Now irrespective of how big or small your move is, the tasks of packing and unpacking remains common to all, right? So logically, as soon as we plan our move, most of us start our runabout for getting our moving supplies in place. While the process of moving can be expensive as a whole, you can definitely save a few bucks on your moving boxes and packing supplies.

Wondering how? Just continue reading our article below, we’ve compiled a set of all the important information you need for your moving boxes. Right from giving you an understanding of the different boxes to where you can find the best cheap ones, we’ve got it all covered for you.

Types of Moving Boxes

Before we get to the places where you can get your moving boxes, let us first understand what are the different boxes available and what they could be used for. On a broader level, we’ll divide the boxes into two categories – standard and specialty. The common boxes that you use for putting in all items big or small would probably be the standard boxes. Specialty boxes are, as the name suggests, special purpose boxes, like for your fragile items or wardrobe essentials. Let’s have a closer look at their specifications as well.

Standard Boxes

Box TypeSizeUsage
Small Box16” x 12” x 12”
(1.5 cubic feet)
Books, CDs, Small Appliances, Kitchen Gadgets
Medium Box18” x 16” x 18”
(3 cubic feet)
Pots, Vases, Picture Frames, Towels, Decorative items
Large Box18” x 18” x 24”
(4.5 cubic feet)
Bedding, Towels, Pillows, Blankets
Extra-Large Box24” x 20” x 24”
(6 cubic feet)
Comforters, Sports Equipment, Large Paintings

Specialty Boxes

Box TypeSizeUsage
Wardrobe Box20” x 24” x 54” (approx.)Use the rod at the top to hang your clothes. Keep your purses and belts at the bottom.
Dish Pack Box18” x 18” x 28”
(5.2 cubic feet)
Kitchen fragile items like cups, mugs, plates, etc. can be easily packed.
Mirror Box30” x 36”Adjustable and designed to hold mirror and even picture frames in place.
TV BoxDifferent sizes available.Most boxes will fit your 32” to 70” TV.
Lamp Box12” x 12” x 40” (approx.)Specifically designed to keep your floor lamp bases intact during the move.
Mattress BoxDifferent sizes available.Covers and protects your mattress while in transit.

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Where To Buy Cheap Moving Boxes?

If you prefer to do the packing all by yourself, the first thing you would need to do is create a list of all the items that would be packed. And now that you know about the different types of boxes available, along with their sizes, you can also guesstimate the kind of boxes you would need, and also their quantity. Once you’re ready with your list, you would want to shop around for places offering the best boxes at economical rates, right? You can save some research time and energy, because we’ve got here a list of some of the best places for you to buy moving boxes. Here they are:

1. Home Depot

Just imagine how convenient it would be to sit in the comfort of your home and get your moving supplies delivered right at your doorstep. Sounds comforting, right? Fortunately for us, Home Depot does not just limit this to our imagination, but will genuinely get you everything that you need with moving supplies, delivered right at your location. All you need to do is visit their official website at and you can make your cart. Choose the kind of boxes you need, add the quantity you require, and you can choose to get it shipped to your house. Another way of going about it is ordering your cart and getting it shipped to your local Home Depot store, delivery charges for which would be waived off.

Along with a visual representation of the boxes, Home Depot also has a lot of guides on their website for you to understand the box sizes and how to pack them. You could either select individual boxes and moving supplies and make your cart, or you could also opt for their moving kits. The moving kits will have a combination of different boxes as well as the required moving supplies, thereby saving you the time of making a new list. All in all, you will easily find all the moving boxes you require at Home Depot.

Buy on Home Depot

2. Uboxes

If you literally want to buy moving boxes that have been pulled out straight from the factory, is your place to go. Yes, they supply all moving boxes and packing supplies directly to the consumers and businesses. Whether it’s a studio apartment that you need to pack, or a large condo, offers a wide variety of standard as well as specialty boxes to help you pack all your items securely.

You have the option of either selecting your supplies individually, or you could also choose any of their pre-made moving kits. These kits are based on the type of room and the number of boxes you would ideally need. If you aren’t satisfied with their kits, you could custom make your own moving kit with exactly the type and quantity of supplies that you would need. And as bonus, you could also avail free shipping of your supplies from Uboxes, on a minimum order of $35. So, if you’re looking for good quality as well as cheap boxes, don’t forget to check out and get some great deals.

Buy on Uboxes

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3. Amazon

Probably one of the first places you would look at, for almost anything, would be Amazon, right? Known to be the world’s most famous online retailer, Amazon can also help you with finding moving boxes or other packing essentials that you would need. Since it’s an online platform bringing together different brands, you will have a variety of boxes offered by different brands to choose from at different rates. And as is often noticed, you could also get them at discounted rates in many cases. Plus, everything will be delivered right at your doorstep. A pro tip would be to carefully read the item description and customer reviews before making any final choice, because getting it cheap would not always guarantee the quality of the supplies as well.

Buy on Amazon

4. Walmart

If Amazon is like your one stop shop online retailer, you have Walmart to buy almost anything that you need in-person. If you’re wondering whether moving boxes and packing supplies would also be available at Walmart, just lay your queries at rest, because the answer is affirmative. One of the biggest advantages of Walmart is that they have branches in many parts of the United States, and some of them are even accessible 24/7. So, you can not only drop by to your nearest Walmart and pick up some moving supplies, but can also shop online through their website. They have a good variety of different sized boxes and also offer moving containers for heavy and bulky items. Check their website out for the different moving kits that Walmart offers as well. For people running short on time and looking for last minute supplies, your local Walmart could be an easy option to reach out to.

Buy on Walmart

5. U-Haul

U-Haul is a popular name in the moving industry, and rightly so. It has just so much to offer, all under one roof. Along with truck rentals and moving labor, if you need moving boxes and packing supplies, you could reach out to U-Haul for that as well. Just walk-in to any of their stores, or order your packing supplies online through their website. The biggest advantage that U-Haul offers is in the form of their 100% buy-back option for unused boxes. What this means is that, if you’ve ordered extra boxes from U-Haul but did not seem to use them, you can easily return them to U-Haul and they’ll pay you back for them. Just remember to keep your receipt carefully, as you would need to show it to them for the buy-back option.

Buy on U-Haul

6. Local AAA

It would be a good idea to check if your local AAA offers moving boxes or packing supplies, because you’ll surely be getting them at discounted rates. While the discounts and availability vary with all locations, if you do get hold of moving supplies from the American Automobile Association (AAA), there are quite good chances of you saving on your moving costs. This makes it worth a try, right?

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7. Local Moving Companies

Along with offering a variety of professional moving services, many local moving companies do sell moving boxes and supplies as well. Now some companies may require you to avail their moving services to get the packing supplies, there are many who also offer them independently, without an obligation. We advise you to check with your local moving company, for some of them do offer great deals on combined moving services.

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Where Can I Get Free Boxes For Moving?

If you’re someone who moves quite often or even someone who needs to plan a move around a budget, you’ll probably be on a hot pursuit for saving on your moving costs. Here’s something that’s going to get you interested. There are a handful of places from where you could get your moving boxes for free. Read along to know which exactly are these places.

1. Grocery Stores

One of the easiest places to get free boxes could be your local grocery store or even a pharmacy. These places receive shipments on a regular basis and chances are that you could get a handful of their boxes for free. Just make sure to check those boxes as some of them may be damp or even a little dirty.

2. Liquor Stores

As is known, all those bottles generally are shipped in durable and sturdy boxes. You could ask the manager around at your local liquor store, and if you are in luck, you may even get your hands on a few boxes without any extra charge.

3. Craigslist

Probably one of the oldest marketplaces available online, you have quite good chances of getting free boxes as well as other moving supplies from someone on Craigslist. You could either check out posts mentioning free boxes, or you could also post your own ad and let people know that you are looking for free moving supplies. If you’re lucky, you may get everything that you’ve been looking for, without even paying a penny for it!

4. Facebook Groups

The popular social media has a group on almost everything that you can imagine. So, you could look around for moving boxes and packing supplies groups specifically, or even put up a post letting people know what you need. Ask your friends and contacts to share it, so it reaches as many people as possible. You may be surprised by all the help that might come your way through Facebook or even other social media platforms, to say.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free boxes from Walmart?

If you want to get boxes for free, ask the manager at your local Wal-Mart store if it’s okay. Then grab some yourself!

How much do UPS boxes cost?

UPS charges $10 to $50 (per month) for small, medium, and large boxes.

What is the cheapest way to move boxes?

If you are shipping multiple boxes across the country, consolidated freight is usually cheaper. If there’s one box to ship on its own merits, USPS will likely be more cost-effective.

Who has cheaper moving boxes Lowes or Home Depot?

Home Depot has bulk pricing for their moving boxes, which can save you a lot of money if you’re buying more than just one or two. However, Lowes’ standard medium size is the same price as Home Depot’s regular-sized box, with no additional savings to be had from ordering in larger quantities.

What type of boxes are best for moving?

Not all boxes are made equally. If you’re moving, it’s best to use a corrugated box that is extra sturdy and will protect your delicate items like TVs from damage during the move.

Are Pods cheaper than Uhaul?

Generally, no. Even the container option from U-Haul is typically less expensive than a single pod and usually more affordable even for multiple pods of comparable size. However, prices may vary depending on local market conditions, so it’s best to check with both companies before making any decisions about logistics or costs.

Can you return unused moving boxes to Home Depot?

With an uncomplicated return policy, if you end up with more moving boxes than needed, Home Depot will give a full refund for unused moving boxes.

Things to keep in mind

  • When you pick-up free moving boxes from grocery stores or otherwise, make sure to properly check and clean them before use.
  • Another tip for you to pay heed to is, properly tape and seal all the ends of your moving boxes, especially if you’ve bought them second hand.
  • Know the weight that a particular box can carry and check for their ECT rating. The higher the rating, the more sturdy will your boxes be in place. Make sure that you only put as much stuff in the box as it can safely hold, otherwise it may get difficult for you to handle it while loading and unloading.
  • If you aren’t a big fan of cardboard boxes, or are looking for some other environment friendly alternative, you could also check out moving container bins. Most of these are recyclable and are provided by many local moving companies on a rental basis. Not only can you save yourself the trouble of taping your boxes, but also might just be able to make do with only a few of them. They are usually large in size and can carry quite a few items together.


The packing part of your moving process can actually be made budget friendly as well as a memorable experience for you. You may get pleasantly surprised by the random things that crop out from different corners of your house, taking you on a momentous flashback. But now that you know all about the various moving boxes, make sure to safely pack all your valuables in the right boxes. And if you’re looking for some moving assistance, read through some of our other blogs that cover the best moving companies across the United States.

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