Cleaning out junk from your house is indeed a difficult task. There are no disagreements there. Things can get confusing when you have to decide on what items need to be thrown away and what items are to be retained. However, this is just the beginning. Try not to waste much time on this part because you are going to have to answer a more crucial question after this. How exactly are you planning to do away with your junk in an eco-friendly and responsible way?

Some junk removal companies will not only help you by hauling your junk away but will take that extra step to ensure that your items are not unnecessarily being dumped at a landfill. LoadUp Junk Removal is one of those companies. They will provide you with excellent junk removal services at absurdly low prices and also ensure proper and eco-friendly disposal of your waste. Should you hire them? Let us find that out!

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How does Load Up Junk Removal Work?

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LoadUp is the best company to use when you want to get rid of a countable number of items. If you want to hire them, you simply have to visit their website and put in your zip code. Once you do that, you will be asked to specify objects that need to be removed. On the other hand, you can also choose to get a large cleanout done that involves several items and miscellaneous trash (like debris).

After you put in your zip code, the company will take you to a page where it lists down the items that they can pick up. If you know what exactly needs to be removed, you can select those specific items and proceed to the reservation page. You will get an accurate quote immediately if you let them know about the exact number and type of items that need to be removed. You will then need to select a date and a 4-hour window within which the company will send its crew to pick up your stuff. You can also avail of certain discounts if you opt for a curbside pick-up.

Meanwhile, if you chose to go for their larger cleanout option, they will ask you to provide your contact information. They will then ask you in detail about the kind of junk that needs to be removed. You will get a near to accurate estimate for the services you need after you give them all the details along with the pictures of your junk items. If you are happy with the price, you can make your reservation and give them a 4-hour time slot within which their crew will come and take the junk off your hands.

What Services are Offered by LoadUp Junk Removal?

Load up is a relatively new company in the business. But that doesn’t mean that they have stayed behind their competitors in any aspect. The company has a presence in 49 states of the US and it uses advanced technologies like GPS Tracking systems to inform you about the whereabouts of their clean-up crew. LoadUp offers a plethora of services to its customers. Let us look at what all you get when you hire them.

1. In-Home Pick-Up Services

LoadUp will send a crew of highly trained and insured professionals to your residence in order to haul away the items you wish to get rid of. This could include stuff like mattresses, appliances, hot tubs, furniture pieces, etc. The company conducts a background check of all its employees so you can rest assured that the people you are dealing with are extremely reliable.

The company values your time because of which they will provide you with GPS tracking services. Once the clean-up crew is on its way, they will send you a notification and then you can track them through the GPS system.

2. Curb-Side Pick-Up Services

LoadUp makes your life much easier by providing you with curb-side junk pick-up services. This service is similar to a full-service junk removal. However, it gives you more flexibility in terms of time. If you are busy, you can simply place your junk items outside your house on the curb, porch, in the driveway, or the backyard. Their crew will come and pick them up on the scheduled date. You don’t even have to be present for the appointment and your work gets done! Isn’t that great?

3. Commercial Junk Removal Services

LoadUp will take care of the junk generated by both big and small businesses and responsibly manage the waste. Be it retail space, warehouse, or office space, the type of property does not matter when it comes to waste management. The company ensures that all businesses can get cost-effective solutions when they accumulate a lot of junk.

4. Property Clean Out Services

Homeowners and tenants can benefit from the property cleanout services offered by LoadUp. When you move into a new house or you inherit a house, there is a possibility that the house is full of trash and debris. LoadUp will come and clean up the property by hauling away all the trash and unwanted objects. They will sweep up the attic, the garage, the basement, or even the entire property. You will find a list of services that are offered under their property cleanout services on their website. Make sure that you check out their website and avail the necessary services.

5. Dumpster Rental Services:

If you don’t want full-service junk removal, no worries! You can also rent out a roll-off dumpster from LoadUp if you need more time to decide on what needs to be checked out of your house. They will deliver a 15-yard dumpster to your house on the scheduled date and pick it up after 7 days. If you think that you need more than 7 days to load it up, you can always extend the rental at minimal costs.

Their dumpsters are easy to load as they are at the ground level and you can walk into them. In addition to this, they are driveway friendly so there is no hassle when it comes to making space for them outside your house.

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How Much do LoadUp’s Junk Removal Services Cost?

You will be surprised to know that the cost of junk removal services offered by LoadUp is almost 20-30% cheaper than those of their competitors. This is so because they mainly charge you by items and not the volume of the junk. LoadUp offers its customers no-nonsense upfront pricing. Once you let them know which items are to be hauled away, you will be given a quote. You have to pay the price offered in the quote at the time of booking and that’s it! There are no other hidden fees and charges.

However, make sure that you put in the junk inventory correctly, or else you won’t get accurate for the services you need. They encourage you to make all your payments online, they prefer not using cash, especially in these COVID times.

LoadUp has made the process of obtaining a quote from them absolutely easy. You can simply visit their website and get a quote. For this, you will have to put in your junk inventory and zip code. Once you get the quote, you can proceed and make an online reservation. On the other hand, you can contact them over the phone and text them pictures of your junk items so as to get an accurate quote.

They ask you to contact their customer service representative if the item you want to get rid of isn’t mentioned in their drop-down list of junk items. You will have to send them a picture of what stuff you want to do away with and then the representative will give you a very accurate quote.

The company charges you with area service fees of up to $80 which includes transportation costs, loading costs, and taxes. These charges vary according to the location of your house. You are charged with the same amount of fee whether you want to get rid of one item or multiple items.

It is always better to get rid of stuff in bulk to avoid paying area service charges again and again. Let us look at the cost of getting rid of some common household items. Keep in mind that the area service charges aren’t included in the following prices.

  • Mattresses: $30 per mattress
  • Dresser: $30 per piece
  • Air Conditioner: $50 per unit
  • Couch: $30 per piece
  • Entertainment Center: $30
  • Loveseat: $25 per piece
  • Large table (dining, conference, etc.): $40 per unit
  • Full-sized refrigerator: $60
  • Medium-sized aquarium (up to 40 gallons): $75
  • Treadmill: $95 per unit
  • Porcelain Bathtub: $200 per unit

Note: You will most probably be charged with some extra fees if the heavy junk items weigh more than 150 pounds, for instance, pianos, hot tubs, etc.

The cost of renting out a dumpster is also pretty affordable. LoadUp will provide you with a dumpster at a price rate starting at $325. They will give you an upfront price when you inquire about the dumpster and that’s the exact price you have to pay (no additional costs added later on).

The dumpster rental price includes pick-up charges along with 7 rental days. If you need some extra days, you can extend the rental agreement at the cost of $10 per day. The best part about LoadUp is that you can get a dumpster on the same day you reserve it. However, this depends on the availability of the dumpsters.

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Reasons to Choose LoadUp Junk Removal

1. Wide Availability

LoadUp Junk Removal has strategically expanded and established its presence in 49 states across the country. They have opened up locations in about 170 cities to widen their outreach. LoadUp is a relatively new company (established in 2014), but they have managed to stay up with their competitors and this is extremely commendable.

2. Upfront Pricing Policies

LoadUp does not beat around the bush. They are the best company to hire if you are getting rid of a countable number of items. Their upfront pricing policy ensures that you know about all the charges you have to pay before you make any reservations. If you make a booking, you will pay the cost of their services then and there and that’s the end of your financial transaction. Their prices are as transparent as they can get.

3. Values your Time

LoadUp really values the time of their customers. On the day of the scheduled pick-up, customers generally have to spend their entire day waiting for the crew to arrive. However, LoadUp is one step ahead of its competitors. They offer you a GPS tracking service which is activated once the crew leaves for your home. Once they leave, you are notified via a text message and then you can get real-time updates about their whereabouts.

In addition to this, they also provide you with curbside pick-up services. You can just put your items outside your home (in the driveway, backyard, porch, etc.) on the day scheduled for the pick-up. The company crew will arrive and haul away your junk. The best part about this is you don’t even have to be home on the day of your booking! Moreover, you also get some discounts if you opt for curbside pickups.

4. Reliable Staff

Their entire team of loaders is extremely well trained, polite, and friendly, and this leads to a great junk removal experience. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked, therefore you can always rely on them and feel safe around them. Additionally, all of these loaders are fully licensed and insured, and this ensures their protection when they are on the job. Their customer service representatives are also very helpful throughout the process.

5. Focus on Recycling

LoadUp ensures that they donate or recycle the items that they haul away from your houses. They realize that simply filling up landfills with reusable or recyclable objects harms the environment. They do not specify the percentage of the items that are given for recycling. However, they proudly claim that they have saved at least 3 million pounds of junk from going into landfills.
LoadUp generally sorts out the junk items and donates reusable items to charities like Salvation Army, women’s shelters, and veteran donation centers. They search for donation facilities located near your house and then donate your stuff there. Items that can’t be reused are sent to the recycling centers.

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Things to Consider Before Hiring LoadUp Junk Removal

1. Unclear Pricing for Larger Cleanouts:

LoadUp gives a clear pricing structure when you hire them to haul away a definite number of objects. However, their estimates become a little less accurate and their pricing structure becomes a little bit unclear when it comes to larger cleanouts.
You must remember that you will get an accurate estimate as long as you give them a clear, detailed idea about the job. If you don’t give them the correct information, don’t expect to get an accurate quote. Even though their pricing structure is unclear, the price that you finally agree on is the price you pay, there are no additional fees charged later on.

2. Only Junk Removal Services Available:

Unlike some of its competitors, LoadUp provides its customers with only junk removal services. Other junk removal companies will offer to do the heavy lifting in your house, moving services, and other jobs that you can get done by hiring laborers from them on an hourly basis. If you are looking for junk removal services only, LoadUp is the way to go. However, if you need any additional services, you might have to go for some other company that provides the services you need.

Is LoadUp the Right Choice for You?

The actual question here is, why wouldn’t you go for LoadUp Junk Removal? The company is known for consistently offering lower prices for its services. They offer loads of services and ensure that all of their customers are satisfied. Moreover, they also take efforts to manage your waste in a responsible way. If you ask us, we would definitely recommend hiring them for their junk removal services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of items does LoadUp haul away?

If you are looking for residential junk removal services at LoadUp, they will take almost all of your household items. These items include furniture pieces, household appliances, bathtubs, hot tubs, box springs, equipment for exercise, pianos, tables, etc. Even if the items aren’t listed on their website, you can rest assured that they will haul away whatever items you want to get rid of, as long as they aren’t hazardous and flammable. They also provide house cleanout services where they clear your house of construction debris and other kinds of wastes.

How much does junk removal typically cost?

Though the price of junk removal could range anywhere between $100 to $800, the average cost of getting rid of your junk is about $234/load. If you go for a dumpster rental, you will have to pay $402 per week on average. You might have to pay an additional amount of $60 – $150 for every extra item that you want to do away with.

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