When it comes to shipping your vehicles in the US, auto shipping companies are available a dime a dozen. Sometimes, it gets hard to understand which one to pick. If you ever came across All America Auto Transport and wondered if they’re worth your consideration, you’ve come to the right place.

Our All America Auto Transport Review will give you a complete lowdown on what they’re all about, their service costs and more. So keep reading on to know if they can take care of your specific needs.

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About All America Auto Transport

Definitely one of the oldest players in the game, All America Auto Transport has been around for over 56 years. Let’s put that into context. Remember the moon landing? This company was probably transporting some vehicle across the United States while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were prancing about on the giant sky rock that we call the moon. That’s how experienced they are.

All America Auto Transport are known to be a family owned auto broker or concierge service. Since All America Auto Transport are actually brokers and not carriers, when you reach out to them, they find a truck or a company running the route that’s the same as yours. Then, your vehicle is brokered to them and the partner truck or auto company delivers it on behalf of All America Auto Transport.

If you are worried about your vehicle being brokered out to a driver for delivery, then having a company with decades of experience in the field like All America Auto Transport, should put your mind at ease. These decades of experience would have most certainly helped them establish strong relationships with trusted drivers and carriers in the industry.

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What Services Do All America Auto Transport Provide?

Open Air Transport:

This is the most common type of transport available in the market. It is also the cheapest mode of transporting your car since the cost of transporting vehicles is spread across 8 to 10 vehicles. Basically, your vehicle is transported in an open air carrier that holds multiple other cars. The downside of being an open truck is that it gets exposed to elements of nature, while being prone to getting pelted by rocks.

Enclosed trailer transport:

Right off the bat you can guess from the name that it is the opposite of the open air transport option. Your car will be transported in an enclosed trailer and truck. Essentially, your car shares room with fewer vehicles in the truck, but you also pay more for the service. Although, considering how the enclosed carrier provides better safety, it actually is a better option. Especially if you’re someone who is looking to transport an exotic or a luxurious car.

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Door To Door Delivery:

The driver will arrive at your house to pick up and load your vehicle and will drop it at the door step of the delivery address. Pretty straightforward, right? We advise that you do confirm door to door delivery when making the booking as this may be a service provided only on request.

International shipping:

They do provide international shipping, however we advise that you do not take our word for it and inquire directly with the company if they will deliver to your location.

What Does All America Auto Transport Ship?

They transport all sorts of cars from suvs to pickup trucks to luxury cars and even antique cars. If you need cars delivered to a car show, they will do that too. If you have a car, they will ship it. In fact, All America Auto Transport also takes care of shipping cars across the 48 contiguous states. But that’s not all, they even take car of auto transport to and from Alaska and Hawaii.

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How Expensive Is All America Auto Transport?

All America Auto Transport is expensive. We do not mean that they are charge premium costs that the common man can not afford. What we mean when we say expensive is simply that their rates are higher than the industry average.

Before we proceed, keep in mind that the auto shipping industry prices will keep changing. And as with any company in the industry, the price for transporting a vehicle will vary depending on a variety of factors like:

  • Make and model of the vehicle.
  • The distance between pickup and drop off
  • The route to be taken
  • The season

These are just a few factors to determine the cost of delivery. So keep in mind that the figures you see here are just rough estimates and not the actual price.

On average, the cost of transporting a vehicle with the company is roughly $960 to $980 per transport, at around $140 to $160 per 100 miles. This means that All America Auto Transport charges about 5% to 6% more than the industry average. To give some context to these numbers, it will cost you approximately $1,400 to $1,600 to transport a vehicle between Denver and Los Angeles. Now, we did mention that there are two types of transport available. Open air transport and enclosed transport. Let’s compare this to the industry average to give you an idea on how the price varies.

All America Auto Transport charges roughly $775 to $785 for an open air transport with the industry average being around $705 to $715. For enclosed trailer transport, All America Auto Transport charges you about $1,155 to $1,165, while the industry average falls somewhere in between $1,115 to $1,125. This puts All America Auto Transport roughly $70 more expensive for open air transport and about $60 more expensive for enclosed trailer transport, compared to the industry average.

However, this company is not always more expensive. There is one area where they are actually cheaper than the industry average. When it comes to long distance enclosed transport, All America Auto Transport actually offers you better prices. On an average, the company will charge you approximately $1,380 to $1,400, where the industry would charge you roughly $1450 – $1470. Let’s put that into context with the distance transported.

 All America Auto TransportIndustry average
Average over 1000 miles$1340 – $1360$1380 – $1340
Average over 2750 miles$1,430 – $1,450$1,520 – $1,540

So long story short, they are cheaper than the industry average if you are looking to transport your vehicle over 1000 miles via enclosed trailer transport.

On the contrary they cost around 15% to 20% more for enclosed trailer transport over short distances when compared to the industry average.

 All America Auto TransportIndustry average
Average cost per mile$4.45 – $4.55$3.65 – $3.75
Average over 100 miles$445 – $455$365 – $375

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Transport coverage:

One of the worries many car owners have is wondering if their vehicle is insured for transport. All America Auto Transport only works with carriers that will insure your vehicle during the transport. Their own carriers’ damage insurance will protect your car with a coverage of $100,000 to $500,000 backing them.

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Reasons To Choose All America Auto Transport

So let’s quickly go over why you should consider choosing All America Auto Transport.

1. Experience

Most of the companies in the industry are at best, barely 2 decades old. All America Auto Transport’s 50 year experience gives them an advantage that no other company can ever give. And that is that they have been doing this for so long, that they know the best way to do it. To quote Julius Caesar, “Experience is the teacher of all things.”

2. Guaranteed pickup and delivery date.

They will discuss a date for pick up and delivery with you based on your booking. If uncontrollable circumstances, like the weather for example, lead to them being delayed, you will be informed at least 24 hours in advance, giving you enough time to make the arrangements to receive or drop off the vehicle accordingly.

3. Free Car Rental

Yes, we did say that they guarantee a fixed delivery date. But what if they are delayed? To make up to you for any inconvenience the delay causes you, they will pay for you to rent a car for you to use until your vehicle has been delivered.

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Things To Keep In Mind About All America Auto Transport

All America Auto Transport has been around for a long time and they charge above average rates for shipping your vehicle. However, they are not the fastest delivery service out there. On an average, they can take almost twice as long to deliver your vehicle compared to the industry average delivery speed. But if delivery time and speed is not a priority for you, then this should not be a point of concern for you.

A couple of other areas where All America Auto Transport don’t fare well are:

1. Poor Website

All America Auto Transport has a very confusing website that doesn’t give any clear idea of what kind of services they offer.

2. Customer Service

Based on the experience of several people who have used their services, one complaint which is found common among most is their poor customer service. They’re not always prompt with solving certain concerns that customers have.

3. No BBB Accreditation

While they do have positive customer reviews on the platform, All America Auto Transport is not really Accredited by Better Business Bureau.

Customer Opinions

Customer opinions matter a lot when one needs to know if they should hire a company or not. And like all companies out there All America Auto Transport have a few unsatisfied customers. However, the majority of the customer reviews sing praise for the company.

Most of the customers commended the company on two main aspects. One being the timely and safe delivery of the vehicles, with the whole transport being done professionally. The second area of praise was with how the company made the whole process of shipping the vehicle easy and hassle free for the customer.

To many of the customers out there, these two aspects were enough to make them use All America Auto Transport services on numerous occasions. What reinforces these reviews is the rating of 4.5/5 they have on Google Reviews.

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Company Information

Email ID: sales@unitedroutes.com

Website: http://www.aaat.com

Contact Number: (800) CAR-SHIP or (800) 227-7447


All America Auto Transport does charge you higher than the industry average for most vehicle delivery. Plus, it is known that their delivery speed is not the best either. Then again, they’re still a good option for instances when you have to deliver a vehicle over long distances of over 1,000 miles. Simply because All America Auto Transport is much cheaper than others in the industry under that category.

Interestingly, they sometimes ship fewer than 1000 cars a year and take a few days more than other companies to make their delivery. But this does not stop them from having a loyal base of customers. Some of which are big names in their respective fields. Well more like celebrity names such as NBA, the Dallas Cowboys, NHL, The White House and Walt Disney Studios to name a few.

All in all, if your wallets are deep enough to hire their services and if you are looking to transport a vehicle over long distances, we suggest that you consider All America Auto Transport. Give them a call and have a word with their representatives. Who knows, they may just be what your vehicle needs.

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