With picturesque backdrops and affordable real estate, many people have shifted here, to call the Grand Canyon State their home. If you too are amongst those planning to do the same, then Arizona has a lot waiting in store for you. But the first step here would be to move, and to complete the host of formalities that are attached with it.

We don’t want to be a killjoy, but some of these are bound to a clock – getting your driver license updated and changing the address on your vehicle registration. You will definitely have to plan well and squeeze them in your moving checklist, to make sure that you get your documents updated well in time. Want to be a little prepared? Dive right in and know everything that is needed!

Good to know: From October 1st, 2020, a new federal policy has been put into action, stating that anyone who is moving into the state of Arizona from another state, will have to get themselves a Travel ID for Arizona. You could also get yourself a REAL ID, which would act as a passport while traveling domestically.

Obtaining A Driver’s License When Moving From Another State

When you move into the state of Arizona as a resident, you are expected to get yourself a new Arizona driver’s license at the earliest after your move. Now when we say move to Arizona as a “resident”, what we mean is that the Grand Canyon State considers you a resident if:

  • You plan to reside in the state for a minimum of 7 months.
  • You are employed in the state.
  • You have registered as a voter in Arizona.
  • You run a business in the state.

You will have to immediately head to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office to get your address updated, if you fulfil any of the above criteria. As of now at least, there aren’t any online or over the phone alternatives available for you to get a new driver’s license in Arizona. You will have to visit the nearest Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office in-person and apply for your new license. Here’s all the information you should be knowing.

1. Apply For A Change Of Address (Getting A New License)

Now that you know that getting a new driver’s license when you move into Arizona as a resident is mandatory, it is better if you schedule your timeline accordingly. Since there is no specific grace time period allotted for the process, getting it done at the earliest is your safest bet.

As mentioned before, you will have to go to an Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office in-person to apply for your new driver’s license. However, you could fill the application form online and save yourself some time at the office.

Make sure to carry all the required documents given below:

  • Your current out of state driver’s license.
  • Proof of Identification (US Passport or Birth certificate would work).
  • Social security number proof (Take your social security card along).
  • Completed Arizona Driver’s License Application.

Note: If your name on ID proof does not match the name on your driver’s license, you will also have to carry proof of name change.

As long as your current out of state license is valid and has not expired, you may not have to give a written test and a road test. However, you will have to pass a vision test and if your current out of state license has expired, you will be required to give all these tests.

Talking about the fee, a standard Arizona driver license would cost $25 for people between the ages of 16 to 39. For people outside this age bracket, the fee would vary depending on your age and also the type of license that you choose. You can check the state’s official website for additional information on the fee structure.

2. Register Your Vehicle In Arizona

After you are done getting your Arizona driver’s license, the next step for you would be to get your vehicle registered with the Arizona DMV. While you are expected to get done with this task as soon as you become a resident, Arizona also provides a special levy for people who need time to get their documents in order. Yes, the state gives you a temporary vehicle registration document which is valid for a period of 90 days. You can easily sort out all your required documents in the meantime.

Similar to the driver license process, you will have to visit an Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office in-person and get your vehicle registered. Make sure to keep all these documents handy when you go to do the same:

  • Your completed Application for Title and Registration.
  • Your current out of state vehicle title.
  • Your license plates from the previous state.
  • Proof of Valid Insurance.
  • Your Level 1 Vehicle Inspection.
  • Proof of Ownership (In case your vehicle is leased, carry a Power of Attorney from the owner company).
  • Emission Test (may not be required in all cases).

Do you need proof of insurance to register a car in Arizona?

Yes, you do. The state of Arizona requires you to hold a valid insurance before being able to register your vehicle.

Registration fee: You won’t be burning a hole in your pocket here, as the fee for registering your vehicle in Arizona is $8, along with $4 as your title fee and $1.50 as the air quality research fee.

Can you update your Arizona DMV change of address online?

No, if you’re moving from another state to Arizona. However, if you’re moving within the Grand Canyon State, then you can update your change in address online through the official state website.

I changed my USPS address. Will it update my driver’s license records?

No, it won’t. You have to change your address on both independently, since changing it on one does not automatically change it on another.

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Can you drive with a foreign driver’s license in Arizona?

Yes, for a maximum period of 7 months, if you are only planning on visiting the state. However, if you plan to move to or become a resident of Arizona (refer to the beginning of the article), then you would need to get a new Arizona driver’s license at the earliest after your move.

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Obtaining A Driver’s License When Moving Within Arizona

As Arizonians, you have only a period of 10 days to get your driver license updated with your change in address. So, you definitely need to put this on your priority list to avoid any unnecessary delays or tensions. Since time seems to be of essence here, let us already keep you prepared with all you need to know.

Fortunately, you have 3 ways of getting your address updated on your driver’s license and vehicle registration in the Grand Canyon State. You can either do it through Arizona DMV’s online form, or you could just give them a call and inform them about your change in address. One more way of doing the process is by visiting the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office near you and submitting your change in address form in-person. Go with what seems to be the most convenient for you.

1. Online

A rather convenient method for many people today is using technology to get things done at the earliest. And you can surely do that in case as well, to get your driver license updated. All you need to do is just check out the state’s official website and fill out the required form.

To get the address on your driver’s license updated:

As mentioned earlier, you will only have to fill the Change of Address form available on Arizona DMV’s official website. There will not be any additional fees, if you only want to update your address on your driver’s license records, when you’re moving within Arizona. However, if you need a new license with the updated address, then you will have to pay a fee of $12.

Make sure you have these documents ready, as you will need them to change your address on your Washington driver’s license:

  • Your current Arizona driver’s license number.
  • Your social security number (specifically, the last four digits).
  • Your name as it appears on an official document.
  • Your date of birth.

To update your registration:

Just like the time period for updating your driver’s license, you have only 10 days to get your address changed on your vehicle registration after you move within Arizona. You can either complete the process online or you can also do it in-person at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office.

You will need all the same documents that you used to update your driver’s license. Just add your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to that list and then you’re good to go.

How long does it take to get an Arizona driver’s license in the mail?

According to the estimate mentioned on Arizona DMV’s website, it will take around 15 days for your updated driver’s license to arrive via mail.

2. Over Call

Another convenient way of getting your address updated on your Arizona driver’s license is over call, if you prefer so. You just need to call the Arizona DMV and inform them about your change in address. You could contact them on:

800 – 251 – 5866
602 – 255 – 0072 (For Phoenix residents)
520 – 629 – 9808 (For Tucson residents)

3. In Person

If you don’t trust the internet or prefer doing things the old-fashioned way, you can also visit the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office near you and fill the address change form in-person.

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When You’re Moving Out Of Arizona

Remember to add one more thing to your moving checklist – you need to notify the Arizona DMV when you are moving out of the state with your registered vehicle. This is important because you could still be charged property tax in Arizona if your change in address has not been updated. The only way to get this done is via mail. Which means, you need to send a copy of your vehicle registration in the new state to the Arizona Department of Transportation – Motor Vehicles Division, 4005 N. 51st Avenue, MD 555M, Phoenix, AZ 85031.

However, if your vehicle is not registered with the Arizona DMV, then you need not worry, as you have no obligation to notify them when you’re moving out of Arizona to another state. As soon as you get your driver’s license from your new state of residence, the AZ DMV will automatically cancel your Arizona driver’s license.

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Note: You could also return your Arizona license plates via mail to Arizona Motor Vehicles Division, at the same address shared above. Though not mandatory, it is still better if you return your Arizona license plates when you move out of the state.

How To Contact The Arizona DMV?

Arizona Motor Vehicles Services: https://azdot.gov/motor-vehicle-services
Phone: 602 – 255 – 0072 (Phoenix)
Email: info@azdot.gov
Operational Hours: Monday – Friday (8 am – 5 pm).


If you don’t wish to carry the burden of unnecessary stress on your shoulders, then keeping all your documents updated is a good practice to follow. For they may come handy at times when you may be least expecting it. And, as far as your driver license is concerned, it is a prerequisite for driving, yes.

But apart from that, it also acts as an important source of document for multiple purposes. Also, when you have the convenient methods offered by the Arizona DMV, it is best to use them and get your driver license and vehicle registration documents updated as soon as possible. So, don’t wait any further to tick that box off your to-do list!