In business for over 56 years, Safeway Moving Systems has made a reputation for itself in the moving industry.

Started by Rad Freeman, a US Army Veteran, their main mission is to get military precision for moving all homes.

Offering a variety of services for different kinds of moves, Safeway Moving Systems today has become a popular name among citizens of the nation.

Firstly, it is important to know that Safeway Moving is only a licensed broker who outsources your moves to other moving companies.

Basically, they are just a connecting link between their tie-up moving companies and you.

If you’re looking for further details on Safeway Moving Systems, their services as well as their pricing, just read along and know everything that’s needed.

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What Services Are Offered By Safeway Moving?

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With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Safeway Moving Systems has a good range of services to suit all your moving needs across most states in the US. Known to be a company that has made a remarkable spot in the moving industry, let us first have a look at the different services Safeway Moving has to offer.

1. Moving Services:

As a broker, Safeway Moving has a strong network of connections that could cater to a variety of moves from almost any part of the United States. So, whether you’re planning a move down the street or across borders, chances are that Safeway Moving can offer you services for all. The broad category of moves Safeway caters to include:

  • Local Moves: This may vary with your location, but Safeway Moving does provide local moving services by connecting you with one of their local tie-ups. Do check the availability with your Safeway representative, as they would be able to give you all the required details.
  • Long Distance Moves: Along with being their primary focus, long distance moving is also Safeway Moving Systems specialty. They have all the necessary permissions and can complete all the formalities that you need for your long distance moves. Just get in touch with them, and they’ll provide you the service that you need.
  • International Moves: Whether it’s your house or your office that you’re planning to shift out of the country, you could consider choosing Safeway Moving to assist you with your move. With a strong network having its back, Safeway Moving Systems knows how to go about with all cross country moves.
  • Residential Moves: Moving large homes and condos anywhere in America is what Safeway Moving Systems claims to be their specialty. They can cater to all the special needs you may require while shifting your house, no matter how big or small.
  • Commercial Moves: Relocating an office needs expertise that is different from just moving a house. And Safeway Moving Systems can provide both. With their office relocation services, you could rely on Safeway Moving to efficiently assist you with your commercial move.

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2. Packing And Unpacking:

Whether it is a local move or a long distance move, the process of packing and unpacking remains common to all. You could reach out to Safeway Moving Systems for any assistance you need with either or both of these. If there are some custom services that you need, like fragile packing or partial packing, it is best to confirm with the Safeway Moving representative who would be able to guide you further.

3. Storage Facilities:

Safeway Moving Systems provides both short term as well as long term storage solutions to its customers. As mentioned on their website, Safeway Moving does include up to 30 days of storage in all their moves. While you may or may not be in need of it when you plan your move, having an adjustment to fall back on only lessens your stress that last minute goof ups can bring along, right?

4. Loading And Unloading:

You may not be able to explicitly spot the mention of this service on their website, but Safeway Moving Systems can help you specifically with the loading and unloading part of your move as well. If you go with their full service move option, then this is going to be all inclusive, but if you are planning to go the DIY way and only need some manpower to help you load and unload your truck, then too you could reach out to Safeway Moving for their assistance.

5. Furniture Assembly And Disassembly:

Just one of the other advantages of being a broker, Safeway Moving can link you up with companies that offer services for furniture assembly and disassembly, if that is something that you have been looking for. Along with moving those heavy or random pieces of furniture, you could ask Safeway for professionals who can efficiently handle your furniture assembling.

6. Piano Moving:

Shifting a piano isn’t the same as shifting your other belongings. You will not be able to just shrink wrap and put your piano in a box while moving. Here is when you could ask Safeway Moving Systems to help you. They have the necessary expertise and logistics to move your piano in a safe and secure manner, letting you heave a sigh of relief while they do it all for you. Do confirm with your Safeway Moving representative for the availability of this service at your location.

7. Auto Transportation:

If you need assistance to move your vehicles, whether it’s across state lines or across the country altogether, Safeway Moving Systems has auto transportation facilities to help you. The cost for this service would be determined by factors like your moving date, distance and type of vehicle, to name a few. Get in touch with a Safeway Moving representative for all details you need with regards to this service.

Safeway Moving Services Cost & Pricing

You can expect to pay around $3,500 to $4,800 when moving a 3 bedroom house across the state with Safeway Moving System.

Now, do keep in mind that this is just a rough estimate based on a few customer reviews shared online. Since there isn’t any pricing information specifically available on Safeway Moving’s website, it is best that you directly get in touch with their representative for your quote.

Unfortunately, Safeway Moving does not provide an instant ballpark estimate on their website, so contacting their representative is going to be your best way forward.

But the upside of quotes received from Safeway Moving is that they are going to be binding with no hidden costs to surprise or rather shock you at the end.

So even though you may find the process to be a little tedious, it may be worth going through it, because you would clearly know what to expect and shall be able to make a well informed decision of how to go ahead.

While every move is unique and no two estimates would be the same, a few major factors that could actually determine your total moving cost are:

  • Size of your house (Whether you’re moving a studio apartment or a full 3 bedroom house)
  • Distance of your move
  • Timing of your move (Off season rates tend to be way lesser than seasonal moving rates)
  • The services that you avail with your move (Packing, unpacking or any other add-on services will increase your overall cost)

It is advisable that you do get in touch with Safeway Moving at the earliest if you plan on moving with them and would like to receive an estimate first. Since they do not provide instant quotes, the process may take a little longer than expected.

Only after thoroughly going through your inventory will Safeway Moving Systems be able to give you a binding quote.

THE SMART WAY TO BUDGETHow much will my move cost?

Get instant free moving quotes for your upcoming relocation with our moving cost calculator!

Why We Recommend Safeway Moving System?

1. Nationwide Availability:

Being a broker, Safeway Moving Systems has the advantage of connecting with local movers or small moving companies that could facilitate your move around the country.

This means that whether you’re in the east, west, north or south of America, you could access the services provided by Safeway Moving from your preferred location.

Their nationwide availability helps them reach out to a larger customer base who could benefit from their services.

2. Transparent Pricing:

Additional charges that are added to your final bill often take you by surprise and add to your moving stress.

But when moving with Safeway Moving System, you do not have to worry about this as they lay their emphasis on having clear-cut pricing and no hidden costs to shock you later.

By getting a binding estimate from Safeway Moving, you can stick with your budget and leave the worries of last minute expenses behind.

3. Price Matching:

If you want to avail the services provided by Safeway Moving Systems but feel that you could get them at a lower quote, then Safeway’s price matching policy is exactly what you can take advantage of.

Basically, if you could get a binding written estimate from any of competitors of Safeway Moving, then Safeway would be ready to either match or beat the lower price and yet provide the same services.

The only conditions that you need to meet while applying for their price matching policy are that you get a written binding estimate which shall not be changed later.

Secondly, the estimate should be from a reputable company that has been in the moving industry for a minimum of five years.

And lastly, your inventory for the binding quote should be exactly the same as you’ve shared with Safeway Moving System, right from the exact furniture pieces to the number of boxes. You match these conditions and get Safeway Moving services for the price that best suits you.

4. Military Precision:

The founder of Safeway Moving Systems is a US Army Veteran and his main goal was to bring military precision to moving homes.

That means, you can expect that your move with Safeway will be planned in an efficient and organized manner.

And not just the planning, their execution shall also have the discipline and precision like the military.

5. Business With A Cause:

If you look at the broader aspect, most services offered by Safeway Moving are similar to those offered by the others in the industry. But something that is unique about Safeway Moving is that they extend their support to St Jude’s Children Hospital.

How this works is, once your move is completed and you’ve made your payment, Safeway Moving will ask you the amount up to $100 that you would want the company to donate towards St Jude.

Know that this amount isn’t over your move price, but a part of what you’ve already paid. While you avail Safeway Moving services for your move, you will also be doing a good deed of helping someone in need.

6. Attention To Detail:

Along with being quick and efficient, Safeway Moving has a thorough professional team who gives it all for you to have a stress free move.

A quality that has been praised in many of their customer reviews is Safeway Moving’s care to detail. They are alert to your moving needs and are ready to go that extra mile to make your move feel like a breeze.

7. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Having a safe and on time move plays a big role in shredding the moving stress off your shoulders. And Safeway Moving truly understands that.

As highlighted on their website, Safeway is confident that you will be satisfied with their service and your move, as delivering your goods safely and on time is their primary concern.

8. Coverage Options:

Apart from the Basic Liability Coverage that all moving companies are bound to offer, Safeway Moving System also has a few additional coverage plans for their customers. You could directly get in touch with their representative to get further details about the same.

9. Excellent Customer Reviews:

You know that you could rely on a company if it has a strong customer base and has formed a positive bond with all of them. Safeway Moving System has a lot of positive customer reviews which speak highly of the services they provide.

Of course, no company can be truly perfect and Safeway Moving too has a few negative customer reviews, but by and large the number of positive ones really outshine.

Get a Quote

Factors To Consider Before Hiring Safeway Moving System

1. No Online Quotes:

If you want to get a quote from Safeway Moving Systems you would probably have to get in touch with their representative.

As of now at least, there doesn’t seem to be an alternative for this as Safeway Moving does not provide an instant ballpark estimate on their website.

Though a little longer process, the upside to this is that you can be assured of the estimate that Safeway Moving provides, as they strive to get you a final binding estimate with no hidden costs.

2. No Shipment Tracking:

Safeway Moving System does not provide an option for tracking your shipment online, which means that it may get difficult for you to know the exact location of your belongings at any given point in time.

One probable solution for you to look at, could be, directly contacting the customer service or your move representative, who may be able to give you the relevant details of your shipment.

3. Less Informative Website

If you were planning to conduct your research about Safeway Moving System by getting information from their website, there are high chances that you may have to look for some other resources.

Unfortunately, not much details about the company, their services or their pricing is available on the Safeway Moving System website.

But like for everything else, if you just reach out to their customer service, all your doubts and queries shall be duly answered, as Safeway Moving is quick and efficient to respond to all your needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Movers Move Your Stuff?

Multiple factors come into play when determining the cost of movers to assist you with your move. These include the timing, the distance as well as the size of your move, as some of the main categories.

But, to give you a rough approximation, you could expect to pay between $400 – $1,700 for a local move and between $2,200 – $6,000 for a long distance move.

Ultimately your location and services availed would be important factors in determining the exact cost of hiring movers to move your stuff.

Safeway Moving System Contact Details

  • Phone: 844 – 728 – 6899
  • Email:
  • Website:

As mentioned on their website, Safeway Moving System works all throughout the week and will reply to you within 24 hours when you’ve sent them a request for your query.


With availability throughout the United States, we would recommend having a look at Safeway Moving System for any move you need assistance with.

Though local moves may be subjected to availability, Safeway Moving assures you of catering to all long distance and cross country moves.

While the customer reviews of Safeway Moving do speak highly of them, if you’re running tight on budget and are looking for more affordable movers, then you could consider getting quotes from other moving companies as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Safeway Moving Systems

How is Safeway moving company rated?

Safeway Moving Company is rated 3.9 stars, making them a decent option for your next move!

What days are Safeway moving company open?

Safeway Moving Company is open 365 days a year, 24×7.

Is Safeway moving Systems a broker?

Safeway is a moving broker. So if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable company to help with your relocation needs, then Safeway may be the perfect fit!

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