team researched more than 10 motorcycle shipping companies, collected over 100 shipping quotes and interviewed auto shipping industry leaders to find the best motorcycle transporters in the United States of America.

Explore our motorcycle shipping company reviews to find the best two-wheeler transporter for your needs.

Moving CompanyMontway Auto TransportUShipHaulBikesMotorcycle ShippersAmeriFreight
LogoMontway Auto Transport logouShip logoHaulBikes logoMotorcycle Shippers logoAmeriFreight-logo
Best ForBest OverallAffordable PricesTransparencyFlexibilityExtra Insurance Coverage
Experience16 Years20 Years28 Years28 Years18 Years
Average Quote$850$480$1150$1180$1060
DoT Number2239816NANANA2238770
MC Number611862NANA352946597401
ProsNo Upfront Payment

Expedited Auto Transport
No-Damage Promise

Set Your Own Price Option
Specialized Motorbike Shipping

$15,000 Insurance with Each Shipment
Free Coverage worth $7,000

Door to Door Shipping
Various Discounts

Multiple Coverage Plans
ConsGPS Tracking Not ProvidedListed Companies Not ScreenedSize Limitations on Bike ShippingLimitations of the Size of BikesInaccurate Online Calculator

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You definitely know this as well as we do, but for every challenge that moving throws in our faces, relocating our vehicles have a way of cranking it up a notch.

If we had a dollar for every time we wished our motorcycles shipped themselves as easily as our clothes, we could probably buy the biggest moving company out there. But the truth is, the challenge of shipping motorcycles requires a specific set of skills to be dealt with.

Enter Motorcycle Shipping companies! Competent enough to make it all seem like a breeze, affordable enough to not bleed your bank account dry. Then again, it’s important that the service provider you choose is not only good, but also suited to your specific needs.

With that in mind, we created a list of the best motorcycle shipping companies in the US. Each well equipped to handle all your motorcycle shipping needs in the best way possible.

Top 5 Trusted Motorcycle Shipping Companies in the US

  1. Montway Auto Transport – Best Overall
  2. UShip – Affordable Prices
  3. HaulBikes – Transparency
  4. Motorcycle Shippers – Flexibility
  5. AmeriFreight – Extra Insurance Coverage

1. Montway Auto Transport – Best Overall

Montway Auto Transport logo

The number one on our list sure must have something to back it up, right? Well, to begin with, Montway Auto Transport has carried out about 582,000 shipments of vehicles since they came into existence. Not too bad considering they were only formed in 2006.

Montway Auto Transport’s meteoric rise can also be witnessed in the fact that approximately 38,600 drivers are employed by them. Oh hang on, we’re only getting started here!

A huge flex for the company is the fact that they took the 8th position in the list of the top 50 fastest growing businesses by Chicago Crain’s Business.

Accentuating that remarkable feat is their service offerings that are not just geared for “people”, but they also specifically serve students and folks in the military.

Be it open transportation or enclosed shipping of your vehicles, Montway Auto Transport quite literally sets the benchmark and does it all.

Why We Recommend Montway Auto Transport:

Guaranteed Pickups: No way is the term loosely thrown around when it comes to Montway Auto Transport. If the date is fixed, you are definitely going to see them do their thing. More importantly, you can bid farewell to that last minute nail-biting moment of stress and confusion.

Yes, we get that this begs the question, “What if I’m stuck at work?”. But a promise is a promise, so that sure isn’t a problem with Montway.

At the end of the day, it’s this level of efficiency and dedication that led to them offering their Expedited Services too. It sure is another great service you could consider, unless you aren’t willing to cough up a relatively bigger buck that comes with it.

Not to be captain obvious, but extreme weathers don’t really care about humanly promises. So don’t be surprised if at all they can’t make it in such cases, if only for their own safety and that of your motorcycle.

Pricing & Insurance Coverage: You know how they say, “The bigger the company, the higher the price.”? Well, let us be the one to tell you that isn’t always true! Enclosed shipping aside, you get really affordable prices for motorcycle shipping services with Montway Auto Transport.

To make things sweeter for you, Montway even has a bunch of discounts that delight your wallet. Discounts which apply to students, military folks, early birds, senior citizens and even first responders, among others. What can we say? Montway Auto Transport is quite inclusive in this regard.

Now coming to Insurance Coverage – Montway Auto Transport sure doesn’t shy away from setting a high benchmark that forces others to step up their game. $100,000 in coverage for all their shipment is as good as it gets.

While your jaws are still dropped, let us tell you that you can even get an additional, no-deductible coverage of $250,000, albeit at an additional price. Top that off with their no upfront payment way of working, and you would be certain that Montway Auto Transport is in fact the real deal.


Google Reviews – 4.4/5
Consumer Affairs – 4.9/5
BirdEye – 4.9/5
Better Business Bureau – 4.3/5

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2. UShip – Affordable Prices

uShip logo

From being formed back in 2003 to the second year of the pandemic, much has been established by UShip. Winning the award in the Environment Category in 2010 by Greater Austin Business Awards just happens to be one of them.

UShip is neither a carrier nor a freight broker. But then what are they? The answer is simple – think of them as eBay for auto transport companies, an online marketplace for auto shipping companies if you must.

Being an online marketplace, UShip gives you access to a staggering number of automotor shipping companies. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an open or enclosed transportation of your beloved motorcycle, you sure will find the service you need.

You can also lay back and assume the role of a couch potato, because UShip has door-to-door services as well. All it takes is an average of 6 days for them to transport your vehicle.

Why We Recommend UShip:

Affordability and Availability: It’s one thing to say that “we are available in all the US states”, and a completely different ball game altogether to actually serve some of the more rural areas. UShip, unlike some other companies, does have a slight edge over the others in this regard.

Don’t underestimate the significance of having a network of 788,000 auto shipping providers. It’s an irrevocably mean feat that highlights how you can put all your eggs in the UShip basket for your needs.

The way this helps is that even if you’re racing against time, you can turn to UShip to find a service provider that can ship your motorcycle for you. In fact, you can also purge those thoughts of you not getting door-to-door service just because you reside in a small town or a more rural region.

The cherry on the icing is that beyond their availability, you can also get expedited shipping service for moments where you need to get things done lickety split.

GPS Tracking: Did you ever stop to wonder that maybe the big brother is constantly watching only for his own peace of mind? While that logic may be debatable with the big brother, it sure does apply to anyone who has their motorcycle shipped.

Knowing where it is in the journey, how far along is it and other such things are quite crucial, to say the least. UShip clearly realizes that and eases your stress by providing you with GPS Tracking services.

So instead of calling a representative, you can use this feature to simply track your shipment in real-time.


Consumer Affairs – 4.8/5
Trustpilot – 4.6/5

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3. HaulBikes – Transparency

HaulBikes logo

There are those that focus on Automotor shipping and then there’s HaulBikes. As the name suggests, they only focus on and specialize in… no points for guessing… shipping motorcycles.

HaulBikes might not be considered as the biggest fish in the pond, but over 20 years of experience counts for something, right? The only catch is that their availability might not be as wide as some of the rest.

Choosing HaulBikes does make sense considering the company doesn’t discriminate and they help with all kinds of bikes, be it luxurious or antique. Now, we can’t let you leave here without sharing that HaulBikes are known to deliver motorcycles to the famed Daytona Bike week among other similar events.

The low damage claims they make only further addresses any concern regarding their reliability anyone could have.

Why We Recommend Haul Bikes:

Specialized Equipment: Your two wheeled baby deserves the best care possible. We’re not saying that a fair amount of automotive shipping companies don’t care, but just to remind you, we’re talking about motorbike specialists here.

Haul Bikes combines their knowledge with the right tools and technology for the safe handling of your bikes before being loaded, during transit and even after it reaches the location. With ramp systems and lift gates utilized for each shipment, you can rest easy knowing your motorcycle is well taken care of.

Transparency: It’s always good to know what you’re getting into, especially when it comes to paying for a particular service. What’s great about Haul Bikes is that not only are there no hidden costs, they are also transparent about the variables that could be included in your fees.

One example is how a $300 toll will be applicable when the pickup or delivery takes place in either Maine or Long Island.

All the same, HaulBikes clearly states how your shipping price would also include $15,000 worth of insurance with a $500 deductible. They then go a step further to inform on their website how the fees doesn’t include the tasks of disconnecting the battery of your motorcycle, palletizing your bike, or even crating it for that matter.


TrustPilot – 4.3/5
Google Reviews – 3.2/5

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4. Motorcycle Shippers – Flexibility

Motorcycle Shippers logo

The journey of Motorcycle Shippers began when the founder Clint Lawrence suffered a motorcycle crash. In the months that followed, he got into buying wrecked bikes, fixing and then selling them, under his venture JC Motors.

Eventually, the company created a subsidiary known as Motorcycle Shippers, and today, you get their services in most parts of the country, including Hawaii and Alaska, apart from our neighbors Canada.

Clint’s focus on always doing things the right way means that Motorcycle Shippers are also licensed with the Federal Highway Administration. They even have a feature on their website to track your shipments.

All you have to do is enter the Contract Number and then the tool does the rest. In case you’re someone who owns a Trike or even an E-Bike, don’t you worry at all. Motorcycle Shippers are proficient enough to handle shipping those as well for you.

Why We Recommend Motorcycle Shippers:

Instant Quotes: Quotes so instant, Speedy Gonzalez could also be left flabbergasted at the quick service. Just head to their website, enter the details such as the year, make and model of your motorbike, the pickup and delivery zip codes, and then hit enter.

That is literally it. No hassle of providing your email address, personal information and then waiting for a call or an email. You get it within seconds of entering the deets.

A good thing about the Instant Quotes feature is that it also gives you clarity on the standard insurance coverage. Best part? The quote you get is almost always accurate, depending on any additional services you select.

More importantly, the quote provided by Motorcycle Shippers also includes the door-to-door shipping service they offer. Pretty cool, right?

Shipping Efficiency: At some point, almost all of us must’ve wished for a great deal of flexibility when it comes to shipping time and dates of our motorcycles. Well, Motorcycle Shippers clearly must’ve heard the voices inside our heads.

We say that because apart from the standard 15 Business Days it takes for them to transport vehicles, they also have a 7-Day Shipping solution in store for their customers.

In this, they speeden the shipping process for smaller motorcycles by shipping it to you in crates. The only downside is that you have to do the packaging yourself.

Oh it gets better! Motorcycle Shippers also have a premium service called Express Shipping. The shipment time in this service is reduced significantly, but most importantly, you get the option to choose your own delivery and pickup dates.

All you have to do is pay an additional $200 to make the most of this service. Just know that Express Shipping is only limited to certain areas, so it’s best to speak to the company about this.


Google Reviews – 4.3/5
Trustpilot – 4.7/5

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5. AmeriFreight – Extra Insurance Coverage


15 years and counting, while still keeping those high standards maintained. AmeriFreight is one of the companies that should definitely be worth your consideration for your motorcycle shipping needs. Any company that ships over 30,000 vehicles in a year is clearly relied upon by many across the country.

Plus AmeriFreight catering to Seniors and Military personnels is just another factor that puts emphasis on both their proficiency and reliability.

Open and Closed transportation of your vehicles, Door to Door Shipping, Long Distance and International Shipping – AmeriFreight’s list of services is quite wide to say the least. Want to have an idea about how much money you would have to budget for their service?

Just visit their website and check out their online calculator. It is an easy tool that gives you an idea about the fee you would have to pay based on factors like distance, your vehicle type, etc.

Why We Recommend AmeriFreight:

Damage Gap Coverage: Remember the name – AFta (AmeriFreight Total Insurance). In a usual scenario, you’d be on your own in situations where the keys of your motorcycle are stolen or your vehicle experiences damage due to weather.

Things like these normally are not covered by insurance provided by auto shipping companies in the US. This is where AmeriFreight sets itself apart. Basically, when your motorcycle experiences something unsavoury which can’t be covered by insurance coverage, AFta comes to the rescue.

You can choose between three plans that AFta comes in.

a) Basic – This is where you pay $48 for $600 worth coverage. It takes care of minor damages like rock chips.
b) Standard – For $78, you get $2,000 worth of coverage for damage of major intensity. If the damage intensity is minor, the coverage would be for $800. Similarly, if your motorcycle’s keys are lost or stolen, the coverage would be for $300.

Discounts: For everything that’s unique about everyone choosing AmeriFreight, one thing they all have in common is their love for discounts. Let us tell you, AmeriFreight is a gift that keeps on giving in this regard. For starters, there’s the usual discounts for students, seniors and people in the military.

But this is where it gets interesting. Unlike other companies, these guys offer a special early bird discount too, one where you can save at least $35.

Oh we’re just getting started here. If you’re a return customer of AmeriFreight, you definitely get special treatment in the form of… yes, a discount. It doesn’t end here though, as first responders also get a discount with AmeriFreight.

Okay and then finally, you also get a discount if you happen to be shipping multiple vehicles at a single go. Needless to say, AmeriFreight clearly takes the bragging rights for being the best in the business when it comes to offering discounts to their customers.


Google Reviews – 4.8/5
Consumer Affairs – 4.6/5
Angie’s List – 4.6/5
Transport Reviews – 4.9/5

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Methodology uses a multi-fold research approach to identify motorcycle transport pricing trends and calculate industry averages:

  1. Compare Quotes: Our team collected over 100 quotes from more than 10 different motorcycle shipping companies. The shipping quotes included cost to ship a motorcycle across different distances for both enclosed and open transport.
  2. Mystery Shopping: We posed as customers and got in touch with motorcycle transport companies to collect pricing data and understand how the brokers come up with their quotes.
  3. Interviews: We interviewed (in-person and online) several industry leaders who helped us understand what all factors affect the pricing. Following that to verify accuracy we compared their responses to the information we collected independently.
  4. Regular Updates: This process is repeated annually so that we have the updated data as per the recent industry trends.

FAQs about Motorcycle Shipping

What is the cheapest way to ship a motorcycle?

If you want to let the experts handle it, then finding a company with affordable prices and great discounts (AmeriFreight for example) is one way of going about it. Normally though, doing it yourself would be cheaper.

But keep in mind, you would be responsible for making the drive and renting a trailer or truck (unless you have one or a friend you could borrow it from).

How much does it cost to transport a motorcycle?

The prices vary depending on the kind of bike you own, the distance to be covered, the company you choose and other such factors. Another important factor is the type of shipping you choose, like open or enclosed. The latter is the more expensive one.

A fair approximation would be $110 to $165 for 100 miles if your motorcycle is being shipped in an open carrier. For an enclosed carrier, the same could be around $210 to $260 approximately if the distance remains 100 miles.

Read our detailed article on How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Motorcycle

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle by courier?

The amount of money you have to pay for motorcycle transport varies based on distance and any special needs. According to an average, the cost is between $350-$700. For shorter distances (under 1000 km), it’s usually about half that price – around $180-$300.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle across the country?

Pricing varies depending on the size and weight of your bike, along with the distance of your delivery. Most deliveries under 1000 miles are done by ground, so it’s a reasonably straightforward cost.

A commonly quoted range falls somewhere in between $700-$1200 for this. Pricing is primarily based on the amount of cubic feet involved, not total weight or charges per mile.

Can you ship a motorcycle on a plane?

Sure enough, shipping the bike by air isn’t as common as ground transport, but if speed is what matters most, this may be the best way for delivery in certain circumstances!

How much does it cost to crate a motorcycle?

It can depend on the material type, but most crates run between $300-$900. Renting one will set you back around $400, while making your own might cost anywhere from about $200-$250 depending on what material is used.