Regardless of your move being small or big, local or long distance, it’s important that you have all the necessary equipment and packing supplies. Your things aren’t going to reach your new home on their own right? It doesn’t matter whether this is your first move or you’ve moved a couple of times before, you need to be prepared with all necessary equipment.

Be it something as small as a shoe to something as big as a furniture, you definitely want all of your belongings to reach your new place in one piece. That’s when your equipment and packing supplies come in handy. These things will ensure the safety of your belongings. Confused about what all you’ll need to buy? Well, we’ve compiled a list of items which you can rent and buy for a safe and secure move. So keep reading to find out about the best moving equipment supplies available for you.

Moving EquipmentsUsageWhere to buy?Best Product
Moving BlanketsAvoids dents, scratches while movingAmazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home DepotWEN 272406 72 x 40” Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets, 6-Pack
Amazon Price:$39.32 (excluding shipping costs)
Hand Trucks and DolliesHelp accommodate small and heavy itemsAmazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home DepotPush Cart Dolly by Wellmax, Moving Platform Hand Truck, Foldable for Easy Storage, 360 Degree Swivel Wheels, 330 lb
Amazon Price:$66 (excluding shipping costs)
Moving BoxesAssemble, Separate, accommodate items
Protection from damage
Local stores, Amazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home DepotBankers Box SmoothMove Classic Moving Box, Easy Carry Handles, Small 15x12x10”
Amazon Price:$38.99 (excluding shipping costs)
Stretch WrapHolds your items
Prevents scratches
Amazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home DepotUBoxes Large Cast Stretch Wrap 20”x1000’ 80G Roll with Handle
Walmart Price:$21.99
(excluding shipping costs)
Packing PaperAdds a layer of protection
Soft cushioning
Avoids damage
Local stores, Amazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home DepotBrown Kraft Paper Roll, 18”x1,200” Made in USA
Amazon Price: $12.97
(excluding shipping costs)
Bubble WrapProtects fragile items
Local stores, Amazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home Depot
Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Roll, Original Bubble Cushioning, Perforated every 12”x175’
Amazon Price: $22.99
(excluding shipping costs)
Foam Sheets or PouchesLightweight
Protect glasses and delicate items
Local stores, Amazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home Depot100 Pack Foam Sheets, DAT 12”x12”, 1/16” Thickness, Foam Wrap Cushioning Material
Amazon Price: $9.99
(excluding shipping costs)
Cargo Straps or RopeSecure and hold heavy itemsAmazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home DepotRatchet Tie Down Straps, 4Pk, 15 Ft, 500 Lbs Load Cap, 1500 Lb Break Strength, Cam Buckle Alternative
Amazon Price: $21.95
(excluding shipping costs)
Packing TapeHelps to seal and pack your items, movingboxes Local stores, Amazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home DepotHeavy Duty- Scotch Store, Elastomer Resin material
Amazon Price: $18
(excluding shipping costs)
Foam PeanutsProvide soft cushioning for your itemsLocal stores, Amazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home DepotWhite Recyclable Packing Peanuts, MT Products, 0.60 Cubic Foot
Amazon Price: $9.99
(excluding shipping costs)
Labelling MaterialsHelp organize your times
Avoid confusion during relocation
Local stores, Amazon, Walmart, U-haul, Home DepotAvery 6113 All Purpose Labels, 1×2.75”, White, Pack of 128
Amazon Price: $3.95
(excluding shipping costs)

Best Moving Equipment Supplies To Rent

Not all moving equipment that you buy will be worth your money. There will be some equipment which you may not need in the future. So why waste money on buying when you can rent things? Yes, there are certain moving supplies which you can rent for your move especially if you’re on a tight budget. Here is a list of things that you can rent for your move:

1. Moving Blankets

When you are moving to a new place, you are taking along all of your belongings from your old house. That includes your heavy possessions like TV, furniture, cabinets, tables and also other fragile and smaller items like your kitchenware, shoes and picture frames. A lot of things can go wrong when you load these things, especially your heavy items in your moving truck. There can be scratches on your furniture and some things may accidentally break. That’s when moving blankets or moving pads save your day. Even if you use your own bedding to protect your items, it still isn’t enough. So moving blankets are necessary to keep your belongings from getting damaged.

If you’ve hired a moving company, check whether they are providing you with moving blankets. Otherwise it’s best to rent them unless you are a person who moves a lot, then you’ll probably have to purchase them.

Renting Moving Blankets: U-haul is one of the best places to rent moving blankets. You will have to pay around $10 to rent a dozen moving blankets. You can also check some local moving companies for renting them at cheaper prices.

Buying Moving Blankets: If you are fortunate enough to get discounts at a local store or moving companies, smaller size moving blankets with a size of 48 x 72” will cost you between $94.90 to $49.99. But if you need bigger blankets with a size of 72 x 80”, you will have to pay between $190.00 to $102.99. You can also purchase them from Amazon or Walmart where you get a variety in sizes and if you’re lucky enough, you may even get discounts on some products.

2. Hand Trucks or Dollies

Hand Trucks and Dollies are the most important equipment that you need for moving. But many people confuse them to be the same. Hand trucks usually can stand upright and also come in an L shaped size. One of the perks of using a hand truck is that you don’t have to lift your items. Just slide it beneath your item and you can then tilt it backward towards the back of the truck. If you have smaller items to be moved, hand trucks can be the best choice because of their vertical design. The best thing is that you can reduce the time of your move by using a hand truck as you manually don’t have to lift the items.

Dollies on the other hand have four wheels and two axles to help accommodate various items. They come in very handy especially if you have to move large items like your furniture or bookshelves as their four wheels help balance all of your items. But unlike hand trucks, you have to manually lift your items to place them in the dolly. Having said that, dollies come in a variety of sizes and shapes like utility dollies, furniture dollies and appliance dollies to help you move different kinds of items.

Renting Hand Trucks and Dollies: U-haul is the best place to rent dollies where you will have to pay between $10 to $20 as your basic rent. For hand trucks, you will have to pay around $39.95 which will be your basic rent. Your rent depends on the kind of truck or dolly and the amount of time for which you need the equipment. Home Depot is yet another good place to rent dollies or hand trucks. You can check their official website for more details. But if you’re hiring a moving company, you can ask them if they provide hand trucks or dollies.

Buying Hand Trucks and Dollies: Buying hand trucks and dollies will certainly create a big hole in your pocket. Unless you are a person who keeps moving frequently, then buying them is the best option. You can rent them at Amazon where a Harper Steel Hand Truck with 300 lb will cost you around $38. The price keeps increasing depending on the size, weight, quality and wheels of the truck. You can also buy them from Walmart or Home Depot.

Best Moving Equipment To Buy

1. Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are the most essential supplies as they help you accommodate different kinds of items. If you’re moving to a new house, you will have to relocate all of your stuff right from your wardrobe to your kitchenware and other appliances. That’s when moving boxes come in to assemble all of your stuff. We advise you to get boxes right from the small size to extra large size depending on your items. That will help you accommodate items right from the smallest like your CDs and books to large items like your TV, paintings, beddings and vases. It’s always good to get moving boxes to store your items for a move as they protect your things from getting damaged. For delicate and fragile items like kitchenware, use moving boxes that have dividers to accommodate your plates, dishes and other items.

Renting Moving Boxes: You can rent moving boxes at U-haul, U-pack or Ebay. Other than that, you can check your nearby hardware and grocery stores where they may rent you boxes at a cheap price and sometimes may even give you the boxes for free. But one of the disadvantages of renting moving boxes is that they may be used and in some cases not of a very good quality. You can also check the websites of Freestyle or Craigslist to get free moving boxes.

Buying Moving Boxes: You can purchase moving boxes of varying sizes from Amazon, Walmart, U-haul, U-pack or Home Depot. They have different manufacturers and brands you can choose from depending on the number and size of your items. The best thing is that they give you a detailed product description along with customer reviews to help you decide which box will best suit your needs. If yours is an average size studio apartment, you will have to pay between $35 to $50 for moving boxes. But if yours is a one bedroom apartment, your moving boxes will cost you between $61to $85. Again, the price differs according to brands, size and quality of the boxes.

2. Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is something that you’ll need to bound your items for a move, especially the heavy items like your furniture. It is a film made of plastic that you can use to wrap around your items as the elastic keeps them secure during the move. Whether it’s your furniture, drawers, dressers or nightstands to avoid any scratches while moving. Generally, people use the LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) for wrapping various items.

Buying Stretch Wrap: The price differs according to the square feet, thickness and durability of the stretch wrap. You can get it at any hardware store near you or order it from Amazon, Walmart, U-haul or Home Depot.

3. Packing Paper

Packing paper is a multipurpose resource when it comes to moving. If you are relocating a lot of fragile items such as glasses, vases, paintings or lamps, packing paper is a must. All you have to do is wrap each item with a packing paper as a layer of protection. That’s not all, you can use it to make a soft cushioning or base inside your moving box to protect your items. It helps to avoid the risk of breakage in case the box falls accidentally during your move. You can buy recyclable packing paper and even use it for your future moves. But remember to buy a plain packing paper, avoid any colorful or printed papers as their ink may spoil your items.

Buying Packing Paper: Ideally, 200 sheets of packing paper can be used to move a studio sized apartment or one bedroom home. You can contact any local moving company for packing paper. If you’ve hired a moving company, ask them whether they provide packing paper. Otherwise you can get it from Amazon, U-haul, Walmart or Home Depot.

4. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can be an alternative for packing paper. If you have some expensive china set, wine or champagne glasses or lamps, then bubble wrap is a good choice. Just like packing paper, you have to wrap it over your items. Although bubble wrap is a good option to protect your fragile items, it can be a little expensive. But it’s better to spend a little or regret later after seeing your damaged items in your new home wishing you’d packed them properly.

Buying Bubble Wrap: For a studio sized apartment or a one bedroom house, you will need around 10m of bubble wrap. If you want to move a two or a three bedroom home, you will need around 100m of bubble wrap.

5. Foam Sheets or Pouches

Foam sheets are usually made of synthetic materials and so you can use them to pack different kinds of items. They are lightweight and thin and perfect to pack your delicate items like china, wine and champagne glasses and other kitchenware. Also, foam sheets can be kept in between your dishes and plates when you assemble them in your moving box. That will reduce the risk of any kind of breakage during the move.

Buying Foam Sheets: You can get foam sheets from Amazon, Walmart, U-Haul or Home Depot. For packing your average size dinner plates or china, a 12 x 12” size of sheet can be used. Make sure you check the size of your items and then order the sheets.

6. Cargo Straps or Rope

Even if you’ve packed all of your items properly, there are chances of your moving box falling during the move or the items falling off your dollies or hand trucks. In order to prevent that, you need cargo straps or rope to secure your items. You will need it especially to hold your furniture or other heavy items.

Buying Cargo Straps or Rope: For a cargo that is almost 5 to 10 feet long or weighs around 1000 pounds, you will need a minimum of two cargo straps. You can buy it on Amazon, Walmart, U-Haul, Home Depot or at any local store. If you’ve hired a moving company, ask if they provide you with cargo straps.

7. Packing Tape

Packing tape is a must to keep your boxes sealed and intact during your move. Right from sealing, packing and bundling your items, packing tape is the one solution for everything. Now packing tapes can differ based on the brands, size, thickness, material and width. We advise you not to buy any cheap packing tape as all of your items are at risk. We advise you to purchase packing tape instead of duct tape. Packing tape will hold your items and boxes together as is embedded with nylon threads which won’t break easily. Duct tape on the other hand is not that effective especially when it comes to heavy moving boxes, it will not stick to the cardboard.

Buying Packing Tape: The most commonly used packing tape is the Scotch Brand Packing Tape which has a measurement of 1.88” for 30 yards where one roll will cost you around $4.99. You get packing tape from any hardware shop or order it online from Amazon, Walmart, U-Haul or Home Depot.

8. Foam Peanuts

There are chances of your moving boxes shifting or tumbling around while relocating. If at all that happens, your items in the boxes may also move and that can cause them to break. You can use foam peanuts or packing peanuts to provide a soft cushioning for your items and also to fill in the gaps inside your boxes.

Buying Foam Peanuts: There are recyclable and biodegradable foam peanuts which you can use to avoid any harm to the environment. If you’ve asked for packing services from your moving company, they will provide you with foam peanuts. Otherwise your best options can be ordering online through Amazon, Walmart, U-Haul or Home Depot.

9. Labelling Materials

Once you reach your new home, relocating all your stuff can get really stressful and confusing as you have so many things along with you. In order to avoid that confusion, make sure that you label each box after packing and sealing it. For that you’ll need permanent markers and stickers. All you have to do is write the contents inside the box on the top or front of the box. This will make it easier for you to relocate your things at your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to buy to make moving easier?

Moving boxes and packing tape are the most basic requirements for a move. Make sure that you get moving boxes right from small to extra large sizes as you will have to accommodate all your small and large items. Also, it’s good to get a good quality packing tape as any cheap or regular tape may not stick to the cardboard of the box and so may increase the risk of your items getting damaged.

Where can I buy cheap moving boxes?

You can always check for discounts when you’re buying moving boxes. The following places will provide you with moving boxes at cheap rates:

  1. Local grocery or hardware stores
  2. Ebay
  3. BoxCycle
  4. Craigislist
  5. U-Haul

How can I make moving house less stressful?

If you plan and organize your move well in advance, you don’t have to be stressed about anything. Also make sure that you hire a moving company in advance to avoid any last minute bookings. Keep in mind the following things to have a stress free move:

  1. Hire a moving company in advance.
  2. Get done with all of your paperwork (license and vehicle registration)
  3. Make a checklist of all the items you want to move.
  4. Get rid of unwanted things.
  5. Get all your packing supplies.
  6. Reserve a day for packing your things prior to your moving day.
  7. Get professional help for packing if you’re not confident doing it by yourself.
  8. Label all your moving boxes.


In order to have a safe and successful move, you have to be organized. Your packing materials will assist you in keeping your items safe and secure till you reach your new home. It’s good if you spend a little and get all your packing supplies beforehand rather than regretting after seeing your broken items later on. So if you’ve read the above list of items, you know exactly everything you need and you’re all ready to execute your move.

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