Are you looking for a moving brokerage that will get your move done at a reasonable cost? Or do you need assistance with logistics or transportation? If you need any of these moving services then you should definitely consider the Purple Heart Moving Group. Whether yours is a commercial or a long distance move, these guys will move your belongings across the street or the country in a secure manner. The best thing about Purple Heart Moving Group is that they provide you moving services at unbeatable rates.

As a family owned brokerage company, Purple Heart has had a strong connection with many Class A Licensed Movers with reliable services. Now if you’re planning to consult them for moving services, you first need to know about their different kinds of services and the cost that you’ll be charged. But don’t worry, we have covered it all for you to make the right decision after knowing everything about the company. So let’s get started right away!

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What Services Are Offered By Purple Heart Moving Group?

From full service packing and storage to assembling and disassembling of items, you can seek help from Purple Heart Moving Group. Along with all of this, they also offer various other services at affordable rates. Here’s a list of all the services you can approach them for:

Budget Friendly Movers: If you’re moving on a tight budget or want a simple and standard move, Purple Heart Moving Group can be your best option. Now we don’t want you to get confused between brokers and full service moving companies. First of all you need to know that Purple Heart is a brokerage company. That means that it will act like a middleman between you and various other moving companies. Because of these strong connections with other moving companies, you get affordable deals here.

Moving Services: Regardless of your move being small or big, you definitely want a moving company that is reliable and at the same time affordable. That’s a key factor of Purple Heart Moving Group. They don’t just provide different kinds of moving services, but also effective cost rates that will suit your budget. Here’s everything you need to know about the mowing services offered by Purple Heart Moving Group:

  • Local Moves: Having their base in Florida, Purple Heart Moving Group will help you choose the best moving service for your local move within your budget. All the things that come along with your local move like transportation, packing and labelling your moving boxes and loading and unloading your items, they will take care of all of it.
  • Long Distance Moves: If yours is a long distance move, it definitely requires extensive planning. Whether yours is a cross country, interstate or overseas move, Purple Heart Moving Group will assist you with their professional moving services. Right from your planning and packing and unpacking services to well equipped moving trucks, they are at your service.
  • Residential and Commercial Movers: When you look at your inventory, you may get overwhelmed to see so many of your belongings that you have to pack and move. So if you need some extra helping hands with that, Purple Heart will be there for you. Whether yours is a residential or a commercial move, they will suggest the best moving solution according to your needs.

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Corporate Relocation Services: Relocation can get really stressful as so much of planning is required. You definitely don’t want to hinder your company’s work because of the relocation. In order to provide you with a stress free relocation, Purple Heart will take care of all of your important documents and fragile pieces of furniture with high quality safety measures. Not just that, they will provide you with a professional and licensed mover that will help not just in organizing your relocation, but also taking care of packing and moving your belongings. And the best part is all of this will be done within your moving budget. As their website mentions, apart from offices, they also relocate the following:

  • Office spaces of all sizes
  • Libraries
  • Local and chain stores
  • Storage units and warehouses
  • All sorts of facilities

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Security of Fragile and Bulky Items: All of your fragile items such as antiques, mirrors, art, china sets and bulky things like furniture need special assistance during moving. These things can easily get broken or damaged and so you have to be very careful. Purple Heart Moving Group assures you the security of your precious belongings. You can be at ease and leave the job to the professional movers as they will not just provide you with fragile moving boxes but will also make sure that they’re transported safely.

Military Moving Services: When it comes to military moving, you need to take care of so many things altogether. While you’re stuck amidst the planning of your moving process, you will barely have any time to spend with your family. Purple Heart Moving Group acknowledges this and will assist you with military moving. Just give them your military relocation details and they will cover everything for you.

Convenient Storage Solutions: After you glance through your inventory, you’ll realize that there are so many items that you will want to sort in order to figure out what all you want to take along with you. Purple Heart will not just help you organize your inventory but also find a storage unit suitable for your belongings. If you’re fortunate enough, you will get a free storage of 30 days for your move. But the catch here is that this is not applicable to all kinds of move and it also depends on the weather conditions. That said, their website however doesn’t mention any of these details. You can contact them to know if your move can get free storage.

Moving Professionals along with Equipped Trucks: Whether your move is small or big, you want your stuff to reach your new place in one piece. To ensure the safety of your items, Purple Heart Moving Group will provide you with well equipped moving trucks. Aslo, each and every member of their team has had professional training and so you can entrust them with your belongings as they connect you with reliable licensed movers.

Packing Supplies: You may not realize but all of the items you want to move along with you cannot be packed in the same way. For example, your fragile and delicate items should be packed separately while your large items need to be handled with extra care. There might also be certain items which look like they don’t need a strong packing until you see them damaged because of carelessness. To save you from all of this trouble, Purple Heart Moving Group provides you with packing supplies. If you need any special packing materials, you will be charged some extra costs. Aslo, if you think you can’t do this job on your own, they will offer you professional assistance to pack your items.

Purple Heart Moving Group Cost and Pricing

Firstly, you need to note that Purple Heart does not provide any online or in-person quote. You can get your estimate only over a phone call. Your average local move will cost you around $1,834 while your interstate move will cost you around $3,696 as per My Moving Reviews. These estimates are solely based on a few reviews as Purple Heart’s website does not mention any moving costs. Depending on the kind of move, services and requirements, your moving estimate might vary. There are certain factors that you need to consider as they influence your moving costs. You will need to look at the following things:

  • Size of your house: Moving costs will vary depending on whether you’re living in a one bedroom, two bedroom or a three bedroom house.
  • Distance of your move: Local move will not cost you as much as a long distance move. Your interstate or overseas move will be expensive because of the distance.
  • Time of the year: If you plan your move in summers, which is the busiest time for moving companies, your moving costs will be expensive. So it’s better to book a moving company off season when the rates are low.
  • Kinds of moving services: The kind of moving services you avail such as packing, storage and transportation will determine the cost of your moving. If you request for any special kind of packing materials, you will be charged with certain extra costs. Also, the kind of insurance you claim can affect your moving costs.

You can get a free moving quote on the website of Purple Heart Moving Group. To get an idea of your entire moving cost, we advise you to get in touch with Purple Heart by telling them the details of your move and the kind of services you wish to purchase. Do keep in mind that you ask them for an accurate breakdown of all the costs included in your move. This will help you compare the price with other moving companies and then you can decide what best suits your moving budget.

Reasons To Choose Purple Heart Moving Group

Customized Moving: Being a brokerage company, Purple Heart will connect you with other professional and local moving companies. If you are a person who doesn’t want to spend a lot of bucks on packing and moving, Purple Heart can be your best choice. Whether yours is a local, long distance, commercial or a military move, they will give you the best moving costs within your budget compared to other moving companies in the market.

Packing and Storage Services: If you only need help with packing and storage services, they will offer you the basic packing supplies along with fragile moving boxes which come at an extra cost. If you’re lucky enough and the weather seems to be in your favor, you might even get a 30 day free storage from the company. But for that you will have to consult the moving company and ask them whether you can avail it for your move.

Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture: Moving your huge furniture requires a lot of careful attention and manpower. So why worry about burdening yourself when the company can do it for you? Yes, Purple Heart will help you disassemble and move your furniture to your new home. If at all you need to first disassemble it, store it for sometime and then reassemble it, they will take care of all of it. All of their movers are trained and will assist you assuring the safety and security of your furniture.

Services to choose from Multiple Moving Companies: We want to remind you that there are certain advantages when you hire a broker company. The reason being they have connections with a really vast network of moving companies. Purple Heart has connections with many Class A Licensed Movers. That means if at all you need help with special needs like moving your valuable art pieces or piano, they will connect you with companies that specialize in that kind of moving.

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Things To Consider Before Hiring Purple Heart Moving Group

No in-person estimates: One of the biggest drawbacks of Purple Heart is that you will have to call them to get a moving estimate. They do not provide a moving estimate online or even in-person.

Maximum control over your move: Now that you are aware that Purple Heart is a brokerage moving company, you may want to rethink choosing it. Their drawback is that they are not just in contact with professionally recognized moving companies but also certain standard and local moving companies. So they get to decide, recommend and connect you with moving companies that they think will best suit your move. All of this gives them too much power and intervention in influencing your move.

Limitations on 30 day free storage: Although many reviews mention that the company offers a 30 day free storage service, Purple Heart’s website does not include it at all. So you might not want to get your hopes high. You will have to contact them and see if you’re fortunate enough to get free storage services. That said, you also need the weather to be in your favor as much as your move as both can affect you availing this free service.

Inconsistent Reviews: Before you choose any moving company, it’s always good to get a second opinion about them. What’s better than the internet to help you with that? Go ahead and check the moving company’s reviews online, especially on popular platforms like Google, Yelp, My Moving Reviews, etc.

An important thing you need to note before choosing Purple Heart Moving Group is that their reviews are very inconsistent. While there are very few people who have given a positive review, there are many people who have given negative remarks about the company. So there is no proper indication which tells you that this company has satisfied a lot of people. Each person has a need for different moving services, so your moving experience may differ from someone else’s.


What to do before the moving company arrives?

In order to save time for moving your items, you need to take care of the following things before your moving company arrives:

  1. Make sure you have your home inventory.
  2. Keep all your valuables and important documents in a safe moving box.
  3. Pack and label all your items (only if you decide to do the packing yourself).
  4. Mark your important boxes with ‘open this first’ so that you don’t get confused while relocation.
  5. Call and check in with your moving company.

How much does a moving company typically cost?

There are several factors that determine the cost of your move. Depending on the size of your home, location, kinds of services and insurance your moving cost will differ. If at all yours is a local move, your moving cost will be between $300 to $1,500 depending on the time and distance of your move. For a long distance move, you will be charged between $2,400 to $5,000, again depending on your location, time and distance.

You can use our Moving Cost Calculator to calculate your Moving Cost.

Purple Heart Moving Group Contact Details

  • Phone: 1-866-671-1977
  • Email:
  • Website:


If you need guidance and are okay with a broker taking control of your move, then you can consider Purple Heart Moving Group. Whether you plan and execute your move with the help of Purple Heart or some other moving company, make sure that you check the company’s website and the ratings and reviews online. Every moving company has their own way of dealing with things which is why everyone has a different moving experience. But you might want to reconsider Purple Heart because of their inconsistent reviews. In the end, it’s all up to you whether you want to approach a broker or a professional moving company.