Stop whatever you are doing and look around in your house. What do you see? You will most probably see your closets overflowing with stuff, your garage full of junk items and your furniture pieces pushed together in a crammed fashion to make more space in your house. Hoarding tendencies come to us very naturally. Have you realized that letting go of stuff is super difficult? Owning so much stuff eventually becomes a problem when you have to move or when you have some guests and have no space to accommodate them.

We have only one thing to say to someone who has been in this kind of situation. Your life will be much easier if you just rent out a storage unit and declutter your house. Many companies will offer you a variety of storage services. CubeSmart is one such company that has been an industry leader since 2004. If you are wondering whether CubeSmart is the right choice for you, let us tell you everything you need to know about CubeSmart Storage.

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What kind of Services are Offered by CubeSmart?

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This company has more than a thousand storage units spread across the US with excellent reviews from most of its customers. They offer a wide range of services to their customers. Let us have a look at what services you can expect from CubeSmart.

1. Self-Storage Services:

There comes a time when you realize that you have accumulated an excess of belongings and it is time to move some stuff out of the house. Whether you want to declutter your house, or want to make space for some extra family members, you can always opt to rent CubeSmart storage units. They provide you with both indoor and outdoor units that are also climate-controlled. The best part about their indoor units is that they also have drive-up access.

2. Business Storage Services:

Business owners (small and big) can always rent CubeSmart storage units to satisfy their storage needs. Sometimes, there are some goods, inventory, office equipment, etc., that need to be stored somewhere. Due to the flexibility offered in terms of storage options, CubeSmart is the best option for business owners when they need to rent out a space for their business needs.

3. Moving Storage Services:

Whenever you need to move or declutter your house for home staging, you can always store all of your belongings in CubeSmart storage units. In addition to this, CubeSmart offers some excellent deals on moving trucks. They provide you with moving trucks for free for up to 4 hours if you are going for a local move. Moreover, they have partnered up with Penske Truck Rental because of which you can rent out their trucks at lower rates.

4. Vehicle Storage Services:

You can store all kinds of vehicles at the CubeSmart storage facilities. This will allow you to free-up your garages. CubeSmart offers three types of long-term and short-term storage options namely outdoor storage, indoor storage, and covered storage.

5. Wine Storage Services:

Many people like to age their wine before they consume it. CubeSmart offers wine storage services where they provide the customers with climate-controlled units to maintain and store their wine bottles. By storing wine bottles in the CubeSmart Unit, you can also avail of the rotation facility so that you drink the wine which is ready to be consumed. Meanwhile, the bottles which need to age a little more are kept aside.

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What Amenities are Offered by CubeSmart?

1. Climate-Controlled Units:

In order to ensure that your possessions do not have to suffer due to temperature extremities, CubeSmart maintains climate-controlled storage units. The temperature in these units is maintained between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level is controlled as well. At the end of the day, you do want to store your wooden furniture, clothes, books, and metal appliances without them getting ruined due to mold, don’t you?

2. Accessibility:

Some storage facilities allow their customers to have 24/7 access to their storage units. Meanwhile, other facilities have specific gate hours during which the customers can access their units. You can find out about the hours when you can access your units by searching for them online (according to the facility) or visiting the location itself.

3. Custom Storage Options:

CubeSmart believes that each customer has some individual needs because of which it customizes its services for all its customers. The customers can avail of their premium services under which they will get electricity and lighting for their units, shelves installed for storing stuff, video monitoring, automatic door openers, and remote-controlled access to their units.
Note that the last three amenities are offered only in superstore locations. In addition to this, they have fenced and code-accessed gates, and video surveillance in all their facilities to maintain the safety of your items.

4. Moving Supplies:

Most of the CubeSmart locations also sell moving and packaging supplies. You can simply purchase supplies from them whenever you are planning to move or put your items into storage.

5. Organizational Services:

If you pay CubeSmart a little bit more, you will be able to avail their premium services. In this, an expert will guide you on how you are supposed to store a maximum number of items in the minimum amount of space. Moreover, the company will also provide you with the needful organizational supplies like tapes, boxes, bubble wraps, etc.

6. Logistic Services:

CubeSmart will make your life simple by performing some additional tasks for you. If you order anything, you don’t have to be physically present to receive your package. CubeSmart will receive it on your behalf and also send it to your unit. Additionally, they will also pick up your belongings from your storage unit, pack them and keep them ready for pick-up, shipping, or delivery.

7. Superstore Locations:

CubeSmart offers its customers personalized services along with advanced technologies by making superstore locations available for them. These locations offer some of the best office amenities like free Wi-Fi, copying, printing, faxing, and shredding services. Along with this, all their customers can get their work done by using CubeSmart workstations. In addition to this, CubeSmart also provides its customers with lounge areas along with free coffee so that they can unwind after a long day of work.

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What Sizes of Storage Units are Available at CubeSmart Storage Facilities?

CubeSmart is much ahead of its competitors when it comes to storage unit sizes. While its competitors offer about 7-9 options, CubeSmart offers its customers a whopping 13 differently sized storage units. They provide their customers with storage lockers, small units, medium units, large units, and vehicle storage units. Let us look at the different sizes of CubeSmart storage units in detail.

5’ X 5’ X 4’

Type: Storage Locker
Floor Space: 25 sq. ft
Storage Space: 100 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing small objects, holiday decorations, some boxes, etc.

5’ X 5’ X 8’

Type: Small Unit
Floor Space: 25 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 200 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing small pieces of furniture, some storage boxes and other smaller stuff from your house.

5’ X 10’ X 8’

Type: Small Unit
Floor Space: 50 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 400 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the items from a studio apartment or a dorm room.

5’ X 15’ X 8’

Type: Small Unit
Floor Space: 75 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 600 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the belongings from a one-bedroom apartment or a one-car garage.

10’ X 10’ X 8’

Type: Medium Unit
Floor Space: 100 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 800 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the items from a 1-bedroom home or a two-bedroom apartment.

10’ X 15’ X 8’

Type: Medium Unit
Floor Space: 150 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 1,200 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the belongings from a 2-bedroom home or a 3-bedroom apartment.

10’ X 20’ X 8’

Type: Large Unit
Floor Space: 200 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 1,600 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the belongings from a 3-bedroom home or a 4-bedroom apartment.

10’ X 25’ X 8’

Type: Large Unit
Floor Space: 250 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 2,000 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the belongings from a 4-bedroom house or a large garage.

10’ X 30’ X 8’

Type: Large Unit
Floor Space: 300 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 2,400 sq. ft.
Used for: Storing all the belongings from a big 5-bedroom house.

15’ X 10’

Type: Vehicle Storage
Floor Space: 150 sq. ft.
Used for: Storing compact, small cars, motorcycles and ATVs.

20’ X 10’

Type: Vehicle Storage
Floor Space: 200 sq. ft.
Used for: Storing bigger vehicles like pick-up trucks, sedans, SUVs, etc.

26’ X 10’

Type: Vehicle Storage
Floor Space: 260 sq. ft.
Used for: Storing Class B vehicles like big vans, campers or small RVs.

30’ X 10’

Type: Vehicle Storage
Floor Space: 300 sq. ft.
Used for: Storing very large recreational vehicles.

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How much do CubeSmart Storage Units Cost?

Your decision to rent out a storage unit from any company boils down to one simple thing, i.e., the cost of renting out the unit. If you wish to get a quote from CubeSmart, you can get it online and over the phone as well. Before we discuss the average cost of renting out a unit from CubeSmart, let us look at the different factors that influence the final cost of the rent you have to pay every month.

1. Climate-Controlled Units: CubeSmart offers its customers both standard storage units and climate-controlled units. Opting for a climate-controlled unit will ensure that all your stuff is being stored at an optimal temperature and there is no growth of mold. However, opting for a climate-controlled unit will cost you more in comparison to standard storage units.

2.Size of the Storage unit: You will have to pay a higher rent for bigger units as opposed to smaller units.

3. Locations: The cost of renting out a unit in crowded metro cities is higher as compared to the cost of renting out a unit in the rural areas.

4. Availability of Units: If a location is nearly filled up to its maximum capacity, the cost of renting out a remaining couple of units is higher in comparison to renting a unit from an empty facility.

5. Tons of Discounts: CubeSmart offers its customers several discounts which ultimately brings down the price of storage.

6. Administrative Fee: CubeSmart asks you to pay an administrative fee of $24 when you move your stuff into the storage unit.

7. Insurance cost: CubeSmart offers you coverage for which you need to pay some amount every month. The cost of the insurance depends on how much coverage has been purchased by you.

8. Premium Services: CubeSmart offers its customers several amenities. But some amenities are available only if you pay a little bit extra and avail of the premium services.

9. Additional fees: Customers are asked to pay a small fee if they reserve a unit within 48 hours of moving their stuff into it. Although you can use their moving trucks for free, you will have to pay some additional fees if you stay more than 8 miles away from the facility.

If you wish to rent out a small storage unit from CubeSmart, you will have to pay an average amount of $70 per month. Renting out a medium-size unit from CubeSmart will cost you $140 on an average per month. The average cost of renting out a large unit from CubeSmart is $250 per month.

Please note that these costs are just the base rates that you pay every month. They do not include the various types of extra fees or discounts that are applied to your final bill.

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Does CubeSmart Offer Insurance?

It is mandatory for all customers of CubeSmart to purchase insurance from them when they rent a storage unit. Purchasing coverage helps you to ensure that you do not face any monetary loss in case your stuff gets damaged or stolen. CubeSmart offers insurance at extremely affordable rates and their policies can give you about $2,000 – $5,000 of coverage.

If you wish to purchase $2,000 of coverage, you can expect to pay $12 on an average every month. A $3,000 insurance policy will cost you about $17 on an average per month, while a $5,000 insurance policy will cost you around $27 on an average per month. If you own expensive and valuable items for which the coverage offered by these policies isn’t enough, you can talk to the facility manager and purchase the necessary coverage.

What are the Benefits of Choosing CubeSmart Storage?

1. Wide Range of Sizes:

CubeSmart offers its customers a wide range of sizes. Storage companies generally offer 7-9 sizes. But that’s not how CubeSmart rolls because they have surpassed their competitors in this matter. It’s amazing how you get 13 different sizes of storage units, which include storage lockers, small units, medium units, large units, and vehicle storage units, with them.

2. Tons of Discounts:

CubeSmart storage offers its customers a ton of discounts out of which the prominent ones are student discounts, military discounts and discounts received after referring the company to a friend/family. You can get a 35% off on your storage costs if you participate in their referral programs. Some locations also provide you with one month of free storage if you get someone to rent a unit from their company.

3. Truck Rental Made Easy:

Moving trucks/vans are an integral part of the storage industry. CubeSmart offers its customers rental trucks for free when they need to move stuff from their house. You can use their trucks for free for up to 4 hours if you are going for a local move. They have also partnered up with Penske Truck Rental. If you are a CubeSmart customer, you will get a 10% off on all your long-distance moves. Additionally, they have also partnered up with SML movers. All CubeSmart customers get a 10% off if they hire SML movers for moving services.

4. Plenty of Perks:

Plenty of perks are given to all their customers. CubeSmart is one of the very few companies that offer office amenities (Wi-Fi, printing, shredding, etc.) to its customers, and that too for free. Their customers can also work out of their workstations, relax in the lounge area and get free coffee. They also offer you custom storage services. Some perks are available free of cost. On the other hand, you have to pay a little bit extra for their premium services.

5. Excellent Customer:

All their employees are rigorously trained to provide their customers with extremely high-quality services. They make no compromises on the quality of customer service you get. CubeSmart’s staff is very courteous, polite, helpful, and friendly. Their customer service representatives ensure that all your queries are satisfactorily answered and you receive everything you have asked for as soon as possible.

6. Self-Guide Services:

CubeSmart has taken into account the ongoing pandemic and has made its services virtual and contactless. You can find a location online and reserve a unit by making an online payment. If you have any queries before booking, you can always solve them by contacting the location over the phone. After you reserve a unit, you get a code. You have to use this code at their gates to enter the facility, load up your unit, lock it and drive away. In this way, they ensure that you do not come in contact with anyone.

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Things to Consider Before Renting a Unit from CubeSmart

1. Administrative fee:

You will be charged a $24-$25 administrative fee on your reservation. Some locations also ask you to pay for the locks that have been put on the doors of your individual units. Most of the companies do charge an administrative fee so this isn’t necessarily a drawback.

2. Increase in Rental Prices:

Once the promotional period expires, you will have to pay the full cost of storage per month. In addition to this, there is a hike in the rent of storage units each year. There can be as much as a 10% increase in the prices annually. Again, price hikes are a common occurrence in the storage industry and it doesn’t solely occur in this company.

3. Limited Accessibility:

Though the company boasts of giving their customers 24/7 access to their storage units, only a few locations offer this amenity. Most of the locations allow their customers to access their units only during gate hours.

4. Inconsistent Maintenance:

The quality of the maintenance of the unit varies from location to location. This means that some locations do not treat their units for pests. If you want to rent a unit from CubeSmart, ask about how the units are maintained and rent a unit only after you are satisfied with their answers.

Is CubeSmart Storage the Right Choice for you?

You will get great reviews of CubeSmart from their customers. CubeSmart offers its services at affordable prices. Then let’s not forget, these guys leave you spoilt for choices when it comes to unit sizes. It is easier to find the right size of unit for yourself at CubeSmart because they have many different sizes of units available.

The more perks a customer gets, the more likely they are to use a service again. Probably that’s why CubeSmart offers all their customers uncountable perks that are very unique. They do raise their prices annually, but that happens everywhere. If you ask us, we would definitely recommend renting out a storage unit from CubeSmart.

Does CubeSmart have a grace period?

No, there is no grace period for late payments. You will be charged with a late fee immediately after a payment is due.

What are the payment terms?

The process of payment with CubeSmart is extremely easy and stress-free. You can easily reserve your units without having to make any security deposits via credit cards.

You can pay your bills through online banking, over the phone, by mail, or in person at the facility. You can make your payments by cash, cheques or even credit cards. They also offer you an automated paying system where the payment automatically gets cut from your account without you having to do anything. This benefits you as you don’t have to stress about remembering to pay on the first of every month.

Does CubeSmart have cameras?

Cube Smart has always been about convenience, and now you can be just that much more hands-free with wifi enabled camera. You’ll have full access to check-in remotely for any issues or concerns on your own time!

How often does CubeSmart raise their rates?

CubeSmart rates are calculated using an inflation-adjusted lease rate. When the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) is announced, they adjust their rates to align with this change. They raise our rates every six months.

How do I access CubeSmart?

When you register and log in to the CubeSmart Mobile App, you may quickly discover your storage unit’s office hours and access hours. There’s also no need to be concerned about remembering your code, and you can use the app at any time to see your gate code.

Does CubeSmart have bathrooms?

Yes, CubeSmart has very well-maintained and clean bathrooms on each floor.

Does CubeSmart have an app?

With the CubeSmart app, you can have access to your belongings. You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything or having a closed office.

Can I cancel CubeSmart at any time?

CubeSmart provides a month-to-month rental agreement, allowing consumers to leave when they choose. Just notify them that you’ll be moving out, and you’re done!

Is CubeSmart a corporation?

CubeSmart is a real estate investment trust that owns and manages self-storage properties.

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