While moving homes comes with its own set of challenges, when you have a mobile home to move, the story is entirely different. Here you have to find movers that are able to take care of the moving process while having all permits in place and also taking care that your mobile home doesn’t experience any damage. You’ll have to research meticulously since one mistake can cause you to pay hefty fines which is something you don’t want. But how does one find the right mobile home mover in a sea of so many options?

We’ve got you covered. Read up on some of the best mobile home movers in the USA, and then choose which one suits your needs the best.

The Best Mobile Home Movers In A Nutshell:

CompanyHeavy HaulersNationwide United Auto TransportTrailer Transit Inc.uShip  Blackwell Mobile Home Movers
LogoNationwide United Auto Transport logoTrailer Transit Inc logouShip logo
Dept. of Transportation/Dept. Of Motor Vehicles License NumberN/A  Motor Carrier (MC) No. 833646N/AN/AN/A
ProsShips regionally and internationally.
  Conveniently handles everything.  
Is under Nationwide United Auto Transport.
Nationwide availability.  
High customer reviews.   Transparent pricing.   Expedited transport available.
Shipment tracking available.   Industry experts with 40 years of experience.   Online quotes available.High availability.   Convenient to find a mover that matches your needs.  
Affordable compared to other mobile home movers.
Transparent pricing.   Military and veteran discounts available.   Offers additional services like installation of roofing and flooring.   Nationwide availability.
ConsNo instant quotes available.  
Calling a representative is necessary
Higher price point compared to other mobile home movers.Only ships to 49 states and Canada.Wide range of positive and negative customer reviews.  
Movers not vetted.
Very few reviews available.    
Contact800-908-6206800-311-8305 800-423-3647 800-698-7447843-804-7857

1. Heavy Haulers

First started in 2006, Heavy Haulers have since come a long way to now serve all 50 US states, Mexico and Canada. This heavy-equipment moving company has been around for long enough to establish itself as reliable and efficient in the industry. As the name suggests, not only is Heavy Haulers known for their heavy-equipment moving services, but they also have quite a favorable reputation when it comes to moving mobile homes.

Reasons To Choose Heavy Haulers

Convenience: The best part about hiring Heavy Haulers to move your mobile home is that they take care of everything for you, leaving you to relax and have your mobile home moved without any problems. From helping you figure out what kind of transport you’ll need to move your mobile home, to breaking down and installing it if need be, Heavy Haulers have professional teams that know how it’s all done. They also plan your route, get permits, arrange escorts and get the dispatch done with ease. There’s more – Heavy Haulers also have the right transport solutions for your mobile home no matter if it’s single wide or double wide, so you can check that off your list.

Towing Available: Not all mobile movers have towing available in cetowing a mobile home can be quite a task. Heavy Haulers come to your help if you have a mobile home that already has axles and wheels with their Power Only Service. Here, a professional driver will be given the job of towing your mobile home to its destination without any setbacks or damage to your mobile home.

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Good to Know: Heavy Haulers consider anything that falls within 100 miles of its base that’s in Burlington, Kentucky as a short distance move. So, if you’re wanting to move your mobile home within this distance, it could cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000.

2. Nationwide United Auto Transport

Nationwide United Auto Transport logo

A company that serves nationwide, Nationwide United Auto Transport can be trusted to take care of your mobile moving needs since they’ve been moving mobile homes for more than 15 years. From single and double wide mobile homes to mobile offices and tiny homes, their teams can handle it for you and will efficiently carry out the task of moving your home to your desired location. Nationwide United Auto Transport also ships to Hawaii and Alaska, so if those were states you were looking into then you’re in luck!

Reasons To Choose Nationwide United Auto Transport:

Price Transparency: When it comes to moving, most moving companies don’t give accurate instant quotes. At the same time, even if you have a quote that they call a final quote, additional hidden charges are levied once the move is over for things that you were not informed about. Nationwide United steps in here and offers transparent pricing solutions meaning that the estimate you’ll be given won’t change in the future no matter what. They go a mile ahead and give you an entire detailed breakdown of costs depending on the services you opt for with your mobile home move.

High Customer Ratings: Nationwide United has been around for a long time in the moving industry, so it comes as no surprise that they have some of the best reviews when it comes to moving mobile homes. They have a 4.8 rating on Google reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. That’s not all, most customer reviews seem to be impressed by Nationwide United’s efficiency, customer service, and quality of work which many have deemed as excellent.

Good to Know: Nationwide United Auto Transport has a higher price point than many other mobile home movers, but their services are well worth it. For example, an interstate mobile home move with permits and escorts might cost you between $1,500 to $4,000.

3. Trailer Transit Inc.

Trailer Transit Inc logo

One thing that helps determine a company’s quality of work can also be their experience and expertise in that particular industry. Trailer Transit Inc. brings just that to the table, with 40 years of experience in the field and their stellar reviews. Be it moving a single or double wide mobile home, their crew knows how to get it done professionally. They can handle practically every aspect of moving a mobile home, from arranging permits to even helping you with insurance. As of now, they serve 49 American states and also ship to Canada.

Reasons To Choose Trailer Transit Inc.:

Experienced + High Ratings: As we mentioned before, what sets Trailer Transit apart is their decades’ worth of experience with moving mobile homes and other such large and high value items. Not only does this mean that they’re highly reliable owing to the years of work in the industry, but it also means that they’ll have exceptional and experienced crews for the job. Add to that the positive and stellar reviews they get with an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, and what else do you need?

Great Logistics: Moving a mobile home isn’t just about the ‘moving’ part because there’s so much more that needs to be done, from getting permits to move and coordinating all aspects of the move to installing utilities and other items in your home once you move. You won’t have to worry about any of this if you decide to hire Trailer Transit Inc. because their teams know the ins and outs of the job which makes hiring them all the more appealing. You can trust them with the logistics of the mobile home move as they keep track of it and ensure that nothing goes out of hand. Once you’ve moved, you can also take their help with additional services related to moving, but be sure to ask them about the same in advance.

4. uShip

uShip logo

An online marketplace that’s very similar to eBay, uShip isn’t a mover but a place where you can find movers that match your needs. They do the job of connecting you to the appropriate people and then leave you to choose based on what suits you best. A reason why uShip has grown considerably through the years is that it’s one of the most affordable ways to get your mobile home or anything else moved. Since you have a list of people to choose from that bid on your task at hand, you’ll get the most reasonable price out there, after all, who doesn’t want to save a little money?

Reasons To Choose uShip

Availability: In a usual scenario, you’ll be looking through a large pool of potential movers for your mobile home, and this task of sorting through them or even finding those you like can be extremely time-consuming. uShip comes to your rescue here because as we mentioned, not only do you have a wide range of movers to choose from, but you’ll also definitely find someone who can adhere to the small details you want to be taken care of when it comes to moving your mobile home.

You’ll be surprised to know that uShip professes to have around 7,88,000 drivers, shipping providers, and moving companies. So you don’t have to be too worried if you’re not able to otherwise find someone who can move your mobile home on your terms because, with such a large pool of providers to choose from, you’ll find what you want on here!

Ship With Confidence Guarantee: When you’re moving something as large and expensive as a mobile home, insurance coverage is something you’ll definitely look into. But what if the moving company you were hiring also offered some additional benefits? When you hire someone through uShip, you’re given a “ship with confidence” guarantee which means that no matter the size of what’s being moved, it will not be damaged during transit. But you must keep in mind that this doesn’t count as insurance, and there might be certain terms and conditions that you should get clarified before you go ahead with committing to a mover.

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Good to Know: Moving a mobile home will require certain permits and licenses without which you might get heavily fined. While most moving companies will have these in place, you have to make sure that the movers you get in touch with on uShip have these in place. We suggest you do this because service providers on uShip aren’t vetted.

5. Blackwell Mobile Home Movers

With over 40 years of experience, Blackwell Mobile Home Movers have now grown to serve nationwide. While the company doesn’t have a large number of reviews online, they have a reputation for good quality and efficient work. Based in Savannah, Georgia, this home moving company will see to it that all your needs are met when it comes to moving your mobile home.

Reasons To Choose Blackwell Mobile Home Movers:

Upfront Pricing: We’ve already told you how much of a difference transparent and upfront pricing can make. Moving is not a cheap endeavor, especially moving something as large and valuable as a mobile home, and the last thing you want is a bill of additional hidden fees at the end. Blackwell Mobile Home Movers offer upfront pricing so you’ll have a clear idea of the costs and what to expect. You can then budget accordingly and save a good amount of money.

Additional Services: Blackwell Mobile Home Movers have something more to offer than what usual mobile home movers will provide. They are full-service movers which means that apart from moving your mobile home, you can also take their help with plumbing, flooring, roofing, additions to the home, or even installation of items and utilities inside the house!

Military and Veteran Discounts: Moving never comes cheap, and when you’re wanting to move a mobile home, the more discounts the better. If you’re a veteran or on active duty, you’re in luck because Blackwell Mobile Home Movers have discounts in store for you. There are certain things that the government will not compensate you for when you’re moving a mobile home which includes tires and tubes, mobile home replacement parts, building permits, etc. Blackwell Mobile Home Movers steps in at such instances and will try its best to lower costs by giving you a discounted rate.

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How Much Does It Cost To Move A 16×80 Mobile Home?

For a mobile home of that dimension, you can expect to spend anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000. Remember though that this is just the moving charge alone, and setup, permits, and other services can be charged additionally. You’ll also have to keep in mind that the distance of your move and other factors like insurance coverage will hike the price up.

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Is It Hard To Move A Mobile Home?

Yes, and you definitely cannot move it by yourself! When you hire movers to help move your mobile home, while the process gets easier, there’ll be a long list of things you’ll have to do. This includes getting permits, insurance coverages, changing tires, etc. Make sure to find a moving company in advance and ask about the same so that you’re not running around last minute.

How Much Does It Cost To Move Mobile Home 10 Miles?

A short distance moving cost can be anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000 if you count based on $5 to $10 as the average cost per mile. This estimate can go up drastically for long distance moves to even cost between $20,000 to $30,000! This definitely depends on a number of factors though so don’t be alarmed!


While the moving process is tedious, you have to be more careful and smarter with moving a mobile home because the stakes are high. Don’t keep the task of contacting movers for the last minute and don’t go with the first mover you find. Instead, do your research and look at qualities like reliability and efficiency through ratings and reviews online. Also, don’t forget to confirm that the mover you choose has all permits and licenses in place – you have to avoid last-minute hassle at all costs!

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