You know how when you look to shift houses or just want to transport things from one place to another, you call a moving company? That is what United Routes is, except they specifically only ship cars.

In the simplest of terms, this is what United Routes does. Or as they put it: “United Routes is a reliable auto transport company providing both open and enclosed car shipping across the U.S.

Have you been considering hiring the services of an auto transportation company? United Routes is definitely one option you can look at, so keep reading on to learn more about them.

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What Services Do United Routes Provide?

United Routes provide a large variety of services, some of which they specifically specialize in. Let’s quickly look over a few of them including those special services.

  • They provide interstate and intrastate transport for your vehicle.
  • They provide both open and enclosed transport.
  • They also specialize in transporting exotic cars, specialty vehicles and boats.
  • They provide the option for short and long term vehicle storage.
  • They pride themselves in providing door to door delivery.
  • They even do international vehicle transport to certain countries.
  • They offer priority express shipping.
  • They also offer you GPS tracking during the transport.

Now that you have an idea of the services that United Routes provides, let’s look at a few of these services in detail. These few services are ones that the company really stands out in compared to the competition.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Many auto transport companies will offer you the option of transporting your vehicles in an enclosed transport. This option is definitely more expensive than the cheaper option of open transport. But we will look into that in the next segment.

Now, if other companies also offer enclosed transport as an option to deliver your vehicle, why should United Routes stand out from the rest? The short answer – they specialize in enclosed transport of vehicles.

But why pick enclosed transport? If you want to transport your exotic car, or your regular car that holds a special place in your heart, and you do not want it to be strapped and chained to a trailer, or sharing the space with other vehicles, then you choose enclosed transport. Enclosed transport will also protect your car from the weather and damage caused by being on the open road. It also prevents your car from being delivered with a fresh new coat of dust and muck.

But United Routes takes extra care to make sure that they stand above the competition in this area. They have trucks specifically modified with low ground clearance and proper ramps to make loading and unloading your vehicle easy and smooth. Once inside the truck, your vehicle is secured by wheel straps. This takes away the worry of your car being damaged by the straps used in open transport, which run across the body of the car, possibly damaging the pain and the chassis.

Though they don’t deliver a vast number of vehicles every year when compared to their competitors, they pride themselves on having a good record of delivering exotic vehicles across the country to satisfied customers.

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GPS Tracking

One of the other benefits that come with using United Routes transport services, is that their trucks all come with GPS tracking. You won’t have to worry about where your vehicle is or how long it is before it’s delivered, as you can track its progress.

Priority Express Shipping

With most auto transport companies out there, you can expect your car to not be delivered at the exact time of delivery due to delays on route. One of the main reasons for these delays is that yours is not the only other car delivered. To put it simply – when you book a transport for your vehicle, you book a spot on a transport that is headed to your delivery destination, with a bunch of other customers’ vehicles that are also to be delivered in that general vicinity.

Think of it like online shopping. You make your purchase and the delivery agent picks up all the products that have to be delivered in one area or location, and then delivers yours along the way. So depending on these deliveries and other possible hindrances, your vehicle is not often delivered on time.

However, with United Routes’ priority express shipping, you have only your vehicle on the transport to be delivered to you. You do not book a spot on a trailer with a bunch of other cars and so there is no waiting for the trailer to fill up all the space, nor is there the time spent waiting as other vehicles are being delivered en route to your location.

If it isn’t obvious by this point, then Priority Express Shipping is far more costly than regular shipping. But that’s the price you pay when you want your vehicle delivered as soon as possible to you. The company will even transport your vehicle via air cargo or air carrier if it is possible.

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How Expensive Is United Routes?

The short answer is that they charge right down the middle in terms of cost. Their rates fall within the average price range when you look to ship cars across the US. The company does provide two types of transport which leads to a variation in price. When you want to hire United Routes to transport your car, you can either opt for open transport or enclosed transport. We did expand on enclosed transport earlier.

If you opt for open transport, they cost a little below the industry average at around $100 to $110 per hundred miles. But if you do have the money to splurge on the more premium service of enclosed transport, it will cost you somewhere in the range of $170 to $180 dollars for every 100 miles. This is a little over the industry average. Then again, these prices are estimates and it is quite possible for these to change, as the prices in this market are ever fluctuating.

If you want to put this into perspective, let’s look at a simple example. Say it costs you $661 to open transport a 2011 Toyota Highlander. If you opt for a closed transport, then that same trip will put a $1,167 hole in your wallet. That’s a $506 difference between the open and closed transport of that particular make and model of the car.

This is also a good time to mention, the price will not only vary depending on the service you choose, but also on the car that you wish to transport. That being said, we will use this car when we refer to help give you an estimate of the prices in the article.

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Is United Routes A Cheaper Option?

When you look to purchase into, or rent any service, the number one thing we do and should do, is compare the prices in the market. That is the due diligence of every customer and if you don’t do this, start doing it right away. Don’t abuse your wallet

The cheaper service United Routes offers is the open transport option to transport your car. Generally, United Routes do boast cheaper rates for this service compared to other companies in the market. However, depending on many factors like the car make, its model, the distance, the location, delivery destination and many other factors, it is possible for the price that is offered to be above the industry average.

Let’s put this into perspective with that car we used as an example earlier. The 2011 Toyota Highlander.

To transport this 2011 Toyota Highlander around 155 miles, it would cost you somewhere in-between $290 – $300. This is cheaper than the industry average of $350 – $360.

On the other hand, to transport that same car roughly 1000 miles, United Routes will charge you around $890 ro $900 as opposed to the industry average of around $870 to $880. This makes United Routes more expensive than the industry average.

Again, these prices are rough estimates, as they tend to fluctuate often and are also influenced by the make and model of the car being transported.

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How Do I Book Their Services?

This step isn’t as straightforward or convenient like many other such services out there.

You go to their website and fill a form putting in all the details of your vehicle and the details of where you want it to be delivered to and transported from. Unlike other services, you will not get an instant quote or estimate when you submit these details. Instead, a representative from the company will get in touch with you with a quote. You can discuss the details of the booking with this representative who will then email you the details of the booking.

This process has a few extra steps compared to other services out there, but it comes with an added bonus.

Most of these companies give you a quote estimate when you put in your details and submit your online form. However, this estimate is subject to change and you may not always realize this until you have to pay, and you find out that the bill is much higher than what was quoted to you, because of some fee or the other that was not clear from the get go.

With United Routes, you do not face this issue. Like we mentioned, after the representative calls you to discuss the details of your delivery, he will email you the details of the quote that you discussed. This quote is binding. It is not subject to change and you won’t have to worry about being blindsided by a cost you didn’t not expect when it comes time to write that cheque.

Sure the process may be a little inconvenient, but it comes with the perk of giving you a fixed price that will not change. That is assuming that you do not make any changes to your bookings.

Reasons To Choose United Routes

1. No Security Deposit

One of the benefits of choosing their service is that you don’t have to cough up a hefty security deposit amount up front. For that matter, you don’t have to pay any. What’s interesting is that only after confirmation of the driver has been provided will you be charged a security deposit.

2. No Cancellation Fees

Have to bail out of the service and your booking due to some unforeseeable situation? Fret not, you won’t have to lose any of your hard-earned money. If you can give United Routes a heads up at least 48 hours in advance, they won’t charge you any cancellation fees, simple as that.

3. Better Business Bureau Accredited

In case you were wondering how reliable United Routes are, you should know that the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Things To Keep In Mind About United Routes

Before your vehicle is shipped, a representative from United Routes will first make a visit and inspect your vehicle thoroughly. As a part of the process, you will be provided with a Bill of Lading, alongside a Vehicle Condition Report. Do note that you will be provided with the Bill of Lading both before the shipment and once it has been delivered. On your end, just make sure you’re present when the inspection is carried out.

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Company Information

Email ID:

Address: 2835 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Fl 33020

Contact Number: 866-352-8180 (Personal Shipments) & 866-923-7797

Customer Opinions

United Routes seem to have mostly positive reviews and testimonials under their belt. Of course, there are always those reviews left by dissatisfied customers about how poor the service was or about some issue they faced with the company. This is understandable. Every business has a few customers that are not satisfied. Maybe rightfully so.

It’s worth noting that most positive reviews United Routes received was pertaining to their ability to safely and quickly transport vehicles of their customers. Their professionalism and punctuality are some other things that United Routes often get lauded for. To give you a better perspective, here’s what their ratings are like on some reliable platforms:

  • Trustpilot – 4.4/5
  • Better Business Bureau – 4.19/5
  • Yelp – 4.5/5
  • Transport Reviews – 4.6/5

United Routes mostly have great feedback in most of these forums, with many customers making use of their service on numerous occasions. So it goes to show that they’re definitely a reliable choice for auto shipping services.

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Overall, United routes provide a great service when you look to transport your vehicle across America. They charge right down the middle in terms of cost, with certain specific services being a little higher than the market average cost, but they always provide you with a binding quote.

United Routes stand out by specializing in enclosed transport and pride themselves in transporting exotic cars. If you have the money for it, their priority express shipping gives them an edge over the competition by promising to deliver your car ASAP, with minimum delays.

Whether you decide to trust your vehicle to United Routes or not, always make sure that you look into other companies and competitors, to make an informed choice in picking the right one to transport your car.

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