If you need to ship or transport your car across the United States, you need to get in touch with someone or a company who is a specialist in the field. Just like when you look to move to a new state, you call a moving company to help you move your belongings. This is what Diesel Auto Express does, but for your car.

Of course you can drive your car to wherever you are moving to, but what if that is not possible? A car is valuable, the last thing you would want is to risk transporting it on your own. So if you’re planning to move with your vehicle soon and are looking for an auto shipping company, read our Diesel Auto Express Review to learn more about the company. While you’re at it, you will get an understanding of whether the company makes sense for you.

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About Diesel Auto Express

The company boasts having driven over a 100 million miles in transporting vehicles, in more than a decade of being in this business. Diesel Auto Express have been around since 2006 now. They are a customer centric business and try to execute their services to the customer’s satisfaction.

Diesel Auto Express is a family business and this gives you that little added assurance that they will go that extra mile to do an outstanding job and to make it easier for the customer to talk to them and avail their services. They go out of their way to make sure that the customer understands what car shipping is and how the company works. To add to that, Diesel Auto Express provides a single point of contact for each customer, making it easier to get in touch with them for any question or query that the customer might have.

Services Provided By Diesel Auto Express

Diesel Auto Express provides a large variety of services, or as they call it, solutions, where they will transport your vehicle. Some of these services are listed below and we have also expanded a few that we feel should not be missed.

  • Car Shipping Services (Families and Corporates alike)
  • Shipping to And From Hawaii And Alaska
  • Shipping Antique And Exotic Vehicles
  • Shipping Vehicles To And From Auto Shows
  • Shipping Vehicles To And From Auction Houses
  • International Auto Shipping

Additional Services

  • They have a relationship with many OEM manufacturers like Nissan, Ford, Tesla and many others.
  • They partner with dealerships to ship vehicles to customers.
  • They will supervise and take care of vehicle transportation during corporate relocations.
  • If you have purchased a car online, you can hire them to pick the car up and deliver it to you.

As you have possibly gathered by now, they provide a large variety of services or solutions when you want to transport a vehicle across the country for whatever reason.

Now let’s say that you have contacted Diesel Auto Express, and they have agreed to transport your vehicle. What options do they provide for the customer when transporting the vehicle?

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Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport uses a carrier truck that transports vehicles on its trailer. You may have seen this type of truck on movies or tv shows. It is easy to spot because the trailer bed has two levels on which the vehicles are secured onto. It is the more common form of auto transport chosen by customers.

The open auto transport is the carrier which ships vehicles by road in the open air. The trailers can transport anywhere from 2 to 10 vehicles at a given. Being transported like this leaves the vehicles exposed to the weather elements and dust and may even get pelted by rock chips. This can lead to your vehicle being damaged. In an open auto transport trailer, the cars are secured with chains and straps and this could also run the risk of your vehicles sustaining damage like scratches or dents. Although, open auto transport is also the more affordable option.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed transport uses an enclosed truck to transport your vehicle. There are 2 different types of enclosed transport you can opt for.

  • Soft Enclosed Transport Truck: A soft enclosed transport truck consists of securing a vehicle under a thick durable, weather resistant tarp that is secured to the truck bed on all sides, and keeps the vehicle safe from basic weather conditions like sun rain and wind.
  • Hard Enclosed Transport Truck: A hard enclosed carrier is when your vehicle is loaded onto and secured in a truck with hard sturdy walls on all sides and a ceiling above. The benefit of this is that it can provide protection to your vehicle from more severe weather like hail and even from debris or rocks. This version of an enclosed transport is also less likely to be broken into during a long haul.

Enclosed transport carriers can carry fewer vehicles than the open transport trailers can. It is also worth noting, that these are not as readily available as the open transport alternative, as the company has fewer of these trucks.

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Expedited Auto Transport

If you are impatient and would like your vehicle to be picked up and delivered ASAP, then you would definitely want to opt for an Expedited Auto Transport service. This will undoubtedly cost you more than regular auto transport because this would require the driver to change his schedule or route to prioritize picking up and dropping your vehicle first. Or at least sooner than it otherwise would have been delivered.

Door To Door Auto Transport

As the name suggests, the driver will pick up your vehicle at your home or a previously discussed pick up location and deliver it at your door, or again at a previously discussed location of your choice. Right off the bat, some of the benefits of door to door shipping are obvious.

When transporting your vehicle, you would undoubtedly wonder about how carefully they load and unload your vehicle. With door to door auto transport you can supervise them loading and unloading your vehicle. You can make sure that they treat your car well and that they do not damage it when securing it in place. If you can’t be there, then you can have someone be there in your stead to supervise the same.

At the time of unloading your vehicle, you get the chance to inspect it and make sure that there is no damage to your vehicle. Once you are satisfied with your inspection, the driver will have you sign the papers stating that there is no problem with your vehicle’s condition and then hand you a copy of your bill.

Now the name suggests that the driver will pick up your car and deliver it at your doorstep. However, the driver does drive a big trailer or truck and many times these will not be allowed down certain streets. If you happen to live in a location that the truck will not be able to get to, or if you live in a street the truck cannot drive down, then the driver will arrange a different pick up or drop location with you.

Terminal To Terminal Auto Transport

A terminal is a large secure storage facility or compound where vehicles are stored for long periods of time. Diesel Auto Transport can provide you with the service of moving your vehicle or vehicles between these facilities.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Now once you have your car loaded to a truck and heading to a destination, you won’t be able to keep tabs on it till it is finally delivered. However, upon the customer’s request, Diesel Auto Express provides the customer with GPS tracking. With this, the customer will be able to keep track of their vehicle at all times till it is delivered.

Like we mentioned, this is provided on request. So make sure to speak to the point of contact representative that the company appoints to you to avail this service.


Diesel Auto Express is a carrier company. This means they own all their trucks and when you book with them, they are the ones that transport and deliver your vehicle.

They are also insured and certified brokers. This means that if they cannot book you on a truck or have your vehicle delivered by themselves, for whatever reason, then they can be trusted to find and contract another driver to get your vehicle to you in a safe and timely manner.

According to their website, they boast about maintaining good relationships with 1000’s of brokers across America, all so that you can have your car delivered to you no matter what.

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How Expensive Is Diesel Auto Express?

Diesel Auto Express is expensive, at least compared to other companies and competitors in the market. The average cost per transport is roughly 15% to 20% more than the industry average. It will cost you somewhere between $165 to $175 to transport a car over 100 miles.

It is probably a good time to mention that these prices are not fixed and are merely estimates. The prices in this industry tend to change depending on a variety of factors like the distance, season, vehicle make and model.

To give you some context, when talking about the price at Diesel Auto Express, let’s look at a specific car – the 2011 Toyota Highlander. To transport this 2011 Toyota Highlander per hundred miles will roughly cost you $140 via open auto transport, and $210 via enclosed auto transport.

When compared to the industry average, Diesel Auto Express always charges one of the highest prices in the market.

To give you some references here are some rough comparisons. What would cost you $860 to $880 to open transport a vehicle with Diesel Auto Express, will cost you around an average of $720 to $740 in the industry on an average. Similarly, what would cost you $1330 to $1350 to transport a vehicle with Diesel Auto Express’ enclosed auto transport, would only cost you somewhere in between $1130 to $1150 in the industry on an average. .

Diesel Auto Express costs an estimate of $150 more than the industry for open auto transport and $200 more for enclosed auto transport. Sure, the company does quote high prices but this may just give the customer a benefit at times. You see, most car shipping companies rely on a bidding process to determine prices. Let us explain.

Usually, the car shipping company gives you a quote and then the drivers bid on whether they will deliver the car for the quote that’s offered to you. Now, if they have quoted you a price that is low, but no driver is interested to deliver your vehicle at that price, then the company will have to increase the quote till a driver feels it’s a good enough price for him to bid on, to deliver your vehicle. This means that the low quote you are initially offered is subject to change, and almost always the change that is made, is increasing the quote given to you.

But with Diesel Auto Express already having set the price so high, the silver lining is that your quote mostly likely won’t have to be increased for a driver to bid on it to deliver your vehicle. Or at least, if your quote is increased, it won’t be that big a price difference.

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Reasons To Choose Diesel Auto Express

1. Accessible Nationwide

Doesn’t matter which state you live in or are planning to move to, Diesel Auto Express caters to all 50 states in the US. Plus, you can choose the auto shipping service of your choice too.

2. 24/7 Availability

When auto shipping companies tie up with vendors to have a fleet of trucks or carriers, it doesn’t really provide them as much control and flexibility. Diesel Auto Express, on the other hand, have their own fleet of trucks which means you don’t have to worry about a third party personnel not giving the shipment the same attention. To add to that, these guys also operate 24/7 across the year.

3. Free Online Estimate

Diesel Auto Express have a pretty easy to use online quote generator that you can access by visiting their website. It’s a simple 3 step process. All you have to do is enter details like the pickup and delivery destination and the type of transport you desire. Then you just put in details about your vehicle and your contact information, that’s all. Knowing the feature is free, it’s a great way for you to understand what you’re signing up for and whether it fits your budget.

Things To Keep In Mind About Diesel Auto Express

  1. One thing about the company that might not sit well with you is their customer reviews across various platforms. While they’re not necessarily bad, it’s not something worth boasting about either.
  2. The price range offered by Diesel Auto Express is not really affordable.

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Company Information

Address: 12711 NE 95th St, Suite B Vancouver, WA 98682

Email ID: diana@dieselautoexpress.com, info@dieselautoexpress.com

Contact Number: 360-539-8600

Is Diesel Auto Express Worth It?

Now you might wonder if it really is worth it to use Diesel Auto Express to transport your car. Is it really worth the cost that you pay for this transport service? Well honestly, if you can afford it, then yes. Sure you spend much more than the industry average to use Diesel Auto Express services, but as far as their customers are concerned, it is money well spent.

It’s rare for a company to have a loyal customer base with almost everyone giving amazing feedback and recommendations. But over the decade that they have been active, Diesel Auto Express has managed to reach that threshold of leaving every customer satisfied. This family owned company has proudly delivered on its promise on being customer centric and reliable, making the transport of your vehicle as hassle free as possible.

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