We researched and evaluated the services, pricing, and availability of First National Van Lines as part of a comparative analysis with 25 other moving companies.

Bottom Line: We rate First National Van Lines with a score of 4.3 out of 5 for its reliability, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, their price-matching policy for those seeking a cost-effective move further adds to their appeal as a top choice for anyone looking for a stress-free moving experience.

TL;DR – Here’s a Quick Summary of Our First National Van Lines Review

  • Rating: 4.3/5, recognized for reliability, affordability, and customer satisfaction.
  • Overview: An interstate moving broker with over 35 years of experience, offering nationwide coverage.
  • Key Services:
    • Moving Types: Local, long-distance, international, residential, and commercial moves.
    • Packing & Unpacking: Professional services with organized labeling.
    • Storage: Offers 30 days of free storage with every move.
    • Special Services: Furniture assembly, crating, appliance installation, and specialty item moving.
  • Pricing: Costs vary; for example, a 2-bedroom apartment move over 1000 miles might range from $3,800 to $7,400. They also offer a price matching policy.
  • Unique Features: Nationwide availability, excellent customer service, and specialized moving options.

First National Van Lines vs. Other Popular Moving Companies

First National Van Lines
  • Best for Reasonable Quotes
  • Price Matching Policy
  • Free Storage
North American Van Lines
  • Best for Complicated Moves
  • Highly Customized Services
  • Live GPS Tracking
All My Sons Moving
  • Best Overall
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Variety of Moving Services

An interstate moving broker that acts as a coordinating link between the moving companies and you, is exactly what First National Van Lines is.

With their headquarters in Newton, First National Van Lines has a nationwide coverage and provides services in all states across America.

Having an experience of over 35 years, they surely are a competition for many reputable moving companies out there.

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From local to international, First National Van Lines caters to all residential as well as commercial moves.

If you are looking for further details about the types of services that they offer, their cost and what makes First National Van Lines stand out, just dive right in, as we’ve got it all covered for you.

What Services Are Offered By First National Van Lines?

When you decide to hire a moving company for your move, probably the first things that you look at are the types of services offered by the company and how you could get a quote from them.

Since First National Van Lines connects with different moving companies from all over, you’re likely to get the service that you’re looking for by contacting them.

Let us have a look at some of the common services that First National Van Lines offers.

1. Moving Services

With agents spread across all the states of America, First National Van Lines caters to different types of moves for all. Their mission is to ensure a hassle-free and successful move, no matter the size or distance.

As mentioned on their website, First National Van Lines offer services for different kinds of moves including

  • Local Moves: First National Van Lines has a strong network of local movers to handle all short distance or local moves within a state. They offer different services like packing, unpacking and even full service moving packages for their local moves as well.
  • Long Distance Moves: Claiming it to be their specialty, First National Van Lines is experienced in tackling all long distance moves. They can help you with everything that is needed for a long distance move, right from packing, storage, unpacking and even the extra concerns that are usually associated with such moves.
  • International Moves: You can count on First National Van Lines if you’re planning to shift either your home or office overseas. Their asset based international agents will accommodate all your unique specifications and come up with a personalized international relocation plan. Customs Clearance Management and Global Property Protection are some of the services they offer with international moves.
  • Residential Moves: Shifting houses, no matter the size, could be an overwhelming process for many. And that’s where First National Van Lines wants to step in and take the load off your shoulders. They provide different moving resources that could be customized as per your moving needs.
  • Commercial Moves: Facing downtime is one of the biggest challenges when moving your office or workspace. Offering commercial moving services, First National Van Lines strives to make sure that your business is running even while moving and their detailed planning ensures that your move is completed without a hitch.

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2. Packing And Unpacking

When you choose the packing and unpacking services of First National Van Lines, you will be assured of time management and organization. That’s because their professionals will not only pack all your items securely, but will also mark and label your boxes in an organized manner. When it’s time to unpack, they can also assist you with placing items in the assigned rooms.

3. Storage Facilities

With most companies that offer storage facilities, the norm is to pay for the facility that you use. But this is one aspect which makes the storage services provided by First National Van Lines, stand out from the rest.

30 days of free storage period is offered by First National Van Lines with all their moves, irrespective of the destination. You could discuss with your move coordinator, if you are in need of long term storage solutions as well.

4. Furniture Assembly And Disassembly

Apart from helping you move your heavy furniture, First National Van Lines also does provide basic furniture assembling assistance. You can confirm about the same with your local moving agent as well.

5. Crating Services

Depending on the state and local rules of the area you’re residing in, First National Van Lines could also help you with custom crating services for all your fragile as well as antique items.

6. Appliance Uninstallation And Reinstallation

First National Van Lines has started providing a rather popular service of electronics packing and installation as one of their additional services.

As you would be connected to a local mover by First National Van Lines, it is better to confirm with your agent if this service is applicable with your move.

7. Specialty Items

Though not explicitly mentioned on their website, First National Van Lines does provide moving assistance for specialty items, as per a few reviews from online sources.

From piano moving, fragile items or heavy item moving, their professionals are trained to provide the care and expertise for handling all such products.

8. Cleaning Services

As part of their Add-on Services, First National Van Lines also provide house cleaning services, when asked for.

Since they have agents spread all over, who facilitate your move, it is best if you confirm with your local agent if these services are available for your move.

First National Van Lines Costs & Pricing

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that First National Van Lines is only a broker. So, prices may vary a lot depending on various factors.

Since their website also does not provide any information with respect to the costs and pricing, it is difficult to get an approximate.

But to give you some perspective, moving a 2 bedroom apartment, across a distance of say 1000 miles, would cost somewhere around $3,800 – $7,400 with First National Van Lines.

Note that this is just a rough estimate based on a few customer reviews. The price that you end up paying for your move may vary to quite some extent depending on the size, timing, distance traveled and type of moving services asked for.

However, it is often noticed that you’re more likely to get lower prices through brokers as compared to you working directly with moving companies. And an interesting aspect about First National Van Lines is that along with being a broker, they also have a price matching policy (more on that ahead), which means that you could be working your move around a budget that suits your pockets.

That said, be sure to get a written confirmation of your quote from First National Van Lines as prices could be subject to change on the move day, depending on the final weight of all your belongings.

THE SMART WAY TO BUDGETHow much will my move cost?

Get instant free moving quotes for your upcoming relocation with our moving cost calculator!

How To Get A Quote From First National Van Lines?

Before we get into the details, know that the process of getting a quote from First National Van Lines is a rather lengthy and complicated process.

But that’s the case with many other moving companies as well, and fortunately the process followed by First National is not on any of the extreme ends of the spectrum.

Step 1 of getting a quote from First National is entering all your contact details such as phone number, email address and ZIP code on the form available on their website.

Immediately after this step, you’re likely to be flooded with texts and emails from the company, but it won’t be related to your quote.

For you to actually get an estimate, you would have to complete the next step of filling up a detailed inventory list and also schedule a day where their representative could come and have a look at everything in person.

Another alternative for you is to submit a detailed inventory list and talk to their representative over call.

The final price that you would end up paying would actually be determined by the total weight of all the belongings you’re moving on the day.

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Reasons To Choose First National Van Lines:

Free Storage: Yes, we’ve mentioned this before but the storage facilities provided by First National Van Lines are definitely worth highlighting, as it’s one of the best reasons for you to consider hiring them for your move.

Most moving companies have a price in place for both short and long term storage solutions you opt for, but when moving with First National, you’ll be getting 30 days of storage at no additional cost.

This definitely saves you a few bucks, especially when you’re running behind schedule and need only temporary storage solutions till you settle.

Nationwide Availability: First National Van Lines has availability across all the states of America. So from Alaska to Hawaii, you can access the services offered by them at your preferred location.

If you’re planning to move to another country from the United States, you could still consider hiring First National Van Lines as they also provide international moving services in over 150 countries all over the world.

Price Matching Policy: Just one of the other prominent reasons that makes First National Van Lines stand out from its competitors is the price matching policy that they offer to all customers.

What this means is that, if you can get a written quote from any other moving company for the same move, and if it is lower than the quote provided by First National, then they will be willing to offer you the lower price with the same services.

Reasonable Quotes: Even without the price matching policy that they offer, you will see that First National Van Lines offers pretty reasonable quotes in comparison to its competitors.

This could mainly be due to the fact that First National is only a broker that connects you with other moving companies that help facilitate your move.

They make sure to hop around the low rates and get you the best deal matching your budget. And if that somehow doesn’t happen, then you have their price matching policy to fall back on, right?

Excellent Customer Service: Moving in itself can be a stressful process for many, and the last thing anyone would want then is to be constantly nagging the people who are coordinating your move.

You will not be facing a similar issue when you contact First National Van Lines for your move, as many of their reviews highlight the impeccable customer service they provide.

Specialized Moving: Moving fragile and delicate items can be tricky, and if you don’t have the right expertise, then handling such items could go either way. To put such worries at rest, First National Van Lines offers custom crating services.

While the availability of such services may differ based on your location and agent, you could still confirm the same with your local agent who would be coordinating your move.

Comprehensive Protection Plans: Stated as one of their priorities, First National Van Lines wants to ensure that your belongings are transported in as safe a manner as possible. For the same, First National encourages all their customers to ask their local mover about the different liability options that are offered.

They want you to understand all your rights in case any unplanned damage occurs during your local move.

Things To Consider Before Hiring First National Van Lines

Long Process For Quotes: As mentioned earlier, even to get a rough estimate from First National Van Lines, you have to go through all the steps, right from submitting your contact details to scheduling a date for their representative to have a look at your inventory.

But to look at it on a positive note, the quote that you would receive from First National Van Lines would comparatively be reasonable and more accommodating to your budget.

Since some other moving companies also have a tedious process for getting quotes, you can be rest assured that First National Van Lines is far from being the worst in this aspect.

Less Informative Website: If you’re trying to look for a detailed description of the services that First National Van Lines provides, you will probably have to get in touch with their representative or contact their customer service, as their website provides very limited information in this regard.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any price estimates that you could have a look at on their website. But on the upside, their customer service staff is said to be very helpful and friendly as well, so it shouldn’t be a difficult task communicating with them.

Reviews Vary With Agents: Since First National Van Lines is only a broker, they themselves do not transport your goods, or have professionals to do so either.

They only act as a coordinating link between you and the local moving companies partnered with them. So, reviews are bound to vary with your location and the mover who facilitates your move.

To be well informed, it would be best if you check out the reviews of your local move agent.

First National Van Lines Contact Details

  • Phone: 800 – 597 – 9826
  • Email: info@firstnationalvl.com
  • Website: https://firstnationalvl.com/


Every move is unique and has its own requirements. While First National Van Lines does cater to different kinds of moves, it may not be the best choice for someone looking for specialized services.

But for anyone who is trying to plan a move adhering to a tight budget, we would recommend having a look at First National Van Lines, as their price matching policy is something that sets them apart from the rest.

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