When you’re looking for the perfect state to move to, you’ll definitely have a list of important ‘wants’ that you’ll want fulfilled no matter what. For many, it’s access to major cities or low taxes because these criteria help lower your annual expenditures and save for life-altering events.

But, there’s one thing that many people wanting to move now are adding to their lists and that’s safety. With growing crimes of varying degrees, you don’t have to be a family to look for safe neighborhoods.

We all know that no matter the facilities and luxuries you get, it’s of no use if the place you live in experiences a high amount of crime. If safety is a ‘want’ for you, then you’ve come to the right place! Go through our list to know all about the safest states in the U.S.

1. Maine

Moving to Portland Maine

With a population of 1.3 million, Maine has often taken the number one place when it comes to safety and the lowest number of violent crimes in the country. A recent report by US News also placed the region of New England at the top giving it rank one for public safety. What you’ll be surprised to know is that the incarceration rate in Maine is an average of 146 people per 100k residents, almost three times lower than the national average of 419. When it comes to violent crime, this glorious state has a low number again with 115 citizens being booked per 100k people. This is significantly low as compared to the national average for violent crimes which is 379 per 100k residents!

Apart from its low crime rate, the Pine Tree State of Maine is known for so much more. From more than 40k acres of wild blueberries and 24 million trees to some phenomenal lobsters that are shipped all across the United States, Maine is one great place for lovers of nature and food. The state is also great for young professionals and families since unemployment rates are low and it’s close to big cities like New York and Boston. This means that you get to stay among lush natural cover while having access to some of the best facilities and major cities. Even the minimum wage in Maine is high at $12 per hour which means that you’ll be able to earn a fair amount with just that!

  • Median Price Of Homes For Sale In Maine (Zillow): $280,437
  • Median Rent Per Month In Maine (Zumper): $1,020

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Did you know? Maine has the lowest cost of living compared to other states in New England which also encourages retirees to move here.

2. New Hampshire

Shuffling between ranks two and three for the past few years, New Hampshire has consistently been near the top of the safest states to live in the country. US News in their latest report put the state at number two for both public safety and corrections. When it comes to the violent crime rate, New Hampshire’s number is a little higher than Maine’s with 153 per 100k residents. The same goes for incarceration rates which stands at 197 per 100k residents, but remember that these are way below the national average.

The best part about living in New Hampshire aside from the low crime rate is that you won’t have to pay any income tax or sales tax. You read that right, New Hampshire ranks sixth in the country when it comes to low taxes so it’s no surprise that it acts as an incentive for people to move here. Most people also move to this state for its location since it’s close to Boston, but like Maine, it gives you the ability to live amidst lush greenery. Even if you want to raise a family, New Hampshire has a lot to offer, from great healthcare and public schools to a huge number of parks and opportunities to hike.

  • Median Price Of Homes For Sale In New Hampshire (Zillow): $338,281
  • Median Rent Per Month In New Hampshire (Zumper): $1,350

Fun fact: New Hampshire has a juvenile incarceration rate of 43 per 100k juveniles which is almost half of the national average of 85 for every 100k.

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3. Idaho

Moving to Boise Idaho

The Gem State of Idaho ranks third in terms of safety as compared to all other U.S. states. With a population of 1.8 million, Idaho ranks third when it comes to public safety, but this rank falls to 40 if you only look at corrections. To give you the numbers, data by US News shows that the state’s incarceration rate stands at 475 per 100k residents which is higher than the national average of 419. Even its juvenile incarceration rate is higher than the national average of 85 at 157 per 100k juveniles. On the other hand, violent crime rates in the state are at a low of 224 per 100k residents which is lower than the Nation average of 379.

Living in Idaho comes with a lot of perks, the biggest being opportunities for young professionals considering the steady growth the state’s economy has witnessed in the past decade. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, you’ll love Idaho because the state gives you unlimited access to paragliding, hiking, skiing, kayaking and so much more. It also experiences all four seasons, so for a nature lover, living in Idaho comes as a treat. There’s more – the state also has a low cost of living giving both families and seniors alike the opportunity to settle here.

  • Median Price Of Homes For Sale In Idaho (Zillow): $359,546
  • Median Rent Per Month In Idaho (Zumper): $625

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Did you know? Idaho is called the Gem State simply because as the name suggests, the state has an abundance of a variety of gems to be found!

4.New Jersey

New Jersey Moving Companies

Taking the fourth place in this list and with respect to public safety, New Jersey takes 19th place in terms of corrections. What you’ll be surprised to know is that the state’s incarceration rate for both adults and juveniles is low and below the national average. For adults, it stands at 210 per 100k residents and at 38 per 100k juveniles. New Jersey’s violent crime rate is also low at 207 per 100k residents so that’s another thing you don’t have to worry too much about.

With a population of 8.8 million, you might already know that the state has some of the best public schools and higher education institutions. Living in New Jersey is like living in a quieter town, except you also have access to every urban facility and luxury possible. This also involves access to some major cities like New York and Philadelphia, both crowded and expensive beyond measure to live in. From a booming job market with healthcare and pharmaceuticals at the top to high household incomes, the state is also a great place to live in for young professionals.

  • Median Price Of Homes For Sale In New Jersey (Zillow): $382,096
  • Median Rent Per Month In New Jersey (Zumper): $1,700

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Did you know? The cost of living in New Jersey is incredibly high with data showing that the cost of educating a child in the state is the highest in the country.

5. Connecticut

Moving to Connecticut

Standing at fifth place in terms of public safety and low crime rates in the country is Connecticut which has a population of 3.5 million. According to US News data, the state’s violent crime rate of 184 per 100k residents is way under the national average of 379 per 100k residents. When it comes to incarceration, Connecticut sees 245 residents being incarcerated per 100k residents and 14 juveniles being incarcerated per 100k juveniles.

If you choose to live in Connecticut, you’ll have access to some of the best beaches and outdoor activities possible. You must’ve already seen pictures of Connecticut’s fall on social media; it’s one of the best in the country, with every road and back road full of lovely hues of warm oranges and yellows. Connecticut gives you the best quality of life with top-notch education, jobs and healthcare facilities, and with high average household incomes. But there’s a catch – living in Connecticut can poke a hole through your pockets since it comes with a very high cost of living.

  • Median Price Of Homes For Sale In Connecticut (Zillow): $294,046
  • Median Rent Per Month In Connecticut (Zumper): $950

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Fun fact: Connecticut is home to some really interesting items like the first Polaroid camera, color television and hamburger!

6. Vermont

One of the most picturesque places to live in the United States, Vermont takes the sixth place when it comes to public safety and the third place in the country in terms of corrections. Let’s get into the statistics – Vermont’s correction rate stands at 182 per 100k residents and at 22 juveniles per 100k juveniles which is significantly lower than the national average. Even with violent crime rates, Vermont sees only 202 per 100k residents which is lower than the national average of 379. When it comes to property crime, Vermont takes rank eight on the US News list of ‘States With Low Property Crimes.’

We have so much to say about Vermont, and all positives since it shines in beauty all year round. If you’re someone who’s looking for a slow life while also having the comfort of modern-day amenities, Vermont will give you all that, since even its population is a mere 600k. It’s even great for those of you who want to commute to cities like New York because the state has a very extensive transportation system. While it’s good for both families and retirees alike, young professionals might have trouble finding jobs in the areas they want within the state itself. There’s another area where Vermont falls short and that’s weather – the winters can get unbearable even for residents of the state.

  • Median Price Of Homes For Sale In Vermont (Zillow): $279,119
  • Median Rent Per Month In Vermont (Zumper): $1,200

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Fun fact: Vermont is known for its famous maple syrup and produces around 2 million gallons of maple syrup a year, accounting for the highest production in the country.

7. Massachusetts

Moving to Boston Massachusetts

Taking seventh place on the list in terms of public safety in the country is Massachusetts, also taking sixth place in terms of corrections. To jump into details, the state has an incarceration rate of 133 per 100k residents and 26 juveniles per 100k juveniles which is significantly lower than the national average. Massachusetts’s violent crime rate is higher than the states we’ve mentioned so far with 328 per 100k residents, but it’s still under the national average. What you’ll be surprised to know is that the state takes first place among all other U.S. states when it comes to low property crime rates.

We don’t have to tell you much about Massachusetts since it’s often been ranked as one of the best places to live in the country. Not only does the state have great landscapes and nature abounding but it also offers some of the best amenities you’ll find. No matter whether you’re a professional looking to grow in the industry, or someone thinking of starting a family, Massachusetts has everything you’re looking for – a booming economy, great schools, diversity and access to the best higher education institutions. What you might have guessed by now is that Massachusetts does have a shortcoming, and the only one at that – the high cost of living which you’ll have to carefully budget for.

  • Median Price Of Homes For Sale In Massachusetts (Zillow): $481,088
  • Median Rent Per Month In Massachusetts (Zumper): $1,725

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Did you know? Massachusetts has the highest number of residents with a college degree as compared to any other state in the country!


What Is The Most Dangerous State To Live In?

Compared to all U.S. states, Mississippi is the most dangerous state to live in for a variety of reasons, the foremost being that the state is the worst in the country for road safety. It also ranks low in areas like emergency preparedness, workplace safety, and residential and financial safety. On the other hand, Mississippi ranks high in areas like livability, low cost of living, hospitality and warm weather.

What Is The Best State To Live In 2021?

According to a recent report by US News that ranked the best states in the country to live in, Washington has ranked first. The states that followed were Minnesota, Utah, New Hampshire, and Idaho.

Which State Is The Most Beautiful?

Alaska has always stood first as the most beautiful state in the country with its vast and glorious landscapes. Alaska is then followed by Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, and Colorado.

Which States Are People Moving To?

In the past year, studies have shown that people have moved to Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona the most compared to other states. Reasons for moving usually included moving for better job opportunities, retirement, and for a better lifestyle.

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No matter where you’re planning to move, be sure to find out if the neighborhood you’ll be living in has a low crime rate or not. Even though the states we’ve mentioned have low crime rates, some areas in a state are better than the rest, so do your own research before you make a decision. In the end, states with low crime rates are also those that aren’t too overpopulated, but they’re also more expensive to live in, so keep that in mind!

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