Looking to transport your car because it’s too tedious to actually drive it? Just one Google search might have given you pages and pages of results, all claiming to be the best in the country.

But, with so many options to choose from, so many details to verify, all with their own strengths, which one do you pick? You have nothing to worry about! With our list of the best car shipping companies in the country, you can get the job done with ease from their reliable and efficient teams.

Explore our car shipping company reviews to find the best auto transporter for your needs.

6 Top-Rated Car Shippers in the U.S.

Moving Company Montway Auto Transport SGT Auto TransportAmeriFreightBargain Auto TransportSherpa Auto TransportShip A Car Direct
LogoMontway Auto Transport logoSGT Auto TransportAmeriFreight-logoBargain Auto Transport logoSherpa Auto Transport logoShip a Car Direct logo
Best ForBest OverallTransparent PricingDiscountsVetted CarriersPrice-Lock PromiseCustomer Service
Experience16 Years8 Years18 Years4 Years5 Years14 Years
Average Quote$980$1,229$1,260$1050$1,300$1,070
DoT Number223981625216902238770NA30534762241272
MC Number611862873392597401100757451106632461
ProsBelow average prices

Round the clock customer service

Guaranteed pickup dates

Services to and fro from Alaska and Hawaii
Price matching

Excellent availability

24/7 customer service

No upfront payment

Great discounts

Additional gap damage coverage

24/7 customer service availability

Affordable prices
Above average customer reviews

Low pricing
Guaranteed Quotes

24/7 customer service
Expertise in shipping cars

Interstate and Intrastate shipping

Affordable pricing

Damage-free guarantee
ConsNo GPS tracking available

Not a substantial amount of reviews
Real-time GPS tracking unavailable

Terminal to Terminal shipping not available
Calling required for accurate quotes

No GPS tracking available
Non-refundable $100 listing fee

No instant quotes
Confusing website

No instant Quotes
No GPS tracking available

No instant quotes
WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website

6 Trusted Car Shipping Companies in the U.S.

  1. Montway Auto Transport
  2. SGT Auto Transport
  3. AmeriFreight
  4. Bargain Auto Transport
  5. Sherpa Auto Transport
  6. Ship A Car Direct

1. Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport logo


First started in 2006, Montway Auto Transport has expanded to become one of the best auto shipping companies in the United States. With around 582k+ vehicles transported to date, we can safely say that their expertise and efficiency might as well be beyond comparison. Today, the company offers a wide range of services from military and student transport to international shipping which includes Alaska and Hawaii.

Reasons To Choose Montway Auto Transport:

Budget-Friendly: Montway Auto Transport is known for its affordable pricing when it comes to shipping cars. Not only does this apply to enclosed transport which can cost a hefty amount, but even their short and long-distance transport prices are below average. To give you an idea, if you were to book Montway Auto Transport’s enclosed transport, you might end up saving at least $140, since the rates are below industry averages.

Guaranteed pickups: In our busy schedules, what we wouldn’t like more than anything is having to wait for five hours because the car shipping company’s trucker left late. Punctuality is not everyone’s forte, but if it is yours, then Montway Auto Transport might be your best bet. With their expertise through the years, guaranteed pickups have now become their top-selling point. You will even notice that they offer expedited transport services, which means that this company knows to value time and dates to the T.

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Fun Fact: Apart from requiring that all their carriers have $100,000 in coverage, Montway Auto Transport also offers $250,000 in additional coverage which is no-deductible.

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2. SGT Auto Transport

SGT Auto Transport

SGT Auto Transport is a highly rated auto transport management company that was established in 2014. The company relocated to South Carolina the following year and is licensed as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) under MC 873392 and US Department of Transportation (USDOT) 2521690.

SGT is a trusted and reliable company that has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a B rating. They are also the most trusted service provider on uShip, with over one million registered service providers. The company has delivered more than 30,000 vehicles and served more than 25,000 happy customers. They are currently working with more than 25,000 vetted carriers.

Reasons to Choose SGT Auto Transport:

Door-to-door service: One of the many advantages of choosing SGT Auto Transport is that they offer door-to-door service. This means that their drivers will pick up your vehicle from the address you specify and deliver it to the destination address. You don’t have to worry about drop-offs or pickups at terminals.

Express auto transport: Another great reason to choose SGT Auto Transport is that they offer express auto transport. This is the perfect solution if you need your vehicle delivered as soon as possible. With this service, your vehicle will be delivered within 2-4 days.

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3. AmeriFreight


With more than 15 years in the auto transport industry, AmeriFreight has made quite a name for itself with its expertise, discounts, insurance, and efficient customer service. According to their statistics, they ship more than 30k vehicles a year which makes them quite a professional in the field. With services that are custom built for seniors and the military, AmeriFreight has been expanding to become an auto broker for all transportation needs.

Reasons To Choose AmeriFreight:

Damage Gap Coverage: One of the best parts about booking AmeriFreight is their gap damage coverage. Wondering what this is and how it benefits you? Also called AFta or AF total insurance, this gap coverage steps in when your insurance does not cover certain damages. This could include anything from stolen and lost keys to rock chips on the car. AmeriFreight gives you three plans that you have to pay for, which include the $48 (basic), $78 (standard), and the $98 (comprehensive) plan. Based on these plans, you will get coverage for such gap damages, which we believe is worth the price since you don’t have to worry about incurring these losses at a later stage. You must make a note that if you don’t have insurance for your car you won’t be able to sign any contracts with AmeriFreight

Best Discounts: We all love discounts, and when they’re substantial, the whole process becomes all the more fun. AmeriFreight has some of the best discounts for transporting cars in the market. And while it may seem like these discounts are offered by many other car shipping companies, AmeriFreight has some unique ones to make you happy. Their best discount is one for early birds where you can save $35 if you book within 48 hours! Wait, there are more discounts – for students, those in the active military, first responders, return customers, and even if you’re shipping more than one vehicle!

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Did You Know?: AmeriFreight also ships boats, RVs, motorcycles, and trailers!

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4. Bargain Auto Transport

Bargain Auto Transport logo

We’re all looking for ways to save money without compromising on the quality of the service. In the auto transport industry, competitive pricing is what sets many shipping companies apart, but on the top of the list stands Bargain Auto Transport. They’re fairly new to the industry but their unique way of functioning, work ethic, and efficiency have made them quite a household favorite. We don’t need to tell you that they also have some really great pricing; after all, it’s in their name!

We believe it’s essential to write a little about how Bargain Auto Transport functions since they’re so out of the box! Once you decide how much you’re ready to pay for your car transport job with the agent, a listing will be created on the website for you. At the same time, you’ll be put in touch with carriers that agree to this price, so no hassle there at all!

Reasons To Choose Bargain Auto Transport

Pricing System: What makes Bargain Auto Transport’s pricing system so appealing is that you get to decide the price you want to pay. On a call with their agents, you get advice on setting the right price for your car shipment which you can then place forward. Bargain Auto Transport’s agents act as your friends giving you the best advice and suggesting the lowest rate possible based on numerous factors. In the end, you pay an amount that’s way lower than industry averages, and to top that you get high-quality services too!

Professional and Vetted Carriers: According to Bargain Auto Transport’s system, you have to list your car transport needs on their website based on the prices decided. After this, carriers who agree to that price come forward to carry out the task for you. But, how do you know that the carriers are reliable? Here’s where Bargain Auto Transport steps in by only allowing vetted carriers to partner with them. So, unlike uShip, another similar shipping company that does not vet its carriers, you can be sure that you’ll be given a carrier that is insured, licensed, and has all the right permits in place.

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5. Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport logo

We’re definite that you’ve come across people who have had bad experiences with certain services and then start a brand to improve that service. Sherpa Auto Transport came to be for the very same reason. First started by people who themselves had a bad experience in the industry, this company has been shipping automobiles for a number of years. So, it goes without saying that their services are top-notch and professional.

Reasons To Choose Sherpa Auto Transport

Guaranteed Pricing: You must be well aware by now that the shipping industry is like no other when it comes to costs. Estimates go up and down all the time for a variety of reasons. At the same time, when you’re transporting a vehicle, there are hidden costs that you always have to factor in. Sherpa Auto Transport comes through here because they give guaranteed prices. What this means is that once they give you an estimate, that number will not change. While this might not seem a big deal, many clients realize later that they spent much less due to this policy as opposed to if they would have gone ahead with a cheaper quote from another shipping company.

Clean Car Guarantee: While Sherpa Auto Transport is known for its wide range of services, there’s one that sets them apart. With their clean car guarantee, once your vehicle is dropped off, Sherpa Auto Transport takes the responsibility of cleaning it. All you have to do is get your car washed for under $20, and submit the receipt with the Bill of Lading within 30 days of the drop off. You will then be reimbursed for the wash!

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Fun Fact: Unlike most shipping companies that only offer liability coverage, Sherpa Auto Transport requires that its carriers also have cargo insurance that’s a minimum of $100,000!

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6. Ship A Car Direct

Ship a Car Direct logo

Ship A Car Direct does exactly what its name suggests – ship cars. What you might not know about them is that when they started off in 2008, they called themselves ‘Honesty First Auto Transport’, a name closer to home with no idea of how fast their business would grow. Through the years, they adopted another name which was suiting and continued shipping cars across the country and gaining expertise in the process. As of now, they also ship motorcycles, ski-doos, and RVs, so you can book them if you’re looking to ship those items too!

Reasons To Choose Ship A Car Direct

Damage-free guarantee: We all want our automobiles to be transported as safely as possible. When it comes to this, Ship A Car Direct goes the extra mile to keep your car safe from damage with their damage-free guarantee. In an unlikely scenario that your carrier’s insurance denies your claim when your car has suffered any damage, Ship A Car Direct will pay $500 towards your deductible. Isn’t this just the type of service one needs?

Prompt Service: With our fast-paced lives, we all look for service that’s prompt and efficient; after all, we’re paying for it. With Ship A Car Direct, that’s something you can be relaxed about, because their employees and truckers are known for their prompt and timely services. Their customer service representatives are known to be helpful and professional, while their drivers always give prior notice and arrive at the time mentioned for pickups and drop offs.

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Did You Know?: The Department of Transportation in the United States strongly discourages storing personal belongings in cars when they are being transported. In line with this, the carrier can be halted and the cars checked at certain checkpoints on certain routes. There’s nothing to worry about though since this is just to make sure that illegal items aren’t being transported!

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FAQs about Car Shipping

Can you ship a car through FedEx?

Yes, you can. FedEx offers a white glove custom car shipping service called FedEx Custom Critical which will allow you to ship your car via air or road.

What’s the cheapest way to ship a car cross country?

To ship your car in the cheapest way possible, book an open transport carrier. Almost all auto shipping companies will have open transport services.

How do I choose a car shipping company?

There are several steps to choosing the right car shipping company for you.

  • Make a detailed note of what you actually need, and what your car size, make and model is.
  • Start researching. We suggest you do so thoroughly and look at all details from insurance to pricing carefully.
  • Call up contending car transport companies on your list as and when you think they match your needs. When you call, verify and confirm important information, doubts, terms and conditions.
  • Look at customer reviews and ratings on websites like Transport Reviews.
  • Get a quote that’s accurate and final.
  • Pool all the information together and make your decision based on the available information, and make your booking.

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Is it better to ship a car or drive?

It’s obvious that driving a car will prove to be much cheaper than if you had to ship it via an auto shipping company. However, it’s worth the money if the distance is over 500 miles. Not only will shipping a car save the time and effort you would require to drive it, but it’s also safer, since you don’t have to be the one maneuvering through different terrains!

Is driving cross country bad for your car?

No, in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Driving for long distances without the stop and start motion of driving in traffic does your car much good.

Can you put stuff in car when shipping?

As of now, the DOT (Department of Transportation) has not outwardly said that personal and household items could be shipped in cars being transported. That said, it is technically legal to ship some boxes or luggage in your vehicle during auto transport as long as they stay within certain size guidelines.

Is Ship a Car Direct legit?

Ship a Car Direct is the best way to ship your car. With their low prices and excellent customer service, you won’t find any other company better than this one!

How much does it cost to ship a car across the ocean?

To transport your vehicle internationally, you can expect to pay from $1,000 -$5,000 for standard ocean shipping or up to $40 000 if opting for air transportation.

Do shipped cars get searched?

The auto transport service will inspect the exterior of your car. The inspection is a precautionary measure to protect both parties from false damage claims.

Is it cheaper to ship a car by train or truck?

A lot of people who are looking for auto transport don’t know about the difference in cost. But, shipping cars using rail is often less expensive than shipping them via trucks because trains fill up more quickly and can make trips faster.

Do I need insurance to ship a car?

It’s a good idea to find out if the company you’re using for your vehicle transportation carries any type of coverage. If they do, it might be worth looking into what their policy entails and how much protection is offered by this particular plan if something unfortunate happens during transport.

How do I prepare my car for transport?

This depends on the shipping company, but typically, a checklist tells you what must be done.

In general, automobiles should be fully fueled and coolant levels checked. If storing firearms in the car, it is important to ensure they are not loaded or rusted. Additionally, it’s best to remove anything that could fall off of a car if the gas tank were to spring a leak during transit, such as golf clubs strapped to the roof rack or an open purse sitting on top of all your belongings inside your vehicle! The driver’s license and vehicle registration must also be removed from the vehicle before transport since these items cannot legally accompany a car during transportation.

Can you ship a car with a roof rack?

The answer to this question is yes. If the roof rack can be removed and put inside of your car (possibly with its back seats down), there’s no need for an additional cost or steps!

What is the average cost per mile to ship a car?

The average cost to ship a vehicle is $950. You can save up to 30% off the price if you plan and make arrangements beforehand!


From the long list of results that you receive on the internet, we suggest you do your own research before you pick a car shipping company that matches your needs. You can pick one from the list we’ve given you or you can choose one from the list you make independently. Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to consider factors like reliability, expertise, pricing, and insurance before you make your final decision.

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