Located in the southwestern region of the United States, Arizona has a population of as many as 7,278,717 people. Being the 6th largest state in America, the state has three nicknames: ‘The Grand Canyon State’, ‘The Copper State’ and ‘The Valentine State.’ An enticing aspect about Arizona is the number of mountains and plateaus here, so if you happen to like huge mountain peaks and a rich landscape with lots of trees, you should definitely visit Arizona.

The state is home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon which is located in the northern region of the state. You wouldn’t want to miss a chance to visit The Grand Canyon National Park and discover some mountain lions and the most amazing scenic beauty of the state. For everything that the state offers, does moving to Arizona really make sense for you? Read on to know more about what living in Arizona is all about.

What Should I Know Before Moving To Arizona?

Known for its wild deserts and spectacular landscapes, Arizona has an area of as much as 113,990 sq mi. The states of California and New Mexico border it towards the west and the east, whereas the state of Utah and the Sonora Desert border it towards the north and south. If you go towards the north, you will get to see forests with many pine and spruce trees. You may also want to visit the Grand Canyon National Park, Saguaro National Park and the Petrified Forest National Park which are the state’s most popular national parks.

If you visit Arizona, you obviously cannot stop after you’ve explored the state’s rich topography and amazing landscapes. There is a lot more you can do once you enter into the city lifestyle. Apart from the metropolitan city of Phoenix, there is Tuscon which is the second largest metropolitan area in the state. Tucson is home to the most prestigious University of Arizona. Apart from that, you also get to explore the Saguaro National Park where you will see a large number of Saguaro cacti.

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Crime Rate In Arizona

Just knowing about the best places and tourist attractions in a state will not help you plan your move. You also need to check how safe the state is for you and your family. The crime rate for violent crimes in Arizona is around 4.55 for 1000 people, as stated by NeighborhoodScout. So your chance of being a victim of violent crime is 1 in 200 people. The crime rate for property crimes in the state is around 24.41 for 1000 people as stated by NeighborhoodScout. Which means that your chance of being a victim for property crimes is 1 in 41 people.

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Arizona Weather

The elevations vary in different parts of the state and so does the weather. However, you will experience a desert climate with really hot and humid summers, while the winters are relatively mild. If you visit the state in the months of June to September, you will get to experience the state’s hot summers. The climate is usually dry and the average temperature can be around 32 degree Celsius to 49 degree Celsius. However, in the desert areas, it can increase upto 52 degree Celsius.

Winters are mildly felt in the state, however if you want to visit the state to experience the cool climate, you should go between the months of November to February as that is the coolest time in Arizona. The average temperature in winters is around 4 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius. You may witness occasional frosts if you visit the state in winters.

You will also experience something called the ‘monsoon summer’ towards the end of summer, especially in the months of July to August. The average annual rainfall in the state can be around 323 mm. The dew points can rise up to 27 degree celsius and if you are residing in the city of Phoenix, you are sure to experience that. There is also the risk of lightning, thunderstorms and flash floods because of the hot moisture in the air that causes downpours.

Is It Expensive To Live In Arizona?

You need to think about the different expenses you’ll have to deal with if at all you’re planning to move to Arizona. The housing expenses, rents, food and other essential things have to be within your budget so that you can decide whether Arizona is the right place for you.

Cost Of Living In Arizona

Your state tax in Arizona will be around $1,247 as stated by SmartAsset. You will have to pay around $10,817 as your income tax, whereas your sales tax will be around $1,303. The property tax you would have to pay would be around $1,709 while your fuel tax would be around $155 as stated by SmartAsset. To sum it up, your overall tax burden will be around $13,984.

According to PayScale, the city of Phoenix has grocery prices around 3% lesser than the U.S. national average. Your basic items for breakfast like a gallon of milk will cost you around $1.89 while a carton of eggs will cost you around $1.76. If you enjoy sandwiches or toast for your breakfast, a loaf of bread will cost you around $3.24. If you feel like eating a hamburger from outside, it will cost you around $4.13. You can start your day with some healthy fruits as a bunch of bananas will cost you around $3.27.

Buying A House

Buying a house in Arizona can cost you a few extra bucks as your average median house cost would be around $209,600. But that’s just marginally higher than the US national average of $204,900 as stated by 24/7 Wall St. Numbeo has also given certain estimates for house prices based on their location, size and number of bedrooms. If you’re looking for an apartment in the center of the state, you would have to pay around $3,314.95. But if you plan to live outside the center of the state, you would have to pay around $1,844.32 for an apartment.

Renting A House

There’s always the option of renting a house if you can’t afford one. So you better keep aside around $1,009 per month for your house rent which is relatively lesser than the U.S national average of around $1,023 as stated by 24/7 Wall St.

Numbeo has also given estimates for apartment rents based on their location, size and number of bedrooms. If you are a single person and looking for a one bedroom apartment in the center of the state, then you would have to pay around $1,273.80 per month. But a one bedroom apartment outside the center of the state would cost you around $1,003.21 per month. If you want to live with your family in a three bedroom apartment in the center of the state, you would have to pay around $2,071.55 per month. On the other hand, if you want to rent a three bedroom apartment outside the center of the state, you will have to pay around $1,623.31.

Utility Bills

Let’s not forget about your healthcare expenses as your health is a priority and definitely can’t be ignored. Make sure you keep aside around $5,983 annually for your healthcare costs which are relatively higher than the U.S national average of around $4,266. Don’t forget that your family’s health also can’t be ignored as the healthcare expenses will be around $18,065 which is way higher than the U.S national average of around $12,950 as stated by 24/7 wallst.

You also have to take into consideration other important expenses like your daily utilities if you’re planning to move to a new state. Your energy bill in Arizona would cost you around $161.12 per month whereas your average phone bill would cost you around $171.75 on a monthly basis. You also need gas running where a gallon of gas would cost you around $2.39.

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Arizona Economy And Employment Opportunities

The Healthcare sector dominates the economy of the state and the people engaged in this sector are one of the highest paid working professionals. Arizona is also known to be one of the largest cotton producers in the country. The Manufacturing industry is another growing industry in the state, mainly in producing copper, electronics, communication and aluminium. Apart from that, Arizona is known for its scenic beauty because of the Grand Canyon and several other places, while the cities of Phoenix and Tucson are the most popular metropolitan cities. So naturally, tourism is one of the most important sectors as the state is visited by people across the globe.

Zippia has determined Psychiatrists and people engaged in the healthcare sector as the highest paid professionals. If you are a psychiatrist, your average salary would be around $270,890, whereas a physician would earn an average salary of around $222,230. Obstetrician and Gynecologists can earn an average salary of around $217,020 whereas dentists can earn an average salary of upto $192,570. Basically, you are sure to earn big bucks if you are entering the healthcare sector.

Getting Around Arizona


There are around 50 cities in Arizona that you can explore. Several cities can be reached by bus with the average cost for the bus ticket being $82 for the top most routes as per Wanderu. The cheapest bus ticket available for you would be around $16, whereas the most expensive bus ticket will cost you around $240. The Greyhound will offer you the best bus service as it connects you to around 16 cities in Arizona. There is also the Tufesa Nacional which will connect you to around $4 cities within the state. If you are travelling from outside the state, the Jefferson Lines will pick you up from around 125 locations outside the state.


Your basic taxi fare in the state would be around $2.90 in the metropolitan city of Phoenix. You will be charged around $1.31 per km while your standing and waiting time will be charged around $28 per hour. You can also book an UberX to travel with your basic fare being around $2.55. If you book an UberXL your basic fare would be around $3.85 whereas a ride in the UberBLACK would cost you around $7.


You can explore around 14 cities in the state travelling by train, in which you will be charged around $194 for the top routes as per wanderu. The cheapest train ticket will cost you around $39 whereas you will have to pay around $428 for the most expensive ticket. Amtrak will provide you with the best services as it connects you to around 10 cities within the state. There is also the Amtrak Texas Eagle that will not just connect you to around 4 cities within the state, but also from 24 other locations from outside the state. Apart from that there is also the Amtrak Sunset Limited which will connect you to not just 4 cities within the state but will also provide services from 13 other cities outside the state.

Best Places To Live In Arizona

1. Sedona

The town of Sedona lies in the Verde Valley, and is famous for its stunning red-rock formations giving it a breathtaking beauty. Its population of 9,896 people gives you an opportunity to make plenty of friends in this small town.

Here, you can do plenty of outdoor activities like camping, biking, hiking and a lot more. There’s also a plenty of golf courses to explore while there are numerous galleries and theatres for art lovers.

If you want to buy some souvenirs, then the Tlaquepaque Arts & Craft Village is the perfect spot with its interesting amazon shops located throughout the village. Foodies can take pleasure in the delicious food served in the restaurants throughout the town.

  • Median Home value: $881,905
  • Median Home rent: $1,755
  • Unemployment rate: 5.6%

2. Gilbert

Residing towards the southeastern part of the metropolitan city of Phoenix is the town Gilbert with a population of as many as 208,453 people. You are welcome in this ‘Hay Shipping Capital of the World’ as the town has a huge farming community for you to explore. If you enjoy seeing the rich wildlife, then you should definitely visit the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch to spot as many as 200 bird species, while also enjoying the park with its lovely picnic tables with your family. Foodies will have an amazing time at Downtown Gilbert where there are plenty of restaurants to eat. There’s a good chance you will often stumble upon local bands playing their music on the streets. If you want to take up some fun activities, then you have to have the Freestone District Park on your list. You can go with your entire family and explore the park with around 5 acres of land where you can either take a ride on the Ferris wheel or just sit by the picnic table and enjoy some barbeque grills.

  • Median Home value: $414,739
  • Median Home rent: $1,154
  • Unemployment rate: 3.9%

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3. Chandler

Located in Maricopa County in Arizona, Chandler is a suburb with a population of as many as 261,165 people. If you ever visit Chandler, you should definitely visit the Chandler Center for the Arts where you will get to see around 300 regional artists that perform at the Vision Gallery. If you enjoy exploring the historical sites of a place, you should definitely see the Arizona Railway Museum where you will go back in time and get an insight of the various railroad cars and a variety of artifacts. You can also have a fun time with your family at the San Tan Mountain Regional Park, where you can be amidst nature or enjoy hiking at the Moonlight Trail.

  • Median Home value: $391,836
  • Median Home rent: $1,443
  • Unemployment rate: 4.2%

4. Phoenix

You may recognize the city as ‘The Valley of the Sun’, since it is a part of the Salt River Valley. Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona with a population of as many as 1,680,992 people, making it the fifth largest city in the U.S in terms of population. Although Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona, you will still enjoy the city’s landscape when you visit the Desert Botanical Garden, where you can explore as many as 50,000 plants and take a stroll in the garden discovering various desert wildflowers and cactuses. If you want to know more about the history of the place, you should definitely visit the Heard Museum. It’s the best place to gain knowledge about the different native tribes in Arizona, while also exploring some award winning historical exhibits such as the pottery, jewelery and textiles. If you are thinking of settling in Phoenix with your family, you will be glad to know that Phoenix is home to as many as 215 elementary schools, in which the public education is offered by around 33 school districts.

  • Median Home value: $310,514
  • Median Home rent: $1,194
  • Unemployment rate: 4.9%

Is Arizona A Good Place To Live?

You can definitely consider Arizona as your next place to move as the state has good employment opportunities, especially if you are engaged in the healthcare sector. The climate also is good, however the summers can be pretty hot as Arizona is known to have a desert climate. You also will have to bear the thunderstorms and lightning during monsoon depending on which part of the state you’re residing in.

Apart from that, the housing expenses and other utility expenses are relatively less in the state, which is why it may seem affordable to you. We advise you to plan a budget for yourself including all your expenses to understand whether the state’s amenities are affordable for you. So if the state has all you’re looking for, right from affordable housing prices to good education and employment, then moving to Arizona should be right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth moving to Arizona?

Overall, Arizona is an excellent place to live. The summers are hot and dry but short-lived. Winters are milder than some parts of the country, with colder temperatures at elevation conditions thanks to how cold it gets at night. Phoenix also has some of the driest air in the country. The only downside is that cost of living is higher than the national average.

What’s bad about living in Arizona?

Arizona is known for its deserts, which are among the hottest in the country. Every summer, daytime highs can reach 112 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in some parts of Arizona. These temperatures over long periods are generally considered unhealthy and can lead to health issues–particularly for children, older adults, and people who have certain medical conditions. Air conditioning solves this problem much though it creates other environmental problems.

How much money should you have to move to Arizona?

One needs to make an average of at least $43,000 before tax annually to pay for basics such as rent, grocery, fuel, etc.

Does Arizona have a state income tax?

Arizona’s income tax rates are 2.59%, 3.34%, 4.17%, and 4.50 percent, according to the Arizona Department of Revenue Services (DRS). Taxable income, tax-filing status, and residency status determine Arizona state income tax brackets and rates.

Is it better to live in Florida or Arizona?

The preferred state would depend on your interest in maintaining favorable living conditions and adaptation to such conditions. For example, Florida is located farther south than Arizona. It has a different climate with more warmth and moisture, but it also carries an increased risk of drought, hurricanes, or other extreme weather events. Arizona has similar risks but does not suffer from the same variability in climate. One might also consider the cost of living and population density in deciding which state is best for you. This depends on what factors are important to you when selecting a place to live.

Is Arizona cheaper than California?

Not only does the average cost of living in Phoenix, AZ compare favorably with Los Angeles (CA), but when we take into account all aspects like housing costs and rental prices (which can be quite different depending on where one lives), you’ll find out how much cheaper is Arizona as compared to California!

How long do you have to live in Arizona to be considered a resident?

To be considered a resident in Arizona, you have to provide employment proof or tax returns of at least 9 months.

Is Social Security taxed in Arizona?

No, unlike other states, Arizona does not tax your social security benefits.

Is Arizona a good place to retire?

Arizona is the best state to retire if you want great weather and scenery. Retirees can enjoy their golden years when they live them out here!

At what age do you stop paying property taxes in Arizona?

The Senior Freeze is an excellent option for seniors 65 years or older and meets specific guidelines based on income. With this special law, they can legally avoid property tax altogether!