Are you someone who doesn’t want to drain out your savings when you move? Does driving your truck to your new home several times while trying to make sure you didn’t lose any of your stuff send a chill down your spine? In this case, you have nothing to worry about. You are heading towards discovering the beauty of a moving container move. Now, you won’t have to spend too much, but also won’t have to drive your belongings to your new house.

We’re here to enlighten you about one of the largest and the most reputable companies that will assist you with your moving container move. Renting out U-Haul’s U-Boxes is a great substitute to a standard, typical DIY move where you stuff your things into your own truck (which might not have much space). In this article, we are going to indulge all your queries regarding U-Haul’s U-Boxes by covering a wide range of both positive and negative details.

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What exactly are U-Box Moving Containers?

U-Haul’s U-Box moving containers are nothing but portable storage units. A U-Box is a budget friendly option that you can go for when you’re looking for moving containers. The company drops off the U-Box container right outside your house. You can load it and inform the company once you are done. U-Haul will then send a truck to pick up the U-Box and transport it to your new house.

U-Haul ensures that the U-Box can be shipped to any location across the world in a safe and secure manner. This is what makes it stand out. It is one of the most sought-after companies for interstate and intrastate moves. Furthermore, the U-Box containers are designed in a way that makes them weather resistant which prevents your items from getting damaged.

Booking a U-Box Container

After you decide on using a U-Box, you would probably wonder about how one goes about booking a U-Box. The following is the sequence in which your booking process and then subsequently your move will proceed.

1. Assessing Your Own Needs

Before you book a U-Box container, you must first assess your own needs. Think about the amount of stuff you own. This will help you finalize the number of containers you will be needing for your move. You will also have to ponder upon whether you want your stuff to be shipped directly to your new house or to a storage facility. Based on all this, the company website will generate a ballpark estimate for your move.

2. Getting An Estimate

You will be required to put the details about your area in order to get the ongoing rates. There are some boxes that you will be asked to fill. First you will fill the drop-off location and preferred date. Then you will have to fill in the delivery location and preferred delivery date. If in case you wish to send your container to the company storage facility, you must leave the box of delivery location blank. Once the website has all the details, it will quickly generate an estimate.

3. Get The U-Box Container

Once you have chosen the date on which U-Haul should hand the container over to you, you can opt for various delivery options that suit your budget and convenience. There are essentially four types of delivery options available for you to choose from:

Deliver to your house: You can ask the company to drop off the container at your doorstep. The container will be placed wherever you want it to be placed (driveway or other parking spaces) by a licensed and certified driver.

Full-service delivery and load: U-Haul sends over professional and experienced workers who will bring the container to your house, load it and take it with them. They then take these containers and go to the nearest U-Haul facilities for either storage or shipment.

Self-delivery: You can simply tow the U-Box container to your house and then load it according to your timeline and schedule. U-Haul also offers tow trucks on rent in case you don’t own one.

Loading at the U-Haul location: Some people might not have space to place a moving container around their house. In this case they can always bring their stuff to the U-Haul location and load their U-Box container. This option does not cost you extra money.

4. Get your U-Box picked up

If you have opted for your containers to be dropped off to your house, you will have to call up the U-Haul facility and tell them to pick up the containers. These containers can either be taken to a storage facility or the shipment centre. You can always have access to your items when the container is in storage. This kind of service is especially helpful when you are renovating or remodelling your house. If you are moving to a new place altogether, your container can be shipped to the delivery location on the dates that are given to the company by you.

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How Much Will U-Haul Charge You For The U-Box Moving Containers?

A U-Box container move will most certainly be the cheapest alternative available for you, as U-Haul offers services at a price that is 5% lesser than the average market price. The final cost of renting a U-Box container consists of these on 4 costs:

a) The price of the container itself along with a month of storage and two dozen furniture pads (both provided free of cost).
b) Dropping off the container to your place.
c) Transporting your stuff to the next location/s.
d) Delivery of your belongings to the final location.

You can access their website and get a direct estimate once you fill in all the details of your move. A single container will cost you around $50 to $100. You will then be asked to pay roughly about $200 for the delivery of the container to your house. The transit (within the US) will cost you $1,000 to 4,000 depending on the distance of your move. Lastly, you might have to pay around $100 to $150 per container for your final delivery.

You may need help with loading and unloading your stuff, so don’t forget that hiring help will cost you a little bit extra. You must remember that all these prices are subjected to vary. So it’s important that you get in touch with U-Haul in order to get an accurate estimate for your move.

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Note: The prices change a little bit on a yearly basis. To get a clearer view of what your budget should look like, check up on the current ongoing prices whenever you plan a move.

Available Sizes Of The U-Box Container

All the U-Box containers come in one common, standard size. The dimensions of the container is 7 ft. 11 in. x 4 ft. 8 in. x 6 ft. 11 in. There is 257 cubic feet of space available for you to load your items. The box can support items weighing up to 2,000 lbs. You can fit around 1-1.5 rooms worth of belongings inside a U-Box container.

If you are not sure about the number of containers you will be needing, you can roughly guess and order containers. In case you don’t use one of the containers, you won’t be charged for it; U-Haul will refund the money that you paid for those extra containers! You can use the U-Box containers for short distance as well as long distance moves.

Does U-Haul provide insurance for U-Box containers?

You should first check whether your homeowners or renters’ insurance is covering your belongings while they are being moved or if they are in storage. If you need additional coverage, U-Haul will let you purchase a low-cost storage insurance called Safestor or Safestor Mobile. This will ensure the protection of your belongings when they are inside the U-Box container, irrespective of whether the container is in storage or transit. This insurance will cover any damages up to $20,000 of your belongings. It covers damage that occurs due to:

● Fires
● Hurricanes
● Tornadoes
● Wind
● Vandalism
● Vermin (rats or other pests)
● Lightening
● Smoke
● Earthquake
● Hail
● Theft/burglary
● Building collapse
● Explosion
● Leaking water

Pros Of Using U-Box Containers

1) Though U-Box containers are a fairly novel service, U-Haul itself is a pretty well-established company which has outlets in more than 20,000 locations spread across all the 50 states. In fact, they cater to the neighboring Canada as well. Some branches are more reputable than others. These stores are extremely accessible, you can find a U-Haul facility absolutely anywhere regardless of which state you live in.

2) U-Haul’s U-Boxes have a wide customer base, because these moving containers are available for an extremely cheap price. Most people worry about not having enough money to finance their move, as moves can get very expensive. The cheap per-container rates make U-Boxes a great option for smaller moves. U-Haul has without a doubt managed to give everyone a great moving experience at affordable rates.

3) U-Haul has revolutionised the movers and packers industry by introducing an online quote system wherein you can put in the details of your move and then get an estimated cost for the same. If you want to hire other companies, you might have to wait for hours on the customer service phone line or search for a physical outlet (which might not be available where you stay) in order to get a quote. On the other hand, the U-Haul website is absolutely user friendly and manages to give you an estimate quickly within just a few seconds!

4) When you plan a move, you generally can’t have a rigid schedule. It is very difficult to adhere to a rigid schedule. Don’t we all know how circumstances tend to change at the last moment because of which your planning ends up requiring tweaking?

Fortunately, U-Box lets you cancel or modify your reservations for free, even on the day when the containers are supposed to be dropped off at your place. They will ask you to notify them about any such changes 24 hours prior to the scheduled drop-off. However, they will still refund your deposit if you cancel before a few hours.

5) Another kind of flexibility that the U-Box container service offers is that you won’t have to pay for the containers that you don’t use. This works out well for people who get confused and cannot accurately guess how many containers they would need for the move. Other companies do not allow this, which means that you have to pay for each and every container that you have booked.

6) U-Haul allows you to pack and unpack your stuff from the container at the company facility itself. This helps in bringing the price down as the container does not have to be transported to the client’s house. People who live near the facility can easily avail this service and save their money.

7) Your belongings are safe inside the U-Box container at all points of time. The container has a latch where you can put your own padlock. The keys remain with you and only you can open the container. Even when in storage, you can freely access your container at any time, as long as you inform them some time before you arrive.

8) The company also offers you GPS tracking services where you can get real time updates about your shipment when your container is in transit. This puts your mind at ease and lets you know exactly when your stuff is getting delivered to your new house.

9) U-Haul’s U-Boxes can also be used for international moves. It is one of the only container-moving companies that will let you move your stuff to a location outside of the US. The company has a specially appointed international U-Box team which will ensure that your containers are shipped safely in cargo ships.

This team will supply you with all the customs documents that you will need for importing your possessions to the international port. They are extremely supportive and they make sure that you receive all your stuff. They might also refer you to a port agent of the destination country. Lastly, they will also arrange for transportation and make sure that your stuff reaches your new house in a secure manner.

10) The company offers great customer service. Their staff is well trained, experienced, friendly and courteous. They handle all complaints and damage claims in a dignified manner and make sure that all your issues are resolved as soon as possible.

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Things To Keep In Mind For U-box Container Moves

No one is perfect. U-Haul’s U-Box services offer you a lot of benefits. However, like every other company, they have some areas of their service which aren’t as good as the others. Here’s what you should know:

1) The final cost of the move tends to be higher than the quoted price. The price difference isn’t very vast but you must remember that there are certain extra charges (like fuel) that you will be asked to pay later on. You must ask about all the hidden fees before you hire them, so as to make sure that there are no surprises in the end.

2) You won’t get a variety of sizes when you are looking for a U-Box container. All containers come in one standard size, which is why you have to go through your stuff beforehand in order to guess how many containers you will need to rent. This isn’t a very big deal, but it’s better for you to know whether this works for you before you sign any contracts with them.

3) The U-Box containers are made of treated plywood and have a layer of weatherproof covering. This is sufficient for most of the moves. However, some customers have reported that some of the containers they rented weren’t not made of good quality wood. If this happens, you can always notify the company immediately. Always check the container before you start loading stuff into it. If you notice any damages, you can always request for a different container.

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Frequently Asked Questions about U-Haul’s U-Box

How does U-Haul handle situations where a U-Box is damaged during transit or storage, and what are the customer’s options in such cases?

When it comes to handling situations where a U-Box is damaged during transit or storage, U-Haul typically offers coverage options to protect your belongings against loss or damage.

Customers are encouraged to review these options and select a protection plan that best suits their needs. In the event of damage, customers should report the incident to U-Haul as soon as possible to initiate the claims process.

The company’s customer service team would guide the customer through the necessary steps to assess the damage and determine compensation or repair options based on the chosen coverage plan.

Are there any restrictions on the types of items that can be stored or shipped in a U-Box, especially for international moves?

Regarding restrictions on items that can be stored or shipped in a U-Box, U-Haul, like most moving and storage companies, has guidelines on what is permissible.

Generally, hazardous materials, perishable goods, and illegal items are prohibited. For international moves, additional restrictions may apply based on the destination country’s customs regulations.

Customers planning an international move should consult with U-Haul or a customs broker to understand specific restrictions and ensure compliance with international shipping laws.

How does U-Haul’s U-Box service compare in terms of cost and convenience with other similar container moving services on the market?

In terms of cost and convenience compared to other container moving services, U-Haul’s U-Box service is designed to offer a flexible and budget-friendly option for both local and long-distance moves.

The company’s widespread availability, straightforward booking process, and various delivery options cater to a range of moving needs. While U-Haul is known for competitive pricing, the exact cost-effectiveness of U-Box compared to other services can vary based on factors like distance, number of containers needed, and additional services such as loading assistance.

Customers are advised to obtain quotes from multiple providers and consider factors like convenience, reputation, and service offerings to make an informed decision that aligns with their moving needs and budget.

Which is better, PODS or U-Box?

PODS is, any day, a better moving container company than its competitor, UBOX. While the latter has wider availability and offers cheaper prices on rental containers; PODS has more discounts as well as options for insurance coverage that are available at all times in case something happens during transport from one place to another–all while giving customers just what they need: an affordable price tag!

How much can you actually fit in a U-Box?

U-Box container stores up to 2,000 lbs and can hold a room’s worth of your household items. The estimator online will help you determine how many containers are required for the job by determining what exactly fits inside each one!

How long does U-Box take to ship?

U-Haul uses a variety of carriers to ship, and shipping times vary — 7 – 10 days on average to transport a UBOX.

Is U-Box waterproof?

U-Box containers are constructed of treated plywood, come with a weatherproof cover, and are different from other container designs in the sense that they’re not made of weatherproof materials.

Can a king bed fit in a U-Box?

The king bed fits nicely in one of these portable storage containers. It’s spacious and will keep your belongings safe from moisture, so you can go on enjoying life without worrying about damp clothes or furniture!

Can you fit a sofa in a U-Box?

What might seem like an impossible feat is possible with just one UBOX. The size of these containers allows for accommodation up to about one room and a half’s worth (or so) of household items, including furniture!

What can I put in a U-Box?

The idea of the u-box is to provide an easy way for people with limited space at home and also those who are looking to downsize. The containers come loaded with everything that would fit into one small bedroom, making it easier on you as well! You’ll find clothing items like dresses or winter coats; furniture such as mattresses and dressers; dishes including cups, bowls, etc.; various types of appliances (including small TVs).

How does U-Box ship?

Your belongings are transported by truck with a soft suspension for safe delivery. Your container is sealed and keyed using your own personal security system to ensure that only you can open it!

Are U-Boxes climate controlled?

U-Haul has a great storage facility for your belongings. The climate-controlled units offer 24-hour access and security, making them perfect if you need to store something that requires round-the-clock care or protection!

What can you not bring to a U-Haul?

Don’t carry corrosives, explosives, or combustibles things with you. This may appear to be a no-brainer, but there are items you might bring with you in a moving truck without thinking they’re dangerous.

What is U-Haul’s $50 guarantee?

If U-Haul doesn’t deliver on time and in full– no problem! They’ll pay $50, a Reservation Guarantee depending upon when/where/however things went wrong.

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After considering all the pros (which are many) and cons, you can get a clearer view on whether you want to rent a U-Haul’s U-Box for your move. Whether the U-Box is the right option for your move depends on many different things like the distance of your move and your budget. If you are planning a move for your small apartment or looking for storage facilities, U-Box is the way to go, as their services are available for a much lower price compared to their competitors. The company simply ensures that it customizes its services in order to meet your needs in a better way.

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