While auto transport companies have many services to offer, enclosed and open car shipping is the most sought-after one. For those of you who don’t know, enclosed transport, as the name suggests, involves transporting your car in an enclosed carrier. While enclosed transport can be more expensive, it’s definitely the preferred route considering how safe your car will be from external irritants like extreme climate.

If you’ve been looking for enclosed transport, and you can’t seem to decide which one’s the best, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ve given you a list of the best enclosed car shipping companies in the country. So, get your research gear out, and let’s begin!

Moving CompanyMontway Auto TransportAmeriFreightBargain Auto TransportSherpa Auto TransportShip a Car Direct
LogoMontway Auto Transport logoAmeriFreight-logoBargain Auto Transport logoSherpa Auto Transport logoShip a Car Direct logo
DoT Number22398162238770NA30534762241272
MC NumberNA597401NA51106632461
ProsBelow Average Prices

Instant Quotes Available

Round the Clock Customer Service

Guaranteed Pickup Dates

Services to and fro From Alaska and Hawaii
Great Discounts

Additional Gap Damage Coverage

24/7 Customer Service Availability

Affordable Prices
Above Average Customer Reviews

Low Pricing

Vetted Carriers
Guaranteed Quotes

24/7 Customer Service

Clean Car Guarantee
Expertise in Shipping Cars

Interstate and Intrastate Shipping

Affordable Pricing

Damage-Free Guarantee
ConsNo GPS Tracking Available

Not a Substantial Amount of Reviews
Calling Required for Accurate Quotes

No GPS Tracking Available
Non-refundable $100 Listing Fee

No Instant Quotes
Confusing Website

No Instant Quotes
No GPS Tracking Available

No Instant Quotes

Confusing Website

Top 5 Trusted Enclosed Car Shipping Companies

  1. Montway Auto Transport
  2. AmeriFreight
  3. Bargain Auto Transport
  4. Sherpa Auto Transport
  5. Ship a Car Direct

1. Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport logo


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You wouldn’t believe it if we told you that Montway Auto Transport has transported 582k+ vehicles to date. Based on these numbers, there’s no wonder that its growth rate has been tremendous since its inception in 2006. From enclosed and expedited shipping to shipping for seniors and students, Montway Auto Transport has every service for your vehicle transport needs.

Reasons To Choose Montway Auto Transport:

Enclosed Transport Pricing: What you might not have known is that Montway Auto Transport has really affordable prices when it comes to shipping cars. Not only that, but it’s one such transport company that will give you an instant quote on their online calculator itself. When it comes to pricing, you’ll be pleased to know that they have rather below average prices for enclosed transportation specifically. To put this into perspective, for enclosed transport, you might end up saving at least $140 as compared to if you booked enclosed transport from another moving company.

Expedited Shipping and Guaranteed pickups: Punctuality is not in everyone’s genes, but if it’s something that you’re particular about, then Montway Auto Transport is the way forward. They’re known for their guaranteed pickups which means that the date and time given to you will not be moved under any circumstance. Montway Auto Transport also offers expedited shipping for an additional price to those of you who cannot make time from your busy schedules to get your car transported. With these services, you won’t have to worry about problems with timings at all!

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Fun Fact: Montway Auto Transport is one company that allows you to pay your entire estimate online unlike many others that require you to pay in cash!

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2. AmeriFreight


We’re definite you’ve heard of the auto broker AmeriFreight before and seen them featured on multiple lists. That’s no wonder though since they’ve spent 15 years in the auto transport industry expanding their services and their locations. With around 30k vehicles being shipped a year, AmeriFreight has a large clientele owing to their professional work, expertise, services and policies for customers. While they’re well known for their senior and military auto shipping services, AmeriFreight’s reputation for other forms of transport like enclosed car shipping is not far behind.

Reasons To Choose AmeriFreight:

Additional Damage Gap Coverage: Always wondered why your insurance doesn’t cover minor damages? After all, you’d save so much money that way, especially when you’re driving it too much or shipping it via an auto transport company. AmeriFreight has got your back here with their gap damage coverage also called AFta or AF total insurance.

Even if you’re transporting your car in an enclosed carrier, problems like stolen or lost keys can always arise. In the AFta plan, the gap stands for those damages that your carrier’s insurance won’t cover and you need to shell money out of your own pockets. Great right? Not only can you now relax about these damages especially if you have a higher-end car, but it doesn’t cost too much either.

AmeriFreight gives you the option of choosing from three plans:

  1. Basic which costs $48 and involves coverage worth $600 applicable for damage that’s of minor intensity, eg. rock chips.
  2. Standard which costs $78 and involves coverage worth $2,000 for damage that’s of major intensity, $800 for damage of minor intensity, and $300 if your vehicle keys are lost or stolen.
  3. Comprehensive which costs $98 and involves everything in the standard plan plus cancellation coverage.

Note: If you don’t have insurance for your car you won’t be able to sign any contracts with AmeriFreight.

Incredible Discounts: You might not know this but AmeriFreight has the best discounts the industry has to offer. And the best part is that you’ll find discounts on almost everything! From discounts for early birds to the military, AmeriFreight has everything! The auto transport company also has discounts for first responders, senior citizens, and return customers, so what are you waiting for?

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Did You Know? AmeriFreight has a rating of 4.6 on the website Consumer Affairs, which places them among the top of the auto transport industry.

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3. Bargain Auto Transport

Bargain Auto Transport logo

Enclosed shipping can get expensive, that’s not new news. But, what if you could get the quality of enclosed shipping for a slightly lower cost? Here’s where Bargain Auto Transport steps in. As their name suggests, Bargain Auto Transport has some of the cheapest prices in the auto transport industry, but don’t attribute it to bad service quality. In fact, their service is impeccable, and they have some of the best ratings you’ll find on the internet!

There’s something we must mention though – a reason why Bargain Auto Transport has lower costs is that they function very differently from standard auto shipping companies.

So, how does Bargain Auto Transport Work?

To put it briefly, you create a listing of your car on their website based on a price that you decide. You get on a call with their agents who help you come to the lowest price point possible, and once that’s up, you’re put in touch with carriers who agree to ship your car for that price. Viola! Your job is done!

Reasons To Choose Bargain Auto Transport:

Pricing System And Transparency: We’ve already told you how Bargain Auto Transport functions, so it’s no wonder that you save money, and sometimes a significant amount of it. When you get on a call with an agent from the company, you can be definite that the information given to you will be as transparent as possible. The agents act as your confidants and the price you come up with is usually the lowest you can possibly go to get your car shipped.

Professional and Vetted Carriers: While the whole idea might make you a little skeptical, there’s one factor that makes their service quality so great, and that’s their job in vetting carriers. Bargain Auto Transport only allows vetted carriers to partner with them after they satisfy multiple checkpoints that the company sets. So, you can definitely relax since the carrier you’ll be allotted will be reliable and have everything in place, even though the way Bargain Auto Transport functions might seem tricky.

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Note: Bargain Auto Transport will charge you $100 to list your car on their website. But, even with that cost, your total estimate won’t be extremely high.

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4. Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport logo

Sherpa Auto Transport was founded by people who first hand experienced how bad the auto transport industry could get in terms of delivering quality services. Since they’ve been in the industry for multiple years, it’s no wonder that their services are top-notch and professional. If you’re looking for enclosed transportation, Sherpa Auto Transport can accommodate your needs while also giving you additional perks that we’ve mentioned below.

Reasons To Choose Sherpa Auto Transport:

Clean Car Guarantee: Even though your car will be in an enclosed container, having it fresh and ready to drive once it arrives can feel like a dream! With Sherpa Auto Transport’s clean car guarantee, you can get just that, and that too for free. Sherpa Auto Transport is one of the only auto transport companies that offers this unique service. Once your vehicle is dropped off, all you have to do is get your car washed for under $20 and then submit this receipt with the Bill of Lading to the company. You will then be reimbursed for the wash as soon as possible!

Guaranteed Pricing: Another thing that sets Sherpa Auto Transport apart is their price lock guarantee, which is what gets them many customers. Estimates in the auto transport industry go up and down all the time and in such a scenario, having a price lock guarantee can act as a boon. Once you’re given an estimate, this estimate will not change, so you can forget any possibility of hidden costs and budget accordingly.

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Did you know? If a carrier charges more than the estimate that was given to you, according to their price lock guarantee, Sherpa Auto Transport will cover the difference for you. This difference can go up to $300!

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5. Ship A Car Direct

Ship a Car Direct logo

We don’t have to explain Ship A Car Direct’s services, because their name does that job for them. But, know that they also ship motorcycles, ski-doos, and RVs aside from cars! Since they’ve been experts in shipping cars, you can trust them with enclosed car transport, however high-end your car might be. They’re also a professional and reliable company that has been transporting cars since 2008, which is evident from the ratings they have received.

Reasons To Choose Ship A Car Direct:

Damage-free guarantee: Like we’ve mentioned before, even though you’re transporting your car in an enclosed carrier, in an unlikely scenario if your car gets damaged, what do you do? Ship A Car Direct offers a damage-free guarantee where it will pay $500 towards your deductible if your insurance company denies any claims. So, that’s another less thing to worry about!

Great Customer Service: Ship A Car Direct is known in the auto transport industry for its top-notch customer service. When you’re shipping something as expensive as a car, good and prompt customer service is the only way to keep your mind calm, especially when problems arise. Ship A Car Direct’s customer service representatives are known to be efficient, helpful, and professional. Their truckers are also known to be prompt with pickup and drop-off times, so you can sit back and relax once you book them.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Enclosed Car Shipping

How much does it cost to ship a car enclosed?

Enclosed car transportation is always more expensive than shipping your car via open transport. So, while the average cost of shipping your car in open transport is $710, you can expect to pay $250 to $400 extra for enclosed transport.

Can you ship a car through FedEx?

Yes, you can. FedEx offers a white glove custom car shipping service called FedEx Custom Critical which will allow you to ship your car via air or road.

Do shipped cars get searched?

The Department of Transport does not encourage carrying any personal belongings in cars that are being shipped. For this reason, checks might take place at certain points on some routes.

Is enclosed car shipping worth it?

An enclosure can keep your automobile safer than an open carrier; hence, the extra cost may be worth it if you’re transporting a low-ground clearance or specialty vehicle. Antique and classic cars often require special attention when shipped, so make sure to opt for an enclosed carrier when shipping your prized possession!

What is enclosed car transport?

If you own a classic or luxury vehicle that holds great value, enclosed car shipping is an ideal way for it to make its way across the country. In most cases, these types of carriers can only carry up to 7 cars at one time, but they provide protection against the elements, which means your vintage motor might just keep running smoothly!

Is it better to ship a car open or enclosed?

There are many considerations when deciding how to ship your car. Open transport is best for standard models and used cars, while enclosed trailers provide more security over their contents with an increased degree of protection against damage during shipping.

How many cars can an enclosed trailer hold?

An enclosed trailer’s capacity is determined by its dimensions. Some trailers have a single deck, while others feature a second deck, allowing for the transport of numerous automobiles comparable to an open carrier.


If you consider your car an investment, enclosed transport is always the best way to go forward. But, when you start looking for auto shipping companies that can match your needs, don’t forget to check and verify essential facts like insurance and licensing before you make your final decision to book them. From the list we’ve provided, choose what suits you best based on what criteria you absolutely need like low price or additional damage free guarantees.