Just did a massive declutter and don’t want to store unnecessary items in your house? Or are you someone who moved into a smaller rental apartment and don’t seem to have the space for things? Storing your items in storage units is the best foot forward, and we assure you, it isn’t as expensive as it may seem. After all, it’s better to store your valuable items than to let them lie around somewhere waiting for them to get damaged.

If you’re looking for self-storage companies, you can send your search right here because we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our list of the best self-storage companies in the country and make your pick based on your needs

Top 5 Trusted Self-Storage Companies in the U.S.

Self-Storage CompanyPublic StorageExtra Space StorageLife StorageU-HaulCubeSmart
LogoPublic Storage logoExtra Space Storage logoLife Storage logoU-Haul logoCubeSmart logo
ProsHigh availability due to many locations

Variety of storage unit sizes

Discounts available

Climate controlled units
CCTV surveillance available

Pest protection available

Climate controlled units

On-site managers available

Electrical-keyed gates
CCTV surveillance available

Climate controlled units

Drive up space available
CCTV surveillance available

Pest protection available

Availability in all 50 states

Climate controlled units

Storage Insurance available (Safestor)
CCTV surveillance available

Discounts available

Climate controlled units
ConsNo CCTV surveillance

No protection against pests
Only available in 40 US statesNo protection against pests

Only available in 33 US States
Customer service ratings are questionableNo protection against pests

List of 5 Top-Rated Self Storage Companies

  1. Public Storage
  2. Extra Space Storage
  3. Life Storage
  4. U-Haul
  5. CubeSmart

1. Public Storage

Public Storage logo

We don’t want to get cocky here, but we are quite sure that you must’ve heard of Public Storage at some point in your life at least. Yes, we’re talking about the storage company that was first started in 1972. So, there’s no wonder that they’re one of the best in the industry, with expertise that goes back so many decades. Not only does Public Storage provide self-storage solutions, but they also have storage solutions for businesses, boats, RVs, and vehicles.

Reasons To Choose Public Storage:

Availability: When it comes to storing your items by yourself in a storage facility, what you need more than anything is availability. What’s the use of finding a self-storage company that will require you to drive for hours? Public Storage is one such self-storage facility that is present in all 50 American States. Not only that, but they have thousands of locations that are widely spread. So, no matter where you live, you’ll be able to find a Public Storage facility near you.

Sizing: What use is a storage facility if they do not have a variety in sizes? You might want to store just one item or have a multitude, but if the right storage unit isn’t available, you’ll end up paying way more than you bargained for! Public Storage has also made a name for itself because of the large variety of sizing they have. These range from 5 ft. × 5 ft. units to even 10 ft. × 25 ft. units. You can find further information about their sizing here.

3. Affordable Pricing: Another plus point to having so many locations is a significant decrease in rental costs. What you might not know is that Public Storage has some of the lowest costs in the storage industry, so it comes as no surprise that their clientele’s number is also one of the highest. As an example, for a 5 ft. × 5 ft. unit, you might have to pay a monthly rent of $21 to $36. On the other hand, for a 10 ft. × 30 ft. unite, you might have to pay a monthly rent of $189 to $281. What you must note though is that prices vary according to location, so keep that in mind when you check for prices.

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Did You Know? Public Storage is the largest storage facility in the United States with around 170 million square feet of storage space for rent!

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2. Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage logo

First started in 1977, Extra Space has expanded over the years to become a storage facility that not only has the best security features, but also the best customer service. To put their work into perspective, as of now, Extra Space has around 15 million square feet of storage space for rent with 1.3 million units! Now that’s essentially 1800 self storage facilities spread out across the nation to cater to businesses and individuals alike.

Reasons To Choose Extra Space Storage:

Best Security Systems: When you’re looking for self-storage solutions, what most of us also look for is security. Since many of us store items that we do not want to be stolen, the better the security solutions a storage facility has to offer, the better we believe it to be. Here’s where Extra Space has your back since their security features are worth the money. From electronic gates to fire prevention systems and video surveillance, Extra Space has everything. So, even if you have a high-priced item in your unit, you have nothing to worry about!

Cost-effective: Even though Extra Space has such a large number of security features, their prices won’t poke a hole through your pockets. With their wide variety of sizes and types of storage, you can undoubtedly get your money’s worth. While their sizing is not the lowest, it’s also on the affordable side for the high quality of service they offer, so bear that in mind. To give you an example, a 5 ft. × 5 ft. storage units’ monthly rent can fall between $35 to $41 whereas a 10 ft. × 30 ft. storage unit’s monthly rent can fall between $220 to $265.

Frequent Pest Control Checks: One’s worst nightmare would be storing something in a storage unit and coming back months later to see it all damaged by pests. A number of times, the items we store cannot be restored, and since pests can cause irreversible damage, booking storage facilities that don’t frequently check for pests can be risky. Extra Space conducts very frequent rodent and pest control checks which also keeps your items safe against critters!

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Note: Extra Space partners with Budget Truck Rental if you’re ever in need of help to move your items to and from the storage units.

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3. Life Storage

Life Storage logo

With around 925 self-storage facilities that spawn 67 million square feet of rental storage space, Life Storage has some of the best self-storage facilities to offer in the country. Its first unit was opened in 1985 when they were actually called Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, a name that was changed in 2017 to keep in line with the company’s service and growing name. Today, not only does Life Storage offer self-storage services, but it also has commercial and wine storage facilities.

Reasons To Choose Life Storage:

Wide Variety Of Climate-Controlled Units: One of the best parts about choosing to book a self-storage unit at Life Storage is that you’ll find a unit whose size fits your every need. But that’s not all; these units have a variety of climate-controlled options available depending on what you wish to store. For example, if you’re just storing clothes and other items like art, a humidity-controlled unit can save mold from setting in. On the other hand, if you live in a colder climatic region, with heated storage units, your electronics and wooden items can be protected against potential freezes and cracks due to the cold.

Drive Up Storage: A factor that you might not have considered while looking for a storage unit is loading and unloading. If your items are too bulky or too many to carry and put in the storage unit that you’ve booked, how do you get it there? With Life Storage’s Drive Up feature, you can get your vehicle right to the door of the storage unit. Not only does this make your job easier, but this way you won’t need many hands to do the loading and unloading!

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What items cannot be stored in a storage unit?
There are a number of items that you cannot store in storage units, some of which include flammable, hazardous, and toxic substances, weapons, organisms that are alive or dead, food or containers that carry food, etc. Confirm with your storage company about the same before you book your self-storage unit.

4. U-Haul

U-Haul’s inception is a very unique story and one that warms everyone’s heart. First started in 1945 by L.S. Shoen and his wife Anna Shoen, U-Haul was just a moving service for those do-it-yourself citizens after World War II. Today, U-Haul has expanded to become a multi-million dollar business that not only spans storage, but also a host of different facilities that are related to moving. When it comes to self-storage, they offer both indoor and outdoor storage depending on your needs.

Reasons To Choose U-Haul:

Self-storage Insurance: Never heard of insurance for the items you store in a self-storage unit? Well, why shouldn’t there be, after all, some items are extremely expensive and even the best security features or climate-control mechanisms cannot stop events that are out of your control. Here, U-Haul comes to your rescue with their Safestor, insurance for your commodities once placed in a storage unit. In an unlikely scenario that these items get stolen or damaged, U-Haul will take care of it for you, but this is only if you purchase Safestor.

Note: Safestor does not apply to items like jewelry, antiques, and cars, so confirm with U-Haul’s representatives before you purchase it!

Availability: Looking for a self-storage facility that is as close to your home as it gets? There’s a chance that you’ll find a U-Haul storage facility close to you with one Google search. We aren’t joking here! U-Haul has storage facilities all over the country, and the best part is that you’ll get something or the other to suit your needs even if it’s at the last minute. You must make a note though that U-Haul has many partner facilities that you might get referred to, even then, the facilities will be the same.

24-hour Access: Are you a night owl who cleans your house in the wee hours of the morning and then would love to just drive to a storage unit and get things stored? Or are you someone whose work schedule doesn’t let you take care of decluttering during the day? In such instances, keeping your items in a self-storage unit that gives you 24-hour access is the best way to get work done. And, you can do this with U-Haul; since they let you access your unit any time of the night or day! So no more waiting till the opening time in the morning to store or get your items out!

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Did you know? U-Haul is also a moving company so you can rent moving trucks, supplies, trailers, and much more from them. Their services are endless!

5. CubeSmart

CubeSmart is known in the storage industry for its affordable pricing and range of storage options. With multiple years in the industry, CubeSmart has become the fourth largest self-storage company in the country with over 39 million square feet of storage rental space. You’ll also be pleased to know that their customer service and security solutions are also top-notch.

Reasons To Choose CubeSmart:

Great Discounts: Who doesn’t like discounts? After all, you can use the money you save for something else. But discounts can seem tricky because what if on the pretext of saving money you’re letting go of good quality service? With CubeSmart, that’s a worry you can let go of, since their amazing discounts in no way compromise the quality of the services they offer. From discounts for active-duty military to online bookings and referrals, you will find something that you can use to save money.

Variety Of Storage Units: As you might have expected, CubeSmart has a large number of storage units available. Not only will you get different types of storage units, but you might also get a large number of sizes available so that you can get a unit that will store whatever you have properly. What you might not know is that CubeSmart also has storage facilities for cars, motorcycles, RVs, and trailers.

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Did You Know? You can get a free truck rental for a period of four hours when you book a storage unit at CubeSmart!

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FAQs about Self-Storage

What does a 5×5 storage unit look like?

A 5×5 storage unit is usually 25 square feet, which is as big as a large closet. You will most probably have 200 cubic feet to store your items, but we suggest you confirm the same with your storage company.

What is the average cost of a 10×10 storage unit?

If we take into consideration both climate-controlled and non-climate controlled units, then the average monthly rental cost is $97.59.

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What’s the difference between self-storage and full-service storage?

One of the biggest differences between the two lies in the name itself. With self-storage, you do everything yourself, from the packing to the loading and unloading. On the other hand, with full-service storage, the storage company comes over, packs your items and then transports it to a storage unit where it’s then securely stored.

Another major difference can be seen when you want to take your items out. While you can take items out of your self-storage unit whenever you please, the same does not apply to a full-storage service. For the latter, you have to decide on a time for delivery and the employees of the company will take your items out and deliver them to your desired location. So, evidently, it isn’t as convenient unless it’s items that you don’t require too much.

What is the largest self-storage company in the United States?

The answer is Public Storage. With over 2,400 locations across North America and Europe for its customers to choose from, they can store any item that needs storing with them!

Who has the largest storage units?

Public storage has the largest storage unit in the United States.

Why are so many storage units being built?

In today’s world of consumer demand for premium spaces and all-inclusive features is the reason why so many storages units are being built.

Are storage units in demand?

The self-storage industry is booming, and demand remains high as average occupancy rates hover around 92%. As population and migration growth increase in secondary markets, so does the need for more space across all types of facilities – including those dedicated just toward storing one’s belongings!


Be it climate controlled or not, be it high security or the opposite, the self-storage company you choose is all up to you and what you want to store. Depending on the items, your budget, and your location, you can make the choice. You can even take a pick from our list, but, we suggest you go through the respective websites and confirm and verify any details or doubts you have before you book a unit.

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