Auto transportation is certainly a burden on your wallet. Many people often try to look for companies who provide services at really cheap rates and end up getting scammed. But why would you go for scam companies when reputable auto transportation companies provide you with services at discounted rates?

Honestly, this should not even come as a surprise. Every auto transportation company understands that even a small amount of discount makes a lot of difference to their customers. There are a lot of good discounts and great deals out there, all you have to do is search. To make this easier for you, we have compiled some of the best auto transport deals and discounts. So go ahead and have a look!

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Best Car Shipping Deals and Discounts

1. Student Discounts

Students tend to move a lot. Many of them have to move out to their dorms for college and some even change their houses frequently due to budgetary issues. Students don’t have a fixed monthly income because of which a huge expenditure like auto transportation can really put them through a lot of stress. Luckily, most of the auto transport companies offer some great discounts for students. Have a look at some of them.

2. Military Discounts

Members of the military are another group of people who need to move frequently. They prioritize the well-being of the nation at the cost of having a stable and peaceful life somewhere. In order to honor them and make car shipping easy for them, most of the auto transport companies offer military discounts to the members of the military. Here are some of the popular discounts available for military members.

  • Ameri Freight offers a military discount of $35 or more if someone requests it.
  • Easy Auto Ship offers a discount of $25 to the members of the military.
  • Military members can get a $25 to $100 discount from American Auto Shipping.
  • United Routes also offers a $50 discount to the members of the military.

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Pro Tip: The military offer covers the cost of shipping your personal vehicle whenever you are up for a permanent change of station. Don’t forget to enquire about this before making car shipping reservations.

3. Discounts For The Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens battle with some health issues and this makes it almost impossible for them to go through a move by themselves. They often need to hire professional movers for their moves. In this case, car shipping can add to their financial burden. Many auto transport companies offer senior discounts which eventually help senior adults to go through their moves at a lesser cost. The following are the discounts offered by some auto transport companies.

  • Ameri Freight offers a $25 discount to all senior citizens (65 years and above).
  • Senior citizens can get $25 off from Easy Auto Ship as well.
  • Discounts for First-Time Customers

4. Discounts for New Customers

There is good news for all the people who are going to get their cars shipped for the first time. Several companies offer some sort of discounts and great deals to all their new customers. So don’t forget to ask your company for a little something whenever you make your reservation. The following companies have advertised discounts for first-time customers.

  • Easy Auto Transport offers a $25 discount to all its new customers.
  • All first-time customers can score a 20% while moving their cars with Nationwide Auto Transportation.

5. Discounts for Repeat Customers

Auto Transport companies value customer loyalty. Because of this, there is a high chance that you will score some pretty great deals if you hire the same company to ship your car more than once. Whenever you use the car shipping services of a company you have already hired before, don’t forget to ask for this kind of discount. Here are some of the companies that offer discounts to their repeat customers.

  • Repeat customers can get $25 off on their reservations when they hire Easy Auto Ship.
  • Ameri Freight offers a $50 discount to all its repeat customers.

6. Seasonal Discounts

Many companies often have some seasonal discount offers running for all their customers. For instance, there could be a spring discount, winter discount, summer discount, and so on. Whenever you make a reservation with auto transport companies, don’t forget to check up on the seasonal offers that are running at the time. Which company offers seasonal discounts? Let’s find out!

  • American Auto Shipping offers winter shipping discounts to its customers. To know the percentage of discount you would get, you will have to inquire with the company’s customer service directly.

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7. Snowbird Discounts

Many people tend to move twice a year according to how the weather changes. Some places experience frigid winters which are unbearable for the human population. These people then move during the winters and then come back to their old homes during the summers. A snowbird discount is essentially directed towards these kinds of customers. Let’s see what auto transport companies have to offer when it comes to snowbird discounts.

  • Nationwide Auto Transportation offers a $50 discount per reservation under snowbird discounts.

8. Multiple Vehicles Discounts

When you use the same company to ship multiple vehicles at the same time, the company also helps you out by reducing the final cost of the move by a considerable amount. Always remember that it is always cheaper to get all your vehicles shipped together as opposed to getting them shipped one at a time. Have a look at what companies have to offer under the multiple-vehicles discounts category.

  • American Auto Shipping offers discounted deals to customers who are shipping more than one car at a time.
  • Ameri Freight offers a $50 off for every additional vehicle of yours that is shipped by them.

9. Discounts for First Responders and Medical Personnel

People who are in the police department and the ones who work as EMTs, Firefighters, doctors, and nurses, etc., often have to work for long hours without any breaks to serve the general public. Many of them even risk their lives to save the lives of the citizens of the country. Auto transport companies express their gratitude towards them by offering them services at discounted prices. Let’s see what kind of discounts these companies have to offer!

  • Ameri Freight offers a $35 discount to first-responders if they produce their employment ID.
  • Medical personnel also get a $35 discount if they produce a copy of their medical ID while moving with Ameri Freight.

10. Miscellaneous Discounts

There are many more discounts and deals in store for all the customers that do not fall in any of the above-mentioned categories. Whenever you plan to get your car shipped, don’t forget to ask your company for the discounts and the promotional offers that are running at that time. Here are some kinds of discounts that you can avail of while getting your cars shipped.

  • American Auto Shipping offers discounts to those who book their moves well in advance.
  • Ameri Freight offers a $25 early-bird discount to their customers. Early bird essentially refers to the customers who book their moves within 48 hours of getting a quote.
  • Easy Auto Ship lets you save up to $150 if you choose to pay by cash.
  • American Auto Shipping also offers discounts to the members of the AAA and the auto club.
  • Many companies also offer discounts if you book your moves online.
  • You can find different promotional offers when you visit the websites of certain companies. For instance, Easy Auto Ship often offers you 15% off when you call their agents immediately after you visit their websites.

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Useful Tips to Get the Best Car shipping Deals and Discounts

  1. Whenever you reserve your moves with a car shipping company, don’t expect them to hand out a discounted price to you on a platter. Work on your bargaining skills for a bit before you make a reservation, because you will have to do some negotiating before you get a good deal. Here are some ways to score great deals and discounts when you hire auto-transport companies.
  2. The first thing to do whenever you make a reservation is to ask for discounts. A company might not offer to give you discounts by themselves. As a result of this, asking for discounts upfront is very important.
  3. Get quotes from 3 or more companies before you make your choice. There are many companies out there and it isn’t necessary that they will offer the same prices. Check which company is offering the best deals before making a reservation.
  4. There is a lot of competition in the auto transportation industry and you can actually use it to your benefit. Ask the company of your preference to match the lower prices offered by other auto transport companies. You can also use discounts offered by one company to score better discounts from another company. The price matching policy is your friend so don’t forget to play your card right.
  5. You can always approach a reputable broker if you want to move at cheaper rates. A good broker works in partnership with several carrier companies and these companies try to offer lower prices in order to get more customers to their company.
  6. Your car shipping quote includes some basic form of insurance which is often enough for you. Many companies try to sell some costly coverage plans. Purchase these plans only after reviewing what your homeowner’s/renter’s insurance covers. Irrespective of whether these plans cover your move, it is advisable to think about whether additional insurance is really necessary for your car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay someone to drive my car across country?

You can certainly find someone to drive your car across the country instead of getting it shipped. All you have to do is Google search ‘hire someone to drive your car cross country. You will find several individuals and company websites like,,, and that will help you out in this regard.

Is it cheaper to drive or ship car across country?

Driving your car is cheaper than getting shipped in most instances. It is cheaper especially if you are going for a shorter move that adds up to less than 500 miles. However, using an auto transport company will make your life easier and you will surely not regret spending those few extra dollars whenever you move for over 500 miles.

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Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with looking out for discounts whenever you move. In fact, asking for discounts isn’t bad even when you purchase anything else. With the living costs rising day by day, all we can do is try to save our money wherever we can.

Always remember that the ultimate goal is to get the best car shipping services at the lowest prices. Always verify whether a company is licensed and reputable. If you are cautious while dealing with companies and are vocal about what you want, no one can stop you from getting the best car shipping deals and discounts for yourself.