Lack of space? Just moved to a new home to find that it’s not set up yet? Need a temporary space to declutter your house? Well, a 24 hour storage company can help for all of that and more! There are a lot of things that need to be ironed out and checked before you can choose one. In the vast world of the internet, you can certainly find countless options. Doesn’t mean they’re all good. Which is where we step in. Read on to know more about the best 24 hour storage companies.

Considering the fact that you need self-storage 24 hour access for things that are important to you, be it business or personal, you may want to consider a facility that offers climate control, pest control, and security.

Let’s look at the companies that offer 24-Hour Self-Storage Access and Facility:

CompanyiStorageU-HaulLife StorageCubeSmartExtra Space Storage
LogoiStorage logoU-Haul logoLife Storage logoCubeSmart logoExtra Space Storage logo
ProsPersonal Use

Business Use

No Extra Fee
Business UseBusiness UseFlexible Lease OptionsSecurity Against Theft

Customer Reviews and Reach
ConsNot Accredited by BBBNot for Personal Use

Extra Fee
Not for Personal Use

Extra Fee
Insurance Coverage CompulsoryService level fluctuates based on Location

Top Rated 24-Hour Storage Companies

  1. iStorage
  2. U-Haul
  3. Life Storage
  4. CubeSmart
  5. Extra Space Storage

1. iStorage

iStorage logo

There’s a good chance you might’ve heard of them, after all, iSTorage sure is one of the leading self-storage companies in the country. You might know them for offering secure and user friendly self-storage options. But at the same time, they are also famous for their high quality features like secure gate access, online leasing, contact-free rentals and customer service that works 7 days a week.

Reasons To Choose iStorage:

Various Unit Options: iStorage has various options to choose from in terms of units. They have indoor units, outdoor units, climate control units, vehicle parking, car and bike storage options, RV and boat storage options.

The indoor units are structurally made to be inside the main facility. They have tighter restrictions in terms of access meant for the safety of their customers and their valued possessions. If you have things that are valued and expensive that need some extra security and safety, then indoor units are the best options for you.

The outdoor storage units have easy access and are great for people who need easy access to their belongings. It also makes sense for heavier and bulkier things that need frequent loading and unloading. These do not have as much protection as the indoor units and are even comparatively cheaper. So based on the kind of belongings you want to store and their value, you can choose between outdoor and indoor units.

Climate Controlled Units: These are perfect for electronic equipment, artifacts, art pieces or wooden furniture, etc. These are all the things that need added care and protection from climatic disbalance. They need optimum temperature, humidity control, protection from precipitation, etc. Yes, the climate control units are a tad more expensive than non-climate controlled units, but then again, you get to choose the basis of your belongings.

Vehicle Parking/Motorcycle and Car Storage/RV storage: Vehicle Parking/Motorcycle and Car Storage/RV storage are the other options available. All of these that are mentioned here are seasonal and need to be stowed away in a safe place and an accessible place, so that you can get them out in the next season. These are also things that you cannot just tuck away in a garage. These storage options are great. However, all campuses may not provide these options, so it may be a good idea to call them in your local branch office and confirm if they have offered the facilities.

Convenient Payment Options: iStorage is very convenient in terms of payment options. Unlike many other services out there, iStorage only takes month to month leases. So that way, you only pay for the time that you need. They also do not need down payments of any kind. It’s only the rent for the month. If that wasn’t enough, they are known to have very good customer service too. Need truck rentals to help you move or store? You can be assured that they will be down for it. Again, the best thing would be to ring the local manager and he should be able to help.

Get Insured: It is required for any storage unit to get Insurance. You may be able to extend your homeowners or renters insurance to your storage unit as well. iStorage also offers a protection plan for your possessions.

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Packing Tips: Clean Out Big Appliances . In case you are storing an extra refrigerator or washing machine, ensure that they are empty, cleaned out and dry; else you may be attracting unwanted pests and insects.

2. U-Haul

U-Haul logo

U-Haul has been an age-old player in this business since 1945. They have been able to maintain the number 1 position as the one with the largest rental fleet in the DIY moving industry. What sets them apart from the rest is that U-Haul gives most coverage in North America, with no cost to reserve and provides dry, clean and safe facilities.

Reasons To Choose U-Haul:

Multiple Storage Options: Now you know U-Haul is synonymous with moving, but they have great service in self-storage and 24-hour storage access too. They are present all over the United States and Canada, which simply means that you can find them almost anywhere. As mentioned above, certain facilities are always based on the local branch manager, which is also the case with U-Haul. So for example, climate control, 24-hour access or heating etc. are all depending on the locality and you could know more once you call the local facilities manager.

U-Haul have various storage options too – Small, Medium and Large. The small storage unit would be about 0-50sq.ft and is the perfect choice for storing small utilitarian equipment like your fishing gear, scooters, bicycles, ski gear or any extra things that you have around the house.

The medium storage unit is about 51-150sq.ft and is perfect for small homes. You can store your belongings while you are remodeling, renovating or downsizing. So that way, you do not have to worry about your things. So technically speaking, the medium size storage unit is perfect for small apartment size belongings and things. The large storage unit would be more than 151sq.ft and they can easily fit items from a large home.

Indoor and Outdoor Facilities: Now you can also choose between indoor and outdoor facilities. Just like iStorage, U-Haul’s indoor storage units provide you additional safety and security measures and keep your belongings protected from nature. But that’s not all – they have additional security measures, individual access codes and gate access and also provide climate control. For places with harsher winters, they also have heated units available.

Outdoor units are obviously more economical than indoor units and have more accessibility for frequenting customers and more convenient. They do not have climate control, etc. but are affordable and are the most popular option. The outdoor units are pretty much like a garage, where you will be easily able to offload and load your stuff and get access to them as and when you need.

Climate Controlled Facilities: U-Haul also gives you options of climate controlled storage, drive up storage and vehicle storage. They also have business storage options. That means small or big businesses can easily store their inventories, files, materials and office belongings in a U-Haul facility and not clutter the office space. Online account management facilities is another thing they provide, making the lives of business owners quite comfortable, to say the least. Since most of U-Hauls’ storage is in multi-storey buildings, they are all kept at a comfortable temperature between 65 and 85 degrees.

Payment Options: You get the first month free storage. How awesome is that? And they also do not have any deposit or admin fees. They have state-of-the-art security systems, which obviously means you can rest easy. You can manage your account online and you can also set up auto-pay and online payments. Another good thing about U-Haul is that you can pay them month on month, just for what you use. If that wasn’t enough, can rent storage 24/7 and can also avail of tenant insurance options.

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Packing Tips: If you have pets, leave them with a friend on moving day as it can be confusing and scary for them.

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3. Life Storage

Life Storage logo

Life Storage has been one of the best choices for the past 30 odd years. They were the 2020 Newsweek winner for Customer Service and have over 2 million customers since 1985. They are headquartered in Buffalo, New York and the company employs about 2000 people. An indicator of their wide reach is reflected in how they operate approximately 925 self-storage facilities, encompassing over 67 million square feet in the US.

Reasons To Choose Life Storage:

Climate Controlled And Humidity Controlled Storage Units: Life Storage Climate Controlled Units are ‘Temperature Controlled. i.e. cool in the summers and warm in the winters. That helps protect valuables from extreme temperature fluctuations that can damage wooden furniture, electronics, plastic and wax. The temperatures in these spaces are much better than traditional units.
Safe and Secure: Life storage gives similar benefits to U-Haul. Their storage units are secured with a lock, keys to which only you are given. Life Storage will not keep a key to your unit. Moreover, they insist that all customers give them proof of insurance. You can also take their help and they can coordinate with you to get you third party insurances. For the insurance, you would have to pay a fee along with your rental payment. This is known as Property Tenant Insurance. Life Storage is one of the best climate controlled and self-storage units, much like U-Haul. But they do charge you monthly fees for access 24/7, and it is only available if you have a commercial or business purpose.

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Packing Tips: Always stack the heaviest and the biggest boxes and bags at the bottom, so that they do not tip over during the move.

4. CubeSmart

CubeSmart logo

CubeSmart is a real investment trust that also invests in self-storage facilities. They are one of the top three owners and operators of self-storage companies in the United States, with about 1,256 properties that they own or manage. On October 27th 2020, they entered into an agreement to acquire a portfolio of eight self-storage facilities from Storage Deluxe. They are known for their innovative solutions, unparalleled service and genuine care.

Reasons To Choose CubeSmart:

Rent Online and Move-In Contact Free: Smart Rental is the simplified storage offered by CubeSmart in which you can go through the rental process online in a frictionless and transparent manner.

Varying Storage Size Options: It is not always easy to rent a storage size. With their easy size guide, you can figure out which is the size that is best for your move. They provide small, medium and large storage options and also vehicle storage options with corresponding truck sizes and what you can store in each of those units.

Climate Controlled: Climate conditions vary across the country, but they need to be regulated for your things. Things like furniture, computers, inventory, fabrics and metals need a regulated temperature like anywhere between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can be rest assured that in the climate controlled storage units, your possessions are safe and secure. The climate controlled units also come in varied sizes. They have convenient access hours, drive-up access to large, indoor units and also provide you with 24-hour video recordings. CubeSmart also has electronic gated access and a flexible month to month lease option for your short term and long term needs.

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Packing Tips: If you are storing a memory foam or a mattress, then store them flat and not upright. Storing them upright could cause the inside materials to be imbalanced.

5. Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage logo

Extra Space Storage is the 2nd largest storage company in the US and the largest self-storage property manager. They have a very high customer rating too and people prefer them for their security features, storage sizes and truck rental discounts. They offer some amazing services like free locking when you book online, they have secure storage facilities, pest protection, and they also have zero-deductible in-house storage insurance.

Reasons To Choose Extra Space Storage:

Cost Effective: Although they are known for their low prices, you will never find Extra Space Storage skimping on their facilities such as pest control or security. They provide electric gates, video surveillance and they treat each site regularly for pests and rodents.

Climate Controlled: Now it all depends on your possessions and your requirements. If you need, you can get access to Climate Controlled Storage Units too. You can rent an indoor, climate controlled storage unit for heat sensitive items like vinyl records and old photographs or an outdoor unit you can drive right up to. Storage features such as Climate Control or first floor access can cause a little difference.

Theft Control: Extra Space Storage provides theft protection measures. They go all out to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure. They employ on-site managers, maintain fenced and well lit facilities, they have electronic gates with coded access, and monitored video surveillance. They also have door alarms for individual storage units and also see high quality disc locks.

Offer Discounted Truck Rentals: If you have anything to move that is larger than a 5ft x 5ft storage unit, Extra Space will help you with their rental trucks. Although that’s an added cost, they may still work out more economical than hiring a truck from outside.

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Who is the largest self storage company?

If you go purely by the amount of revenue generated by a company in the industry, the answer has to be Public Storage. But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it. Their $2.68 revenue generated in the year 2019 alone speaks volumes of that.

What is the best self storage?

There’s a reason why most people associate U-Haul with moving and storage. From price point to quality of service, U-Haul is often considered as the undisputed leader when it comes to providing self storage services.

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Does Public Storage have 24-hour access?

Public Storage allows you to access your storage unit any time during the day. However, make sure that you allow yourself enough time to get in and out of the facility to not be locked inside after closing hours.

How late can you get into Public Storage?

At most locations, you can access your unit from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., so if that’s the only time you have available, then public Storage might work out for you!

Why is it illegal to sleep in a storage unit?

Since the sole purpose of using one is simply storing things, your renting fee will be terminated if you are caught sleeping there.

Do any storage units have electricity?

The majority of storage facilities do not offer electrical outlets because it is an upgrade option only offered by a handful of places.

Can a king-size bed fit in a 5×10 storage unit?

A king-size bed set can fit in a 5×10 storage unit.

Useful: Storage Unit Size Calculator

What size storage unit do I need for a 4 bedroom house?

Hiring storage can be an excellent solution for people with larger homes. A 10 x 20 unit is perfect to fit household items like couches, multiple mattress sets, dining room sets, workout equipment, and more!

What cannot be stored in a storage unit?

Many things cannot be stored in a storage unit temporarily, but it will depend on the type of storage unit. For instance, if you’re storing your items with a “climate-controlled” facility or if you rent an indoor storage unit, then almost everything can go.

Things To Keep In Mind

If you were thinking about costs, obviously the smaller units would be much less expensive than the larger ones, but then that decision is completely based on the belongings that you wish to keep away. Also, the prices vary from basic units to climate control units.

A small and standard storage unit could cost you a rental of about $60 to $180 per month approximately. On the other hand, for a climate controlled unit, you could easily have to pay anywhere between $75 -$225 approximately.


Now that you know the crème de la crème of 24-Hour storage companies, the best way for you to start to by calling up the local facilities managers of the storage units you would like to rent. Call them up to ask if they have 24-hour access, climate controlled, keypad access and anything else that may concern you and the safety of your belongings. You can also reach out to us if you need any assistance with moving.