When you plan to move with a moving container, you will realize that many good companies offer their services at varying cost. Moving can sometimes be cripplingly expensive, so you would ideally want to choose a company that provides you the best services at the lowest costs. Choosing a moving container company while you try to cut costs can get tricky. In order to help you out, we have listed down the cheapest moving container companies in the industry that will provide you with the best kind of services for your move.

Most Affordable Moving Container Companies in the U.S.

Moving Container CompanyU-PackU-HaulPODSSMARTBOXMoving Place
LogoU-Pack logoU-Haul logoPODS logoSMARTBOX logoMoving Place logo
DoT Number2632086N/A1397252N/AN/A
MC Number914011N/A530785N/AN/A
ProsPrice Estimates on Website

Special Item Transportation

Change Inventory List and Moving Date for Free
Transparent Pricing

Virtual Ballpark Estimate
Last Minute Moves at No Extra Charge

Price Estimates on Website

No Brokerage
Free Full Value ProtectionExemplary Customer Service

A la carte Services

Instant Online Quote via InstaQuote
ConsNo Instant Quote without filling Detailed Inventory Form25% Upfront Deposit to Book a Date

3rd Party Services in Some States (MT, UT, WA, OR)
Complex Quote ProcessNo Instant Quote

Phone Call Required
Too Many Phone Calls

Compare Moving Quotes in 30 Seconds

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5 Top-Rated Cheapest Moving Container Companies

  1. U-Pack
  2. U-Haul
  3. PODS
  5. Moving Place


U-Pack logo

U-Pack is one of the most well-established and reliable moving companies which provides its customers with the best long-distance move deals. U-Pack Relocubes was the moving container service started by them in the year 2004, and since then, their services have been growing in popularity. One thing you should know about U-Pack is that their overall pricing structure for their moving is the cheapest in the moving industry.

No company can beat the pricing offered by U-Pack. When you look at U-Pack prices, you will realize that their prices are always 15% less than the current average market prices. If you are using a U-Pack for a move with a distance of more than 150 miles, the average cost of that move will be $600 cheaper than the market average cost. The average cost of moving per room is $950 with U-Pack, which is almost $200 cheaper than the industry average.

If you are going for a mid-size move (more than 250 miles), you will be charged in the range of $900-$2,000. If you are going for a cross-country move which exceeds 1,000 miles, the price of your move could fall anywhere between $1,500 – $6,600. The final cost solely depends on the size of your house. The average cost of moving a one-bedroom house with a U-Pack is around $720 dollars lesser than the industry average ($2,000).

Reasons to choose U-Pack:

Pay-Per-Use Policy: As U-Pack offers its customers a single-sized container, there is a chance that you might estimate the number of containers you need wrong. U-Pack makes sure that you do not waste your money on unused containers by offering you a pay-per-use policy. What this means is that you can reserve as many as U-Pack Relocubes you want to reserve (maximum 8), and you can return the unused containers without having to pay for them. You have to pay only for the containers that you use. In addition to this, if you reserve your containers with a credit card, you won’t have to pay a security deposit while booking the move.

Instant online quotes: U-Pack has a user-friendly website with some very useful tools. There is something called the Space Estimator on their website which helps you in deciding whether you need to reserve a container or a moving trailer. It then provides instant online quotes and will also allow you to adjust the quote according to the amount of space you use in a moving trailer. What we love about U-Pack is that it follows a transparent pricing policy. You can rest assured that the final cost of your move won’t be something very different than the initial quote, as there are no additional charges applied towards the end of your move.

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Good to Know: Unlike its competitors, U-Pack gives you only three days to load your belongings into the container and three more days to unload the container. If you wish to keep the container with you for some more days, you might have to pay extra for that.

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2. U-Haul

U-Haul logo

U-Haul is one of the oldest moving companies which has been diligently serving the American population for more than 70 years. U-Haul offers U-Box moving containers to its customers so that they can plan a flexible and low-priced move for themselves. After U-Pack, U-Haul comes second when it comes to offering cheap moving container services.

The average cost of moving with U-Box containers comes up to $2,840, which is almost $200 cheaper than the industry average cost. Their pricing structure makes your move at least 5% cheaper than when you choose to move with its competitors. Although U-Haul offers local moves at affordable rates, their long-distance moves are comparatively cheaper and better priced.

The U-Boxes are of one standard size and each U-Box will cost you around $50-$100 depending on their availability and company location. You will have to pay around $200 for the delivery of the U-Boxes to your home. The cost of shipping those containers will be around $1,000 to $4,000. In the end, you will have to make a payment of about $100 to $150 for the final delivery of each container.

The average per room cost offered by U-Haul is almost $300 cheaper than the industry average cost. The average cost of moving a one-bedroom home with U-Haul is $1,680 and the average cost of moving a five-bedroom house with them is $4,420. The per-room cost offered to you differs according to the number of rooms in your house.

Reasons to Choose U-Haul’s U-Boxes:

Wide Availability: U-Haul is extremely accessible in terms of its locations. Whether you live in a big metro city or a smaller town or even in rural areas, you will find multiple U-Haul locations around your house. They own more than 21,000 locations across the USA and some locations are present in Canada as well. All U-Haul stores are located nearby each other because of which you get the option of getting a quote from multiple locations. The quality of service provided in various locations tends to differ. So that’s why you get the option to avail services from the store which has the best reputation in the market.

Low-Cost Insurance Options: If your renters or homeowners insurance doesn’t cover you, U-Haul gives you a choice to purchase their low-priced insurance options. These insurance policies are called Safestor or Safestor Mobile. These options will give you coverage up to $20,000. You get coverage for your belongings regardless of whether the containers are in storage or are getting shipped. You get coverage if your belongings sustain damage due to disasters, bugs, pests, accidents, and vandalism or thefts.

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Did you Know? U-Haul offers its customers the most flexible cancellation policy in the moving industry. You can cancel or modify your bookings 24 hours before your reservation completely free of cost. Some locations also allow you to cancel your move for free a few hours before your move.

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PODS logo

PODS is the best option for those who are looking for a pocket-friendly moving option and has a great reputation in the moving industry. They provide their customers with one of the best moving and storage deals and let them work at their own pace. Though PODS is generally very affordable, no one can compete with them when it comes to smaller local moves.

The average cost for moving for under 100 miles with PODS is around $1,160, which is almost $560 lesser than the industry average cost. Although the average cost of their long-distance moves is about $100 higher than the industry average, the containers provided by them are sturdier than those offered by their competitors. These containers are made from metal because of which they can ship your stuff more safely.

A local move will cost you anywhere between $200 to $800. Meanwhile, a long-distance move can cost you anywhere in the range of $450 to $7,600. If your house has one 1-4 bedrooms, renting out PODS containers will be a better option as their prices are very cheap. Their average moving cost is almost $150 lesser than the industry average when it comes to houses that have 1-5 bedrooms. However, when it comes to five-bedroom homes, renting out PODS containers tends to cost higher than the industry average prices.

Reasons to Choose Pods:

Impeccable Customer Service: PODS is known to offer the best customer service in the moving industry. The customers tend to be very satisfied with their services and you will notice that the company gets a lot of positive reviews. Their employees are extremely helpful, polite, and friendly and reply to all your queries promptly. Customers have noticed that the company representatives work efficiently and give you all the accurate information about the services you are purchasing from the company. They also get in touch with you when you are facing issues and try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

Lots of Flexibility: You get a lot of flexibility when you choose PODS. Adhering to a strict schedule during a move is almost impossible and you tend to get frustrated when things aren’t going your way. PODS ensures that you don’t have to work under the pressure of time. The cost of their container includes 30 days of free storage. This means that you work at your own pace and load the container without having to rush through things. However, 30 days are up, you might have to pay a monthly rental cost to keep the container with you for some extra time.

They also don’t demand the entire payment in one go. You have to make your payment in three stages while you move. This ensures that you get enough time to arrange for the finances for your move. It is always better for you to make the payment in different parts instead of handing over the entire amount in one go.

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Did you Know? PODS founded and introduced moving containers to the moving and storage industry in the year 1997. Today, their containers are in such high demand that you might have to make a booking 6 months prior to your move!

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SMARTBOX was born in 2002, soon after moving containers were launched and started growing in popularity in the USA. SMARTBOX has made sure that all of their customers don’t have to spend a lot on their moves and they get their money’s worth. When SMARTBOX offers you a quote for your move, we can ascertain the fact that you will have to pay only the quoted amount for your move. They are known for not charging their customers with additional charges.

Although the average initial quote might seem higher than the industry average cost, SMARTBOX offers tons of discounts to its customers which brings the final cost of the move down. Each container provided by SMARTBOX costs around $89. The price of the container includes 30 days of free storage in it. So you can take your own sweet time to load and unload. If you keep the container with you for some extra days after the free storage period gets over, you will have to pay anywhere between $49 to $159 depending on where you store the container (your house or the company warehouse).

For a local move, SMARTBOX can charge you anywhere in the range of $200 to $1,000. For a mid-size move of over 250 miles, SMARTBOX will charge anywhere between $400 to $2,500. Meanwhile, a long-distance move with SMARTBOX can cost you anywhere between $2,500 to $8,000. Once your stuff is shipped to your new house, you will be charged an extra $99 fee for the final delivery. The average cost of moving a one-bedroom house with SMARTBOX is $2,110.

Reasons to Choose SMARTBOX

Student and Military Discounts: SMARTBOX realizes that students and teaching staff generally have to move around a lot. It is a little bit difficult for them to shell out so much money every time they move. SMARTBOX has taken an initiative to help them out by offering a $20 discount on their moves. People who are eligible for this discount include all students, sororities/fraternities, and faculty and staff.

Similarly, military members also have to move quite frequently, and spending money on each move can drain their finances very quickly. And that’s precisely why SMARTBOX offers a military discount for all active-duty members of the US military.

Price Matching Policy: It rarely happens that different companies offer a similar price for the same service. When you get a quote from SMARTBOX and you find out that some of its competitors are offering the same service at a lower price, you can take advantage of this situation. SMARTBOX follows a price matching policy, which means that it will lower its price to match the price that you saw on the website of other companies.

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Good to Know: All SMARTBOX storage facilities are climate-controlled. Their boxes are designed to allow air passageways to prevent the growth of rust and mold on your stuff.

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5. Moving Place

Moving Place logo

Moving Place is a company that you should definitely consider hiring if you are planning to go for a long-distance or an interstate move. They have received a very positive response from their customers over the years for their services and the pricing of their services. The prices offered by Moving Place have been giving tough competition to some of the bigger companies in the industry.

Moving Place is the best option for the bigger and the longer moves. They won’t cater to your needs if you are going for a local move. If you are going for a mid-size move that exceeds 250 miles, you can be charged anywhere between $1,100 to $1,300 for a one-bedroom house, $1,200 to $1,700 for a 2/3 bedrooms house, and about $1,400 to $2,100 for a 4/5 bedroom house. One thing you should know about Moving Place is that it gives you only 3 days to load and unload your belongings from its trailers.

Reasons to Choose Moving Place:

Bigger trailers: You know how they say, the bigger the better? Moving Place seems to follow that mantra by offering some of the biggest moving trailers in the business. You might find this a bit surprising, but they do not offer small containers at all. Their smaller trailer is 27 ft long and can support up to 22,000 lbs. worth of objects. They also offer their customers a 52-foot van which can carry around 44,000 pounds of objects in it. Their trailers are made up of metal and are very sturdy. Top that off with their moving trailers being the best choice for bigger families who live in large houses, and you can see why it’s worth going with them!

Pay for what you Use: Moving places can accommodate your moves even if you live in smaller houses. Moving Place allows you to reserve the entire trailer for yourself. However, you will have to pay for the space that you use. This means that you don’t have to stress about wasted money if you did not manage to fill up the trailer with your belongings.

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Good to Know: If you are moving on a tight schedule, Moving Place is the right option for you, because they are known for their prompt and fastest delivery times.

What size container do you need?

Deciding on a container size can be confusing. However, always remember that you can accurately guess the size of the container by looking at the size of your house and the number of items you own. Here is a container size guide that you can follow when you want to rent moving containers.

Size of the House (no. of rooms)Size of the House (Space in Sq. ft.)Moving Container Size
Dorm Room/Studio HomeUp to 600 sq. ft.7 to 8 ft. container
1-2 Bedroom Home800 – 1,500 sq. ft.12 ft. container
3 Bedroom Home1,500 – 2,000 sq. ft.16 ft. container
4 Bedroom Home2,000 – 3,000 sq. ft.16 ft. + 12 ft. container
5+ Bedroom HomeMore than 3,500 sq. ft.Two 16 ft. containers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not pack in a moving container?

First and foremost, you are not allowed to pack any hazardous materials like motor oil, aerosols, chemicals, etc. inside the container. Living things like plants are also not allowed to be packed inside a container, simply because they might attract different kinds of bugs when placed inside the container. Similarly, it is also advisable to not pack food items or other perishable stuff inside your containers, as these things might spoil and smell. Or even worse – they might attract pests like rats! You do not want these bugs and pests to spoil your belongings when you are moving, do you?

How long can you keep a storage pod in your driveway?

With PODS, the minimum storage rental time is only one month. Whether you’re keeping it on your property or at a pod space center for 30 days to get things figured out before moving into another home, this clever concept has got everything covered!

Can you move a pod yourself?

Finding a pod supervisor to oversee the whole operation is preferable when moving pods, and Unsupervised pod shifting doesn’t have many benefits.

Does PODS have a weight limit?

The PODS weight limit is a whopping 5,200 pounds!

Which is cheaper, UBOX or PODS?

The choice between U-Box and PODS can be difficult. They both offer excellent services with their own unique benefits, but if we’re talking about cost, we would have to say that UBOX tends to be cheaper than Pod despite having fewer options.

Do PODS get broken into?

Portable storage containers are great for storing your goods, but they can also be an easy target to get broken into if you’re not careful. These units come with built-in security features like locks and cameras that protect against would-be thieves!

What does UBOX insurance cover?

U-Haul does not provide loss or damage coverage as part of the basic price for U-Box, but you have the choice to purchase it. Safestor Mobile insurance from U-Haul protects contents in storage or transit in covered circumstances such as fire, vandalism, leaking water, or burglary.

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