself, but remember that it comes with loads of benefits. The cost that your movers will charge you depends on several factors like whether you’re moving in peak season or off season, how much you’re moving, and how far you have to go. Moving companies like International Van Lines and American Van Lines give you a peek into their pricing process, or show you estimates for certain distances. The best way to know how much your move will typically cost is to get in-home estimates from 3 to 4 movers.

Is It Cheaper To Hire A Moving Company?

The answer to this question can vary depending on your situation and your needs. Take for instance a 1-bedroom apartment with a minimal amount of things that need to be packed. Assume there are next to no furniture, appliances or fragile items that need to be packed or moved. In such a situation, you could very well handle the packing by yourself if you live a minimalist lifestyle and have time on your hands. So you would only need the assistance of a moving company to transport your belongings, which will definitely be cheaper than availing all the services. Similarly, if you have a vehicle in which all your belongings can fit but you don’t have the time to pack it all, hiring a moving company for partial-packing services will definitely be cheaper than a full-packing and moving service.

How Far In Advance Should You Hire Movers?

There is no strict rule on how early you should hire your movers, though some companies could have a notice period to ensure they are available to assist you on those specific dates. However, a rule of thumb is to hire your movers at least 7 to 8 weeks in advance. This is also the period from which you should start your moving timeline, working towards your moving day by ticking off tasks from the list. However, anyone stuck with an emergency last-minute move needn’t panic, as lots of movers also have services catering to last-minute moves.


Now that you know about the best national movers, get to acquiring quotes from them. Comparing movers is the best way to finalize which one will be in charge of your move. Long distance moves can be incredibly taxing, so above all, ensure that you look after your health and get enough sleep. Being in good shape both physically and mentally will help you get through moving-day and the weeks before and after like nothing else can.

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