Are you looking for moving laborers to help you with your packing? Or do you need some assistance with furniture assembly? For help with any of these or even some other moving services, a one stop shop that you could consider is TaskRabbit. With branches spread over 60 major cities of the United States, TaskRabbit has become a popular name for everyday services since the past few years.

As a task management application, TaskRabbit basically acts as a link between the service providers or “Taskers” as they refer to, and you. So, if you’re planning to use TaskRabbit, you could have a look at the types of services that they offer, how much they cost and what all you need to know before making that choice. We have all of this covered under one roof for you in this TaskRabbit Moving Review article. Let’s just dive right in!

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How Does TaskRabbit Work?

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Before we go into the depths of everything that TaskRabbit has to offer, let us first understand how their system works. To instantly get a picture in your head, imagine TaskRabbit as the moving industry’s Uber. Just like you call for a transportation service as and when you need, you could ask for any moving services or services from other categories that TaskRabbit caters to, at any point of time you need them.

There are just 4 simple steps that you need to follow in order to get multiple estimates for your services, from the different Taskers. And these are:

  • Mention your current address or location.
  • Specify the size and types of services that you need.
  • Put in your timeline for the entire task, right from when you need the service and by when do you expect it to be completed.
  • Mention in detail your task requirements, including if you would need a vehicle or not.

As soon as all your details are entered in their system, TaskRabbit will give you a list of Taskers that are available for your service. By clicking on every Tasker’s profile, you can also have a look at their charges, rates and reviews, all at the same place.

What Services Are Offered By TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is, in actuality, a one-roof that provides all. By this what we mean is that apart from all the common moving services that they offer, you can also get in touch with TaskRabbit for any other day to day services that you may need. These could be anything ranging from house cleaning services to home repairs. Read along to know about some of the popular moving services offered by TaskRabbit.

1. Full Service Moving Help

Whether it’s a local or a long distance move, the commonalities remain almost the same when it comes to what all needs to be done. There’s packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking as the main agendas, apart from other miscellaneous things that need to be taken care of. Here is when you can consider using the full service moving help offered by TaskRabbit, where their Taskers will handle it all for you. For people who are running tight on time as well as budget, this could be a good option for you to consider.

2. Packing And Unpacking

Arguably, packing seems to be the most daunting task for many while relocating. From packing your fragile kitchenware, your glasses and antiques to finding appropriate boxes for items scattered in all nooks and corners of your house, you can reach out to TaskRabbit for everything that you need. Whether it’s full or partial packing or only unpacking, you can be linked with a Tasker that suits your needs and budget.

3. Delivery And Hauling Services

If you’ve piled up a few things while packing your house and you need them to be hauled or delivered to a particular location, the Taskers can help you with that as well. Once you’re linked with your Tasker, just let them know what exactly needs to be moved or delivered, when and where, and you can trust TaskRabbit to take things forward.

4. Furniture Assembly And Disassembly

Not all moving companies that you may hire for your move, may be able to assist you with disassembling and then reassembling your furniture. So, even if you’re looking only for such specific services, TaskRabbit has got your back. Depending on the kind of service that you need, Taskers would be assigned to you and then you could just guide them the way forward.

5. Furniture Rearrangement

Unpacking boxes into cupboards, cabinets or shelves is one thing, and rearranging your furniture at your new location, is another task altogether. TaskRabbit also has special taskers linked with them that can provide you with the help you need to rearrange all your furniture pieces, no matter how big or small. You could also avail these services whenever you feel like giving your home a makeover or even when you just want to clean-up.

6. Heavy Lifting And Moving

If you’re planning to go the DIY way for your move, you will, for the most part be able to handle everything on your own or with help from friends and family. The only aspect where you might need some professional help is to move your heavy furniture or equipment. While you may think that all you need is some extra pair of hands to work that around, it isn’t necessarily so simplified. Moving heavy loads when you’re not used to it could also strain your back or have some other complications. So, without making it heavy on your pockets or your body as well, TaskRabbit can assign you Taskers that shall do it all for you.

7. Appliances Uninstallation And Reinstallation

A popular service that many need nowadays is to safely uninstall and then again reinstall their electronics especially while moving. Understanding this, TaskRabbit too has specialized Taskers who are trained to handle your electronic appliances. From setting up your washing machine to mounting your TV up the wall, you can count on them for all assistance that you need.

8. Junk Removal

It’s mainly when you’re packing stuff up for your move, when you realize that there’s a whole pile of random things that is either junk or something that you no longer need. You can get in touch with TaskRabbit and from there they’ll take it to the dump or charity, wherever it needs to be taken to. From your old mattress, couch to random pieces of furniture that you need to get rid of, get in touch with TaskRabbit and see them do it all for you.

Apart from all these major services associated with moving, TaskRabbit also offers a host of other services. And these are a mix of both common services that you may need in your everyday life, as well as specialized services as per the situation. Some other broad categories under which TaskRabbit provides services are:

  • Home Repairs
  • Cleaning Services
  • Office Services
  • House Renovation and Organization
  • Change in Season Services
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Disposal Services

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TaskRabbit Services Cost & Pricing

Because TaskRabbit offers individual services across various categories and each of them is priced independently, you won’t be getting one single estimate of their services. But something that you could possibly know is that all the Taskers at TaskRabbit charge you by the hour.

To give you a rough estimate, Taskers will charge you between $20 to $130 per hour, depending largely on the service that you choose. Apart from that, a few other factors like the timing of your service, (as in, the more urgent is your need for the service, the higher you might have to pay), and the tip that you would give as well as your location, would also determine the total cost for you.

As mentioned on their website, they have Taskers offering moving services starting at $40 per hour. Keep in mind that prices may also vary with the Taskers. So this gives you the opportunity to choose the service as well as the Tasker that best suits your needs and pockets.

Reasons To Choose TaskRabbit Moving:

1. Wide Range Of Services

One of the most attractive things about TaskRabbit is that it has all kinds of services to suit your needs. You’ll be surprised to see even those services being offered by TaskRabbit, which you may have not realized that you could be in need of. Apart from all the major services that we’ve described in our article, you could also check out their website for any other services that you could possibly think of. TaskRabbit can surely spoil you with just the number of choices it has to offer!

2. Verified Taskers

Since TaskRabbit gets on board different professionals to provide you services, it makes sure to conduct a proper identity and background check of all the Taskers linked with it. This vetting done by TaskRabbit gives you the assurance of trusting strangers for the services you need. That said, not all the Taskers would be providing the same quality of services and the common problems of them not being punctual or not having the necessary skills, could still slither in.

3. Customized Services

A good selling point for TaskRabbit is that it lets you pick and choose the specific services that you may need. In this way, you technically end up paying only for the services that you’ve asked for. And it also gives you the advantage of tackling tasks at your own pace. Whereas with many moving companies you have an allotted time to do all your moving related tasks, TaskRabbit gives you the levy of crossing off one step at a time on your to-do list.

4. Compare Rates and Reviews

TaskRabbit saves you the pain of getting estimates from various companies for the services that you need. It gives you a comparison of all the services and charges of multiple Taskers, all at the same place. With their simplified and easy to understand process, you can clearly see the prices that different Taskers offer for the same services and also their individual ratings and reviews. Basically, TaskRabbit gives you the advantage of making an informed decision about what and who to choose.

5. Individual Prices

All your queries regarding the prices that you pay for all the services that you choose, can easily be settled by TaskRabbit. That’s because all their services are individually priced and you only pay for what you use. So even if you’re choosing a mix and match of moving or other services as per your needs, you will be paying separately for all the tasks. This helps you understand what exactly you’re spending your money on and at the same time lets you choose services that stick to your budget.

6. Same Day Services

Sometimes there are errands that stem up at the last moment but need to be completed at the earliest. With same day options available for many services, TaskRabbit helps you deal with all such unplanned or unanticipated situations. Be it a moving related service or some other daily chore, all you have to do is send in your timeline and the available Taskers will get in touch with you at the earliest. Just keep in mind that you may have to pay a little higher to avail these same day services.

7. Secure Payment Options

One of the main aspects that could help build your trust in a company is their pricing and payment options. TaskRabbit rightfully scores a point here as they have a secure payment option in place for all their services. Firstly, for most services, you pay only after your service is complete. And you could pay the Taskers either through a check, PayPal or even through the TaskRabbit app. Either mode that you choose to go with, TaskRabbit gives you the assurance that it is all safe and secure.

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Things To Consider Before Hiring TaskRabbit

1. No Coverage Options

While TaskRabbit does provide a wide range of services to suit all your needs, it does not have any insurance options in place to back those services. This means that it may get a little difficult for you to catch someone accountable, if you end up with any lost or damaged items. On the upside, though not a formal one, TaskRabbit does offer what it calls a “Happiness Pledge”. Under this scheme, you may get reimbursed if you’re unable to solve an issue with their Taskers. But this is solely at the discretion of TaskRabbit and there are a few steps that you would need to follow to file this claim.

2. Limited Service Areas

As of now at least, TaskRabbit has service centers only across 36 states in the US. So, even though you may find quite a few services offered by TaskRabbit handy or attractive, they may not always be available at your location. But with their popularity increasing, there may be chances of TaskRabbit expanding their outreach to other parts of the United States as well.

3. Service Quality Could Be Inconsistent

Because TaskRabbit has Taskers linked with them from different streams or companies, they may all differ in the quality of service that they provide. Fortunately, TaskRabbit does have a vetting process in place for all its Taskers, as mentioned earlier, so you could carefully pick and choose the ones with good ratings as well as reviews.


Are TaskRabbit Movers Insured?

While TaskRabbit on its own does not offer any coverage or insurance plans, many of its Taskers are said to be insured as per their website. TaskRabbit encourages its customers to inquire about the insurance policy that may vary with each of their Taskers. From their end, TaskRabbit does carry out a vetting process for all the Taskers linked with it.

Can You Make Good Money On TaskRabbit?

While there are many Taskers associated with TaskRabbit that offer assistance to make some side earnings, there are still quite a few Taskers who aim to make a decent living only with the help of TaskRabbit. Some tips that could help you make good money as a Tasker on TaskRabbit could be, being thorough with your skills as well as bringing versatility and flexibility to the table. The better reviews and ratings that you have on TaskRabbit, the higher are your chances of getting hired and making some good money.

Is TaskRabbit legitimate?

TaskRabbit is a great way to find reliable, honest people who offer their services on the Task Rabbit platform. The website provides an easy way for customers and providers alike to browse what each other has available, so you know exactly how much your task will cost before getting started with it!

How much does TaskRabbit charge per hour?

TaskRabbit offers a wide range of prices for all your moving needs. While the average cost is $35 an hour, you can hire someone to help with just about any task, from packing up furniture and boxes or helping out at unloading time!

Does TaskRabbit charge a fee?

TaskRabbit charges a fee for their service in addition to the rates set by Taskers. The percentage is based on what you pay, excluding any reimbursed expenses made on your behalf.

Does TaskRabbit do background checks?

TaskRabbit conducts background checks. Before being allowed to join the community, US Taskers must go through a lengthy vetting process that includes an identity check and a criminal background check that pulls information from national, local databases like the sex offender database.

What is better Thumbtack or TaskRabbit?

Thumbtack and TaskRabbit are two of the most popular websites to find professional help. However, there is a difference between them: Thumbtack has more licensed professionals on their platform than TaskRabbit, which means that you get quality service at higher costs with this company!

Is TaskRabbit worth signing up for?

TaskRabbit is an excellent resource for people who want to find contractors or freelancers. Taskers on the site offer personal experience and expertise, but make sure you know that these are not licensed professionals before paying someone through them. They don’t screen their listings for credentials like other sites might do!

What happens if you cancel a TaskRabbit?

If you cancel a task after it has been confirmed, you may have to pay the Tasker for the time they set aside for you. This is because they were going to do other work or turn down other people who wanted them.

Can businesses use TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an excellent resource for small businesses. More than 35% of tasks posted on the site come from companies, and this new Business Experience makes it easy to browse applications or interview candidates online through live chat features!

Which is better, TaskRabbit or Handy?

TaskRabbit is better because it hires people from countries worldwide to perform Tasks, and Handy does not provide a truly global service. Handy only operates in a few select US cities.

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TaskRabbit Contact Details

  • Website:

You can also access all the services provided by TaskRabbit through their mobile app which is available on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.


Overall, TaskRabbit seems to be a good option for anyone who is looking only for some specific services and needs to stick to a tight budget. Not only do they offer a range of services of all kinds, but also help you do your research with ratings, reviews and prices, all under the same roof. While we do recommend considering TaskRabbit’s services particularly if you’re planning to do a DIY move, you could also consider having a look at some other alternatives that provide similar services especially in areas not covered by TaskRabbit.

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