Being someone who has a bit of an independent streak in them, you may have decided to take on the challenge of packing and moving all by yourself. But there’s a slight hitch: you don’t have a truck to carry all your belongings to your new house. When you’re stuck wondering how to get it done, this is where Enterprise Truck Rental comes in the picture.

But before you jump right in and reserve a truck, make sure that you’re up to speed with the workings of the company. Read on to get a comprehensive review and the services offered by Enterprise Truck Rental.

What Is Enterprise Truck Rental?

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This company started off as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, in 1957, originally under the name of Executive Leasing Company in St Louis, Missouri. Over the years, it has grown to become the largest car rental company in the US and expanded into truck rental services too, under the Enterprise Truck Rental brand. As of writing this review, Enterprise Truck Rental has franchises in over 270 locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Services Offered By Enterprise Truck Rental

You must have guessed by now what services Enterprise Truck Rental offers. But what makes this company stand out is the variety of services and vehicles you have at your disposal.

Whether you’ve to move stuff for business or personal reasons, Enterprise Truck Rental has got you covered. The rental business provides 14 types of trucks, vans and pickup trucks, all with different sizes, cargo capacity and capabilities. The huge fleet gives Enterprise Truck Rentals a big edge over the competition, and considering the variety in the fleet, there’s definitely going to be something for everyone who’s planning a DIY move.

Box Trucks

If you’re planning to move altogether, what you can do is rent from the choice of four box trucks, which range from a 15’ parcel van with a payload upto 5,000 lbs to a 26’ box truck that can carry upto 10,000 lbs. To add to the list of positives of an Enterprise’s rental trucks, they also have either a pull-out ramp or a lift gate. This means that you don’t have to break your backs when loading all that heavy furniture onto your truck. Just slide it up or let technology take care of it!

Cargo Vans

For those who have to move stuff that are smaller, whether in size or quantity, it makes little sense to hire a whole truck. That’s where the rental cargo vans come in. The interior dimensions range from 83”x48”x52” in a compact cargo van and 143”x55”x76x in a high-roof cargo van, and they have a payload range from 1,480 lbs to 3,700 lbs. For transporting smaller and dry cargo, Enterprise’s cargo vans are your best bet.

Stakebed Trucks

This may lean a bit on the commercial side of things. If you need a truck for landscaping projects or moving livestock, then stake bed trucks are what you can consider renting. Enterprise Truck Rental offers two options for stake beds: with lengths of 16’ and 24’, and payloads of 6,000 and 10,000 lbs respectively.

Pickup Trucks

If you want to tow your RV trailer or your boat when moving, a pickup truck is the best way to go about it. And Enterprise Truck Rental can give you just that. Pickup trucks with capacities ranging from ½ ton to 1 ton, along with all-wheel driving capabilities can be rented. Sure, for moving, the pickup trucks may not be the most ideal, but for recreational purposes, these trucks are second to none!

You’re probably wondering if you’d require a commercial driving license to drive an Enterprise Truck. As the company provides only light to medium duty trucks, you don’t need a CDL. However, to be on the safer side, make sure that you check your state’s license requirements.

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Note: The ½ ton pickup trucks aren’t towing-capable, and towing availability varies by location and will include an additional charge.

How To Rent A Truck From Enterprise Truck Rental?

Now that you know the different kinds of trucks are offered by Enterprise Truck Rental, it’s time to find out how to rent one of their trucks. Thanks to a website that’s well-designed, reservations are made quite simple.

  • Fill out a form with details including which city you’re from, your pick up and return date and time, the kind of truck you want and for what purpose, and your age (If you’ve a promo code, use that too!).
  • Once you’ve chosen the rental franchise closest to you, choose among the list of trucks you’d like to rent.
  • Provide your name and contact information. If you’d like to save time later at the rental, also add in your address and driver’s license number (it goes without saying that you need to be 21 or older to be liable to rent a truck).
  • And that’s it! Now you’ll get an email confirmation.

Also, you may have noticed that just before reserving a truck, Enterprise Truck Rental gives you a quote. This we think is a nice touch by the company, as it removes the need for you to call them up to get just that.

How Much Does Enterprise Truck Rental Cost?

You just discovered that Enterprise Truck Rental provides a free quote when reserving a truck. Renting a truck is easily the most cost-effective way of moving. Now, let’s crunch some numbers to find out how much you’ll be spending on an Enterprise rental truck.

Given the variety of trucks that Enterprise Truck Rental has at your disposal, it’s not easy to give an exact cost. Besides, the prices vary on the basis of availability, location and the make and model of the truck you’re renting. To give you an estimate, the average rent starts from around $50 per day for a ½ ton pickup truck to about $150 for a box truck. There are other costs involved in it as well, i.e. domestic security fee, vehicle license recovery fee and sales tax.

In addition to it, you’ll also be charged about $0.29 for every mile driven. Keep in mind that these costs vary from location, and in certain cities, you may incur no costs for the first 300 miles. On the other hand, you get unlimited miles in some other cities!

Even when it comes to miles, it’s notable that most Enterprise Truck Rental vehicles don’t use gas, but diesel. This works wonderfully in your favor, as it’s cheaper than gas, and a diesel truck can carry heavier loads and you’ll end up saving quite a bit of money you’d otherwise be spending on fuel.

To be frank, Enterprise Truck Rental may not be the cheapest truck rental company around, but it doesn’t have the notoriety of surprising you with additional fees at the last minute and make your moving budget go haywire.

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Customer Service And Customer Experience

Enterprise Truck Rental didn’t become one of the biggest names in the industry by mere coincidence. It’s thanks to its service and goodwill built over the years. However, being a franchise spread across the US and with so many services available, the reviews may not necessarily be relevant to you. But to put some perspective, Enterprise Truck Rental has a 5/5 star review on Yelp.

Now let’s discuss customer service. While the website may be sufficient enough for you to resolve your queries and reserve a truck, you can also get in touch with an Enterprise rep by calling 1888-RENT-A-TRUCK (1-888-736-8287). Enterprise Truck Rental provides free pick-up services at select locations. Being a service wherein you’ve to drive their truck by yourself, there are also four protection plans provided, with a premium to be paid.

While purchasing insurance is optional, it’s highly recommended because you can’t be too careful and any mishaps can cost you a lot, not just in terms of your belongings, but your well-being too.

Damage Waiver

Should you end up damaging the rental truck, you can waive off or reduce the costs incurred. To be on the safer side, it’s best to contact your local Enterprise Truck Rental to get complete details.

Personal Accident Insurance And Personal Effects Cover

The personal accident insurance covers any medical expenses that you may incur owing to accidents when driving the truck and also includes death due to accidents. The personal effects cover will take care of the expenses incurred for your belongings that are damaged in the event of an accident. The coverage they provide varies depending on your location and will cost you between $5.00 and $13.00 daily.

Supplemental Liability Protection

Should you be responsible for an accident and are liable to pay the affected party’s expenses: this protection covers upto $1,000,000 for any third-party claims.

This protection costs about $15 per day.

24/7 Roadside Assistance Protection

If you get stranded due to some fault with the truck, running out of fuel, flat tires or anything of the sort, worry not! All you have to do is dial 1-888-736-8287 and select option 3, and Enterprise Truck Rental will send someone to sort things out. But keep in mind that if you run out of fuel, the company would only provide three gallons of fuel, and if your truck has no spare tire, you’ll get towed and be charged for the new tire.

The roadside assistance protection costs about $5.99 per day.

As is the case with Enterprise Truck Rental in general, these protection plan rates aren’t the same across the US, so you’ll need to check with your local franchise.

What’s Great About Enterprise Truck Rental?

Variety Of Trucks

This is a major positive trait of Enterprise Truck Rental. The 14 types of truck models, each with its own capabilities and capacities, mean that you can choose a truck that you think is best for your requirements. Being spoilt for choice would mean that you’re more likely going to find an ideal truck.

Being a competitive company, Enterprise Truck Rental also provides trucks that are laden with features that would make your drive more comfortable.

Easy Availability And Accessibility

We’re not just talking about how easy it is to rent a truck online. As Enterprise Truck Rental has its franchises in over 270 locations, you know that the company has a very wide reach. So it’s highly likely that the city you’re living in or moving to has an Enterprise franchise there.

Enterprise Truck Rental doesn’t require you to make a reservation well in advance (though they recommend giving an advance notice for better service). For those who have to move at the last minute, this works well in their favor.

Great For Local Moves

As it’s very easy to rent a truck and there’s a possibility that you’ll get the first 300 miles free, Enterprise Truck Rental makes for a great choice if you’re planning a local move. All you need to rent a truck is provide your contact and driver’s license details, and pay a rental deposit, and you’re all set!

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Things To Keep In Mind About Enterprise Truck Rental

Not Great For Long Distance Moves

This major drawback of Enterprise Truck Rental can be an absolute deal-breaker and dissuade many potential customers from availing their services. Enterprise Truck Rental requires that you return the truck to the same location where you rented it from. This may not seem like a big deal for local moves, but if you’ve moved across the country, doubling back just to return the truck is a huge chore (not if you love the views, but still!) To add to this, if you don’t return the truck within three days, you’ll also be charged extra!

Considering how many franchises Enterprise Truck Rental has in the US, we’d have liked it if dropping the truck off at the nearest franchise was allowed.

Minimal Assistance When It Comes To Choosing Trucks

We told you that you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing trucks with Enterprise Truck Rental. Unfortunately, there are two sides to it as you may be overwhelmed. Also, the company doesn’t provide much assistance when it comes to choosing the best truck for your job. So you’re practically left on your own to do your homework.

Only A Truck Rental Service

It may be a little too critical to judge Enterprise Truck Rental for this, as the company doesn’t claim to be anything other than a rental service. In fact, this helps them focus solely on the industry that they’re in. But as customers, you may be disappointed that Enterprise Truck Rental doesn’t provide any moving-related services. You’ll get a hand-truck and some furniture pads to load up the truck, but that’s about it. You won’t get any moving assistance or packing materials and boxes from Enterprise Truck Rental.

FAQs about Enterprise Truck Rental

How is Enterprise Truck Rental rated?

Enterprise Truck Rental has been rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, which is an excellent rating.

What days is Enterprise Truck Rental open?

Enterprise Truck Rental is open from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Enterprise Truck Rental definitely is a great choice for those who are familiar with the chaos of moving, and are content with the idea of doing practically everything by themselves. Of course, if you’re a person who doesn’t mind driving, then this may be for you – only for local moves, that is. After all, hiring a rental truck may not be the easiest way of moving, but it definitely is the most cost-efficient way to do so!

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