A big yellow moving truck with blue stripes might not have been an uncommon sight for you if you grew up in the USA. You know exactly what we are talking about! With decades of experience on its hands, Penske has become one of the industry leaders. They also have a reputation for offering its customers the smoothest moving experiences. 

The company was born in 1969 and since then it has expanded rapidly. Today, it has over 2,500 locations all over North America and some locations in Canada as well. Penske is known for its hassle-free and budget-friendly moves which combined with its green initiative makes your move environment friendly as well. Read our elaborate Penske Truck Rental Review if you are considering hiring them.

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Penske Truck Rental: How Does It Work?

If you are someone who loves making lists and staying organized, we bet that a DIY move will give you just the right kind of high. With Penske Truck Rental, you can truly DIY your move. No one gives you instructions and makes you run around, neither do you have to sit back and watch some strangers handle your belongings. You have to do all the packing, loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking by yourself, while the job of Penske is just to give you the key to the moving truck. Penske does try to make your life easier by offering the following services:

  • Local moves (a round trip to the same company facility)
  • Long-distance moves (one-way trips)
  • Different truck sizes
  • Add-ons like hand trucks, moving pads, and rental dollies
  • 24/7 roadside assistance (included in all moves)
  • Additional moving services
  • Variety of coverage options 

Renting a truck from Penske is fairly straightforward. You just have to scan and search the nearest Penske location, reserve your move (online or in-person), and voila! That’s it. Let us walk you through the process of moving with Penske so as to give you a better idea of how to plan your move. 

1. Plan your Move 

This the time when you give a nudge to your organized self and list down everything you need to do before the move. Create an inventory of all your belongings and see the different truck sizes that are available at Penske. Assess the bulk and the weight of your move and decide on a truck size. 

The main thing you need to do is pack your stuff. If you don’t have any packaging supplies, Penske will provide you with them at an additional cost. Ask your friends or cousins to come in and help you with the packing. Lure them in with a free pizza and beer party. This will be comparatively cheaper for you than actually hiring helpers from a moving service.

2. How to Get a Quote

Penske hasn’t remained behind when it comes to keeping up with the digital age. You can visit their website and put in the details of your move and your personal information. Once you do this, Penske will let you reserve your move online. What we love about Penske is that it follows a transparent pricing system. You can even go to a nearby Penske store and book your move in-person. 

3. Loading and Moving

Anyone can load a Penske truck with ease. They provide you with ramps and hand carts which means that you don’t have to actually carry your boxes into the truck. If you need help at any point in time, Penske will help you out by giving you the contact details of the necessary service providers. Once you are done with your move, you can return the truck to the same facility (for a local move) or a facility near your new house (long-distance move).

What To Do When You Need Additional Services?

Penske has partnered up with several different companies in order to make your move either a part DIY move or a full-service move. Here are some of the companies suggested by Penske when you request some additional services. 

  1. U-Ship: If you own something like a motorcycle or a watercraft that doesn’t fit into their trucks, you need not worry about going through the hassle of finding a different company to ship them. U-Ship makes sure that this stuff that you can’t carry with you gets shipped to your new home safely.
  2. Supply Side: You don’t have to wander around in your local markets while you search for packaging supplies. Supply Side provides you with good quality moving supplies and then you don’t have to worry about your stuff breaking inside their boxes.
  3. Updater: Moving comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is very easy to get totally confused and forget the things you need to do before and during the move. Updater will help you to list down and organize all tasks related to your move, be it transferring utilities or searching for a new internet provider.
  4. Simple Moving Labor: Many of us tend to have health issues and in this case, lifting up heavy objects is not recommended by the doctor. Simple Moving Labor makes sure that you don’t have to lift any heavy objects during the move.
  5. Hire a Helper: This company lets you hire helpers when you need help with the packing/unpacking or loading/unloading of your stuff. If you book for their service via Penske, they will give you a flat 10% off on the service cost.
  6. Sparefoot: If you have to move out of your current home immediately and your new home isn’t ready, you can’t store your stuff in a rental truck. Sparefoot takes care of all your storage needs. 

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What Size Truck Do You Need?

The best part about Penske is that they provide you five different sizes of trucks. These trucks are extremely sturdy, which ensures that your belongings are safe when they are inside the trucks. The following are the best features of the Penske trucks:

  • They change their trucks every two years. So you wouldn’t have to worry about your truck not being in a good condition or worse, breaking down in the middle of your move, because Penske doesn’t seem to compromise in that regard.
  • Penske uses Diesel engines for their bigger trucks. This gives them an edge over their competitors as their trucks are more fuel-efficient in nature. 
  • Their trucks have interior lights and transparent roofs. This allows you to move at night as you don’t have to worry about darkness. 
  • You will notice that Penske’s trucks have non-slip wooden floors installed. As a result of this, the chances of your stuff slipping and falling during the move are slim to none. 

Let us now compare the different types of trucks offered by Penske and then you can choose what type of truck is appropriate for your move.

Cargo Vans
12-Foot Truck
16- Foot Truck22-Foot Truck26-Foot Truck
Dimensions 11’11″x 4’6″ x 6’9″12′ x 6’6″ x 6’1″16′ x 7’7″ x 6’6″21’11” x 8’1″ x 8’1″25’11” x 8’1″ x 8’1″
Space Available?(cu.ft.)404 cu. ft.450 cu. ft.800 cu. ft.1,200 cu. ft.1,700 cu. ft.
Floor Space Available53 sq. ft.78 sq. ft.120 sq. ft.164 sq. ft192 sq. ft.
Home Size1 room 1-2 rooms2-3 rooms3-5 rooms5-7 rooms
Weight Limit3,500 lbs.3,100 lbs.4,300 lbs.10,000 lbs.10,000 lbs.
Fuel Tank31 Gallons33 Gallons33 Gallons50 Gallons50 Gallons

How much does Penske Truck Rental Cost?

On an average, a move with Penske Truck rental costs you anywhere between $80 to $2,800 depending on the distance of your move and the size of your truck. You should remember that Penske charges a higher rate for local moves in comparison to one-way long-distance moves.

For a local move, the company will charge you a daily rate with an additional per-mile cost. On the other hand, they charge you a base rate which includes unlimited mileage for a long-distance move. For a one-way trip, if you wish to keep the truck with you for some additional days, you will be charged about $100 extra for each day.

The quote given by Penske may seem a little bit high. But you cannot forget that there are almost no additional charges applied by them later on. They follow a transparent pricing policy (most of the other companies don’t do that) because of which you end up paying the price that was quoted to you when you hired their truck. Penske is very determined to reduce the carbon footprint of their trucks, because of which they charge you a $9 (maximum) environmental fee. 

Penske also provides their customers with unlimited mileage on their long-distance moves. This means that you are not burdened with a per-mile fee. What makes them a cheaper option for you is that there are no extra hidden mileage costs that are added later on. You don’t have to worry about your final bill being higher than the original estimate.

When you book a local move, a security deposit of about $100 needs to be paid to the company. On the brighter side, you do not have to pay any security deposit for a long-distance trip when you reserve your move online and pay with your credit card.

A local move with a cargo van will cost you around $199.99 with a per-mile fee of $1.29.

The bigger trucks will cost you anywhere between $29.99 to $49.99 with a per-mile rate of $0.79 for a local move. If you are going for a midsize move (100-250 miles), the cost of your move can fall between the range of $289 to $312, and this price includes free unlimited mileage. If you are going for a cross-country move, you will have to pay anywhere between $810 to $1063.80 and this price includes free unlimited mileage.

Note: The cargo vans are not available for mid-size and long-distance moves. Similarly, the 22-foot truck is not available for the local move. 

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What if you Cancel your Reservation?

Penske is one of the very few companies that offers an extremely flexible cancellation policy. Their website informs their visitors that they do not charge any cancellation fees. You are allowed to cancel your move without paying any extra fees. 

But if you modify the dates of your move, you will have to get in contact with their customer service representative. It is important to keep in mind that changing your date might possibly lead to a slight price change. Make sure you enquire about this in detail when you talk to their representative over the phone.

Does Penske Truck Rental offer Insurance?

Many people don’t realize that driving a moving truck is very different from driving a car. The chances of the occurrence of unfortunate incidents are comparatively higher as you are not used to driving a moving truck. The smallest of scratches to the truck will result in you shelling out hundreds of dollars of repair money. Moreover, even if you load the truck properly, your belongings still might get damaged during the move if they are extra fragile. 

You need to purchase enough coverage before the move, as you can never predict what might happen during the transit. You can decide on the level of coverage you need based on the distance and how valuable your belongings are. Penske Truck Rental offers its customers 5 types of coverage options.

1. Limited Damage Waiver

Limited Damage Waiver gives you coverage if the rented truck or equipment is damaged in any way due to accidents, vandalism, or thefts. Keep in mind that there are barely any coverage options that are as expensive as this one. It is crucial for you to know that the damages sustained by the truck due to your negligence will not be covered by this Limited Damage Waiver.

2. Supplemental Liability Insurance

This covers you for all the injury and damage claims made by a third party in case you get involved in an accident while driving the Penske truck. This option will provide you with coverage up to $1,000,000.

3. Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance covers the medical bills in case the renter and the other truck passengers get injured or killed due to an accident during the move.

4. Cargo Insurance

This insurance provides coverage for all your belongings if they get damaged due to an accident or natural disaster. Keep in mind that you can use this insurance only for the damages sustained by your possessions when they are inside the truck while you move. Damages caused during loading and packing are not covered by this insurance. This option will give you coverage up to $15,000. 

5. Towing Insurance

This insurance provides you with protection against damages sustained by your personal vehicle when it is being towed by a Penske Truck. All the damages sustained during loading, transit, and unloading of your vehicle are covered by the option.

Note: You must be over 21 years of age if you want to purchase these insurance options.

Reasons to Choose Penske Truck Rental

  1. Discounts: Penske Truck Rental gives plenty of discounts to their customers. All students and US military members get 10% off on all their moves. Moreover, AAA members might also be able to get a 12% on most of their moves. Each and every customer gets unlimited mileage for all their one-way moves. In addition to that, Penske also provides all of its customers with 10% of seasonal discounts, for instance, New Year’s discount.
  2. Additional Services: Penske understands that a DIY move is difficult and you might need some help with some aspects of the move. The company pairs up with other moving service companies that can provide you with various kinds of services that you need. So that makes Penske a one-stop-go place as you don’t have to research different companies for different kinds of services. 
  3. High-Quality Trucks: Penske is known for its sturdy and high-quality trucks. The company changes its trucks every two years. One of the most important things you might wonder about when you rent a truck is what will happen if the truck breaks down. Penske customers don’t have to worry about that as their new trucks are always in a condition and they rarely ever break down during a move. 
  4. Sensitive Towards The Environment: One of the reasons why we recommend renting a Penske truck is that the company is extremely environmentally conscious. They make sure that most of the materials used by them are recycled or recyclable in nature. The bigger trucks use a diesel engine, which makes the trucks fuel-efficient. So you not only get good mileage in an environment-friendly way.

Here are some of the green initiatives taken by Penske

  • They participate in the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership.
  • Uses new trucks every two years and ensures that these trucks have the most recent emission-control technologies installed in them. 
  • Uses recycled moving supplies. 
  • Uses diesel engines for their bigger trucks. 
  1. Benefits During Extreme Weather: You can regulate the temperatures inside the truck. This means that you don’t need to worry when you are moving during winters or other extreme weather conditions. The trucks will keep you warm at all times. If the road conditions are dangerous (for example, icy roads) and you can’t travel at the expected speed, Penske will let you extend the day of your bookings without you having to pay any extra charges.
    If you purchase windshield water fluid, antifreeze or oil to make the driving easy during such weather conditions, Penske will give you a refund. But only if you save the receipts and submit it to them. 
  2. Guaranteed Reservations: Most of the truck rental companies accept reservations, but you get your truck on the scheduled date only if the previous customers return the truck on time. So it’s definitely possible for you to not get a truck if the previous customers haven’t returned it.
    With Penske, the previous customer’s action does not concern you. Penske makes sure that you will get a truck in any circumstance on the day you are scheduled to pick it up from the facility. They are also one of the only companies that will let you reserve and pick up the truck on the same day, provided the trucks and the equipment you need are available with them.
  3. Free Roadside Assistance: Most of the companies require you to pay for roadside assistance if your truck malfunctions in any way. However, Penske offers all its customers free 24/7 roadside assistance in case something unfortunate happens. They provide their customers with a contact number that can be used whenever there is a problem with the truck during the move.
  4. Bargaining: The employees of the company are very helpful in nature. If you are booking your move over the phone, the company representative will give you a quote. If you feel the quote is too high, you can negotiate and try to get the price down. Most of the time the representatives themselves initiate this process by stating that the quotes look too high and the price can be brought down further.

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Things to Consider Before Hiring Penske Truck Rental

  1. Limited Availability: Though a well-established company, Penske has only around 2,500 locations across the country. There might be a possibility that you might not find a Penske location around the place where you live or are planning to move. It does cover 48 states of the country, but the total number of locations within a particular state is still lesser in comparison to their competitors.
  2. Moving Trailers: Penske Truck Rental does not provide its customers with moving trailers. It does have a variety of truck sizes to offer, if at all that’s any consolation.
  3. Towing Vehicles: Their towing equipment (car carriers and tow dollies) are engineered to tow only certain types of vehicles. If your car’s weight, tire size, width, wheelbase and driveshaft match the equipment requirements, then and only then the equipment will be able to tow your car. Most of the cars do meet their requirements, but it is still better to check with them before paying for the service.

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Is Penske Truck Rental Right For You?

Penske Truck Rental is definitely worth hiring as they provide their customers with impeccable services. Their prices are affordable and they will offer you an insane amount of benefits if you plan to hire them. You also experience a great feeling of satisfaction after hiring them as you realize that you are being cautious of the environment too. At the same time, Penske provides you with certain guidelines to reduce the damage caused to the environment due to the moving process.

In conclusion, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. If you ask us, hiring Penske Truck Rental for your DIY move would be worth your while.

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If you don’t want to tow your car when you’re moving, there are other options. You can always hire a car shipping company to transport your vehicle for you. While professional auto shipment costs more than towing, it’s often worth the investment, especially if you’re moving long distance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Penske Truck Rental

How reliable are Penske trucks?

Penske trucks are reliable and in good condition, making them less likely to break down on the way there. For added safety during your move-in process, Penske also provides roadside assistance with all reservations!

Does Penske have hidden fees?

Penske has no hidden fees!

Which is better, Penske or Budget?

Penske definitely has the edge when it comes to long-distance truck rentals. They have a wide variety of sizes available, and their customer satisfaction ratings are through the roof!

How fast do Penske trucks go?

The Penske trucks are known for going fast, and they don’t let up when it comes to getting the job done. They can reach speeds of 70 mph or more on average!

Do Penske trucks have tracking devices?

Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P.’s Fleet InSite truck tracking system provides customers with the ability to track their Penske trucks online via GPS and cellular technology.

Can you return a Penske truck to any location?

Penske offers truck rentals with the option to return them nearby destination.

Does Penske give AARP discounts?

Unfortunately, Penske does not provide AARP discounts!

Can I drop off a Penske truck early?

There is no refund if you return your rental before the end of the term. Local rentals are only charged for the days you have your vehicle.

Does Penske take debit cards?

Unfortunately, Penske Truck Rental doesn’t accept debit & prepaid cards.

Do Penske trucks have ramps?

Penske has the industry’s leading commercial box truck lineup, with a wide variety of options to suit your every need.

Can Penske trucks tow cars?

Towing your car behind a Penske truck is possible with their safe and convenient towing equipment.

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