You might put your stuff into storage and come back and find it completely ruined due to mold and rust. What went wrong you ask? Well, before you put your stuff into any kind of storage unit, you must know one thing. You cannot store your stuff in a non-climate-controlled unit and expect it to be unharmed and alright, especially if the facility is located in a place that experiences weather extremities. The humidity leads to the growth of mold, and extreme cold or heat spoils your wooden and metal items.

What should you do in this case? Though a climate-controlled unit might seem expensive in comparison to a standard storage unit, consider investing in it. A climate-controlled unit ensures that your objects are stored in an ideal environment and they do not get ruined during the storage period. Many companies will provide you with high-quality climate-controlled units. Let us look at the 5-best climate-controlled self-storage companies and how they fare against each other.

Let’s look at the companies that offer 24-Hour Self-Storage Access and Facility:

CompanyExtra Space StorageCubeSmartPublic StorageLife StorageU-Haul
LogoExtra Space Storage logoCubeSmart logoPublic Storage logoLife Storage logoU-Haul logo
ProsTop-Class Security Features

Excellent Maintenance of the Facilities

Great Insurance Coverage Policy
Free Moving Trucks and Discounts on Truck Rental Services.

Numerous Perks for their Customers

Excellent Customer Service
Plenty of Incentives and Discounts

Widely Available Services Across the Country

Lowest Rental Prices
Wide Variety of Climate-Controlled Units Available

Great Reviews from their Customers

Offers Moving Supplies at a Discounted Rate
Wide Availability

No Administrative Deposits and Security Deposits

24/7 Access to Your Storage Units
ConsRental Prices Increases RegularlyUnits are Not Treated for PestsNo 24/7 Access to Your UnitsLimited AvailabilityService Quality Differs from Location to Location

Top-Rated Climate-Controlled Self Storage Companies

  1. Extra Space Storage
  2. CubeSmart Storage
  3. Public Storage
  4. Life Storage
  5. U-Haul Storage

1. Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage logo

Extra Space is the second biggest owner of self-storage facilities in the USA. They have experienced exponential growth in the past and today, they own more than 1,700 locations across the country. They are known for offering the best services at affordable rates and they have taken excellent security measures to keep their customers’ stuff safe throughout the storage period.
On one hand, states like Florida have multiple Extra Space locations while on the other hand, states like Alaska, Vermont, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, etc., don’t have a single Extra Space location.

Reasons to Choose Extra Space Storage:

Top-Class Security Features: You can rest assured about one thing when you store your stuff at an Extra Space Storage facility. Your belongings will be absolutely safe from theft while they are in Extra Space units. Each of their facilities uses advanced technologies and multiple features to ensure the security of your stuff. All their facilities have installed 24/7 video surveillance systems. The facilities are fenced and have electronic gates with coded access.

Sometimes, you might want to store something very valuable in the unit. You don’t need to be apprehensive about this decision as Extra Space will provide you with alarms for your individual units to enhance the security of your unit. In addition to this, each facility has an on-site manager at all times who takes care of the facility. Lastly, Extra Space sells high-quality disk locks that are very difficult to break open, and thus, your objects remain safe.

Excellent Maintenance of the Facilities: Extra Space doesn’t want your storage experience to be a never-ending nightmare for you. These units are climate controlled which means that the temperature and the humidity levels are regulated so as to ensure that your stuff doesn’t get destroyed due to the growth of mold.

Additionally, they regularly treat their units for rodents and pests. These pests can be a nuisance and end up ruining your stuff. Extra Space stands out in the storage industry, as unlike other company facilities, they ensure that their facilities and storage units receive regular treatment for pests and rodents.

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Good to Know: If you wish to terminate your rental contract with Extra Space Storage, you need to give them a 15-day notice period before you move all your stuff out of the storage unit.

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2. CubeSmart

CubeSmart logo

If you are someone who needs a storage experience customized according to your needs, CubeSmart is the way to go. CubeSmart storage offers wallet-friendly storage services along with several amenities and personalized services. On top of that, CubeSmart also ensures that you get as much as flexibility you need when you move. Renting out a unit from CubeSmart is truly a smart choice as they will make sure that you get everything that you need.

Reasons to Choose CubeSmart:

Truck Rental Services: You will most probably need a moving truck to move your stuff or to put your stuff into storage. You don’t need to worry about having to spend extra money on rental trucks because CubeSmart provides all its customers with moving trucks for free for up to 4 hours. This offer is beneficial for you, especially if you go for a local move.

In addition to this, you get a 10% off on all your long-distance moves if you hire a Penske truck, as this company is a partner of CubeSmart. Lastly, CubeSmart customers can also take advantage of the services offered by SML movers. SML movers have entered into a partnership with CubeSmart and cut down 10% of their costs for all CubeSmart customers.

Numerous Perks: CubeSmart customers benefit from the numerous perks offered by the company. The company has revolutionized the storage industry by offering office amenities at their superstore locations. This means that all their customers get free Wi-Fi, printing and copying services, and professional shredding services. You are also given a workstation if you wish to work and you also get to relax in their lounge areas along with a cup of free coffee after you are done working.

In addition to this, you can also customize your storage space according to how you want. CubeSmart will offer you organizational services where an expert will help you to organize your storage space. Most of the perks are free, but then again, you might have to pay a little bit extra if you want to avail of their premium services.

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Did you Know? CubeSmart will make your life easier by accepting packages on your behalf and delivering them to your units. They also pick-up your items from your unit and pack them so that they can be shipped or picked up by you later on.

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3. Public Storage

Public Storage logo

Public storage is the king of the storage industry as it is available almost everywhere. The company owns about 170 million square feet of rentable storage space and it is very established as it has been in this industry for about half a century. Public Storage is the best option for you if you are on a tight budget and need excellent storage services. Their low-priced services combined with their wide availability makes them an excellent choice for you.

Reasons to Choose Public Storage:

Plenty of Incentives and Discounts: The discounts and promotional offers provided by Public Storage are what makes the company so famous. If you are a Public Storage customer, you will be able to rent out a unit at the cost of $1 for the first month. Other companies reinstate the high rental rates after the first month, but this is not what Public Storage does. They will still give you a whopping 30% off on your rental price every month. In addition to this, members of the military also get great deals and discounts on their storage units.

Wide Availability: A reputable company is of no use if its facilities aren’t available in most places. The best part about Public Storage is that its locations are available absolutely everywhere. The wide availability of their units is convenient for you because you will most definitely find a unit near your house and you can visit it frequently as well.

Additionally, wide availability means that public storage has enough units for all its customers. They do not raise their prices due to a shortage of units in times of high demand. They stand out in the industry because the wide availability of their units helps them to maintain lower prices.

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Did you Know? Public Storage is one of the largest self-storage companies in the USA. The amount of success experienced by them helped them to grow and expand their company. They have built an international presence because of this and as of today, they own several facilities across 7 European countries.

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4. Life Storage

Life Storage logo

Life Storage Inc. was founded in 1982, but it was known as Uncle Bob’s Self Storage back then. Today, these guys own more than 900 locations across the country and provide their customers with services of absolute high-quality. Life Storage prioritizes the needs of the customers because of which they offer a wide range of services. And we guarantee you that you will find whatever you are looking for at Life storage Inc, be it climate-controlled storage, business storage, vehicle storage, wine storage, or complimentary moving trucks.

Reasons to Choose Life Storage:

Best Climate-Controlled Facilities: You might be aware of the fact that your stuff might start growing mold, or begin rusting if it is not stored in an ideal environment. Unlike other companies, Life Storage offers you a wide range of options when it comes to renting out climate-controlled units. They have acknowledged the fact that your belongings like wooden furniture pieces, books, metal devices, etc., need different kinds of climate-controlled units. That’s why they provide their customers with heated storage units, air-conditioned storage units, and humidity-controlled storage units.

You need an air-conditioned and humidity-controlled unit when you store stuff like clothes, art pieces, or books, purely because these items are susceptible to the growth of mold. On the other hand, your electronic devices and wooden items thrive in a warm unit. Electronic devices get frozen and wooden items crack up due to cold temperatures, because of which heated units are ideal for their storage. You never have to worry about your objects being exposed to weather extremities, since the climate-control technologies regulate the environment inside the unit according to whatever stuff is being stored in it.

Great Customer Reviews: You will notice that this company has received an overwhelming number of positive reviews from all its customers. They make it their priority to serve their customers well because of which a majority of their customers are generally very satisfied with the services they receive. Life Storage is also very responsive when it comes to negative reviews. Whenever someone posts a negative review, the company addresses their complaints and makes sure that their issues are resolved.

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Good to Know: If you wish to buy moving supplies, buy them from Life Storage websites or facilities. If you are a Life Storage customer, you will get a 20% off on the cost of these moving supplies. In addition to this, you get free shipment for your online orders if your purchasing amount exceeds $25. Best part is that you can expect these supplies to be delivered to your place within 48 hours.

5. U-Haul Storage

U-Haul logo

We are sure that most of you have grown up seeing the white and orange U-Haul trucks and moving containers being used for moves across the country. Not only does U-Haul offer moving containers and rental trucks, but it also lets its customers opt for self-storage. It is known for its wide availability – which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering they have facilities across all the 50 states of the USA and Canada as well. You can choose to go for a climate-controlled storage unit at U-Haul Storage and you will get excellent services at budget-friendly rates. Ask anyone and they will tell you that U-Haul is one of the most reputable and established companies and you won’t regret renting out their units.

Reasons to Choose U-Haul:

No Administrative Fees and Security Deposits: Most of the storage companies ask you to pay administrative fees when you rent out a storage unit from them. In addition to this, you are also asked to pay deposit fees when you reserve storage units with other companies. However, this is not the case with these guys. U-Haul does not include all these hidden fees in their bills. You do not have to pay any administrative fees and deposit fees when you rent out a U-Haul storage unit.

Facilities have 24/7 Access: U-Haul facilities ensure that you can visit your storage units at any time. There are no restrictions on you when you store your stuff at U-Haul. Many storage companies follow strict gate hours, but U-Haul realizes that you may be working a job that wouldn’t allow you to visit your unit during the normal gate hours. For example, if you are into event management, you might need to visit your units late at night after the event ends, so as to put your inventory into storage. U-Haul makes your life easier by giving you the flexibility to decide when you want to access your units.Did you Know? You can enable Autopay on your account when you rent out a storage unit from U-Haul. This means that you don’t have to worry about being charged with late fees just because you forgot to pay your rent in time. Your rental amount will automatically be cut every month from your bank account if you sign up for Autopay.

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FAQs Related to Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Is it worth getting a climate-controlled unit?

If you are putting your stuff into storage especially for a long time, you would want to ensure that your stuff isn’t getting damaged in any way. Unfortunately, your stuff is almost always susceptible to damage, especially if it is exposed to extreme temperatures. Items like wooden furniture, books, clothes, etc., will start growing mold and your metal devices might start rusting in the presence of excessive humidity.

Similarly, your metal devices get frozen if the temperature is too low and wooden stuff starts to crack if the temperature is too high. In order to ensure that your items remain safe and unharmed throughout the storage period, it is always best to opt for a climate-controlled unit.

How much does climate-controlled storage cost?

Renting storage units isn’t as expensive as it may seem. Self-storage is the ideal solution for you if you want to store your stuff out of your house. Climate-controlled units generally cost more than a standard storage unit. The average cost of renting out a stand storage unit ranges between $60 – $180 per month. Meanwhile, the average cost of renting out a climate-controlled unit ranges between $75 – $225 per month.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage is usually provided with high-end self-storage units. Climate control helps keep the unit at an even temperature year-round, which can be more comfortable for customers and extend the lifespan of property in storage.

Can you store food in a climate-controlled storage unit?

Corny as it sounds, the best way to store your food is in a fridge. It’s not just for preserving flavors either – keeping perishable items at an even temperature will prolong their lifespan! Please make sure you check with facility rules before committing, though, because some companies prohibit certain types of foods from being stored at their facility.

Can you sleep in a climate-controlled storage unit?

No, you can’t, and in fact, most climate-controlled storage facilities prohibit sleeping in the facility.

What is the difference between heated and climate-controlled storage?

The primary difference is the temperature and relative humidity of the two. Climate-controlled storage comes with many benefits, such as lower utility bills and a decrease in moisture (less humidity). The main downside to this type of storage is that it can be more expensive than heated storage. Heated storage keeps your items at room temperature, which will cause an increase in temperature if not monitored. This isn’t an issue for some people, but it’s definitely something to be aware of. If you’re storing any sensitive documents such as photos or paper records, climate-controlled might be more ideal since climate-controlled units maintain a stable temperature and relative humidity level no matter what season or time of day it is outside.

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