We have awarded Bellhop Moving a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars due to their extensive experience, wide range of services, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

TL;DR – Here’s a Quick Summary of Our Bellhop Moving Review

  • Rating: 4.7/5, praised for extensive experience, diverse services, and customer satisfaction.
  • Overview: Over a decade in the industry, known for innovative “Uber-like” technology and top-tier moving labor.
  • Key Features:
    • Booking: Quick, hassle-free process with a dedicated concierge specialist.
    • Pricing: Transparent pay-as-you-go service, no hidden fees.
    • Coverage: Operates in 24 states, ensuring wide accessibility.
    • Services: Offers residential, commercial, and short-notice moves. No hidden fees and a rigorous review process for movers.
  • Limitations: Limited nationwide availability, no auto transportation, and no international moving services.

Bottom Line: After a decade of establishment, Bellhop has emerged as an industry leader in the moving and storage sector. Their innovative “Uber-like” technology has revolutionized the way they recruit and retain top-tier moving labor across the country.

Our team at Moving Astute, is consistently impressed by Bellhop’s outstanding customer satisfaction scores and their highly competitive pricing.

With their remarkable track record, Bellhop has earned our utmost admiration, and we confidently recommend their services. Their commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our values.

At MovingAstute.com, we believe that Bellhop Moving stands out from the competition. Their quick and hassle-free booking process, coupled with an impressive national rating of 4.75/5 stars, speaks volumes about their expertise and reliability.

Furthermore, Bellhop ensures your move day success by providing a dedicated concierge specialist. This personalized touch guarantees that all your needs are met and any concerns are addressed promptly.

Additionally, their pay-as-you-go service eliminates the worry of overpaying, with a transparent pricing structure devoid of hidden fees. Bellhop’s time clock begins ticking upon the arrival of their movers and only stops when you give the signal, putting you in full control of the service duration.

Bellhop Moving offers a dependable and efficient moving experience that has earned them an exceptional reputation. We, the editorial team at Moving Astute, confidently recommend Bellhop Moving for your relocation needs.

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In this article:

Pros and Cons of Bellhop Moving

Background-checked MoversLimited Nationwide Availability
Price MatchingNo Auto Transportation
Flat Rate PricingNo Packing Services
Binding EstimatesNo Discounts
Plan Move Using App or WebsiteNo International Moving Services
Insured MoverPotential Difficulty for Non-Tech-Savvy
Residential and Commercial MovingLimited Payment Options
Short-Notice MovesNo Appliance Installation or Un-installation
No Hidden FeesDamage Claim Reporting Time-frame
Rigorous Review Process
Bellhop Moving Pros and Cons Table


When evaluating the services provided by Bellhop Moving, we’ve identified several notable advantages that make them a favorable choice for many customers. Here are the key pros we discovered:

  1. Background-checked movers: Bellhop ensures that their movers undergo thorough background checks, giving you peace of mind knowing that reliable and trustworthy professionals will handle your belongings.
  2. Price matching: Bellhop offers price matching, allowing you to potentially secure the best deal for your move. This feature demonstrates their commitment to providing competitive pricing.
  3. Flat rate pricing: With Bellhop Moving, you can benefit from flat rate pricing, which means you won’t have to worry about unexpected costs or hidden fees. This transparent pricing structure enables better budgeting for your relocation.
  4. Binding estimates: Bellhop provides binding estimates, ensuring that the final price you’re quoted remains unchanged. This eliminates any unpleasant surprises and allows you to plan your finances accurately.
  5. Facility to plan move using an app or website: Bellhop offers the convenience of planning your move through their user-friendly app or website. This digital platform allows for efficient communication and coordination throughout the moving process.
  6. Insured mover: Bellhop Moving is an insured mover, providing coverage for your possessions during transportation. This insurance coverage adds an extra layer of protection to safeguard your belongings.
  7. Residential or commercial move: Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial move, Bellhop Moving has the expertise to handle both types of relocations. Their versatility caters to a wide range of customer needs.
  8. Availability to respond on short notice: Bellhop understands that sometimes moves need to happen quickly. They strive to accommodate customers on short notice, providing flexibility and convenience for urgent relocations.
  9. Guaranteed fixed-price quotes without hidden fees: Bellhop prides itself on offering guaranteed fixed-price quotes without any hidden fees. Their transparent pricing structure ensures you have a clear understanding of the costs involved, enabling better financial planning.
  10. Rigorous review process: Bellhop claims to rigorously review and assess their movers based on factors such as punctuality, professionalism, and efficiency. This commitment to quality ensures that you receive high-quality service throughout your move.


While Bellhop Moving offers many advantages, it’s important to consider the following limitations:

  1. Limited nationwide availability: Bellhop operates in 24 states, which means their services may not be accessible to customers residing outside these areas. It’s crucial to check if they operate in your state before considering their services.
  2. No auto transportation: Bellhop Moving does not provide auto transportation services. If you need to transport your vehicle as part of your move, you’ll need to explore alternative options.
  3. No packing services: Bellhop does not offer professional packing services. If you require assistance with packing your belongings, you’ll need to make separate arrangements or consider other moving companies that provide this service.
  4. No discounts: Unlike some competitors, Bellhop Moving does not offer discounts or promotional deals. This may impact customers looking for cost-saving opportunities during their move.
  5. No international moving services: Bellhop specializes in domestic moves and does not offer international moving services. If you’re planning an international relocation, you’ll need to explore other moving companies that cater to such requirements.
  6. Potential difficulty for non-tech-savvy customers: Bellhop’s reliance on their application may pose challenges for customers who are not comfortable with technology. Navigating the app or website may require additional assistance or support.
  7. Limited payment options: Payment for Bellhop Moving services is limited to credit card transactions or via Apple Pay or Google Pay accounts. Cash and checks are not accepted, which may be inconvenient for customers who prefer these payment methods.
  8. No appliance installation or uninstallation: Bellhop Moving does not offer services for installing or uninstalling appliances. If you require assistance with these tasks during your move, you’ll need to make separate arrangements.
  9. Damage claim reporting timeframe: Any claims for damage to property must be reported within five business days. It’s crucial to promptly inspect your belongings and notify Bellhop if any damages occur during the moving process to ensure timely resolution.

While these cons should be taken into account, it’s essential to weigh them against the overall strengths and advantages of Bellhop Moving. Assessing your specific needs and priorities will help determine if Bellhop is the right choice for your upcoming move.

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Bellhop Moving

At Moving Astute, we understand the challenges and importance of finding a reliable moving company for your upcoming relocation. We know that the decision to entrust your precious belongings to a moving company is not one to be taken lightly.

To assist you in making an informed choice, our dedicated team of researchers, writers, editors, fact-checkers, and proof-readers has conducted an extensive review of Bellhop Moving, one of the prominent players in the moving industry.

In this in-depth review, we will delve into all aspects of Bellhop Moving, sharing our findings and personal experiences to provide you with an unbiased and neutral assessment.

Our thorough research process involved a combination of online investigation and offline analysis, ensuring the credibility and authenticity of the information we present.

Throughout the review, we will shed light on how, when, what, and where our research was conducted, highlighting the meticulous approach we adopted to deliver accurate and reliable insights. We believe that transparency in our methods is crucial, as it allows you, the reader, to place your trust in our review.

With the information provided in this comprehensive review, we hope to empower you with the necessary knowledge to make the best choice for your upcoming move.

At MovingAstute.com, our commitment to providing reliable and valuable information remains unwavering. We believe that by sharing our findings, we can assist individuals like you in navigating the often overwhelming process of selecting a moving company.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the world of Bellhop Moving and discover what sets them apart in the competitive moving industry.

Our detailed assessment will help you determine if Bellhop Moving is the right choice to meet your relocation needs. Keep reading for an unbiased and enlightening exploration of Bellhop Moving in the following sections of this review.

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Bellhop Moving: Licenses and Accreditations

Building on our comprehensive review of Bellhop Moving, we now shift our focus to an important aspect that adds to their credibility and professionalism—their licenses and accreditations.

We understand the significance of choosing a licensed and accredited moving company for a smooth and secure relocation experience. We have gathered relevant information about Bellhop Moving’s licensing details and additional credentials to help you make an informed decision.

First and foremost, Bellhop Moving operates as a licensed broker in the moving industry. Their MC number, 965964, and USDOT number, 3296538, demonstrate their compliance with the legal requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). As a licensed broker, Bellhop acts as an intermediary, connecting customers with reputable carriers to handle their move.

Although Bellhop operates as a broker, it is essential to note that they do carry basic insurance. This ensures that your belongings are protected during the moving process, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind. Bellhop’s commitment to safeguarding your possessions aligns with our dedication to recommending reliable and responsible moving companies.

Moreover, Bellhop Moving is available in 24 states, which speaks to their extensive coverage and accessibility across the country. Whether you’re planning a local move or a long-distance relocation within their service areas, Bellhop is equipped to assist you.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Bellhop has consistently earned positive feedback. Their average customer service rating of 4.75 out of 5 reflects the high level of satisfaction experienced by their clients. This score is a testament to Bellhop’s commitment to providing exceptional service and ensuring that customers’ needs are met throughout the moving process.

With over 12 years in the business, Bellhop Moving has built a solid foundation of experience and expertise. Their longevity in the industry indicates their ability to adapt to changing customer needs while maintaining a strong reputation.

Bellhop Moving operates as a licensed broker, carries basic insurance, and has a presence in 24 states. Their average customer service rating of 4.75/5 and over 12 years of industry experience further solidify their position as a reliable choice for your upcoming move.

Services Offered by Bellhop Moving:

Our research on Bellhop Moving’s offerings reveals a comprehensive range of services designed to meet various moving needs. Whether you’re planning a local or long-distance move, require hourly moving labor, or need assistance with packing, Bellhop has you covered.

Local Moves

Bellhop facilitates hassle-free local moves, defined as those within 50 miles. They offer the convenience of reserving a 26-foot truck accompanied by a team of dedicated movers and a licensed, insured driver. Unlike some companies, Bellhop ensures that their customers’ items are the sole focus of the truck, leading to punctual deliveries and peace of mind.

Long-Distance Moves

For relocations exceeding the 50-mile radius, Bellhop extends its expertise to accommodate intrastate and interstate moves. Their long-distance service is customizable, allowing you to tailor the move to your specific requirements, even if it involves multiple locations.

Hourly Moving Labor

Bellhop understands that not every move requires a full-service package. Hence, they provide an hourly moving labor option, perfect for tasks like loading and unloading storage units or rearranging furniture within your home.

In-Home Moving

Whether you need to move furniture from one room to another or require in-home transportation of belongings, Bellhop offers efficient and reliable in-home moving services.

Event Setup and Cleanup

Going beyond traditional moving services, Bellhop extends assistance with event setup and clearing, catering to events such as weddings and conventions. From packing to placement and removal, they ensure a seamless experience for your special occasions.

Office Relocation

Bellhop’s expertise isn’t limited to residential moves. They also cater to office relocations, making the transition smooth and stress-free for businesses.


If you’re seeking a storage solution, Bellhop is there to help. They offer options for self-storage, enabling you to securely store your belongings.

Packing Services and Moving Supplies

While Bellhop doesn’t offer packing services, they provide moving supplies to facilitate your packing needs. Their moving supply packages include boxes, bubble wrapping, tape, and more, all tailored to suit your requirements.

Free and Extra Packing Supplies

For added convenience, Bellhop includes free packing supplies in their moving services. If you require additional supplies, they offer optional items available for purchase.

Bellhop’s versatility and dedication to providing a wide array of services make them a reputable choice for various moving needs. Our research confirms that Bellhop’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their extensive service offerings set them apart in the moving industry. Whether it’s a local move or a long-distance relocation, Bellhop’s team of professionals is ready to assist you with their expertise and reliability.

How Much Does it Cost to Move with Bellhop Moving?

We understand that one of the essential factors in choosing a moving company is the cost. We have conducted extensive research and analysis to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the cost structure associated with moving with Bellhop Moving.

Our findings will help you make an informed decision and have a clear idea of what to expect financially when hiring their services.

Bellhop’s Pricing Models and Factors

Bellhop employs two pricing models, one for local moves and another for long-distance moves. For local moves, which are defined as moves under 50 miles, Bellhop charges an hourly rate for moving labor.

On the other hand, long-distance moves, which encompass moves over 50 miles, follow a flat-rate pricing model based on the number of movers and trucks required.

It’s important to note that Bellhop has a three-hour minimum for local moving jobs and a two-hour minimum for moving labor within your house or loading a separate truck. This minimum ensures that the company can allocate the necessary resources to complete the job efficiently.

Various factors influence Bellhop’s prices, including the time of the move, fuel costs, location, booking timeframe, and the need for moving supplies. By considering these factors, Bellhop aims to provide a reliable pricing structure that reflects the specific requirements of each customer.

Pricing Examples

To provide you with a better understanding of Bellhop’s pricing, we obtained over-the-phone quotes for different types of moves. Please note that these quotes are for reference purposes and may vary based on individual circumstances:

1. For a 1-bedroom apartment move from one city to another, covering a distance of 13 miles, the quote was approximately $199 per hour.

2. For a 2-bedroom home relocation over a distance of 41 miles, the quote amounted to approximately $229 per hour.

3. For a long-distance move from one state to another, covering 304 miles, the cost was around $4,010 for one truck or $6,090 for two trucks.

4. For a long-distance move spanning 1,378 miles, the cost came to approximately $8,250 for one truck or $14,000 for two trucks.

These quotes give you a rough idea of the potential cost associated with moving with Bellhop. For local moves, the prices typically range from $550 to $2,000, depending on the specifics of the move.

Long-distance moves usually fall within the range of $2,000 to $12,000, with higher prices possible for more extensive moves.

While Bellhop’s long-distance prices may be higher compared to some other companies, they come with the advantage of dedicated trucks. This ensures that your belongings are the sole focus and reduces the risk of delays or potential damage during transportation.

Bellhop Moving’s Cancellation Policy

Bellhop has a cancellation policy that requires a 10% deposit within 48 hours of booking. This deposit is nonrefundable once paid. However, in some cases, Bellhop may consider refunding the deposit if the move is still several months away.

To avoid any uncertainties, we recommend booking only when your move is firmly confirmed. While this may result in slightly higher prices due to potential increases closer to the move date, it is preferable to risking a nonrefundable deposit.

Our Take on Bellhop Moving Costs

When considering the cost of moving with Bellhop, it’s important to understand that their prices may be slightly higher than average, particularly for long-distance moves. However, the reliability of their pricing through binding estimates sets them apart from companies that offer low initial quotes and add additional costs on moving day.

Our research and analysis indicate that while Bellhop’s prices may be higher, the use of dedicated trucks for long-distance moves enhances the safety and efficiency of the transportation process. This dedicated approach ensures that your belongings receive the utmost attention and minimize the risk of complications during transit.

We advise potential customers to carefully assess their specific needs, budget, and the value they place on a reliable moving experience when deciding whether to choose Bellhop for their move. While there are other factors to consider, such as packing services and available discounts, understanding the cost structure is an essential aspect of making an informed decision.

By providing this in-depth analysis, we aim to equip you with the necessary knowledge to evaluate and choose the best moving solution for your unique requirements.

Detailed Booking Process of Bellhop Moving: What to Expect?

Our team have thoroughly researched and analyzed the booking process of Bellhop Moving to provide you with a detailed guide on what to expect. The process of booking with Bellhop is designed to be seamless and efficient, ensuring that customers have a stress-free experience while securing their moving services.

Step 1: Initial Contact and Research

When you decide to book with Bellhop Moving, the first step is to get in touch with them through their official website or customer service channels. During this initial contact, you can gather essential information about their services, coverage areas, and pricing options.

Bellhop’s friendly and knowledgeable representatives are available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Take this opportunity to understand their unique “Uber-like” technology that enables them to find and retain the best moving labor in the country.

Our research has shown that Bellhop has become an industry leader in the moving and storage industry, impressing customers with their incredible satisfaction scores and competitive pricing.

Step 2: Providing Moving Details

Once you’re ready to proceed, Bellhop will require specific details about your move. This includes the location you are moving from and to, the size of your home or the number of bedrooms, and your preferred moving date.

Providing accurate information is crucial to receive an accurate quote and ensure a smooth moving experience. Bellhop’s experienced team will guide you through the process and help you determine the most suitable services based on your needs.

Step 3: Customizing Your Move

One of the standout features of Bellhop Moving is the ability to customize your move according to your preferences. During the booking process, you can choose from a range of additional services such as packing assistance, unpacking, furniture assembly, or handling specialty items.

Our research indicates that Bellhop’s dedication to customization ensures that customers can tailor their moving experience to their specific requirements. Discuss your preferences with Bellhop’s team, and they will work with you to create a personalized moving plan that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Step 4: Obtaining a Quote

With all the necessary information at hand, Bellhop will provide you with a detailed and transparent quote for your move. This quote will outline the estimated cost, including any additional services you have selected.

Our research confirms that Bellhop offers binding estimates, which means that the quoted price remains consistent throughout the process, eliminating any unexpected surprises on moving day.

The straightforward and honest pricing approach sets Bellhop apart from other moving services and ensures clarity for customers.

Step 5: Reviewing and Confirming the Quote

Upon receiving the quote, take the time to carefully review all the details to ensure accuracy and alignment with your requirements. Check the services included, moving dates, pricing, and any specific terms and conditions.

If you are satisfied with the quote and all aspects of the moving plan, you can proceed to confirm your booking with Bellhop.

Our findings indicate that customers appreciate the hassle-free booking process that allows them to make informed decisions without any pressure.

Step 6: Deposit and Payment

To secure your booking and reserve your preferred moving date, Bellhop typically requires a deposit. The deposit is usually 10% of the estimated total cost of your move.

By paying the deposit, you ensure that Bellhop dedicates their resources to handle your relocation efficiently.

Bellhop accepts major credit cards and convenient digital payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay, offering flexibility for customers. It is important to note that Bellhop does not accept cash or checks as payment methods.

Step 7: Confirmation and Communication

After confirming your booking and paying the required deposit, you will receive a confirmation from Bellhop Moving, solidifying the agreement. Our research shows that Bellhop emphasizes open communication with its customers.

Throughout the moving process, you can expect regular updates and proactive communication from Bellhop’s team, ensuring that you are well-informed and prepared for your moving day.

By following this comprehensive booking process with Bellhop Moving, you can expect a reliable and professional moving experience tailored to your specific needs.

Our extensive research and analysis indicate that Bellhop’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their unique approach to customization set them apart as a trusted and efficient moving service provider.

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Bellhop Moving’s Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Customer experience and satisfaction are crucial aspects to consider when choosing a moving service. In our previous section, we discussed the detailed booking process of Bellhop Moving, providing you with insights into what to expect when arranging your move with them.

Now, let’s delve into the customer experience and satisfaction aspect to give you a comprehensive understanding of how Bellhop delivers on their promises and ensures a positive moving journey.

Customer Feedback and Reviews:

Our team extensively analyzed customer feedback and reviews from various online platforms and review aggregators. We found that Bellhop has consistently received positive reviews, highlighting their commitment to providing a reliable and efficient moving experience.

Many customers praised Bellhop for their professionalism, reliability, and courteousness throughout the entire moving process. They appreciated the punctuality and efficiency of the moving teams, who handled their belongings with care and ensured a smooth transition.

Customers also mentioned that the movers were friendly, helpful, and accommodating, which helped alleviate the stress associated with moving.

Transparent Pricing and Binding Estimates:

One aspect that stood out during our research was Bellhop’s transparent pricing and binding estimates. Customers appreciated the clarity and accuracy of the initial quotes provided by Bellhop, which helped them plan their budget effectively.

Unlike some other moving services, Bellhop’s binding estimates ensured that the quoted price remained consistent throughout the process, minimizing any surprises or hidden costs on moving day.

Professionalism and Expertise:

Bellhop’s commitment to professionalism and expertise was evident in the numerous customer testimonials we reviewed.

Customers praised the knowledge and experience of the moving teams, noting their ability to efficiently handle various types of moves, including local, long-distance, and specialty moves.

Bellhop’s movers were described as highly skilled, diligent, and capable of overcoming challenges during the moving process.

Effective Communication and Customer Support:

Throughout our research, we found that Bellhop excelled in communication and customer support.

Customers mentioned that they received clear and timely communication from Bellhop’s customer service team, who promptly addressed their inquiries and provided assistance whenever needed.

This effective communication helped customers feel informed and supported throughout the entire moving journey.

Overall Satisfaction and Recommendation:

Based on our findings, we can confidently state that Bellhop has consistently achieved high levels of customer satisfaction.

The majority of customers expressed their overall satisfaction with the moving services provided by Bellhop Moving and stated that they would recommend the company to others.

Bellhop’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their ability to deliver a reliable and efficient moving experience have contributed to their positive reputation in the industry.

Our research and analysis of customer feedback indicate that Bellhop has established a strong track record of delivering excellent customer experiences and ensuring high levels of satisfaction.

From their transparent pricing and binding estimates to their professionalism, expertise, and effective communication, Bellhop has consistently met and exceeded customer expectations. We confidently recommend Bellhop to individuals seeking a reputable and customer-centric moving service.

Bellhop’s Strengths and Unique Features

After exploring the customer experience and satisfaction provided by Bellhop Moving, we now shift our focus to examining the strengths and unique features that set Bellhop Moving apart in the moving industry.

We conducted extensive research to uncover what makes Bellhop an exceptional choice for your relocation needs. In this section, we share our findings and experiences, shedding light on the key attributes that make Bellhop stand out among its competitors.

By delving into the strengths and unique features of Bellhop Moving, we aim to provide our readers with valuable insights to make informed decisions when it comes to their moving endeavors. Let’s delve into the remarkable aspects that make Bellhop a reliable and trusted choice for your next move.

1. Gig-based Moving Service:

One of Bellhop’s notable strengths is its gig-based moving service model. Originally established as an option for college students residing in dormitories, Bellhop has evolved into a reliable and efficient moving service that operates on a gig-based platform.

This model allows customers to hire a team of professional movers for various moving needs, such as local moves, long-distance moves, hourly moving labor, and more. The gig-based approach offers flexibility and convenience, ensuring that customers only pay for the services they require.

2. Exceptional Customer Experience:

Bellhop places a strong emphasis on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Throughout our research, we found numerous positive reviews and testimonials highlighting Bellhop’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

From the initial booking process to the actual move, Bellhop’s team is known for their professionalism, efficiency, and friendly demeanor. They strive to make the entire moving experience as seamless and stress-free as possible for their customers.

3. Transparent and Binding Estimates:

One unique feature of Bellhop Moving is their transparent and binding estimates. Unlike some moving services that provide low initial quotes and add hidden costs later, Bellhop ensures that the quoted price remains consistent throughout the moving process.

This transparency gives customers peace of mind, knowing that they won’t encounter unexpected expenses on moving day. Bellhop’s commitment to providing accurate and reliable estimates contributes to their reputation as a trustworthy and reputable moving service provider.

4. Dedicated Trucks and Load Exclusivity:

Another strength of Bellhop Moving is their use of dedicated trucks for long-distance moves. Unlike many other moving companies that may split loads between multiple customers, Bellhop ensures that your belongings are the only items being transported in their trucks.

This not only minimizes the risk of damage or loss but also allows for faster and more efficient delivery. The exclusivity of loads provides added peace of mind, particularly for customers with valuable or sentimental items.

5. Flexibility and Customization:

Bellhop recognizes that every move is unique, and they offer flexibility and customization options to accommodate different requirements. Whether you need assistance with packing, loading and unloading, or even event setup and cleanup, Bellhop provides a range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Their ability to customize moving plans sets them apart and ensures that customers receive the level of support they require during their move.

Bellhop Moving stands out in the industry due to its gig-based moving service, exceptional customer experience, transparent estimates, dedicated trucks, and flexibility in catering to individual needs.

Our research and findings indicate that Bellhop prioritizes customer satisfaction and delivers reliable, efficient, and personalized moving services. Whether you’re planning a local move or a long-distance relocation, Bellhop’s strengths and unique features make them a worthy consideration for a smooth and hassle-free moving experience.

Bellhop’s Limitations and Potential Drawbacks

As the editorial team at MovingAstute.com, we strive to provide our readers with an honest and comprehensive review of moving services to help them make informed decisions.

While Bellhop Moving has received praise for its customer experience and satisfaction, it is essential to highlight some of its limitations and potential drawbacks that we discovered during our research.

1. Limited Coverage Areas:

One of the significant limitations of Bellhop Moving is its restricted coverage area. As of our latest research in 2024, Bellhop operates in only 24 states across the United States.

This limited coverage may be a drawback for potential customers who are planning a move outside of these states. If you are moving to or from a location not covered by Bellhop, you will need to explore alternative moving companies.

2. No Full-Service Packing Option:

Bellhop Moving does not offer full-service packing options. While they provide various moving-related services, such as loading, unloading, and driving, they do not handle the packing and unpacking of belongings.

This means that customers will need to pack their items themselves or hire a separate packing service if they require assistance. The absence of full-service packing might be inconvenient for those looking for a complete hands-off moving experience.

3. Hourly Rate for Local Moves:

For local moves, Bellhop charges an hourly rate, and they have a minimum duration for booking their services. This means that even if your move takes less time than the minimum duration, you will still be billed for the full time.

This pricing model may not be ideal for customers with smaller moves or those who only require specific moving labor assistance.

4. Higher Cost for Long-Distance Moves:

While Bellhop Moving is praised for its binding estimates, it is essential to note that their long-distance move prices are relatively higher compared to some other moving companies.

The use of dedicated trucks, which is a positive aspect for safety and efficiency, contributes to the slightly higher costs. Customers on a tight budget for long-distance moves may find more affordable options with other moving companies that offer load-sharing services.

5. Limited Discounts and Offers:

Bellhop Moving does not offer many discounts or promotional offers for specific groups, such as military personnel, students, government employees, or seniors.

For those seeking cost-saving options, this limitation might be a drawback, as other moving companies often provide special deals and discounts to cater to different customer segments.

6. Cancellation Policy and Nonrefundable Deposit:

Bellhop’s cancellation policy states that a 10% deposit is required 48 hours after booking. While customers can cancel without charge before paying the deposit, once the deposit is paid, it becomes nonrefundable.

This policy may be restrictive for customers who need to make last-minute changes or unforeseen adjustments to their moving plans.

7. No Auto Transport:

Another limitation of Bellhop Moving is the absence of auto transport services. If you need to transport your vehicle as part of your move, you will have to seek alternative transportation solutions or consider other moving companies that offer specialized auto transport services.

This limitation may inconvenience customers who require the relocation of their vehicles alongside their household belongings.

8. No Appliance Installation or Uninstallation:

Bellhop Moving does not provide services for appliance installation or uninstallation. If you require assistance with disconnecting or connecting appliances such as washers, dryers, or refrigerators, you will need to make separate arrangements or hire a professional appliance technician.

This limitation might be an inconvenience for customers who prefer a comprehensive moving service that includes appliance-related tasks.

9. Limited Payment Options:

While Bellhop Moving accepts major credit cards, as well as digital payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay, it does not accept cash or checks.

This limited range of payment options might pose a challenge for customers who prefer or rely on alternative payment methods. It is important to ensure you have a payment method accepted by Bellhop Moving before booking their services.

10. Potential Difficulty for Non-Tech-Savvy Customers:

Bellhop Moving primarily operates through mobile and web-based applications for booking and managing moves. This reliance on technology may present challenges for customers who are less comfortable or familiar with using online platforms.

Non-tech-savvy customers might find it more difficult to navigate the booking process or access necessary information. Bellhop Moving could benefit from providing additional support or alternative booking options for those who prefer traditional methods.

11. No International Moving Services:

Another limitation of Bellhop Moving is the absence of international moving services. If you are planning an international move, you will need to explore other moving companies specializing in international relocations. Bellhop’s focus is primarily on domestic moves within the United States, which may not meet the needs of customers with international relocation requirements.

While Bellhop Moving has earned positive reviews for its customer service and satisfaction, it is essential to consider its limitations and potential drawbacks. Limited coverage areas, the absence of full-service packing, and hourly rates for local moves are some aspects to keep in mind.

Additionally, higher costs for long-distance moves and fewer discounts might impact customers seeking budget-friendly options. Understanding these limitations will help potential customers make an informed choice that aligns with their specific moving needs and preferences.

THE SMART WAY TO BUDGETHow much will my move cost?

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Bellhop Moving vs. The Competition: A Comprehensive Comparison

We understand that choosing the right moving company is crucial for a successful and stress-free relocation. To provide you with an in-depth review of Bellhop Moving, we have compared it to some of the top competitors in the industry.

Let’s explore how Bellhop Moving stacks up against other reputed moving companies like Atlas Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, North American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, and United Van Lines.

1. Bellhop Moving vs. Atlas Van Lines:

Bellhop Moving vs Atlas Van Lines
  • Bellhop Moving stands out with its gig-based model, providing customers with flexible options and hourly rates for local moves.
  • Atlas Van Lines, on the other hand, offers a more traditional approach, specializing in long-distance and international moves.
  • While Atlas Van Lines has an extensive network and experience in the industry, Bellhop’s focus on efficiency and affordability makes it a popular choice for local and short-distance moves.

2. Bellhop Moving vs. Mayflower Transit:

Bellhop Moving vs Mayflower Transit
  • Mayflower Transit is a well-established moving company with a wide range of services, including local, long-distance, and international moves.
  • Bellhop Moving, with its technology-driven platform and gig-based approach, appeals to customers seeking quick and cost-effective local moving solutions.
  • Mayflower Transit’s comprehensive services and global network make it an ideal choice for those planning complex or long-distance moves, while Bellhop excels in providing efficient and affordable local moving services.

3. Bellhop Moving vs. North American Van Lines:

Bellhop Moving vs North American Van Lines
  • North American Van Lines offers a full range of moving services, including local, long-distance, international, and corporate moves.
  • Bellhop Moving’s focus on simplicity and affordability makes it an attractive option for customers looking for streamlined local moving services.
  • While North American Van Lines provides a broader range of services, Bellhop’s gig-based model and user-friendly platform cater to customers who prioritize convenience and cost-effectiveness for their local moves.

4. Bellhop Moving vs. Allied Van Lines:

Bellhop Moving vs Allied Van Lines
  • Allied Van Lines is known for its extensive network, offering comprehensive moving services for local, long-distance, and international relocation.
  • Bellhop Moving, with its emphasis on hourly labor and efficient local moves, appeals to customers who value flexibility and affordability.
  • While Allied Van Lines may be a preferred choice for those seeking a full-service moving experience, Bellhop stands out as a convenient option for quick and budget-friendly local moves.

5. Bellhop Moving vs. United Van Lines:

Bellhop Moving vs United Van Lines
  • United Van Lines is one of the largest moving companies in the industry, providing a wide range of services for local, long-distance, and international moves.
  • Bellhop Moving’s gig-based model and user-friendly platform offer a unique and efficient approach to local moving services.
  • While United Van Lines may be better suited for customers requiring comprehensive moving solutions, Bellhop’s emphasis on simplicity and cost-effectiveness makes it an appealing choice for local moves.

Our research and analysis indicate that Bellhop Moving offers distinct advantages for customers seeking efficient and affordable local moving services.

However, for customers with more complex or long-distance moves, the established full-service moving companies like Atlas Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, North American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, and United Van Lines may provide a more comprehensive range of services and extensive logistical support.

Ultimately, the choice between Bellhop Moving and its competitors depends on your specific moving needs, budget, and preferences.

We recommend thoroughly evaluating each company’s offerings, services, and customer reviews to make an informed decision that aligns with your relocation requirements.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and findings as the editorial team of Moving Astute. We recommend conducting additional research and seeking multiple quotes from various moving companies to ensure the best possible moving experience.

Bellhop Moving’s Online Reputation Across Various Platforms

After thoroughly analyzing the various aspects of Bellhop Moving in this review article, “Bellhop Moving Review 2024,” our editorial team delved into the online reputation of this moving service provider across various platforms.

Understanding a company’s reputation is vital for readers looking to hire a reliable and trustworthy moving company. We conducted extensive research on popular online platforms such as Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, and other customer review websites to gauge the overall sentiment and experiences of past customers.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews provide valuable insights from customers who have used Bellhop Moving’s services. Overall, Bellhop has received a significant number of reviews on Google, indicating the company’s extensive customer base.

The general sentiment leans towards positive experiences, with many customers praising the professionalism, efficiency, and punctuality of the moving teams with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

However, there are a few negative reviews, primarily related to scheduling and communication issues. It’s essential to note that Bellhop seems to be actively engaging with customers on the platform, responding to both positive and negative feedback, which reflects their commitment to customer service.


On Yelp, Bellhop Moving has a 3.5 stars from 131 reviews with notable presence and a mix of reviews. Customers appreciate the company’s courteous and helpful movers who handle belongings with care.

However, a few reviewers have expressed concerns about pricing transparency and unexpected charges. Like Google Reviews, Bellhop is engaging with customers on Yelp, aiming to address concerns and resolve issues promptly.


Bellhop Moving also has a presence on Trustpilot, a platform dedicated to customer reviews and ratings. The overall rating on Trustpilot is 4.4 stars from ‎4,156 reviews, with many customers praising the professionalism and reliability of the movers.

Several customers have lauded the team’s efficiency in handling both local and long-distance moves. However, there are a few instances of delayed responses or customer service concerns.

Other Online Platforms

Apart from the above-mentioned platforms, our team also explored various other online review websites. While the sentiment remains largely positive, we found that the experiences of customers can vary depending on the location and specific moving team.

Customers in some regions have shared exceptionally positive experiences, praising the professionalism and efficiency of Bellhop’s movers. However, a few negative reviews focus on instances of miscommunication and scheduling concerns.

Our Findings

In our research, we observed that Bellhop Moving generally enjoys a positive online reputation. The company has managed to amass a substantial customer base, and many customers appreciate their reliable and efficient moving services. Positive reviews highlight the professionalism of the moving teams and their dedication to ensuring a smooth relocation process.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that no company is immune to negative feedback. Bellhop does have some negative reviews, primarily related to scheduling issues, communication challenges, and occasional pricing concerns. It’s crucial for prospective customers to consider these factors and communicate their expectations clearly when booking with Bellhop Moving.

Bellhop Moving’s online reputation is generally favorable, and they seem committed to addressing customer feedback and improving their services continually. As with any moving service, we advise readers to conduct their research, read customer reviews, and communicate openly with the company to ensure a seamless and satisfactory moving experience.

Final Verdict on Bellhop Moving: Key Points to Help you make the Decision

We conducted thorough research and analysis to provide you with a comprehensive review of Bellhop Moving in 2024. In this final verdict, we have compiled key points based on our research to help you make an informed decision about choosing Bellhop Moving as your preferred moving service.

Bellhop Moving’s Online Reputation Across Various Platforms:

Throughout our research, we delved into Bellhop Moving’s online reputation across multiple platforms, including customer reviews, industry forums, and social media.

The majority of customers praised Bellhop Moving for its professionalism, efficient service, and friendly moving crews. Many customers appreciated the transparency of their pricing and the reliability of their quotes, which helped them avoid unexpected costs on moving day.

However, we also found a few isolated negative reviews, primarily related to scheduling issues and customer service response time.

Comprehensive and Customizable Services:

Bellhop Moving offers a wide range of moving services that cater to various needs. From local moves to long-distance relocations, their services encompass residential and commercial moves alike.

Additionally, customers have the flexibility to customize their moving plans by adding services such as packing assistance, furniture assembly, and specialty item handling. This adaptability allows customers to tailor their move according to their preferences and requirements.

Binding Estimates and Transparent Pricing:

One of the standout features of Bellhop Moving is its commitment to providing binding estimates. Unlike some other moving companies that may offer low initial quotes only to add hidden fees later, Bellhop’s binding estimates ensure that the quoted price remains consistent throughout the process.

This transparency in pricing helps customers plan their budget more effectively and avoid any unpleasant surprises on moving day.

Dedicated Trucks for Long-Distance Moves:

Bellhop’s long-distance moving service stands out due to its use of dedicated trucks. Unlike companies that split loads between multiple customers to reduce costs, Bellhop ensures that your belongings are the sole load in their trucks during long-distance moves.

While this may result in slightly higher prices compared to some competitors, it significantly reduces the risk of delays and potential mix-ups with other customers’ belongings.

Availability and Coverage:

Bellhop Moving operates in a total of 24 states, which offers decent coverage for customers in these regions. However, individuals outside these states may need to consider other options.

For those within the covered areas, Bellhop’s widespread availability makes it a convenient choice for many customers.

Dependable Customer Support:

Throughout our research, we found that Bellhop’s customer support team is responsive and helpful. They assist customers in the booking process, answer queries, and address concerns promptly. The company’s commitment to excellent customer service contributes to a positive overall moving experience.

In conclusion, Bellhop Moving presents a reliable and customer-oriented option for your moving needs. With its strong online reputation, transparent pricing, customizable services, and dedicated trucks for long-distance moves, Bellhop has earned its place as a reputable moving service provider.

While considering the few negative reviews, it is essential to remember that no moving company is entirely immune to challenges. Based on our research and analysis, we believe that Bellhop Moving is a commendable choice for a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

However, as with any significant decision, we recommend obtaining personalized quotes and assessing your specific requirements to make the final decision that aligns best with your unique needs.

Methodology Followed by our Editorial Team to Review Bellhop Moving

As the editorial team at MovingAstute.com, we follow a rigorous methodology to conduct our reviews and provide accurate and reliable information to our readers. Here is an overview of the methodology we followed to review Bellhop Moving:

1. Extensive Research: Our team conducts in-depth research to gather comprehensive information about Bellhop Moving. We explore various sources, including the company’s official website, industry publications, customer reviews, online forums, and social media platforms. This helps us gain a holistic understanding of the company and its services.

2. Online Reputation Analysis: We thoroughly analyze Bellhop Moving’s online reputation across different platforms. This includes reviewing customer feedback, ratings, and testimonials from trusted sources. We pay close attention to both positive and negative reviews to identify recurring patterns and evaluate the overall customer satisfaction level.

3. Service Evaluation: We examine the range of services offered by Bellhop Moving and assess their suitability for different types of moves, including local and long-distance relocation, residential and commercial moves, and additional services such as packing and assembly. We consider the flexibility and customization options available to customers to meet their specific requirements.

4. Pricing and Transparency: We analyze Bellhop Moving’s pricing structure, including hourly rates for local moves and flat-rate pricing for long-distance moves. We evaluate the transparency of their pricing, including any hidden fees or additional charges. We compare their pricing with industry standards to assess their competitiveness.

5. Customer Support Assessment: We evaluate Bellhop Moving’s customer support services, including their responsiveness, availability, and assistance provided throughout the booking and moving process. We consider factors such as ease of contact, clarity of information, and the company’s ability to address customer queries and concerns.

6. Personal Experience and Interviews: In addition to extensive research, we also consider personal experiences and interviews with customers who have used Bellhop Moving’s services. This qualitative information provides valuable insights into the overall customer experience, allowing us to assess the company’s performance beyond online reviews and ratings.

7. Comparison with Competitors: We compare Bellhop Moving with other reputable moving companies in terms of services, pricing, customer satisfaction, and industry reputation. This helps us provide a comprehensive perspective and assist readers in making informed comparisons.

8. Editorial Assessment: Finally, our team collaborates to synthesize the collected information, analyze the findings, and present an unbiased and well-rounded review of Bellhop Moving. We ensure that our content adheres to our editorial guidelines, is free from plagiarism, and provides accurate and up-to-date information.

By following this methodology, we aim to deliver a comprehensive and reliable review of Bellhop Moving, empowering our readers to make informed decisions when choosing a moving service.

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