Regardless of how small or big your move is, you obviously want all your belongings to be moved in a safe manner. That’s why the entire process of packing and unpacking can be really tedious. Speaking of moving your delicate and precious items like your kitchenware, you surely don’t want to risk any kind of damage. So the best thing to do is take precautions to pack them properly for a move.

You want all your delicate china, glasses and plates to be safe. For that you will need appropriate packing boxes to make sure that these precious items are moved properly. Don’t know which boxes to use? Well, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best dish pack boxes for you. So keep reading as we have listed down the perfect packing boxes available for you.

Top 3 Best Dish Pack Boxes

1. Ubox Dish Kit

The Ubox Dish Kit is divided into compartments so that you can arrange your delicate dishes in order. It also comes with foam pouches that will help you to pack and protect your dishes from breaking during your move. There are 3 inner compartments of size 8″x4″x12″ where you can accommodate your delicate dishes. You can also assemble your bowls in the outer compartments which measure 4″x4″x12″. That’s not all, you can also order an Ubox Glass Kit along with it to pack your glasses, delicate dinnerware or precious china.

Ubox Dish Kit Specifics: 24 foam pouches, 1 cell divider.

Storage Capacity: 6 plates, 6 bowls, 6 saucers and 6 salad plates.

Cons: The box has cardboard separators or dividers and so you will have to adjust and assemble your dishes accordingly.

Price on Amazon: $14.95 (excluding shipping costs).

2. Bankers Box SmoothMove Heavy Duty Dish and Glass Moving Kit

Bankers Dish and Glass Moving Kit is really flexible when it comes to packing your delicate dishes and glassware. The box has a dimension of 18.5 x 12.25 x 12 inches to accommodate both your dishes and glassware. If you want your packing to be Monica approved, you can surely be at ease as this box has perforated dividers that will help you assemble your dishes the way you want. So you can customize your packing according to your needs. But that’s not all, you will also be provided with foam cushioning to make sure your precious dishes are taken care of without any risk for breaks during the move. The box also contains 24 divider pieces where you can assemble your glassware.

Bankers Dish and Glass Moving Kit Specifics: It comes with a locking lid for a secure closure and tear resistant handles for you to be comfortable while carrying the box.

Storage Capacity: The size of the box is 18.5 x 12.25 x 12 inches, can store 12-24 glasses.

Cons: Can’t accommodate wine bottles or glasses more than 6 inches tall.

Price on Amazon: $24.99 (excluding shipping costs)

3. UBoxes Kitchen Moving Box and Supplies Kit

Uboxes Kitchen Moving Box and Supplies kit will help you assemble your dishes in an organized manner as it has different partitions to fit all your dishes. You can adjust the width of the box as you want depending on the size of your dishes. Apart from dishes, you can also pack other kitchenware like your glasses. That’s not all, you also get 4 small premium boxes that include 48 dish foam pouches: 12 pouches with a size of 12″x11″, 12 pouches 7”x7”, 24 pouches 9”x8” along with two partitions. So this is the perfect packing box that you can literally use to pack not just your dishes but also your glasses. You can either purchase this kit at a nearby Walmart store or just order it via their app.

Uboxes Kitchen Moving Box and Supplies Kit Specifics: 24 Glass Foam Pouches, measuring at 6.5”x12”, 2 Partitions, 3 lbs of Packing Paper, 55 yards of Packing Tape, 1 ClamShell Dispenser and 1 Marker.

Storage Capacity: Each dish set will contain 12 pouches and one cell divider.

Cons: Can’t store big glasses or dishes as they may stick beyond the box making it unable for you to seal it.

Prize at Walmart: $35.8 (excluding shipping costs)

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How To Pack A Dish Box?

Now that you know which are the best boxes to pack your precious dishes, let’s look at packing your dishes. All the above dish boxes are meant for delicate items. In order to protect your dishes from breaking, these boxes have special corrugated cardboard. Even though these boxes are supposed to protect your dishes, you need to pack them properly to avoid any damage while moving them.

1. Preparing Your Dish Packing Box

Although your new dish packing box is strong enough, it’s always better to seal the bottom of the box with packing tape. You can do this with a used box as well if you want to save a few extra bucks. A lot many things can go wrong while moving and so you need to make sure that your precious dishes don’t get broken in the process. That’s why you need to stuff some packing paper at the bottom and top of your box to ensure the safety of your dishes.

2. Wrap Your Dishes

Before you accommodate your dishes in the box, make sure that you individually cover them with foam pouches or packing paper. You obviously don’t want to find your dishes broken or damaged at your new home. If you are out of foam pouches you can use plain packing paper. The reason we’re recommending plain packing paper is to avoid any stains or colors on your precious dishes. After you’re done covering every dish, make sure you seal the packing with a tape.

3. Assemble Your Dishes In The Box

Now that you’ve packed every dish for extra safety, it’s time to assemble all of your dishes in your dish packing box. An important thing that you should note is that dishes should not be kept flat in a box. The reason being that they are more prone to breaking. So make sure you don’t lay them flat but rather on their sides to ensure their safety.

4. Final Check Of The Box

It’s always good to have a final check of your box. Make sure that the box has no holes and whether it’s properly taped at the bottom and top. Before you seal the box, if you notice any extra room, cover it with packing paper or bubble wrap to avoid any breakage while moving. Once you’re sure all your plates are in order, seal the box and they’re good to go.

5. Loading Your Box

Now this is where most of the risk is as you’ll be loading all of your items in the truck. Your dishes, plates, glasses and other kitchenware are very fragile and delicate items. That’s why you need to be extra careful especially when you load your dish box in the truck. One of the best ways to secure your dishes is by keeping them at the bottom of the truck. If you’re moving any heavy furniture like your cabinets, you can keep the dish box inside a drawer. That ensures more safety as they’re less prone to any damage while moving.

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Where Can You Buy Cheap Boxes?

There are several places where you can get dish packing boxes at a low price. If at all you’ve hired a moving company, you can check their packing services as some professional movers provide you with essential supplies as well. If you want to take the job in your own hands, you have several options for buying dish packing boxes.

1. Amazon

You probably get half the things you need from Amazon as it’s a global online retailer. There are several brands that offer you a variety of dish packing boxes. Depending on how small or big your move is, you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. One of the best things about Amazon is that they also offer you discounts on certain products. You surely wouldn’t want to miss out on that. That’s not all, you can know more about the boxes in the product details and reviews section.

2. Walmart

Just like Amazon, Walmart is another online retail platform where you can buy various products. One of the best things about Walmart is that you have the option to go visit the store in-person or avail their online services through their website. You can choose from a wide range of boxes that come in all sizes and also explore various moving containers. The Walmart store is open 24/7 for you and they are almost in every part of the country. Whether in-person or online, you’ll surely get the best packing boxes here.

3. Local Moving Companies

If you’re hiring a professional moving company, check whether they’re offering you packing services. Although you may be charged a few extra bucks for that, you will at least be at ease as your packing will be in experienced hands. If your company is not offering you packing services, you can check if they provide you with any packing supplies.

4. Local or Grocery Stores

This is one of the best options for you to get moving boxes for cheap. You can check the local stores or any grocery stores near you. They may have some used moving boxes that you can get at cheap rates or sometimes even free of cost. If at all you are getting any used boxes, make sure you check them properly and seal them with packing tape in case of any tears or holes that might damage your precious dishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pack dishes with packing paper?

Although your dish pack box is strong, you still need to pack your dishes in foam pouches or packing paper to avoid any breaks while moving. Following are the steps to pack the dishes with packing paper:

  1. Cover the dishes with a foam pouch or packing paper and then tape it with packing tape.
  2. Keep the dishes vertically to avoid any risk of breakage.
  3. Stuff the box with packing paper especially where there are gaps.
  4. Cover the top of the plates with packing paper and then seal the box.

What size box is best for packing dishes?

A dish pack box with a medium size of 18 x 18 x 28 (5.2 cubic feet) should ideally suffice for your small move. But if at all yours is a long distance move, then you might need 6 to 8 such boxes to accommodate your entire kitchenware.

How do you pack glass dishes?

Just like you pack your other plates and dishes, your glass dishes also need to be packed individually. Cover them with a foam pouch or packing paper. Since glass dishes are more delicate, we advise you to wrap them twice with packing paper. Before you assemble them in your dish box, make sure you make a soft padding at the bottom and at the sides and then place your glass dishes vertically. Stuff some packing paper over the dishes and then seal the box.


The dishes and plates are very delicate and fragile items and hence need a lot more safety while packing them. As long as you have the right kind of boxes, you shouldn’t worry about that. Make sure you pack every dish individually with foam pouches or packing paper and place them on their sides. If you’ve learnt the technique, you’re ready to do the job on your own.

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