The very first question that comes to your mind when someone talks about junk removal is ‘why is that person holding on to so much garbage?’ Let us clear up one thing. Junk doesn’t necessarily equate to garbage. You might realize that you have accumulated a lot of old appliances and furniture pieces in your garage that can be donated or recycled. No matter what stuff you want to get rid of, junk removal will always come in handy when you want to remodel your house, move, or get rid of the stuff owned by someone who recently passed away.

There is no end to what could qualify as junk for you. You could either hire someone to do the job for you or you could do it yourself. However, how much does junk removal cost? This question will definitely crop up when you want to get rid of your stuff. However, don’t fret over it. We are here to help you!

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost on Average

As mentioned before, there are companies that you can hire which will provide you with full-service junk removal. This means that the company will come to your place with a dumpster attached to its truck. They will fill up the dumpster and take away your junk.
On the other hand, you can also DIY your junk removal. In this, you can rent out a dumpster and fill it up according to your schedule and convenience. Once you are done loading it, the company will pick it up and take care of the junk.

The cost of full-service junk removal can range anywhere between $100 – $800. This cost mainly depends on whether you opt for a full-service removal or a dumpster rental. The average cost of a full-service junk removal comes up to $234 while the average cost of junk removal with a dumpster rental is $402 per week. Lastly, you might have to pay anywhere between $60 – $150 for every additional item that needs to be removed from your homes.

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How to Calculate the Cost of Junk Removal

The final cost of your junk removal is made up of several smaller expenditures. These smaller expenditures are like the building blocks of your final cost. It is difficult to give you an accurate idea about how much junk removal would cost, however, these smaller expenses will give you a fair idea about how to calculate your budget. Let us look at these smaller expenses so as to help you out with your budgeting.

1) Truck Hauling

Truck Hauling essentially refers to full-service junk removal. This option is the best when you have a lot of stuff to throw away especially if the process involves heavy lifting. A good company also uses pieces of equipment to pick up and move stuff to make the process easier. You might have to rent out these pieces of equipment at an extra cost if you go for a dumpster rental. You can expect to pay anywhere between $100 – $800 for full-service junk removal.

2) Dumpster rental

If you are someone who is renovating your house, you might need to remove some junk items every day from your house as you work. You might not be able to remove all the items together in one day. You might want to work at your own pace. In this case, renting out a dumpster is the best option for you. To rent out a dumpster, you will first have to decide on the size of the dumpster. The cost of renting out a dumpster can range between $300 – $600 per week.

3) Number of items being removed

Do you want to throw away a big box full of stuff from your attic or do you want to clear your entire garage? The size of your junk will help you determine the cost of your junk removal. If you opt for truck hauling, you can take advantage of the pay by space policy offered by them. This means that you won’t be charged for the entire truckload of stuff if you are throwing away only half a truck’s worth of load.

The cost of throwing out 1/4th truckload of items could range between $100 – $275. ½ a truckload of items could cost you anywhere between $200 – $450. 3/4th of a truckload of items can cost you in the range of $300 – $500. Lastly, a full truckload of items will cost you in the range of $400 – $600.

Renting out a dumpster does not work like that. You have to pay for the entire dumpster, regardless of whether you fill it only up to half of its capacity or not. So it is crucial that you estimate the correct size of the dumpster that you may need. At the end of the day, you want it to be big enough to take in all your junk so that you don’t have to rent out an additional dumpster; and small enough so that you don’t have to pay for the space that you don’t use.

4) Dumping at a Landfill

You will have to pay up when your junk has to be dumped at a landfill. The cost of dumping the junk at a local landfill ranges between $20 – $50 per tonne. However, if you hire someone else to haul your stuff to the landfill, you might have to pay them somewhere in the range of $70 – $150 for an average size of the load. You might want to check your local utility bills because, in some places, these bills include dumping for free.

5) Number of Stops

All the items are not supposed to be dumped at the landfill. Disposing of hazardous materials will cost you more. In addition to this, there might be some items that do not decompose. These items would have to be dropped off at the recycling center, while some items will have to be dropped off at the waste center. If some items are in good working condition, you can consider donating them as well. The company will charge you according to the number of stops they have to make while dumping your stuff.

6) Equipment for Junk Removal

When it comes to junk removal, there are several heavy and bulky items that cannot be lifted by one person. If you have paid for full-service junk removal, the company will provide its employees with all the necessary equipment that will allow for a smooth loading process. However, if you have rented out a dumpster, you are the one who will be loading it up with your junk. You will probably have to rent handcarts, straps, dollies, padding, etc., so don’t forget to account for this expenditure.

7) Types of Items

When you try to get rid of your stuff, you will have to pay according to what you want to dispose of. Your garages could be full of old appliances, furniture pieces, etc. On the other hand, if you remodel your house, there could be construction debris lying around. Let us look at the cost of junk removal according to the type of items you want to do away with.

  • Furniture Removal: Before trying to dispose of your furniture pieces, try to figure out whether they can be donated to a charity. You will have to pay anywhere between $70 – $600 depending on the number of items you want to get rid of.
  • Refrigerator Removal: You cannot simply throw away a refrigerator because it contains certain gases that contribute to global warming. You will have to pay anywhere between $50 – $150 for the removal and disposal of each unit that you own.
  • Household Appliances: If you want to get rid of some major household appliances like washers and dryers, you will have to pay anywhere between $60 – $130. You can haul away additional pieces of appliances at the average cost of $30.
  • Piano Disposal: Pianos can either be donated to a charity or they can be disposed of depending on whether the instrument is in a working condition. Piano Removal and disposal can cost you in the range of $100 – $300.
  • Hot Tub Disposal: Depending on the size and the difficulty of moving the hot tub, you can be charged anywhere between $100 – $600 for hot tub disposal.
  • A.C Units: You will have to pay in the range of $35 – $70 for the disposal of each A.C unit.
  • Electronic Waste: If you want to get rid of any electronic items like computers, printers, TVs, etc., you will have to pay in the range of $70 – $300 depending on the number of units that have to be disposed of.
  • Tire Removal: If you drop off a tire at a tire shop or a recycling center, you will have to pay between $5 – $15 per tire. However, if you hire someone to do the job for you, you will have to pay the professionals $60 on an average.
  • Construction Debris: Confirm with your contractor whether he/she is going to get the construction debris cleared from your house when the job is done. If not, you will have to pay anywhere in the range of $100 – $800 for the removal of construction debris. A majority of the landfill will let you dispose of this debris free of cost.

Determinants of the Cost of your Junk Removal

Several factors influence the final cost of your junk removal. These factors could either make the junk removal expensive for you, or they could bring down the price of the entire process. Let us find out what factors influence the cost the most:

1) Location

The price of junk removal varies from place to place. The prices of junk removal will be very high in places like New York or Los Angeles as compared to places like Oklahoma.

2) Seasonal Demand

The cost of junk removal shoots up in the months from April to September. This period coincides with the moving season and junk removal services are in high demand during this season.

3) Complexity of the Process

If you stay in a high-rise building, the junk removal process is likely to become more complicated. This is so because the people you hired will have to navigate the staircases and elevators. Similarly, if you have a lot of items, the time spent to finish this job would be even more. The company will most probably charge you more if the process of the removal is exceedingly complex.

4) Gas Fees

The ongoing gas rates will affect the price of junk removal as you will need to drive the dumpster from your home to the landfill and the other necessary places.

5) Local Disposal Fees

Some places allow you to dump your junk or certain items from your junk for free. Meanwhile, in most places, you will have to pay certain local disposal fees.

6) The Bulk of your Junk

The equation is simple. The more your throw away, the more you pay. If you throw away a truckload full of items, you will have to pay more as compared to when you throw away only a couple of items.

Note: You could reduce the cost of junk removal in a couple of ways. You must assess what items you no longer need and want to throw away. If some items can still be used, you can choose to sell them through garage sales or online on websites like eBay. This will help you make some quick money. On the other hand, you could also choose to donate some items. This won’t earn you any money per se. But it sure will reduce the bulk of the junk and eventually save you some money. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned!

Getting a Quote from Junk Removal Companies

It is difficult to get an estimate for the junk removal services because you generally don’t know exactly how much junk needs to be hauled away by a junk removal company. Some companies offer the price range for their services on their website so as to help you create a budget for yourself. At times, companies also let you use an online price estimator. This tool gives you a quote on the basis of how much stuff needs to be thrown away and the ongoing rates in your area. Let us look at the pricing offered by the 3 best junk removal companies.

1) 1-800-GOT-JUNK

  • Size of the Load: Half Truck
  • Average Cost: $400
  • Size of the Load: Full Truck
  • Average Cost: $597

2) Junk King

  • Size of the Load: Half Truck
  • Average Cost: $440
  • Size of the Load: Full Truck
  • Average Cost: $675

3) College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

  • Size of the Load: Half Truck
  • Average Cost: $372
  • Size of the Load: Full Truck
  • Average Cost: $590

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What Won’t be Accepted by the Junk Removal Companies?

Some items are hazardous, toxic, and flammable. It is unsafe to dispose of these items in a way similar to which you would dispose of normal trash. Junk Removal most probably won’t take the following items-

  • Hazardous Chemicals and Solvents: Do not try to dispose of these on your own. Contact your local environmental protection agency and ask them about ways in which they could be disposed of or given for recycling.
  • Gasoline: Do not dump Gasoline in any water body including the drains. Water purifiers aren’t equipped to treat water polluted due to pollutants like gasoline. Try to drop it off at a recycling center or a car garage.
  • Asbestos: Seal the asbestos in plastic bags and drop them off at the local environmental protection agency.
  • Oil Drums/Tanks: You can drop off these at your local landfills or salvage yards for disposal.
  • Opened Paint Cans: These can be either donated, given back to a hardware store, or dropped off at a recycling center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I tip my junk removers?

It is not mandatory to tip the removers, but it is always better to tip them. They will appreciate your gesture and make sure that the junk removal process proceeds smoothly and efficiently. Tipping will especially be appreciated when the removers have to move heavy objects and the process is super complex. Lastly, money isn’t the only way in which you can tip them. You can also offer them food and beverages while they work so that they are motivated to work twice as hard.

How should I choose a junk removal company?

Before you hire any company, always research the different companies that will get your job done. Search for the companies that operate in your area. Check their prices and the quality of services offered by them. You can take reviews from your neighbors, friends, or family members who might have hired them for similar services. You can also go online and check for reviews posted on their website and third-party apps like Yelp. Once you have your options ready, you can choose based on your budget and preferred services.

How much does it cost to remove junk from a house?

It is impossible to predict the cost of junk removal services because it varies for each individual. However, the average price ranges from $100-$800 depending on your specific situation and how much time will be required to remove all the trash.

How do I calculate junk removal?

If you are trying to calculate your labor cost for a junk removal job, follow these steps: 1. Multiply the number of hours needed by the number of employees who must work on this project 2. Next, multiply that result by how much money per hour charges, and you have the cost of a junk removal job.

How do I get rid of all the junk in my house?

It’s essential to get rid of junk in a way that won’t harm the environment. Selling things online is one creative solution, and you can also use apps or social media platforms to sell your items quickly.

Final Thoughts

In order to get an accurate idea about how much junk removal would cost you, it is best to get in contact with some junk removal companies that operate in your area. They will give you a quote based on what services are needed by you and the location of your house. You can also consult them if you are facing a dilemma regarding whether you should opt for full-service junk removal or dumpster rental service. Once they have all the details, they will explain the pricing structure and then inform you in detail about how much you would have to spend on junk removal.

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