With over 75 years of experience backing them up, U-Haul has become a name that is practically known by everyone in the moving industry. No matter where you have been residing in the US, the sight of U-Haul’s white and orange trucks would not be new to you. If you’re planning a DIY move and looking for budget friendly truck or trailer rentals, then U-Haul will definitely be among the top recommended names by many.

But what exactly is a U-Haul trailer and how does it work? What kind of trailers are available and how much do they cost? If these are some of the questions that have been playing on your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Our article here covers all the information you need about U-Haul trailers, right from their utility to their costs. Read along to know what could you be expecting when moving with a U-Haul trailer.

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Types Of U-Haul Trailers

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To accommodate the transportation of your various belongings, U-Haul has 3 main trailer options. Let us have a look at their dimensions and for what purposes could they be used.

1. Cargo Trailers

To put it simply, cargo trailers provided by U-Haul are like a mini version of a rental truck. The major difference between the two is that a cargo trailer is much smaller in size and can be easily towed to your own vehicle. These trailers are typically designed for moving your household items, and are safely enclosed from all sides. You can be assured that your belongings would be safe when transporting through U-Haul cargo trailers, as each of them is equipped with a built-in latch that is lockable, to provide maximum security.

Cargo Trailer Sizes

U-Haul offers mainly 4 different sizes of cargo trailers. Depending on the load of your belongings, you could choose the most convenient one for you.

4 x 8 ft.
Maximum weight: 1,650 lb.
Interior dimensions: 8’1” x 4’1” x 4’ (Length x Width x Height)
Door opening dimensions: 3’1” x 3’5” (Width x Height)

5 x 8 ft.
Maximum weight: 1,800 lb.
Interior dimensions: 8’ x 4’8” x 5’4” (Length x Width x Height)
Door opening dimensions: 4’0” x 4’10” (Width x Height)

5 x 10 ft.
Maximum weight: 1,550 lb.
Interior dimensions: 9’10” x 4’9” x 4’7” (Length x Width x Height)
Door opening dimensions: 3’9” x 4’ (Width x Height)

6 x 12 ft.
Maximum weight: 2,480 lb.
Interior dimensions: 11’7” x 6’ x 5’5” (Length x Width x Height)
Door opening dimensions: 5’0” x 4’10” (Width x Height)

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2. Utility Trailers

Specially designed for heavy, oversized items, utility trailers offered by U-Haul can be used to transport items that can survive the open air. All your sturdy garden equipment or items that are difficult to load onto a truck, can safely be transported with a utility trailer. Keep in mind that these are open air carriers, so only use it for those items that won’t be negatively impacted by the prevalent weather or terrain.

Utility Trailer Sizes

There are 5 different sizes of utility trailers provided by U-Haul. Some of these are even equipped with a ramp to easily load all your belongings.

4 x 7 ft.
Maximum weight: 1,770 lb.
Interior dimensions: 7’8” x 3’4” (Length x Width)

5 x 8 ft.
Maximum weight: 1,890 lb.
Interior dimensions: 108” x 51.5” (Length x Width)

5 x 9 ft. (With a ramp)
Maximum weight: 1,650 lb.
Interior dimensions: 9’2” x 4’9” (Length x Width)
Ramp width: 4’9”

6 x 12 ft.
Maximum weight: 2,670 lb.
Interior dimensions: 12’ x 6’2” (Length x Width)

6 x 12 ft. (With a ramp)
Maximum weight: 2,110 lb.
Interior dimensions: 12’ x 6’2” (Length x Width)
Ramp width: 4’9”

3. Auto or Motorcycle Trailer

If you’re moving a long distance and need assistance to ship your vehicle, then you could probably use the auto or motorcycle trailer provided by U-Haul. These trailers are equipped with a loading ramp, through which you could safely load your vehicle onto the trailer and get it transported to your new location. You will also be provided with security chains and tire straps to ensure that your vehicle is safe during the transit.

Auto or Motorcycle Trailer Sizes

3 types of trailers are available under this category.

Tow Dolly
Maximum weight: 3,450 lb. (FWD) and 3,900 lb. (RWD)

Auto Transport
Maximum weight: 5,290 lb.

Maximum weight: 1,600 lb.
Interior dimensions: 7’8” x 3’9.5”
Ramp width: 3’9”

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How Does A U-Haul Trailer Work?

Now that you’ve got an idea of the different trailers and their sizes, probably the next question in your mind would be how to use a U-Haul trailer, right? Firstly, know that a moving trailer is comparatively smaller than a truck and would be useful only if you have a limited number of items to move. If you have expensive furniture, appliances or delicate valuables, you may want to check if a trailer would be the best choice for you.

Secondly, when renting a U-Haul trailer, there are specific requirements that you need to meet. You would need a vehicle that’s strong enough to pull the trailer with all the load. But not all vehicles would be eligible to pull a U-Haul trailer. And that is why when you book a trailer, U-Haul will first ask you for complete information about your vehicle type to make sure that it fits with the company’s equipment. Some of their general criteria include:

  • Your vehicle must have external mirrors on both sides.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is compatible with a four way light connector and all your brakes and signal lights are in proper working condition.
  • You would need a hitch to tow the trailer. You could either arrange it from an external source or rent it from U-Haul itself. Either ways, you would have to ensure that your vehicle is ready with a receiver hitch, ball mount and ball.
  • The curb weight of your tow vehicle should be at least 80% of the combined weight of the loaded trailer.
  • If your vehicle is a sport utility vehicle like an SUV or a Jeep, it should be equipped with a hard top to safely tow the trailer.

How you load your trailer is also equally important. As we’ve mentioned before, they are smaller than your normal truck rentals. However, do not get deceived by their exterior size. If you load your items in a tactful manner, you’ll be surprised by the number of items that fit inside each trailer.

You could start off by loading the heavy items first. Ideally, place them towards the front of the trailer, near the car’s end, so that you can utilize the space to the maximum. You can place your light items either by stacking them on the top, or you could place them towards the back of your trailer. Lastly, to ensure maximum safety of your belongings, you could secure them with straps or tie-downs.

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How Much Does A U-Haul Trailer Cost?

The starting price of all trailer rentals is $14.95, as mentioned on the U-Haul website. But your actual cost would be calculated taking into account a number of factors. These factors could broadly be classified as:

  • The type and size of the trailer you are renting.
  • Your location and the distance of your move.
  • The time period you are renting the trailer for.
  • Additional costs like those for gas mileage, environmental fees, tax and insurance.

Keep in mind that you would be expected to make the payment of your quoted price for your U-Haul trailer, at the time of pick-up. You could either clear your payment through cash, credit card or debit card. However, know that you may have to pay a $60 deposit, in addition to your estimated rental fee, if you choose to pay by cash for a one way trailer.

Fortunately, getting a quote from U-Haul is an easy process. You can enter all your moving details, including the type and size of your car, and get an estimate for your move. However, before you finalize your booking, we recommend that you get in touch with a U-Haul representative and understand their pricing strategies. Don’t hesitate to ask any queries that you may have regarding the costs. Afterall, you need to make a choice not just based on your convenience, but a choice that also suits your budget, right?

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Features Of A U-Haul Trailer

Nationwide Availability: Not just in all states of America, but U-Haul also offers services in parts of Canada. So even if you’re stuck in a remote place, there most likely will be a U-Haul center that can assist you with your move.

Another advantage of U-Haul is that many of their service locations are close to each other. So, if you don’t happen to find the trailer size or other service that you’ve been looking for, you can easily drive to the next nearby U-Haul center and check for their services.

Multiple Trailer Sizes: U-Haul offers not one or two, but a variety of trailer sizes to suit your needs. While cargo trailers are the preferred choice for small household moves, you could also rent a utility trailer to move some heavy items from one location to the other. Apart from trailers, U-Haul also offers a wide variety of truck rentals to transport your belongings. Basically, by providing all these options, U-Haul wants to ensure that you find something suitable for your moving needs.

Insurance Options: One of the best qualities of U-Haul is that it offers economical coverage options to ensure that you have a stress free move. U-Haul categorizes the coverage options into 4 broad categories – SafeMove, SafeMove Plus, Collision Damage Waiver and SafeTrip. You could get in touch with a U-Haul representative to get all information about these insurance plans.

Things To Keep In Mind When Moving With A U-Haul Trailer

No Guaranteed Reservation: Whether you are looking for a truck or a trailer, U-Haul does not guarantee any reservations. What this means is that even though you may have made a booking with them, your reservation would only be confirmed at the time when you pick-up the trailer.

Minimum Age: You need to be at least 16 years of age and should have a valid driver’s license, in order to rent and use a U-Haul trailer.

Inconsistent Service Reviews: Even though U-Haul has become a brand name and is an option preferred by many, you would want to check the local reviews of your location. For the most part, customer reviews have been positive, but they seem to differ a little based on different locations.

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How Fast Should You Drive With A U-Haul Trailer?

As is recommended by U-Haul, you should limit your speed to 55 mph when driving with a U-Haul trailer. This is to ensure that all your belongings in the trailer are safely transported without much damage.

Does U-Haul Move For You?

While U-Haul is a company that specializes in providing truck rentals or trailers, Moving Help is a project powered by U-Haul that helps provide labor assistance to help you move. Moving Help basically is an online marketplace that acts as the middleman between you and local workers. If you’re looking for customizable help with your DIY move, you could consider checking the services provided by U-Haul Moving Help.

How Much Does U-Haul Moving Help Cost?

$45 per hour is the average cost of movers from U-Haul Moving Help. This rate is a rough estimate and may vary depending on your location or the service that you choose. But when compared to its competitors, prices offered by Moving Help are amongst the most competitive in the industry.


Now that you know all about the trailers provided by U-Haul, you can plan accordingly and see if they would be the best choice for you. If you ask us, moving with U-Haul trailers could be a good option for you, if you’ve planned a DIY move with a flexible schedule. However, services offered by U-Haul may vary with the location. So, it’s best that you do a thorough research before making your final choice.

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