Based in Los Angeles, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage has been a part of the moving industry since 2014. Founded by Ben, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a notable thing that stands out about Big Ben’s is that most of its employees are veterans who have served in the United States. By giving them the adequate training, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage has now created a mix team of both veterans as well as civilians to cater to all moving needs.

If you’re planning to move and Big Ben’s Moving And Storage is one of the companies that you’re considering for some assistance, you will, for obvious reasons want to know all about their services and cost and pricing, right? Then you’re definitely at the right place as we’ve covered all the necessary information you need about the company, in our Big Ben’s Moving And Storage Review article. Let’s start right away!

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What Services Are Offered By Big Ben’s Moving And Storage?

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From packing, loading, transporting to storage, you can turn to Big Ben’s Moving And Storage for whichever moving service it is that you’re looking for. Along with offering various services, Big Ben’s also claims to provide affordable rates. Here are some details of the main services offered by Big Ben’s.

1. Moving Services

Whether it is a small move across the street or a big one crossing state lines, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage caters to different types of moves for all. They aim to provide a stress free moving experience for all their clients. As mentioned on their website, the different kinds of moves Big Ben’s caters to include:

  • Local Moves: Having set up a base in Los Angeles, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage caters to all local moves in and around their area. Moving services like packing, unpacking or storage are available for all their local moves as well.
  • Long Distance Moves: Understanding the extensive planning that long distance moves require, Big Ben’s Moving strives to deliver their best. As their website mentions, Big Ben’s Moving tries to provide the same loading and unloading team for a long distance move, so as to minimize the scope of miscommunication or mishandling of your items.
  • Residential Moves: When you see the never ending tasks on your moving list, there are chances of you being tempted to use some assistance to tick the tasks off your list. To help you with just that, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage caters to all residential moves, however big or small.
  • Commercial Moves: Shifting houses is very different from shifting an office altogether. Big Ben’s is all for helping you have a smooth office relocation. Terming it as their specialty, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage claims to have the equipment, manpower and logistics to handle all commercial moves, no matter the size or location. Their website also has a description of a five step management system, designed especially for their commercial moves. These steps are:
  • Project Survey
  • Project Management
  • Move Preparation
  • Move Services
  • Post Move Services

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2. Packing And Unpacking

Big Ben’s Moving And Storage offers two main kinds of packing, which they refer to as PBO or Packed By Owner and PBC or Packed By Carrier. The latter lets you leave everything on the professionals of Big Ben’s, right from bubble wrapping each item to labeling all the boxes. On the other hand, you could also choose their PBO option which gives the owner the levy of packing all their belongings as per their own convenience. When it comes to unpacking, Big Ben’s can help you not just unpack but also set all your belongings as you would want them to. All the debris or waste associated with the move, shall also be cleared by Big Ben’s after they complete your move.

3. Loading And Unloading

If you’ve decided to go the DIY way for your move, but only require a few extra pairs of hand for loading and unloading your belongings, then Big Ben’s Moving And Storage can help you with that as well. They have the equipment and manpower to help you easily load all your heavy as well as valuable belongings onto your transportation vehicle.

4. Moving Supplies

The packing services offered by Big Ben’s Moving And Storage is all inclusive of the labor and moving supplies that would be required for your move. You can save the time of running around and arranging for supplies as Big Ben’s comes with their own moving supplies when availing their packing services.

As part of their green initiative, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage also has what they call Big Ben’s Rolling Bin System. They provide plastic bins or crates that are stackable on wheels, on a one time rental basis. Each of these bins are the size of a large box from a moving supplies store, and can be easily shifted around as per your convenience. Big Ben’s offer this as an alternative to cardboard boxes and promises that their plastic bins are a more cheap and green solution.

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5. Storage Facilities

Big Ben’s Moving also offers both short term and long term storage solutions to all its clients. One of their highlights is that they offer free storage of up to 30 days with all moves, irrespective of the size and destination. Just let them know the size of your inventory and Big Ben’s will provide you safe storage for the time that you need them to.

6. Specialized Crating

For moving all your high end luxury items, Big Ben’s Moving offers crating solutions as per your needs. As clearly stated on their website, Big Ben’s offers customized crates made up of either tri-wall corrugated or plywood. They will assess all your needs when planning your move, and provide you with safe crates to ensure protection of your valuable items.

7. Appliance Installation

Whether it’s your home theatre that needs to be reconnected or your computer connections that need to be restored after your move, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage can also provide you assistance to safely install your electronic appliances.

8. Automobile Transportation

As is mentioned on their website, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage does provide services for transporting your automobiles. You can get in touch with their representative and all the necessary details would be provided to you.

9. Specialty Items

You could also get in touch with Big Ben’s Moving if you need assistance for moving any of your specialty items like pianos, hot tubs, antiques or even your fragile items. From packing and transporting to unpacking of your delicate items, Big Ben’s is ready to do it all for you.

Apart from these major services, a few other special services offered by Big Ben’s Moving And Storage include:

  • Home and Carpet Cleaning
  • Waste Removal
  • Art Removal and Hanging
  • Wine Handling
  • Charity Donations
  • Estate Sales
  • Senior Living Transitions

These are some additional services as mentioned on their website. To get further details on the same, you could get in touch with Big Ben’s Moving And Storage representatives.

Big Ben’s Services Cost & Pricing

While it is difficult to pin down to one single estimate with Big Ben’s Moving And Storage, as every move is different and has its own requirements, you can expect to pay a reasonable amount when moving with them. Though their website does not mention any details of their cost and pricing, your moving estimate with Big Ben’s could be somewhere between $2,500 – $5,400 for an interstate move. Do keep in mind, that these are just some rough estimates based on a few customer reviews shared online. The estimate that you get for your move may vary a great deal depending on your moving needs and requirements. A few general factors that affect the cost of your move could be listed as:

  • Size of your house (Whether you’re moving a studio apartment or a full 3 bedroom house)
  • Distance of your move
  • Timing of your move (Off season rates tend to be way lesser than seasonal moving rates)
  • The services that you avail with your move (Packing, unpacking or any other add-on services will increase your overall cost)

Probably the best way of getting a proper estimate is to directly contact the company for your quote. And like most companies that offer a free online estimate, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage also provides a ballpark estimate after getting a request quote from your end. Although you can get an idea of your costs from the ballpark estimate, remember that you may get a final quote only after a thorough house inspection.

Reasons To Choose Big Ben’s Moving And Storage

1. Tailored Services

Knowing that every move is unique in itself and has its own requirements, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage provides tailored services for all your needs. Whether it’s packing that you’re specifically looking for, or need full service moving facilities, Big Ben’s offers solutions for all.

2. Price Matching

Offering a price matching policy, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage are ready to lower their prices if you get a written binding estimate for the exact same move which is priced lower than the quote Big Ben’s provides you.

3. Verified Employees

A notable feature of Big Ben’s Moving is that it conducts a thorough background check for all its employees, a civilian or a veteran alike. As is explicitly mentioned on their website, Big Ben’s conducts a stringent drug test as well as criminal background check. Even after they are all clear on these tests, the candidates have to go through multiple interviews and after selection, are also provided with an office or warehouse training to prepare them with all the necessary moving skills.

4. Free Storage

As mentioned earlier, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage does provide free storage facilities for up to 30 days, to all the clients who move with them. Though you may or may not be in need of it, having a little backup storage option, in case the timeline for shifting into your new location does not go as planned, will only work in your favor. If you need long term storage plans, you could discuss the same with your Big Ben’s representative who will guide you forward.

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5. Coverage Options

Even though their website may not be having a specific mention about the different coverage plans, Big Ben’s does offer both Basic Liability Coverage as well as Full Coverage options. You could get further information about the same by getting in touch with Big Ben’s Moving representative or customer service.

6. Shipment Tracking

All vehicles associated with Big Ben’s Moving and Storage have a GPS tracking system in place, which keeps their office updated about the vehicles’ whereabouts at all times. You could get in touch with your Big Ben’s representative and inquire about the location of your shipment.

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Things To Consider Before Hiring Big Ben’s Moving And Storage

1. Limited Service Areas

As of now at least, Big Ben’s Moving And Storage seems to be providing services in only 39 states of America. Customers based outside these states may have to get in touch with Big Ben’s to confirm if services are available in their area.

2. Storage only for Moving Customers

Even though Big Ben’s Moving And Storage does provide both short term and long term storage facilities, they are only limited to the customers who are moving with them. You might have to get in touch with other storage companies if it is only storage that you’re looking for.

3. Inconsistent Reviews

When choosing your moving service company, getting an opinion from other customers who have used their services, seems to be a good way of increasing your knowledge. This is something that you could take note of when choosing Big Ben’s Moving And Storage as their customer reviews seem to be very inconsistent. While there are a few who speak positively of the company, there are also quite a handful that have complained of last minute price hikes and unsatisfactory customer service. That said, every customer is bound to have a unique experience and in no way could you guarantee your experience before actually having one.

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Many moving companies today also provide storage facilities to their customers. While some may provide only short term, temporary storage solutions, there are many who offer both short term as well as long term storage options. The only thing that you do need to keep in mind is that there are some companies who offer storage facilities only to those clients who are moving with them. But if moving isn’t on your mind and only a storage solution is what you’re looking for, then you could get in touch with companies like PODS and U-Haul who offer specific storage facilities.

How Do I Find A Reputable Moving Company?

A company can be deemed successful if it has earned a good reputation among its customers and also in the industry. And if you see a host of green flags for the company, then you can trust it to be reputable. By green flags what we mean is that a reputable moving company will always be insured and authorized by known agencies like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Another noteworthy aspect of a reputable moving company would be the high number of positive referrals and satisfied customer reviews. If a moving company showcases these qualities and is also accredited by organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), then chances are that you’ve found a good reputable moving company.

Big Ben’s Moving And Storage Contact Details

  • Phone: 800-618-7514
  • Email:
  • Website:


While Big Ben’s Moving And Storage does offer a lot of services for all your moving needs, their inconsistent customer reviews are also something that you could take a note of. Going through customer reviews for any service or product that you want to use, is a good practice, as it gives you a rough idea of what you can be expecting. Of course, each moving experience is different, but we would advise that you conduct a thorough research and check out multiple moving companies before you finally decide to settle down with one.

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