Gentle Giant Moving Company
  • Highest Quality Movers
  • Available in 20 States
Raimond’s Movers
  • Affordable Packing Materials
  • Transparent Pricing
Precision Moving Company
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Secure Storage Solutions
Stairhopper Movers
  • In-Person Visits
  • Virtual consultations
Safe Responsible Movers
  • Economical
  • Ethical Moving Company

If you were to land up in Boston, it would be quite judicious to know beforehand that Boston is also fondly known as ‘Beantown’.

References to this goes all the way back to the colonial era; to a time when the city was a major port and trade route with the West Indies. This stopover and a steady supply of molasses from the Caribbean led to the creation of the perennial Boston Baked Beans.

Boston is one of the best cities in America and in the world. Famous for its baked beans, Fenway Parka and the Boston Marathon, with its estimated population of 692,600 in 2019, it is one of the most populous cities in New England.

Boston is a thriving centre for scientific research. You will find some of the best colleges and universities in law, medicine, engineering and business.

With so much to look forward to, picking the right moving company in Boston shouldn’t be the thing that bogs you down. But hey, that’s where we come in.

So if you’re moving to the city, within Massachusetts or even out of Boston to another state, here are some of the best moving companies in Boston that can take the load off you.

5 Top-Rated Moving Companies in Boston MA

  1. Gentle Giant Moving Company
  2. Raimond’s Movers
  3. Precision Moving Company
  4. Stairhopper Movers
  5. Safe Responsible Movers

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Compare Top 5 Professional Boston Movers

Moving CompanyGentle Giant Moving CompanyRaimond’s MoversPrecision Moving CompanyStairhopper MoversSafe Responsible Movers
LogoGentle Giant Moving Company logoRaimond's Movers LogoPrecision Moving LogoStair Hopper Movers logoSafe Responsible Movers Logo
DoT Number3735441797448145697016968672207440
MC Number21876231418NA62304520111103
ProsPresent in 20 locations across the countryAffordable packing materials with clear pricing on the website
Transparent pricing on the website

Secure storage solutions
In person visits

Virtual consultations

All 48 states covered port to port
Can move over flights of stairs and narrow alleys

Economical and have amazing work ethic
ConsMixed reviewsDoesn’t serve the west coast or midwest regionOperates in Boston onlyNAWebsite not always accessible

1. Gentle Giant Moving Company

Gentle Giant Moving Company logo

The name is not a misnomer. They are a group of very amiable and dedicated professionals who define the very personality of the organisation. Gentle Giant is actually one of the top moving companies in the country and have been voted as one of the best places to work by The Boston Globe.

Their team is made up of extremely dedicated professionals who not only take pride in their work, but are very serious about the fact that they are handling your belongings. Our belongings are precious to us, this is something they understand all too well.

Why We Recommend Gentle Giants Moving Company:

Highest Quality Movers and Packers: Gentle Giants are an award winning company with more than 30 years of experience. They have some of the best quality moving, storage facilities and packing for moving.

They have a team of more than 200 very competent professionals who take their job very seriously. In fact, Gentle Giants Moving Company is so confident about their quality of service that they will even make you a crew guarantee of 100%.

Which basically means that if you are unhappy with the performance of any of their crew members, you are entitled to a 100% money back guarantee. That not only pushes their staff to do well, but you will realize that their very approach to the move is extremely efficient and superlative.

Great Packers and Storage Options: Gentle Giants has a program called Top Box, whereby they will provide you with moving boxes and packing supplies in case you need them and are one of those who like to pack stuff yourself.

You can get professional packing supplies like bubble wraps, boxes and tapes etc. from them for just $25 and it will all be delivered to be free. All of these things can get really expensive and getting that professional quality packing supplies can be a big help.

Gentle Giants also help you with state of the art storage facilities. They offer storage options that are both short and long term and also have 24 hour state-of-the-art storage facilities.

What’s great is that your belongings are given proper padding to make sure that they don’t fall victim to any blows and damages. If that wasn’t enough, these guys also provide climate controlled storage for stuff like artwork, books and pianos.


  • Google Reviews – 4/5

Company Information

  • Address: Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
  • Phone: 800-442-6863
  • Emails:
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: 7am to 7pm

2. Raimond’s Movers

Raimond's Movers Logo

Raimond’s Movers is a professional Movers and Packers company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. They have some of the highest standards of care and that is what has got them this far.

Established in 2008, Raimond’s Movers is a full service moving company. They can help you with local and long distance moving services, Residential and Commercial Moving Services, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading services.

But that’s not all – Raimond’s Movers handle local as well as interstate moves too. Basically, you can turn to them when you need help with all kinds of jobs related to moving, big or small.

A thing that’s worth noting is that Raimond’s Movers are specialty packers. What that means is these guys take utmost care when it comes to packing up artwork, antiques, glass items and other fragile things in the house.

Why We Recommend Raimond’s Movers:

Professional All Rounded Movers: They can help you with multifarious services when it comes to moving. Be it just unloading and loading, helping you hoist big items, or for someone who wants everything done end to end without grappling with moving day issues, Raimond’s Packers is the solution.

The fragile items are given that extra care to ensure that they don’t get damaged. Quality is something Raimond’s Movers don’t compromise upon. The packing paraphernalia used by them bears testimony to just that.

If you have a large bulky item like a piano, you would be delighted to know that their services and expertise transcends to this area of the job just as well. Finally, they also provide long term and short term storage which can be a big help on moving days.

Economical: Raimond’s Packers offer four different kinds of pricing: discount, regular, sub-peak and peak. All their crossings in less than 150 miles from Boston, Massachusetts are considered local and are based on an hourly rate with a 2 hour minimum fee and a 15 minute incremental fee.

Raimonds won’t charge you for fuel, mileage or for moving gaskets and tapes. Their packaging services are based on the same hourly rates as moving, plus the cost of packaging materials. They offer first class packaging services and you can be rest assured about anything getting damaged.


  • Google Reviews – 4.8/5
  • Angie’s List – 4.9/5

Company Information

  • Address: 20 Linden St, Boston, MA 02134, United States
  • Phone: 617-681-8181
  • Emails:
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm

3. Precision Moving Company

Precision Moving Logo

Precision Moving Company is one of the best and professional moving companies in Boston. They have a staff that are expertly trained and full time professionals. With an experience of over 10 years in the moving business, Precision knows exactly what goes behind a worry free and stress free moving day and they will help you with all of that.

They can help with all kinds of moves such as apartment moves, studio moves and large home moves, among others. Precision Movers are licensed and insured to handle any type of move.

They employ only full time, highly trained and experienced professional movers. They do most of their work in the North Eastern part of the country.

Why We Recommend Precision Moving Company:

State Of The Art Storage Vaults: They have storage vaults that can be filled to the capacity and can hold up to an average of one room furniture. Every item is boxed and stored to avoid any damage to them.

Precision will pack all your items in professional quality furniture pads for protection while kept in storage. They even use shrink-wrap on mattresses, couches and bags for additional protection.

Their storage vaults are sealed, protected by security and they have pest control and sprinkler systems. Moreover, you also get secure clean rooms in which they store over-sized items such as large couches, with Precision Moving Company.

Packing Services: Precision understands that moving as an industry can use a lot of resources. So to minimise the carbon footprint to an extent in their own way, they promote recycling.

They help recycle used boxes, even if they are not Precision boxes. And they do this free of charge. All you have to do is empty and flatten the boxes and they will come and pick them for you. But you have to have at least 20 boxes to avail of this service.

Precision Moving even offers packaging services for your moves, based on the size of your moving. They sell new and used boxes for all of your moving needs. You must remember that used boxes are sold for 25% less than new boxes.


  • Google Reviews – 4.5/5
  • Angie’s List – 4.8/5
  • Consumer Lobby – 5/5

Company Information

  • Address: 495 Columbia Street, Somerville, MA 02143
  • Phone: 617-623-7700
  • Emails:
  • Website:

4. Stairhopper Movers

Stairhopper Movers logo

Stairhopper Movers are one of the popular choices for residential and commercial moves. They are fully insured, licensed and bonded as per industry standards and are extremely safe and reliable.

They specialize in local and long distance moves, residential and commercial moves, houses/apartment moves, assisted living locations and corporate moves too. To add to that, you also get short term and long term storage in their climate controlled storage facilities with Stairhopper Movers.

The addition of a professional full service packing and unpacking service sure does serve as a cherry on top of the icing. Stairhopper Movers can also help with loading and unloading, free estimates and packing materials delivery.

Interestingly though, as a full-service moving company, they have very economical rates. In fact, they are believed to have the highest industry standard in customer service.

Why We Recommend Stairhopper Movers:

Distance is Nothing: They offer some of the finest local and interstate moves to or from the Greater Boston area.

You can also get the same day and or next day moving to the entire north east and many eastern states, including Massachusetts, New York City, New York State, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, Virginia and Ohio.

For long distance moves, they offer only Express Delivery, which is economical. At the same time, it comes with no waiting and no delays. Everything is taken care of, including packing, loading and unloading.

They have their own fleet of trucks with the latest GPS tracking system, so you know where your shipment is.

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Professional Packers: Even for the most organised people, packing for a move can get quite tedious. Stairhopper will help in end to end packing. They offer full service packing for all their customers, be it commercial, residential, long-distance or local.

Stairhopper also happens to be among the only full service packing companies that do it in all kinds of budget, making it affordable for everyone. They have specialized packing boxes for all kinds of things.

For your precious china and glass items, they have a box called china box! It is specially designed to protect the dishes when packed properly.


  • Google Reviews – 5/5
  • Angie’s List – 4.8/5

Company Information

  • Address: 20 Harvard Street, Boston, MA 02129
  • Phone: 857-928-0876
  • Emails:
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday – 8am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday – 8am to 4pm

5. Safe Responsible Movers

Safe Responsible Movers Logo

Safe Responsible Movers are just as the name suggests: safe and responsible. They take their job seriously to ensure you get a hassle free moving day. Known for being prompt, efficient and cost effective, you could be moving any shape, size and kind of property, and they will be there to assist you.

Safe Responsible Movers are equipped and professionally trained to move all kinds of pianos too. They have 16ft and 24ft trucks to back them with such gargantuan tasks.

It’s interesting to note that their customers review them to be repeat service providers. Now doesn’t that speak volumes of how much their customers appreciate their service and dedication?

Why We Recommend Safe Responsible Movers:

Full Service Movers and Packers: Their teams are well equipped and trained, all while providing safe and secure storage services.

As full-service movers and Packers, you can also rely on them for crating, professional piano moving, furniture assembly, large and heavy item relocation and even help in Senior moving. You could also avail their help in packing and unpacking, residential and commercial moving services and furniture moving.

They are understood to be able to do all of this at affordable costs. All of this without any compromise on efficiency.

Best in The Business: They are known to nimbly navigate flights of stairs, narrow alleys and will do what it takes to get the job done, efficiently, swiftly and without any damage.

Safe Responsible Movers take it upon them to assist you with moving permit services. When it comes to their reach, their services are accessible in Boston, Brookline and Somerville. But keep in mind that they do not offer this service in Cambridge.


  • Google Reviews – 5/5
  • Angie’s List – 5/5

Company Information

  • Address: 24 Denby Rd #28, Boston, MA 02134, United States
  • Phone: 617-606-9098
  • Emails:
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday – 8am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday – 8am to 2pm

Top 3 Boston Long Distance Moving Companies

Ensuring a smooth experience during long distance moves requires the support of a reliable and efficient moving company.

Through extensive research, we have meticulously curated a comprehensive list of the highest-rated long distance moving companies in Boston, MA.

Our evaluation process takes into account essential factors such as reputation, the range of services provided, and valuable customer feedback.

Continue reading to find the perfect match for your upcoming move and enjoy a stress-free relocation experience.

Blink Moving & Storage
  • Polite and Well-Mannered
  • Punctual and Responsive
Lexel Moving & Storage
  • Customer Service
  • Great Packing Services
A-Plus Moving & Storage
  • High Customer Ratings
  • Established Business

Top 3 Last-Minute Movers in Boston, MA

If you find yourself pressed for time and needing to move quickly, it can be difficult to find a reliable and efficient last-minute moving company in Boston. But don’t worry!

We’ve gone the extra mile to address your concerns by conducting thorough research and providing you with a carefully selected list of the top-notch last-minute movers in your area.

With our assistance, you’ll be able to quickly identify the most suitable professionals who possess the expertise to expertly handle your immediate relocation requirements with utmost care and efficiency.

Blink Moving & Storage
  • Polite and Well-Mannered
  • Punctual and Responsive
Varsity Movers LLC
  • Accurate Moving Estimates
  • Reasonably Priced
Last Minute Movers Boston
  • Great Team Work
  • Easy Booking and Scheduling

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