Ah yes, the multiple questions that crop up before a move have begun their assault. It may seem ridiculous to be wondering where to buy moving boxes, but moving homes is not something most people do very often. By the time you’re done with your move, you will know how to navigate a move inside out, whether it’s buying boxes, properly packing or labeling boxes the right way. For the moment though, read up on where to buy moving boxes so you can begin to assemble all your packing supplies in time.

6 Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes

  1. Amazon
  2. Lowe’s
  3. Home Depot
  4. Uboxes.com
  5. U-Haul
  6. Walmart

1. Amazon

Of course the world’s most famous online retailer had to make it on the list. Amazon has a range of different moving boxes, from different sizes to different purposes. Each brand will sell you a type of box, and you’re likely to get them at discounted prices as well. A word of warning: don’t simply go for the cheapest rates you see without thoroughly going through the description and reviews. Cheap isn’t always good, and though you can certainly come across good quality boxes being sold at low prices, it is always better to confirm their authenticity.

Pros: Convenience of buying boxes without ever stepping out of your house, Customer review help you gauge how useful the box will be

Cons: Have to guesstimate the size of the box based on mentioned dimensions, Can’t buy single boxes.

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2. Lowe’s

Lowe’s has products centered around home improvement and DIY projects, which is why you won’t be able to finish your grocery run at the same time. However, it has a vast selection of packing supplies and moving boxes. You’ll find specialty boxes here as well, like wardrobe and jewelry boxes. Plus, Lowe’s also has the option of online ordering and in-store pickup. You don’t have to waste time wandering the aisles if you don’t want to; simply check out what’s in store online, drop in to pick up your order, and head on back home.

Pros: Convenience of browsing through products online, Specialty boxes available.

Cons: May not find all products across all outlets.

Buy on Lowes.com

3. Home Depot

Shopping for moving supplies at Home Depot is an experience that stands out from among the rest. Visit HomeDepot.com before you head off to your local store, they have a convenient mover’s guide that helps you understand how to prepare and pack for your move. They have a broad selection of differently sized moving boxes, and the website shows you a visual representation of their dimensions so you can gauge how big they actually are without much effort. You can choose to have your selected boxes shipped to your house, or to your local Home Depot (which is for free). You can also find moving kits: a pre-packed set of boxes and other moving supplies. This makes it very convenient for anyone rushing around to find moving boxes.

Pros: Guides to understand how to pack and box sizes, Wide range of boxes available.

Cons: You may have to check out the website and order for certain boxes if they aren’t available at the store, which also means waiting for the shipment to arrive.

Buy on HomeDepot.com

4. Uboxes.com

Looking for boxes of good quality at a cheap price? Getting moving boxes straight from the factory is one of the easiest ways to get cheap moving boxes. Uboxes.com is the place to go to get factory-direct moving boxes. They supply them directly to consumers and businesses, alongside a line of moving supplies like stretch wrap, bubble wrap, packing tape and paper. They also have pre-made moving kits, divided by the number and type of room it is meant for. Instead of breaking your head over how many boxes you’ll need, simply select a moving kit. You can always buy additional supplies if you find you’re running short later.

Because it is an online retailer, you’ll have to gauge the sizes of the boxes by their dimension descriptions. But aside from that one glitch, everything about this service is peachy. Aside from scrolling through and picking out packing supplies and moving kits, you also have the option of custom creating your own moving kit!

Pros: Wide range of regular and specialty moving boxes, Make your own customized kit.

Cons: No option to buy single boxes, Can’t gauge dimensions due to online shopping.

Buy on UBoxes.com

5. U-Haul

Going for a DIY move with a U-Haul truck rental? Buy all your packing supplies from there as well! U-Haul is a top-notch truck rental company, and in case you didn’t know, they also have a portable container called the U-Box now. Either way, customers with U-Haul have the easy option of buying moving boxes and other supplies from U-Haul’s stores, online or in-store. Worried that your boxes aren’t enough? Take a few extra, as U-Haul has a 100% buy-back for any of their boxes that are unused, as long as you have the receipt to show.

Pros: Online and in-store option, You can buy single boxes.

Cons: None thus far!

Buy on UHaul.com

6. Walmart

It sure is home to a lot of stuff, but does Walmart sell moving boxes? You bet it does, alongside moving kits as well. Walmart is scattered across the United States, and several locations are open 24/7 as well. In case of a packing emergency or a last-minute supplies run in the middle of the night, you know where to go. You can also opt to shop online through their website, or check out what your local Walmart has in store. Best part is that you will never have to pull your hair out with the fear of not being able to find boxes in the dimensions you need. Walmart not only has corrugated boxes of all sizes, you could also get moving containers if you need something much sturdier.

Pros: Range of boxes, Free shipping and in-store pickup on certain items.

Cons: In-store and online availability isn’t guaranteed.

Buy on Walmart.com

Tips For Buying Moving Boxes

  • Before you head off to buy moving boxes, take an estimate of all the things you’ll be moving and make an inventory of it. You need to have at least a vague idea of how much there is to pack so you know approximately how many boxes you’ll need.
  • Keep an eye out for large and lightweight things like big soft toys, pillows etc., as you will need to buy extra large boxes for them.
  • Apart from regular cardboard boxes, there are also a range of other types of boxes that fulfill the packing needs of different things. Some of these are wardrobe boxes (for clothes), plastic bins (sturdy and waterproof), dish barrel boxes (kitchenware) and jewelry boxes. Look into purchasing these as well.
  • Find out if you have any sort of return policy on the boxes in case you buy too many. Certain places like U-Haul allows you to return boxes you haven’t used.
  • Packing up something precious, of high value, or heavy? Switch out those regular cardboard boxes with a heavy duty box instead. These help to keep their contents firmly secure so as to not incur damage while in transit.
  • Make sure you also look into how to get free moving boxes; this can help you save a pretty penny.

Cost Of Moving Boxes

It always makes sense to gauge how much you’ll be spending on moving supplies, as this makes up a big portion of your moving budget. A good way to go about this is by looking them up online for approximate prices. Though rates vary according to the make, size and type of box, CostHelper’s latest data shows an average of how much moving boxes cost when bought in singles. Although, it’s important to remember that these moving boxes typically take the standard corrugated cardboard boxes into account and not moving containers, as they have a separate price range and cost variables of their own.

  • Small boxes: $1 – $1.70 each
  • Medium boxes: $2.35 – $2.79 each
  • Large boxes: $3 each
  • Extra large boxes: $3.75 each

Pre-packed moving kits contain different packing supplies, usually boxes, packing tape and a box marker. These vary according to the number of rooms that they can be used for.

Apartment1 Bedroom2 Bedroom4 Bedroom
Cost$69 – $90$178 – $197$311 – $404
No. of Boxes14 – 2955 – 6086 – 119
No. of 55-Yard Tape Rolls1 roll4 rolls8 rolls
Box Markers112
Box KnivesNo12

Some of the other moving supplies and their costs are:

  • Wardrobe boxes: $15 each
  • Glass packing kit: $10 – $15
  • Packing paper: $9 per pack
  • Quilted pads: $8 – $15 each
  • Carpet dolly: $35

What Stores Will Give You Free Boxes?

Technically, no store exists to just handout moving boxes. However, there are several types of stores that use moving boxes for their shipments, and could have them lying around. It always makes sense to drop in to local bookstores, liquor stores, furniture stores and grocery stores to see if they have any moving boxes to spare. Additionally, ask your friends and family for any of their moving boxes and supplies that they might still have. Networking is a great way to get all kinds of help when planning a move.


Now that you know where to buy moving boxes, make sure you’re keeping to your moving checklist by ticking off items each week. Planning your move to be as organized as possible is the trick to the trade, and can help you navigate the move irrespective of what obstacles crop up. Move on to the next task at hand: deciding which movers to go for. Read through our blogs that have reviewed professional movers for all kinds of moves, and contact us for some personalized recommendations.

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