Moving is already very expensive and the cost of hiring a moving truck might certainly empty your pockets, especially if you’re moving on a tight budget. That’s when a trailer rental will not just save your day, but also save you a few bucks from hiring a moving truck. Fortunately, you can use a trailer for multiple purposes like storing your items for a move and also transporting them to your new home. But if you hire a trailer, you will have to tow it to your desired location.

An important thing you need to keep in mind is that trailers are of different types like enclosed trailers and open top trailers. If you’re planning a DIY move or want to rent a trailer along with your moving truck, you need to see which trailer will best suit your move. If you want to know where you can rent a trailer, read on to know some of the best moving companies that offer trailer rentals.

Top 3 Moving Companies That Offer Trailer Rentals

1. U-Haul

Whether your move is local or long distance, U-Haul is the best stop for renting trailers. It is your best option as you get to choose from a wide range of trailers like cargo, utility and car trailers. Not just that, if you want to protect your belongings from the dirt and dust during the move, you can rent their enclosed trailers as they come with weather protection. With a number of locations nationwide, you can avail their services for transporting your heavy furniture or helping you move your business. They have certainly got it all covered up for you.

Here’s a wide range of trailer rentals offered by U-Haul:

Cargo Trailers

U-Haul has cargo trailers that are aerodynamic and lightweight so that you can tow the trailer effortlessly behind any of your vehicle. Plus their trailers are enclosed, that means your items are safe regardless of the weather and road conditions. Also the safety of your items is assured as each and every cargo trailer has an in-built lockable latch. So there’s definitely no chance of any of your items being robbed during transportation. Depending on your type of move, size and number of items, you can get your trailer rental rate by making a reservation on their website.

Here are the different cargo trailers you can choose from:

U-Haul Cargo Trailers4’x6’ Cargo Trailer5’x8’ Cargo Trailer6’x12’ Cargo Trailer
DimensionInside: 8’1”x4’1”x4’ Door opening: 3’1”x3’5”Inside: 8’x4’8”x5’4” Door opening: 4’0”x4’10”  Inside:11’7”x6’x5’5” Door opening: 5’0”x4’10”
Features– Can accommodate beds, furniture, fitness equipment, etc. -Easy to load -Low rear deck -Adequate amount of tie downs -Lockable doors -Wide rear door opening-Can accommodate a queen size bed, furniture, office supplies -Soft ride -Multiple tie downs -Lockable doors -Padded rub nails-Can accommodate household belongings -Smooth floor -Wide open access door -Padded rub rails -Lockable doors -Automatic hydraulic surge brake
Cargo Capacity142 cubic feet200 cubic feet396 cubic feet
Loading Capacity1,600 lbs1,800 lbs2,500 lbs
Type of MoveLong and Short distancesLong and Short distancesLong and Short distances

Utility Trailers

If you need to move your oversized cargo or landscaping materials, U-Haul offers the best utility trailers. For your convenience, they have an open top so that you can accommodate all your large and oddly shaped items. Not just that, some of these trailers have EZ Ramp so that you can easily use a dolly to load your trailer without any lifting. That’s why they’re the best, especially if you have any home improvement projects, furniture or business deliveries.

Here are the different utility trailers you can choose from:

U-Haul Utility TrailersDimensionsFeaturesLoading CapacityType of Move
4’x7’ Utility TrailerInside:7’8”x3’4”-Open top and low deck -Soft ride -Easy Towing -Heavy duty tie down strings1,770 lbsLocal and In-town moves
5’x8’ Utility TrailerInside: 108”x51.5”-Can move furniture, camping gear, ATVs -Multiple tie downs -Low deck -Soft ride -Easy towing1,890 lbsBusiness deliveries, Landscaping, Home Improvements
5’x9’ Utility Trailer with RampInside: 9’2”x4’9”   Ramp: 4’9”-Integrated motorcycle chock support -Multiple tie downs -57” wide spring assisted ramp -Low deck, soft ride and easy towing1,600 lbs   Ramp capacity: 1,810 lbsLocal, One way, Across county moves
6’x12’ Utility TrailerInside: 12’x6’2”-Automatic hydraulic surge brake -Tandem axles and spring suspension -Multiple tie downs -Low deck -Soft ride2,600 lbsLocal, In-Town, Home Improvement Projects
6’x12’ Utility Trailer with RampInside: 12’x6’2”   Ramp: 4’9”-Can hold golf carts and ATVs -Automatic hydraulic surge brake -57” wide spring assisted ramp -Multiple tie downs -Low deck and soft ride3,710 lbs   Ramp capacity: 1,810 lbsHome Improvement, Landscaping, Business deliveries

Car/Motorcycle Trailers

Whether it’s your motorcycle or your four wheeler, U-Haul offers you the best car and motorcycle trailers which are lightweight and come along with a loading ramp. Doesn’t matter whether yours is a local or a cross country move, these trailers are well equipped to transport your motorcycle safely.

Here are the different car/motorcycle trailers you can choose from:

U-Haul Car/ Motorcycle TrailersFeaturesLoading CapacityType of Move
Tow Dolly Car Hauler Rental-Ratchet operated tire straps -Vehicle security chains -Lightweight -One way car dolly3,450 lbsIn-Town and Long distance
Auto Transport/ Vehicle Trailer Rental-Easy access loading ramp -Tilt out fender for vehicle door access -Ratchet operated tire straps -Vehicle security chains -Automatic hydraulic surge brake5,290 lbsIn-Town, One way, Long distance
Motorcycle Trailer Rental-Inbuilt motorcycle chock -Easy access loading ramp -Heavy duty tie down strings -Lightweight with a low deck1,600 lbsLocal and Long distance
5’x9’ Utility Trailer with Ramp-Integrated motorcycle chock support -Multiple tie downs -57” wide spring assisted ramp -Low deck, soft ride and easy towing1,600 lbsLocal, One way, Across the country

How Much Does U-Haul Trailer Rental Cost?

Renting a cargo or utility trailer from U-Haul can be affordable for you, since their starting price is $14.95 as mentioned on their website. Do keep in mind that this cost will vary depending on various factors concerning your move. The company will consider the following factors:

  • The type and size of the trailer you want to rent.
  • Distance of your move.
  • Specific time period for which you are renting the trailer.
  • Extra costs (gas mileage, environmental fees, tax, insurance).

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2. Penske

Unlike U-haul, Penske offers you a choice between a tow dolly and a car carrier. Penske is a trusted company so you can be sure of getting what you see. With almost 50 years of experience in moving, you can seek their help to choose the right dolly or carrier.

Here’s what Penske has to offer you:

Tow Dolly

Need a dolly to move your car? Penske’s tow dolly has a loading capacity of 4,300 lbs and so this is one of the best options for you. Along with that, it has a 3-point tie-down strap system with ramps attached to it. You can tow a vehicle on this dolly with a maximum width of 74 inches. The dolly is best for front wheel drive cars especially if yours is a local move.

Car Carrier

Penske also offers you their car carrier which can hold up to 4,050 pounds. Along with that, it has a 3 point tie-down strap system and a ramp of 84 inches with an angle of 13.75 degree. Whether your vehicle is front wheel, four wheel or an all wheel drive, this carrier can tow all of them as it has a maximum width of 79 inches.

How Much Does Penske Trailer Rental Cost?

Penske’s website does not mention any rental cost for tow dollies or car carriers. They determine the cost on the availability of these trailers. That means if you are lucky enough, you can rent trailers for cheap if they’re available. Else they can be expensive, especially if you reserve them during the peak season. Do keep in mind that you have to pay a certain security deposit when you make a reservation. You can either make a reservation online and pay via credit card or in cash at the time of checkout. Penske considers the following factors to determine the cost of your moving:

  • Moving Equipment Supplies
  • Time of the year
  • Environmental fees
  • Size and distance of your move

Fortunately, the company also offers discounts depending on certain criteria. You can get discounts for any of the following:

  • One way unlimited mileage
  • AAA Discounts
  • Military Discounts
  • College Students Discounts

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3. Budget

Moving on a tight budget? If that’s your case then you should definitely consider renting a tow dolly or a car carrier from Budget. As the name suggests, Budget is known for their affordable rates so that you can save yourself a lot of money for your move. If you need to move your vehicle or your household belongings, you can make a reservation for their trailer.

Here’s a quick rundown of what Budget has to offer you:

Tow Dolly

Need a dolly to tow your car? If so, then you should definitely try Budget’s tow dolly. It is recommended that you use this for your front wheel drive vehicles, as it has the capacity to lift the front wheels of your vehicle from the pavement to pull it behind your truck rental. But this dolly is also compatible with other all-wheel, four wheel and rear wheel drive cars. Speaking of its loading capacity, it can hold AWD, 4WD or RWD vehicles of 3,600 lbs or a front wheel drive car of up to 3,300 lbs.

Car Carrier

If yours is a long distance move and you need to move your car, then you should consider Budget’s car carrier. The company states that their car carrier can hold an entire car on top of it while attaching it to the back of a moving truck. You can use their car carrier for your all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicles. Speaking of its loading capacity, it can hold up to 4,055 pounds with a maximum car width of 6’7”.

How Much Does Budget Dolly and Carrier Rental Cost?

Budget’s website does not mention any rates for renting their dolly or car carrier. You can make a reservation online or get in touch with their agent to know about their costs. Budget’s rental costs depends on the following factors:

  • Size and distance of your move
  • Time of the year
  • Mileage and transportation

If you’re wondering whether you can get discounts from Budget, you will be happy to know that they do offer discounts. Budget offers the following discounts for its customers:

  • U.S Military Personnel get 20% off on their rental.
  • AARP Members can get 20% off from Sunday to Thursday and 10% off from Friday to Saturday.
  • Police, Fire, EMT Personnel get 20% off on local moves, 10% off on one-way moves anytime of the week.
  • Motor Club Members get 20% off on local moves, 10% off on one-way moves anytime of the week.
  • Students also get 20% off on local moves, 10% off on one-way moves anytime of the week.
  • Bar Association Members get 20% off on local rentals and 15% off on one-way rentals any time of the week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rent trailers from Lowes?

Yes, you can rent trailers from Lowes. Along with that, they also offer hand trucks as well as an appliance dolly for rent.

How much is a trailer rental at Home Depot?

Your basic average cost for a trailer at Home Depot would be around $34 per day. Do keep in mind that the price may vary due to other factors like the size and distance of your move.

Which are the cheapest truck rentals for moving?

Budget and Penske offer truck rentals at affordable rates. U-Haul offers a variety of trucks and trailers and is also cheap when it comes to renting trucks or trailers for moving.

How much does it cost to rent a cargo trailer?

If you’re renting a cargo trailer from U-Haul, then your starting price would be around $14.95. This cost varies depending on the size and distance of your move. The cost may rise between $50-$125 if the distance of your move increases.


If your budget is flexible, then U-Haul can be your best option as it is the only moving company on our list that offers enclosed trailers. Otherwise, you can consider Penske or Budget who also have affordable trailer rental rates. Ultimately, it all depends on your type of move and the kind of trailer you’re looking for. So see which company best fits your budget and then go ahead and reserve the trailer for moving your belongings or vehicle.

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