What are you most worried about when you go for a move? Of course, the efforts to keep your belongings undamaged keep you occupied for almost the entire duration of the move. You start by making sure that you have the right moving supplies to keep your stuff safe. It generally makes sense to buy supplies like bubble wrap, moving boxes, packing tape, etc., because some of these things can be used only once and others are useful even after the move.

On the contrary, it makes complete sense to rent some other supplies that are a little more expensive to buy. You might not even need these supplies once your move is done. Things like moving dollies, hand trucks, and moving blankets fall under this category. Out of all these items, moving blankets tend to be crucial as they ensure that your belongings stay safe from damage during the move. Confused about where to rent moving blankets from? Why don’t you find out for yourself!

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What Are Moving Blankets?

Moving blankets are essentially bulky fabric coverings that are used to wrap bigger items like household appliances and furniture pieces. Moving blankets are also known as furniture paddings, and serve to protect the furniture from damage during the move. The blankets are designed in a way that they can easily absorb shock and act as padding for the items they cover.

To add to that, some moving blankets are also equipped with internal padding. These types of moving blankets are generally used to cover delicate items to give them some extra protection. You might wonder, what are these moving blankets made of? Polyester, cotton, or a mix of these two fabrics are commonly used to make moving blankets.

Many people often face the following dilemma – is renting moving blankets really necessary? We would certainly recommend not skipping the use of moving blankets because we believe that they’re genuinely worth their cost.

Furniture pieces or appliances like a TV can easily get scratched or scraped while they are being moved. They also might come in contact with debris and dirt in the moving truck or in storage spaces. Not only do moving blankets safeguard your belongings from damage, but they also keep these items spick and span.

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Where Can You Rent Moving Blankets From?

While many people might choose to buy brand new moving blankets, renting them isn’t necessarily a bad option. Many times, moving companies often provide their customers with a few moving blankets free of cost. If these free blankets are insufficient, you might need to rent a few more so that you can keep your stuff safe.

However, we advise renting moving blankets from only those companies that are reputable and reliable; you don’t want to shell out money for damaged or torn blankets.

Here’s a list of trustworthy companies from where you can easily rent good-quality moving blankets.

U-Haul Truck Rental:

As you might already know, U-Haul is extremely famous for being available almost everywhere across the USA. However, the best part about U-Haul is that it also offers a plethora of services to its customers. Not only can you rent moving trucks and containers from U-Haul, but you can also rent moving supplies from the company.

U-Haul rents two types of moving blankets which are known as furniture pads and quilted furniture pads.

Customers can either choose to rent only moving blankets and other supplies from U-Haul or club these supplies with their truck rental/moving container deal. Other supplies offered by U-Haul for rent include furniture dollies, hand trucks, waterbed pumps, appliance dollies, tow dollies, etc.

Penske Truck Rental:

Many people choose to go for Penske Truck Rental due to the high-quality moving trucks offered by the company. Going for Penske is also beneficial for those looking to rent moving blankets. Customers of this company can choose to rent moving blankets along with other supplies like hand trucks, tow dollies, and car carriers.

You should know that moving blankets are available in packs of 12 at Penske. However, do remember that you can rent moving supplies from Penske Truck Rental only and only if you choose to rent a moving truck from them.

Budget Truck Rental:

When people wish to rent out trucks at affordable prices, Budget is the company that they choose to go with. But do you know what else Budget is really great for? High-quality moving supplies that customers can choose to rent for the duration of their move.

You can avail of quilted moving blankets (also called moving pads) from Budget, all of which come in a set of 12. Do note that only the customers of Budget Truck Rental can rent out moving supplies and equipment from the company. This means that those who don’t rent out moving trucks or vans from Budget can’t opt to rent these supplies separately. Along with moving blankets, Budget also offers car carriers, tow dollies, hand trucks, etc., to their customers.

Home Depot:

All those who plan a DIY move always find themselves heading towards the local Home Depot Store. That’s because Home Depot has a wide range of moving and storage-related products available for purchasing and renting as well. You can choose to rent out multiple packs of moving blankets from Home Depot.

Apart from moving blankets, you can also find hand trucks, appliance dollies, loading ramps, pallet jacks, etc. for rent at Home Depot. Not only this, but you can also score some moving-related tools and equipment like floor cleaners, generators, painting kits, etc., at these stores.


PODS is generally the first choice for those who wish to go for a moving container move. This company pioneered the use of moving containers in the industry and since then it has remained extremely popular. The PODS website informs its customers that they can choose to rent moving blankets for their move from the PODS local storage centers. To add to that, customers of PODS also have the option of renting out other moving equipment like hand trucks and dollies for their moves.

From Where Can You Buy Moving Blankets?

As we already said, many movers will also recommend that their customers purchase moving blankets. That’s because the cost of purchasing them and renting them is roughly similar. To add to that, newer blankets protect your stuff better as compared to older blankets that might have been used several times before.

You’ll also find a great use for moving blankets in various situations even after your move, so you don’t necessarily have to get rid of them. If you do change your decision and decide to purchase moving blankets instead of renting them, the following places have some of the best blankets available for your move.

Home Depot:

As mentioned, Home Depot is the best place to procure all your moving-related supplies and equipment. You can choose to buy a single blanket or a pack that contains multiple moving blankets from Home Depot. Expect to pay roughly $10 for a single blanket and about $143 for a pack of multiple blankets. Their prices tend to be extremely affordable and that’s why many people choose to buy rather than rent these blankets from them.


You can find everything from lipstick to appliances on Amazon, and moving equipment is no exception to that. Along with moving blankets, you can choose to browse their website and buy other supplies like furniture sliders, dollies, moving straps, moving carts, etc.


Walmart is another retail giant from where each and every American has bought something at least once in their life. Walmart has a wide range of moving blankets available for every type of move, be it heavy-duty quilted blankets or light-weight quilted moving pads. You can choose to buy either a single moving blanket or a pack containing one dozen blankets from Walmart. If you want to score cheaper deals, do look out for the sales that are often organized by this store.

Harbor Freight:

Like the other companies on this list, Harbor Freight also has a lot to offer when it comes to moving supplies and equipment. You can purchase hand trucks, moving carts, and other necessary tools from this company along with moving blankets. All these supplies are available at super affordable prices. It’s possible that you might not have a Harbor Freight physical store in your local area, but don’t worry! You can always choose to get these supplies delivered right to your doorstep.


This home improvement store does much more than just selling simple home supplies. Whenever you move, you can head out to Lowe’s and find some good quality cotton moving blankets. Lowe’s sells them under the name of ‘cotton furniture pads’. Along with these pads, you can also get your hands on other supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, dish packing kits, etc.

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People often need more than one moving blanket for their moves. If you need to purchase multiple blankets at a cheaper rate, UBoxes is the way to go. The variety of moving blankets available at UBoxes is insane! You can choose to buy furniture pads (moving blankets) from this company in the color, size, and make of your choosing.
UBoxes often organizes sales where they can be found selling different types of moving blankets at lowered prices.

Where To Find Moving Supplies For Free?

We understand that moving costs pile up and really make life difficult for you. Generating enough finances for your move becomes crucial in this case. Luckily for you, you might be able to save some money if you can find moving supplies for free. There are many community groups, online marketplaces, and other programs from which you can easily procure free second-hand moving supplies. Consider checking out the following places if you really need to save up your money on moving supplies.


If you want some free moving boxes and other supplies, definitely check out the Freecycle network. It’s a resource for procuring free moving supplies in America. All you need to do to avail its benefits is sign up to be a part of the local Freecycle group. You can then post the names of specific supplies and equipment you need, like hand trucks and moving blankets, on the forum.

U-Haul Box Exchange

U-Haul Box Exchange is essentially like eBay but only for moving supplies. This program connects different people who might want to either sell or give away used moving supplies to those who wish to get them or buy them at lower prices. The customers are just supposed to provide their location and then find people around them who wish to get rid of their moving supplies.


This website was initially created to inform the local community about the local news, lost animals, etc. But it also contains a special section that essentially focuses on helping neighbors to exchange or sell their stuff. People keep on moving, and there’s a high possibility that you’ll find someone on this website who could hand you moving supplies for free.

Book Stores

Everyone knows that books are often packed in big, sturdy boxes and delivered to a bookstore. Many book store owners often find themselves with surplus moving supplies like cardboard boxes and have no idea what to do with them. You can drop by the nearest store and offer to take them off the owner’s hand. If the owner is willing to give them to you, congratulations! You just scored a lot of moving supplies completely free of cost!

Recycling Centers

Many people drop off their moving supplies for recycling just because they want to declutter their house. A lot of this stuff is often still in a good condition and can be easily reused. Visit the nearest recycle bin or recycle center and try to find moving supplies that can be reused. Not only will you save your own money, but you’ll also help the environment by reusing the supplies.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Moving Blanket From U-Haul?

You can find rental moving pads on the U-Haul website at a price starting from $7.95. Your final bill will depend on the number of moving blankets you rent at a time.

Do Movers Provide Moving Blankets?

Your full-service movers will most probably provide you with moving blankets. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to call your company up and enquire about this just to be sure. If you’re going for a DIY move or a container move, you will definitely have to rent out or purchase moving blankets for your move.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that there are plenty of places from where you can rent out moving blankets, all you have to do is figure out what you need to do next. Find a company that is reputable and offers good quality moving blankets at a lower cost. If you plan to move again in the near future, consider purchasing the moving blankets instead of simply renting them out. Lastly, if money is currently a concern, remember that you can always score free supplies from a variety of places.

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