What is one of your biggest concerns when you put your belongings into storage? The answer is simple. You generally tend to worry about whether your stuff will be safe inside that unit. Obviously, you don’t want to choose the wrong company and end up regretting your decision. How do you choose the right company for yourself then? Well, you just have to read up a lot and consider all the pros and cons before hiring a particular company.

There are many companies out there that will provide you with the services you need. One such company is Simply Self Storage. It has been growing in popularity in the storage industry and we are certain that you might have considered hiring a unit from them. Do you think this company is right for you? Let us help you make this decision.

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What kind of Services are Offered by Simply Self Storage?

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Simply Self Storage recognizes that each customer needs to store different types of items because of which they might need different types of storage services. They offer various kinds of short-term and long-term storage services and you can pick the services that are right for you.

1. Self-Storage Services:

People tend to need storage services when their houses get cluttered up or when they want to move. Simply Self Storage provides its customers with both indoor units and outdoor units with drive-up access. You can rent out units that range from mini storage units to large units from Simply Self Storage. You can rent their units on a monthly basis. They also provide all their customers with both standard storage units and climate-controlled units.

2. Business Storage:

Simply Self Storage provides business owners with commercial storage options if they need to store any business-related stuff like their inventory, equipment, papers, files, etc. What you will have to pay while renting out a Simply Self Storage unit to store your business-related stuff is much lower than commercial real estate costs. Now that’s what makes Simply Self Storage the best option for commercial storage. In addition to this, business owners can rent out the unit for temporary as well as long-term storage.

3. Vehicle Storage:

It is absolutely important that you store your vehicles like cars, RVs, boats, etc. in a safe and secure location when you aren’t going to use them for a long time. Simply Self Storage provides you with indoor and outdoor units of varying sizes that can accommodate any kind of vehicle. You get three options when you go for vehicle storage namely – indoor storage, outdoor storage, and covered storage. They ensure that your vehicles remain in the best condition throughout the storage period and you can have access to them any time you want.

What Amenities are Offered by Simply Self Storage?

1. Climate-Controlled Units:

Simply Self Storage knows that extreme temperatures can ruin your stuff and they do not want you to have a bad storage experience. After taking this into account, they started providing their customers with climate-controlled units. The temperature and the humidity levels inside these units are regulated so as to ensure that your stuff is not exposed to extreme temperatures. It is always better to store your stuff in climate-controlled units, because if you don’t do so, your stuff might start growing mold due to unfavorable temperatures and excessive humidity.

2. Accessibility:

Though most of the Simply Self Storage facilities allow 24/7 access to all its customers, some facilities allow customers to visit their units strictly during gate hours. You can enquire about the gate hours and the accessibility in general before you decide to rent out a unit with Simply Self Storage.

3. Secure Facilities:

All their facilities are fenced and have installed electronic gates with coded access. This ensures that no one other than you have access to your units. All the facilities are under video surveillance 24/7 and they are extremely well lit. You will also find on-site managers in most of the locations who work towards keeping the facility safe. The safety of your items is very important for Simply Self Storage and you can rest assured that your stuff is safe when it’s stored in their facility.

4. Moving supplies:

To make your life easier during the storage process, Simply Self Storage also lets your purchase high-quality moving and packaging supplies from them at affordable prices. They provide you with a variety of supplies like boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, packing paper, locks, etc., that you might need when you are packing and moving your stuff into your storage units.

5. Truck rentals:

It is obvious that you will need some kind of a moving truck when you want to put your stuff into storage. Simply Self Storage is a one-stop shop because you get all that you need at their locations. Their locations always have some moving trucks that you can use whenever you need them. Simply Self Storage has entered into a partnership with Budget Truck Rental because of which Simply Self Storage customers can rent out Budget Trucks for one-way moves at a much cheaper rate.

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What Sizes of Storage Units are Available at Simply Self Storage Facilities?

Simply Self Storage believes in helping all its customers to find the right size of units for themselves. Every person needs a different unit according to what and how much stuff he/she needs to store. Simply Self Storage provides its customers with an extensive size guide that informs them about the specific details of different units. Let us go through the different sizes of storage units offered by Simply Self Storage.

3’ X 3’ X 8’ Locker Units

Floor Space: 9 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 72 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing fewer, and smaller items that do not occupy much space.

3’ X 3’ X 8’ Wine Storage Units

Floor Space: 9 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 72 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing wine bottles for aging. These units provide you with the extra space and climate-control technologies to store your wine bottles in perfect conditions.

5’ X 5’ X 8’ Storage Unit

Floor Space: 25 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 200 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing smaller items from one small room.

5’ X 10’ X 8’ Storage Unit

Floor Space: 50 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 400 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the belongings from a studio apartment or a tine one-bedroom apartment.

5’ X 15’ X 8’ Storage Unit

Floor Space: 75 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 600 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the items from a large one-bedroom home.

10’ X 10’ X 8’ Storage Unit (Drive up units of this size are also available)

Floor Space: 100 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 800 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the belongings from a one-bedroom home or a two-bedroom apartment.

10’ X 15’ X 8’ Storage Unit

Floor Space: 150 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 1,200 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the items from a two-bedroom home or a 3-bedroom apartment.

10’ X 20’ X 8’ Storage Unit (Drive up units of this size are also available)

Floor Space: 200 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 1,600 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the belongings from a 3 to 4-bedrooms apartment. You can store cars, trucks, boats, etc., in their drive-up units.

10’ X 25’ X 8’ Storage Unit

Floor Space: 250 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 2,000 cu. ft.
Used for: Storing all the items from a large home with 4 bedrooms. Stuff from a huge garage can also be stored in these storage units.

10’ X 30’ X 8’ Storage Unit

Floor Space: 300 sq. ft.
Storage Space: 2,400 sq. ft.
Used for: Storing all the stuff from a big 4 to 5-bedroom house.

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How much do Simply Storage Units Cost?

Simply Self Storage Offers its services at wallet-friendly rates, however, these rates tend to vary from location to location. There are several factors that will affect the cost of renting out a unit at a Simply Self Storage facility and here are some of those factors.

  1. Size of the Unit: The bigger the units, the more you will have to pay for them.

2. Climate Controlled: If you opt for a climate-controlled unit, you will have to pay a higher rent as opposed to renting out a standard storage unit.

3. Type of Unit: Renting out an indoor unit (which is more secure and mostly climate-controlled) is more expensive than renting out an outdoor unit.

4. Discounts: The company runs numerous promotional offers and provides their customers with discounts which bring down the price of your final monthly bill.

The average cost of renting out a standard (non-climate-controlled) Simply Self Storage unit is in the range of $25 – $350 per month. You will have to make a payment of about $40 – $530 on an average per month if you rent out a climate-controlled unit. Lastly, you will have to pay in the range of $75 – $550 on an average per month if you go for vehicle storage.

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Does Simply Self Storage Offer Insurance?

The best part about Simply Self Storage is that it includes insurance coverage in its rent. You don’t have to pay extra for purchasing an insurance policy separately. Simply Self Storage provides insurance to their tenants under the Safeguard Program where the customers get coverage up to $2,000.

Some facilities might not have the Safeguard program available, but they do provide their customers with some separate insurance options at affordable costs. If you have any queries regarding the insurance options, you contact your facility and get all your answers.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Simply Self Storage?

1.Easy Online Reservations:

Simply Self Storage has made the process of online reservation absolutely convenient and easy. You simply have to visit their website and search for a location near you. You can then choose the size of the unit you wish to rent out and book it if it’s available. The company provides you with the Autopay system in which the rental amount simply gets cut from your account automatically every month. They also offer you a lot of concessions if you complete the rental procedure online

2. Discounts:

As mentioned above, the company offers you great discounts if you book your units online. In addition to this, you also get $30 off your rent if you refer a customer to Simply Self Storage. Moreover, the company also lets you use a storage unit for free for the first month under certain promotional offers.

3. Useful Size Guide:

Their size guides are one of a kind. It is difficult to understand how much space you will get in a particular unit without seeing a unit. You cannot guess how stuff you can fit in a unit based on the dimensions alone. Their size guides are unique because they display a 3D diagram of each unit and explain its dimensions. In addition to this, they also include the items that can be stored in a particular unit in the diagram for each unit. Lastly, they also provide you with detailed information about how many rooms’ worth of stuff can be stored in each unit.

4. Contactless Rental Services:

Their contactless rental service ensures that you do not have to physically deal with anyone throughout the rental process. Remaining at a distance from people is especially important during these COVID times. You can simply reserve your move online and you will get a code with which you can have access to the facility. You can load up your unit, lock it and drive away. You don’t have to meet or come in contact with anyone.

5. Mini Storage Units:

Sometimes, you might not want to rent out a big unit as you may not have enough items that need to be stored in a big unit. The mini storage units offered by Simply Self Storage are smaller than the 5×5 units and can be used to store miscellaneous items from your house that you don’t need frequently. You save your money by not having to pay for bigger units and you can use this money to rent a climate-controlled mini storage unit so that your items are stored in an ideal environment.

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Things to Consider Before Renting out a Unit from Simply Self Storage

1. Limited availability:

The sad part about this company is their locations aren’t available everywhere. Simply Storage will offer you great services, but it isn’t necessary that you will find a location near your house. If you are lucky, there will be a location around your house and then you can avail their services.

2. Vehicle Storage Units aren’t Clearly Marked:

What this means is that there is no clear demarcation between which units are available for the storage of household items and which ones are used to keep vehicles. Though they mention on their website that you will get an indoor uncovered storage option for your vehicles, they do not explicitly advertise their indoor units for vehicle storage. If you want a specific type of storage for your vehicles, you will have to first call the facility and enquire about whether they can provide you with the necessary services.

3. Increase in Rental Prices:

This will come as bad news for most of the long-term renters that there is a rise in the rental prices every year. Moreover, the prices advertised to the customers do not include some of the hidden fees that are charged by them later on. Make sure that you ask about the rental prices and hidden fees thoroughly so as to avoid surprises later on.

Is Simply Self Storage the Right Choice for you?

Simply Self Storage offers you all the necessary storage services that you might need. You can avail different kinds of services and Simply Self Storage will ensure that the rental process is smooth for you. They ensure that their services are offered at affordable prices and you will most probably find the right size of a storage unit for yourself, because they provide you with so many options. The only thing to consider here is whether you have a Simply Self Storage facility near you. If you do have a facility near you, we recommend that you take advantage of the wonderful storage services offered by them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Simply Self Storage rated?

Simply Self Storage has 4.0 stars on Yelp, and they are one of the best Storage Companies!

What days are Simply Self Storage open?

Simply Self Storage is open on all days from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.